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Tomb of Ruzbihan Baqli in Shiraz, Iran.

Ruzbihan Baqlī or Abu Muhammad Sheikh Ruzbehan Baqlī (1128–1209) was a Persian poet, mystic, and Sufi.


The Sayings and Teachings of the Great Mystics of Islam (2002)[edit]

(Muhammad Riaz Qadiri: The Sayings and Teachings of the Great Mystics of Islam, Gujranwala, Pakistan, 2004)

  • Unveiling is the mystical perception of the saint but not through abstract of philosophical knowledge, but it is a vision clothed in form especially human form. It is cognitive but apparitional revealing knowledge through divine light.
    • p.112
  • I was in my youth and in the days of my intoxication extravagance and excitement that unveiling of the angelic world and the manifestation of the wonders of power took place in my heart, spirit, conscience and intellect.
    • p. 112
  • I swam in the primordial and ultimate oceans, in eternity and subsistence, and I discovered the unveiling of the Essence and Attributes which deaf stones and lofty mountains cannot endure.
    • p.112
  • Sainthood and prophet-hood are twins in gnosis i.e, the oceans of sainthood and prophet-hood interpenetrate each other.
    • p.112
  • From the Throne to the earth is the creation of God Most High; everything but his existence is his action. He brought them into existence from pure non-being.
    • p.112
  • What is common to all the divine Attributes is that they are modes through which the Essence can interact with the temporal world. The Attributes of God can be divided into two types: Attribues of Majesty that mediate the power and wrath of God, and Attributes of Beauty that convey the grace and mercy of God.
    • p.112

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