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Davidson in 2016

Ruth Elizabeth Davidson (born 10 November 1978) is a Scottish Conservative politician who was Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party from 2011 to August 2019. She has been the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Edinburgh Central since 2016 and was the Regional list MSP for Glasgow from 2011 to 2016.



  • It is not enough to say to people who have come here and made their home here and their life here that we want your labour. We’ve got to be able to say that we want your brains, we want your culture, we want your passion, we want you in our country, making our country better and giving these people security.
  • There are times when you feel, oh shit, I wish I hadn’t done that, and you beat yourself up about it; and there are times when you feel desperately, desperately alone because it doesn’t feel like anyone’s helping you with the task. You have ‘punch the air’ moments, and you have ‘crying silently at night so as not to wake up the person next to you’ moments. But I guess leadership is about doing that in your own time. It’s about strength and tenacity and moral courage.



  • You have to want it [the post of Prime Minister], and I don’t want to be prime minister . . . I value my relationship and my mental health too much for it.


  • I think there are a number of people within the Conservative Party who need to take a long, hard look at themselves. Yes, I understand of course we have got to respect the referendum result, of course we've got to deliver Brexit, but not at the expense of breaking up the United Kingdom. I would remind people of their obligations within the party - yes, we're a Conservative Party, but we're also a Unionist party, and I'd remind them that our own union of nations is every bit as important as leaving someone else's.

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