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s-CRY-ed (スクライド) is a 26-episode Japanese anime TV series, produced by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi and written by Yōsuke Kuroda, which first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo and Animax. It centers around the conflict between a group Alter users (people with special matter creating/rearranging powers) and HOLY, an organization that classifies all Lost Ground (an area outside of Mainland Japan) Alter users as criminals.


  • "Shocking First Bullet!"
  • "Annihilating Second Bullet!"
  • "Exterminating Last Bullet!"
  • "Shell Bullet Burst!"
  • "This is it. The only one there is! My own... Proud Fist!"
  • "That's it. Now shine... Shine more... Shine even more! And more! Shine Brighter!"
  • "You should pose like that more often, it's a real turn-on." (To Ayase)
  • "More power, and more, and more! Shine brighter!!"

Ryuhou Tairen

  • "Zetsuei!"
  • "My Vigorous Left Fist Garyuu!"
  • "My Vigorous Right Fist Fukuryuu!"
  • "My Tender Fist - Raitsujin!"
  • "Your brute force isn't enough! Try some finesse!"

Kanami Yuta

  • "I was... I was dreaming..."
  • "Damn that Kazu-kun!"
  • "You're a worthless, good for nothing bum."
  • (Reading the thoughts of Kazuma and Ryuho in episode 26) "It's not that I hate the person in front of me. If I had met him under different circumstances, this never would have happened. But I did meet him that day, and now there is no turning back. I must distinguish the difference between past and present. Everything must be left behind, and the man in front of me is the wall; the wall that I must break through. There is only one direction for me to go. I have to move forward. That's what I'm thinking.... You too"

Kunihiko Kimishima

  • "Human garbage coming through!"
  • "Ha... That's it Kazuma, show them your true power! Your true, shining power!"
  • "There's a thing called temper, for steel and men."

Asuka Tachibana

  • "Eternity... Eight!"
  • "Eternity Extra Shot!"
  • "My balls... where are my balls?!" ([shut up])

Straight Cougar

  • "Shocking First Bullet!"
  • "Annihilating Second Bullet!"
  • "Rapidkill Final Bullet!"
  • "Yousonuvabitchyouwreckedmycaaaar!"
  • "The Alter name I have been given is... RADICALGOODSPEED!!"
  • "ME?! SLOW?! Oh, now you're asking for it!"
  • "She's a woman worth falling in love with. Worth spending the rest of my life for. I have finally found the true essence of culture!"
  • "Hey, I know you, you're Kazuya!" (To Kazuma)
  • "Miss Minori." (To Mimori)
  • "Hey there little missy, how'd you like to come with me on the fastest ride in the world?"
  • "My Alter power allows me to shorten the world."
  • "Kazuma... It looks like you've exceeded the limit. Don't stop there. Keep on pushing till the end."
  • "Hey what's up homie G"
  • "What do you think? Are you down? Is it dope, or is it just plain whack?"
  • "I'M SLOW? I'M SLOW???" (During his battle with Mujo, in reaction to Mujo's remark about his speed after dodging his attack)
  • "Two minutes, fifty-five seconds; my fastest time ever. Once again, I've shortened the world." (After driving Mimori to head quarters for the first time)
  • "Hey, guys. Just saved time, and it only cost us a car" (When he first arrives in HOLY HQ with Mimori)

Scheris Adjani

  • "Eternal... DEVOTE!"
  • "If there is a path he must take, I will light the way for him. If rocks block his path, I will turn them to dust. I will be a shield for him. He... is all I need!"


  • "Urizane Dynamite Punch!"
  • "We'll fill the Lost Ground with watermelons!"
  • "You... Stupid... Loser!"

Kyouji Mujo

  • "White Trick! And now, Black Joker!"
  • "Oh Cougar, you're far too slow."
  • "Where has all your power gone?"
  • "absorption!!!