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Rynn Berry in 2012

Rynn Berry (January 31, 1945January 9, 2014) was an American activist and author of books about vegetarianism.


  • My perspective of veganism was most affected by learning that the veal calf is a by-product of dairying, and that in essence there is a slice of veal in every glass of what l had thought was an innocuous white liquid—milk.
    • Quoted in Joanne Stepaniak, The Vegan Sourcebook, Los Angeles: Lowell House, 1998, p. 40.
  • I think it is important that people be made aware that the vegetarian movement has a venerable history behind it. It didn't spring full-blown from the head of a flower child in the 1960's. It really begins with Pythagoras in the West in the 6th century BC and has reasserted itself periodically ever since.

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