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Sailor Moon is a shoujo manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi in 1992 as the sequel to Codename wa Sailor V. Sailor Moon was published in Kodansha magazine from 1992 to 1997. The anime was produced by Toei and the original run was from March 1992 to February 1997. Many spin-offs were created such as a live-musical series and a live-action series of 40 episodes based on the Dark Kingdom saga.

Twenty-two/seventeen years later, on its anniversary, Sailor Moon Crystal was announced; a second anime series with enhanced 2D hand-drawn animation; following the manga exactly with only minor differences.


Sailor Moon[edit]

A Moon Star is Born[edit]

Sailor Moon: Luna, what do I do!?
Luna: Throw your tiara and say Moon Tiara Magic.
Sailor Moon: What!?
Luna: Just do it!

Talk Radio[edit]

So You Want to Be a Superstar[edit]

Computer School Blues[edit]

Luna: Mercury! Amy, take this pen and shout Mercury Power.

Note: Sailor Mercury,the Scout of Water and Knowledge, debuts.

Time Bomb[edit]

Queen Beryl: Good work, Jadeite. Now we have Sailor Mercury to contend with.
Jadeite: Yes, Majesty.
Queen Beryl: Looks like we'll have to step up our efforts. We will have to have more energy to fend of those Sailor Scouts.
Jadeite: I have a plan that should bring you all the energy you'll ever need.
Queen Beryl: Go on.
Jadeite: Humans emit powerful amounts of energy when under stress or pressed for time. So my plan is to speed up the process.

Sailor Moon: Ready, Mercury?
Sailor Mercury: Yes! Let's clean her clock!

An Uncharmed Life[edit]

Serena: Disguise power! Turn me into a flight attendnant or something!

Luna: Raye's got the sign of Mars!

Luna: Do you still have that stick I left you?
Raye: How come you know how to talk?
Luna: No time to explain! Just take that stick and say Mars Power.

Sailor Moon: Raye's a Sailor Scout, too?
Sailor Mars: You messed with the wrong people! Mars Fire...Ignite!
Note: Sailor Mars, Scout of Fire and War, joins the Sailor Team.

Nightmare in Dreamland[edit]

Cruise Blues[edit]

Fight to the Finish[edit]

(Jadeite returns to the Negaverse hideout, bruised and battered)
Jadeite: Queen Beryl, I have important information for you.
Queen Beryl: You have failed to defeat the Sailor Scouts, Jadeite!
Jadeite: But, Queen Beryl, I have learned the identities of the Sailor Scouts! I know who they are!
Queen Beryl: I will hear no excuses! Sleep, forever!
Jadeite: Queen Beryl, wait!!
(Uses her hypnotic gaze to have him disappear)
Queen Beryl: Let Jadeite's fate be a warning to all of you!! You, Nephrite, are my new commander.
Nephrite: Jadeite was a fool. You can depend on me, my queen.

Match Point for Sailor Moon[edit]

Nephrite: Jadeite failed because he tried to collect energy from too many people at once.
Queen: And you have a better idea?
Nephrite: Humans' energy are linked with stars and planets. There is a time when their energy is at their strongest.

An Unnatural Phenomena[edit]

Serena: I wonder what they're talking about. It better not be my hair!
Luna: Why don't you make yourself invisible?
Serena: Good idea, Luna. (Takes out her disguise pen)
Luna: Give me that!
Serena: What for?
Luna: That Luna pen should not be used for trivial things.
Serena: This isn't trivial.

Wedding Day Blues[edit]

Shutter Bugged[edit]

Dangerous Dollies[edit]

Who Is This Masked Man?[edit]

An Animated Mess[edit]

Worth a Princess' Ransom[edit]

Molly's Folly[edit]

A Friend in Wolf's Clothing[edit]

Jupiter Comes Thundering In[edit]

Luna: The fourth sign!

Note: As the title suggests, Sailor Jupiter, Scout of Thunder and Protection, debuts. Also, Sailor Moon is given the Crescent Moon Wand by Luna, and uses Moon Healing Escalation to restore monsters to their original human forms.

The Power of Friendship[edit]

Mercury's Mental Match[edit]

An Artful Attack[edit]

Too Many Girlfriends[edit]

Grandpa's Follies[edit]

Kitty Chaos[edit]

Tuxedo Melvin[edit]

Sailor V Makes the Scene[edit]

Sailor Moon: Whoa! She set us free. Sailor Venus. She's our fifth Scout, you guys.
Artemis: Thar's right, Sailor Scouts. The fifth Scout's here. Now her guardian, Artemis. Meet Sailor Venus! We're united at last. Looking sharp there, kitty cat.
Luna: You haven't changed.

Sailor Venus: It's great to be here.
Sailor Moon: Oh. Are you the moon princess we're looking for?
Sailor Venus: I don't know.

A Crystal Clear Destiny[edit]

Luna: The crystals! They're becoming one. The Imperium Silver Crystal!
Artemis: What happens now?
Luna: Don't know. Maybe the princess we be revealed.
(The Silver Crystal attaches to the Crescent Moon Wand, greatly magnifying its abilities a hundredfold, and calls Sailor Moon to it)
Sailor Venus: It's Sailor Moon!
Sailor Mercury: She's the moon princess!
Sailor Jupiter: Who'd have thought?

A Reluctant Princess[edit]

Zosite: Enough with all your silly chatter! I want that Imperium Silver Crystal and I'm gonna get it!! Zo!
Princess Serena: Cosmic Moon Power.

Princess Serena: Tuxedo Mask, I feel you are growing weaker. Please do not go. I need you.
Tuxedo Mask: You're finally free, Serena. You're free and no I remember everything. It's all so clear. I am Prince Darien.
Princess Serena: Yes, Prince Darien. I am remembering now, too. I am Princess Serena of the Moon Kingdom. And you were a prince from Earth. One day, we were to marry. I can picture the last time we were together. I gave you my star locket so you would always remember me. It was right before our last battle with the Negaverse. And you were going to defend our kingdom from the dark forces. You did come back. And you set me free, like in our dream. Oh. We are free.
(Reverts back to Sailor Moon and faints)
Sailor Venus: Sailor Moon! She collapsed! What happened?
Luna: This whole thing must have been too much for her.

Queen Beryl: Oh, excellent work. The moon princess now has the Imperium Crystal. So what are you going to do about it, Malachite!?
Malachite: Oh, we'll get it back. Don't you worry, my queen. After all, she's only a young girl really a crybaby! You think this kid can pull off being the moon princess!? I very much doubt that!
Queen Beryl: You better be right. Now, Zosite, please explain your behavior regarding Tuxedo Mask!
Zosite: Please, Your Majesty. It was an accident.
Queen Beryl: First the elevator then the ice crystal!!? Did you think I wouldn't know!!?
Zosite: No. It's just-
Queen Beryl: You been warned for the last time!! You won't disobey me again!!

Bad Hair Day[edit]

Little Miss Manners[edit]

Ski Bunny Blues[edit]

Ice Princess[edit]

[Serena falls on the ice seconds after stepping onto it]

Amy: Serena!
Raye: We don't know her.

Last Resort[edit]

Tuxedo Unmasked[edit]

Fractious Friends[edit]

Sailor Moon: All right, that's it! You're not allowed to use my butt for practice kicks!

The Past Returns[edit]

Malachite: Hey, Sailor Moon, lets make a deal! Hand over that crystal and I won't toast your friends!
Sailor Moon: No deals with double-crossing sleaze balls like you! Get ready! The Negaverse is dust.
Malachite: Empty threats, Sailor Moon! We wasted Queen Serenity and we'll do the same to you!
Sailor Moon: How do you know about Queen Serenity, huh!?
Malachite: Because I was there on that glorious day when we trashed the Moon Kingdom. And let me tell you something, brat, you got a lot to learn! You're no Queen Serenity!
Sailor Moon: Liar! She would not have send crumbs like you into the future with us! You're lying! And you're not getting my crystal!!

Sailor Moon: What is this place? It feels familiar somehow.
Queen Serenity: That's because it's your home, Serena. It's what is left of the Moon Kingdom.
(A hologram of the silver-haired Queen Serenity appears before her)
Sailor Moon: What's going on here? How come you know my name? Are you for real?
Queen Serenity: Oh, Serena. You haven't changed at all. Still asking a million questions just as a curious a kitten. But I'm not surprised you don't remember me. That's the way I arranged things. I am your mother, Queen Serenity.
Sailor Moon: You mean we're actually back on the Moon? It's not some won-go dream or something?
Queen Serenity: No, Serena. It's not a dream. This is definitely real. And since you all found your way here, it must be time you learned the truth. I'll take you back to the final days of our kingdom.

Queen Serenity: I'm sure Luna told you all about the Silver Millennium when all the planets were at peace. The whole universe was a happy place. And our Moon Kingdom was the happiest place of all. There were fireworks and parties every night, and dancing and laughing. I raised you to follow in my footsteps and rule the Moon. But most of the time you spent staring at the Earth. For you've fallen in love with a young man from there.

(Takes a hold of the Crescent Moon Wand, with the Silver Crystal affixed to it, ready to die fighting)
Luna: Queen Serenity if you use the Imperium Silver Crystal, you won't have any strength left.
Queen Serenity: It's the only way Luna. I must sacrifice my kingdom if we are to regain our peace. Cosmic Moon Power!

Luna: Majesty, you did it.
Artemis: They're gone. You beat 'em.
Queen Serenity: I trapped them all, yes. If I had destroyed them, I would have destroyed Serena and the others too. Now they're all inside the power of the Crystal, and now I must send them to a new future on Earth.
Luna: But you saved them. Why are you so sad?
Queen Serenity: Because none of them will remember anything about this time or this place. Nothing. And I'll never see my sweet daughter again or you two either. But this is the only way for any of you to live on. I have enough power left to send everything you'll need in the future to Earth. Serena and her court will need your help if the Negaverse ever breaks free.
Luna and Artemis: Yes.
Queen Serenity: All of you will be reborn on Earth with no memory of the Moon Kingdom whatsoever, but if evil forces should try to repeat what happened here, you two will know what to do. Now, farewell, all of you, and good luck. Goodbye, Serena. You are in my heart always. Be happy. On behalf of the Moon, you will be free again. Perhaps we'll meet again.

Day of Destiny, Part 1[edit]

Raye: So we;re finally gonna meet Beryl. Are you ready, Scouts?
Amy: This will be our toughest fight ever.
Serena: Raye, major question: You didn't forget to kiss Chad goodbye, did ya?
Raye: Oh!

(In Beryl's throne room)
Queen Beryl: So the Sailor Scouts want pay us a visit. Finally! It's about time. So wants to greet our guests and earn a place in Nega history? Any volunteers?
Doom & Gloom Girl: We'll greet 'em, Queen Beryl.
Queen Beryl: The Doom and Gloom girls. Perfect.

Day of Destiny, Part 2[edit]

Queen Beryl: Finally she's alone. At last! Sailor Moon, we finally meet face-to-face.

Sailor Moon: Darien, no! Moon Healing Escalation!
Queen Beryl: It's no use! You can't heal him. Not even your crystal can break the spell I cast! Prince Darian is my! Now and forever!!

Queen Beryl: I can't be defeated again. I've waited too long for this! Tell me how to win this!
Queen Metalia: Don't wine at me, Beryl. You're nearly as incompetent as your minions. I should abandon you, but I'm giving you this last chance! Use it well!
(Metalia and Beryl merge as one into Super Beryl)

Princess Serena: I will defeat you, Beryl, in the name of the moon.
Super Beryl: You? Pitiful, little Princess Serena!?

Princess Serena: I hear you, Luna. I am not afraid anymore.
Super Beryl: You should be!!
Princess Serena: Cosmic Moon Power. Fight this evil. Do not give up, Serena. You can do this. I am not letting you win this one, you witch. My friends are counting on me.

(Flashes back to her good friends' words of help and support)

Amy: Hey, Serena. I'll help you finish this assignment if you want.
Raye: You are so stubborn, Serena! Let us help or I'll never speak to you again.
Lita: Yeah. Let us help you put her away. Still too many guys we oughta meet.
Mina: Let us help. We haven't known each other long enough for it to end yet.

(End of flashbacks)

Princess Serena: I do need all of you. Please, help me.
(Ghostly figures of the five Sailor Scouts of the Inner Solar System appear)
Sailor Mercury: Mercury Power!
Sailor Mars: Mars Power!
Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Power!
Sailor Venus: Venus Power!
Princess Serena: Cosmic Moon Power Ignite!

Princess Serena: Beryl is gone, blasted back to the Negaverse. The universe is safe again, thanks to you, my friends. Finally we have a chance for peace, real peace.

Sailor Moon R[edit]

The Return of Sailor Moon[edit]

Luna: I have no choice. I have to revive Sailor Moon. The Luna mind meld should help.

So You Want to Stay in Pictures[edit]

Sailor Moon: I really don't know what you're up to, but I'm here to stop you! Understand?
Luna: Smooth opening line, Serena!

VR Madness[edit]

A Knight to Remember[edit]

Secret Garden[edit]

Note: Sailor Jupiter uses a much stronger lightning/thunder attack- Jupiter Thunder Dragon.

Cherry Blossom Time[edit]

Queen Serenity: Princess Serena.
Serena: Queen Serenity.
Queen Serenity: I'm here in your mind, my dear. And I'll always be here whenever you need me, my dearest daughter.
Serena: Can you help me, please? I do not know how to save my friends.
Queen Serenity: The power's in the locket.
(A vision of the Moon Kingdom appears, with Serena in full moon princess attire)
Princess Serena: The Imperium Crystal.
Queen Serenity: The strength of your desire to save your friends makes the Silver Crystal glow bright and strong again.
(The Silver Crystal falls in the broken transformation broach, and turns into the Crystal Star broach)
Princess Serena: Look at it. It is beautiful.
Queen Serenity: Luna, keep an eye on her as you always do. Help her succeed.
Luna: Sure.
Princess Serena: With the power in this crystal I can save my friends.
Queen Serenity: Dear princess, remember the Silver Moon Crystal has not regained all its power. But the stronger your desire to save your friends, the stronger it will become, and then you'll become the moon princess once more.
Princess Serena: I will make you proud, Queen Serenity. Mother.
Queen Serenity: Now say Moon Crystal Power.

Note: Serena is given the Crystal Star broach, enabling her to transform into a stronger, evolved version of her standard Sailor form via Moon Crystal Power. She also is given the Cutie Moon Scepter as her new weapon. Its attack is Moon Princess Halation.

Kindergarten Chaos[edit]

Note: Sailor Venus acquires an even stronger power and attack- Venus Crescent Beam Shower.

Much Ado About Babysitting[edit]

Raye's Day in the Spotlight[edit]

Serena: You know what, Raye? You were really something tonight and you're also a very hard worker.
Raye: You know, you should give it a try Serena.
Serena: And what's that supposed to mean?!
Raye: That you're a lazy donut snorting couch potato!
Serena: I take back everything I ever said!
Note: Sailor Mars gains a stronger attack- Mars Firebird Strike.

Food Fetish[edit]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall[edit]

Detention Doldrums[edit]


Tree of Life: Sailor Moon, a favor?
Sailor Moon: Yes?
Tree of Life: Help me be myself again.

Serena Times Two[edit]

The Cosmetic Caper[edit]

Sailor Mercury Moving On?[edit]

Artemis: So here are some new power tools for you guys and a wrist communicator.
Luna: I think you'll like them. They're ten times more powerful than the old ones.
Serena: But what are we going to do with Sailor Mercury's new stuff?

Note: Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina are given the new and stronger Star Power Sticks, which further multiplies their Sailor and elemental abilities tenfold, as well as bestowing more power.

Gramps in a Pickle[edit]

Trouble Comes Thundering Down[edit]

A Charmed Life[edit]

A Curried Favor[edit]

Naughty N' Nice[edit]

Prediction of Doom[edit]

Enemies No More[edit]


Sibling Rivalry[edit]

Rubeus Evens the Score[edit]

Rubeus Strikes Out[edit]

The Secret of the Luna Sphere[edit]

Sailor Pluto: Please don't be afraid of me, Sailor Scouts. My name is Sailor Pluto. I guard the door of time and space.
Serena: Whoa. Another Sailor Scout. Are you the one Rini calls Luna P?
Luna: Sailor Pluto. Artemis, there's another Sailor Scout.
Sailor Pluto: Please. You must help the small lady or she will perish.

: Note: Sailor Pluto, the solitary Scout of Space-Time, is revealed.

Emerald Takes Over[edit]

No Thanks, Nurse Venus![edit]

Dog Day for Artemis[edit]

Lonely Amy[edit]

Child's Play[edit]

Promises Fulfilled[edit]

Future Shocked[edit]

Luna: Poor Sailor Pluto. I heard about her long ago from Queen Serenity. A solitary Soldier, guarding the gate of time for all eternity.
Sailor Mars: What a responsibility.
Luna: Very few people had even had to meet her.
Sailor Venus: And what a lonely life.
Sailor Jupiter: Then I guess we're very privileged, aren't we?
Sailor Mercury: Goodbye, Sailor P.

Legend of the Negamoon[edit]

Jealousy's Just Reward[edit]

Birth of Wicked Lady[edit]

Brotherly Love[edit]

Diamond in the Rough[edit]

Final Battle[edit]

Follow the Leader[edit]

Note: This does not count as an actual episode or season finale, but is really a preview of the third season.

Sailor Moon S[edit]

Starstruck, Bad Luck[edit]

Crystal Clear Again[edit]

Driving Dangerously[edit]

Bad Harmony[edit]

Swept off Her Feet[edit]

Blinded by Love's Light[edit]

Lita Borrows Trouble[edit]

Damp Spirits[edit]

Friendly Foes[edit]

Mixed Emotions[edit]

Individual Happiness[edit]

Birthday Blues, Part One[edit]

Birthday Blues, Part Two[edit]

Hello, Sailor Mini Moon![edit]

Tainted Tea Party[edit]

People Who Need People[edit]

Related by Destiny[edit]

Art Appreciation[edit]

Everything's Turning Up Rosy[edit]

No Turning Back[edit]

Destiny's Arrival[edit]

The Purity Chalice[edit]

Show Stoppers[edit]

Rini: I'm Rini. rymthes with "teeny."
Hotaru: I'm Hotaru Tomoe.

Note: Hotaru Tomeo, the reincarnation and vessel of Sailor Saturn's spirit, appears.

Rini's Risky Friendship[edit]

Mimet's Mess[edit]

The Shadow of Silence[edit]

(Hotaru's eyes glow red and she immobilizes the Diamon with ease, emitting a strange and powerful aura)
Diamon: Whoa! Can't move! What are you!?

Thorny Weather[edit]

Heightened Hazard[edit]

Darien: This the story from long ago. Apart from the Sailor Scouts, who protected the world of the moon, there were also Sailor Scouts who fought against evil invaders who came from parts of the outer solar system. Sailor Uranus, the Sailor Scout of the upper world, is guarded by the planet Uranus. Sailor Neptune, the Sailor Scout of the Sea, is guarded by the planet Neptune. Sailor Pluto, the Sailor Scout of the lower world, is guided by the planet Pluto.
Sailor Uranus: The three of us are gifted with incredible powers that are much stronger than those of the other Sailor Scouts. Our powers are to be used for protecting Earth from enemies beyond the solar system.
Sailor Neptune: That's why we're sent from the past to this period. When we arrived here, we found our toughest opponents here and set us based. We'll use all our strength to beat them.
Sailor Pluto: As a result of this deadly invasion of enemies so powerful, not only do we have to worry about the Earth, but the entire solar system is in jeopardy as well.

Lita: So I guess the powers of the other three Sailor Scouts are stronger than ours.
Raye: Those three. I don't know. They're sure a lot different from us.
Amy: I'm sure that's why they act like we got a plague and they don't want to get it.
Luna: I think that each is used to working on their own because that's the way they've always done so in the past.

Amara: Did you see that power?
Michelle: There's definitely something strange about that girl.
Tristamail: We guessed right, that's for sure. She's dangerous.

It's in the Cards[edit]

Goodness Eclipsed[edit]

Tuxedo Mask: What is this!?
Sailor Uranus: Get away from her!!
Super Sailor Moon: Why?
Sailor Uranus: Hotaru is Sailor Saturn herself! The Soldier of Destruction whose guardian star is Saturn!
Sailor Neptune: When her ruler Saturn awakens...
Sailor Pluto: Her only goal is to destroy the world.
Sailor Uranus: Get away!! She's wielding the Silent Scythe! Her powers are peaky!
Sailor Pluto: It's absolutely crucial we not let her wake up.
Sailor Neptune: If Saturn wakes up, she'll bring about the end of the world.
Super Sailor Moon: That may be, but I won't let you harm her!
Sailor Mars: Even if Hotaru is Sailor Saturn or the Sovereign of Silence, she can't help it. And we really have to protect her.
Rini: She's just an innocent girl! There's gotta be another way to save the world!

Professor Tomoe: We've done it. We achieved our objective. Now she's Sailor Saturn, guarded by the star of destruction. No one cloud have been chosen to be the Sovereign of Silence.
Note: Sailor Saturn, the Scout of Silence, is revealed yet not actually shown as she manifested her sleeping spirit through the body of her reincarnation, Hotaru.

Next in Line[edit]

Mina: And that may mean that Hotaru could be...
Lita: A member of the evil Heart-Snatchers?
Tristamail: We don't know. What we do know, however, was that she was definitely born with the spirit of Sailor Saturn within her.
Rini: There's no way! Hotaru's not evil like those heart-snatchers!
Serena: Rini.
Rini: Hotaru is a decent, warm-hearted person. Don't ever harm her! Promise me you won't, Trista.
Serena: Trista, she what if Saturn is the Sailor Scout of Destruction? She's still one of us, isn't she? Come on. There must be some other way to solve this.
Tristamail: There's no time for alternatives, even if there were any. That's we wanted to keep you out of business.
Serena: Oh.

Fiendish Ferns[edit]

The Science of Love[edit]

Wake Up Call[edit]

Sailor Neptune: That's not Sailor Saturn! I wonder who she is then!
Sailor Scouts: Tell us who you are!
Mistress 9: I am known as Mistress 9, the Sovereign of Silence.
Sailor Jupiter: Hey, what's going on?
Sailor Mars: So she's not Sailor Saturn?
Sailor Mercury: She's one of the Heart-snatchers. I guess she took control of Hotaru from within and has been feeding on pure hearts 'till she was strong enough to emerge.

Who's Really Who?[edit]

"Darkness, My Old Friend!"[edit]

Sailor Saturn: Don't worry. You'll be fine now, Rini.
(The ghostly form of Sailor Saturn herself returns the pure heart crystal to Rini)
Artemis: Sailor Saturn...?
Luna: Is Hotaru?
Sailor Saturn: Thank you, my friend, Rini. Thank you.
(Gradually vanishes from Darien's apartment)

Sailor Uranus: After all we did to try and save this world! And now it's all over!!
Sailor Neptune: It's the end.
Sailor Uranus: Sailor Moon, are you happy now!!? Answer me!!

Sailor Saturn: Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon: Huh?
(Sailor Saturn's ghostly form solidifies into a more corporeal)
Sailor Saturn: I know it was you who prevented me from getting hurt, and I want to thank you.
Sailor Neptune: Sailor Saturn.
Sailor Moon: And Hotaru?
Professor Tomoe: Hotaru?
Sailor Saturn: I am sorry. I am no longer Hotaru. But I'm the one person alive who can save the world from destruction. Believe in me.
Sailor Moon: Wait! Let me help you!
Sailor Saturn: No. To destroy Pharaoh 90, I must get to the very heart of its core and destroy it while I'm still inside. You, as Super Sailor Moon, could have helped. You did the right thing, giving up your powers to save me. It's impossible for you to even get near Pharaoh 90. This is the only way, but I am glad to do it.
Sailor Moon: But what will happen to you once you terminate Pharaoh 90, Sailor Saturn?
Sailor Saturn: They call me the Sailor Scout of Destruction, only because I possess powers that could destroy a planet. They fear me. But once I use my powers, I will be destroyed.
Sailor Moon: NO!!
(Sailor Saturn points her Silent Scythe at Sailor Moon to stop her)
Sailor Saturn: Goodbye. Thank you.

Second Chance[edit]

Rini: And Hotaru? Is she safe? What happened?
Sailor Pluto: Have little time to explain. But Hotaru had two really bad creatures living in her. One was the Heart-Snatchers', Mistress 9, who tried to take over our future. The other was Sailor Saturn, the dark Sailor Scout. Thanks to Super Sailor Moon, Hotaru has been freed, and she's returned from the past to start over as a little baby.

Serena: Still I know I did the right thing. Even if Saturn was the Sailor Scout of Destruction, I had to save her. We're all linked by the gift of planet power. And I felt the warmth of her heart when I held her. She's pure sweetness. Uranus, Neptune! Please don't pick this fight.
Sailor Neptune: Give up your claim to the throne and we'll leave in peace.

Tough Kindness[edit]

(During attack sequence)

Sailor Moon: He's right. I don't need the Purity Chalice. With a caring and loving heart I can protect my friends. Moon Spiral Heart Attack!

Sailor Moon SuperS[edit]

Dreams Take Flight[edit]

No Ordinary Horsepower[edit]

Sweet Dreams[edit]

Baiting the Trap[edit]

Perfect Couple[edit]

Much Ado About Kitten[edit]

A Pegasus Page Turner[edit]

A Teacher's Lesson[edit]

The Trouble with Love[edit]

Phony Fairy[edit]

Driven Dreamer[edit]

Cutting It Close[edit]

Clothes Call[edit]

Double Trouble[edit]

Mina: When it rains, it snores!

Recipe for Danger[edit]

Kicking into High Gear[edit]

Beach blanket Bungle[edit]

Tutu Treachery[edit]

The Duchess' Day Off[edit]

No Prince Charming[edit]

A True Reflection[edit]

Eternal Dreams[edit]

A New Nightmare[edit]

Heartfelt Melody[edit]

Dreams of Her Own[edit]

Dental Dilemma[edit]

Nightmare Garden[edit]

Vaulting to Victory[edit]

Reflections of Reality[edit]

Dream Believer[edit]

Pegasus Revealed[edit]

Rini's Lovely Rhapsody[edit]

Tomorrow's Big Dreams[edit]

Day of Night[edit]

Showtime Showdown[edit]

The Dark Legend[edit]

One in the Hand[edit]

Golden Revival[edit]

The Sweetest Dream[edit]

Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars[edit]

Scattering Nightmare Flowers: Return of the Queen of Darkness[edit]

Queen Nehellenia: Wonderful silence. Everything is so still. This is for my beauty to be eternal.
Galaxia: Oh, my beautiful queen.
Queen Nehellenia: Who are you?
Galaxia: You remain here, trapped in this seal.
Queen Nehlenia: Who are you to disturb my rest?
Galaxia: All I can say, is I can make you wishes come true.
Queen Nehellnia: My wishes?
Galaxia: Now! I shall release you from that damned seal.
Queen Nehelenia: Seal?

Super Sailor Uranus: If Saturn had to return, a crisis must be looming.

The Awakening of Saturn: The Gathering of the Ten Guardians[edit]

Sailor Saturn's Spirit: Awaken. Awaken, sleeping soul under my protection.
Young Hotaru: Who are you?
Sailor Saturn's Spirit: I am Sailor Saturn. I am your protector.
Young Hotaru: My protector?
Sailor Saturn's Spirit: The time for our awakening has come. Wake up! Now close your eyes.
(Uses her great powers to restore her host's memories of her previous life)
Young Hotaru: I...I am.

Super Sailor Saturn: My guardian deity is Saturn! The planet of ruin. I am the Guardian of Death and Rebirth, Sailor Saturn.
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: Hotaru!
Super Sailor Saturn: Chibiusa.

Super Sailor Mercury: What was that just now?
Super Sailor Saturn: That was Eternal Sailor Moon- her true form. I was brought back to inform you of this.
Super Sailor Venus: With Eternal Sailor Moon's power-
Super Sailor Jupiter: All the enemies were overpowered.
Super Sailor Moon: My...true form?

Mamoru: Trapped in a Nightmare[edit]

Agony for the Sailor Guardians[edit]

Endless Battle in the Evil World[edit]

Moon Power: The End of the Nightmare[edit]

Super Sailor Saturn: Silent Wall.
(erects a dome-shaped shield that blocks Queen Nehelenia's dark energy)
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: Mamo-chan. Mamo-chan.
Super Sailor Saturn: What is going on?

Queen Nehelenia: I will soon take all the White Moon princess holds hear. Her lover, her friends, even her world. Feel the bitterness I felt for being sealed in the darkness.
Super Sailor Saturn: It is your own loneliness that has sealed you.

Super Sailor Saturn: I have no choice. By annihilating you, the source of this evil, I shall put an end to it all. In the name of Sailor Saturn, I shall unleash the power of destruction.
Queen Nehelenia: Ha! Words from a desperate, little girl! Do you think I am ignorant? The power of destruction is a double-edged sword. If you use that power, you shall die as well. Do it if you wish.
Super Sailor Saturn: That is my destiny.
Queen Nehelenia: What? You cannot be foolish! You're going to take your own life? It would be pointless.
Super Sailor Saturn: I believe in our princess.
Queen Nehelenia: What?
Super Sailor Saturn: The Princess is the light of our hope. I will not let you put it out.
Queen Nehelenia: Those eyes again! Damn! How irritating! Stop! Don't look at me with such eyes!!
Super Sailor Saturn: Princess, somehow, save our future and Chibiusa. Silence Glaive Surprise.
(Powerful rays of white-and-purple destructive energy illuminates the castle, resulting in a forceful colossal explosion that knocks Usagi down, which destroys most of the castle)

Super Sailor Chibi Moon: Don't do it, Saturn.
Super Sailor Saturn: Chibi Moon?
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: Don't use the power. You'll die.
Super Sailor Saturn: But...
Super Sailor Chibi Moon: Saturn, you told me believe in our prince and princess. Don't worry. They won't give in to something like this.
Super Sailor Saturn: Chibi Moon!!

The Destiny of Flowing Stars[edit]

A School Storm[edit]

Aim to be an Idol[edit]

Fighter's True Form: A Shocking Transformation[edit]

Entrusting Dreams and Romance to the Stars: Taiki's Transformation[edit]

Luna Saw it! Yaten's Real Face[edit]

Enemies? Allies? Starlights and the Sailor Guardians[edit]

The Brightness of the Calling Stars[edit]

Seyia and Usagi's Heart-Pounding Date[edit]

Invasion from Space: Siren Comes Flying In[edit]

The Scream of Dead Souls[edit]

A Night for Just Us: Usagi's Pinch[edit]

A Believing Heart Carried by a Song[edit]

The Mystery of Chibi Chibi[edit]

The Power of a Shinning Star[edit]

An Invitation to Terror: Usagi's Night Flight[edit]

Torn Between Duty and Friendship[edit]

Truth Revealed: Seiya and Company's Past[edit]

(Having transformed into their evolved Super Sailor forms off screen)
Super Sailor Neptune: Oh? You don't get surprised easily.
Yaten: We anticipated it a bit.

Super Sailor Neptune: Protecting Earth and the solar system from intruders from beyond-
Super Sailor Pluto: Is our mission.

Seiya: Stop! This fighting is pointless!
Yaten: Seyia! You should be resting!
Seyia: I'm won't see Tsukino Usagi, Sailor Moon, anymore.

Premonition of a New Wave[edit]

Straight to Your Dream! Minako Is an Idol[edit]

The Silver Crystal is Stolen: Princess Kakyu Appears[edit]

Legend of the Sailor Wars[edit]

Galaxia's Descent: Princess Kakyu Perishes[edit]

Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy[edit]

Ruler of the Galaxy: Galaxia's Threat[edit]

Galaxia: Even if you all attacked together, you cannot lay a finger on me.
Super Sailor Saturn: In that case, I shall erase you for disrupting peace in the solar system by sacrificing my life!! (Galaxia merely laughs) What's so funny!?
Galaxia: You know nothing. Just who do you think revived you?
Super Sailor Saturn: What!?
Galaxia: Remember why you were revived right after you were reborn.
(Flashes back to the time of the early reawakening and the final showdown with Queen Nehelenia)
Super Sailor Pluto: No way.
Galaxia: It was I who revived the evil Queen Nehelenia, causing you to awaken.
Super Sailor Pluto: Are you saying the battle was planned from the beginning!?
Super Sailor Saturn: No!
Galaxia: My goal is to collect the galaxy's star steeds. To achieve this, all star seeds must reach maturity. So I caused an incident dire enough for you to awaken. The evil queen was willing to help in order to take her revenge.
Super Sailor Saturn: That's not true! You deceived her by taking advantage of her jealousy and hatred!
Galaxia: Silence!! The whole galaxy belongs to me! I decide on how things are to be treated!!

Disappearing Stars: The End of Uranus and Neptune[edit]

The Light of Hope: Final Battle for the Galaxy[edit]

Usagi's Love: The Moonlight Lights Up the Galaxy[edit]


The Promise of the Rose[edit]

Mina: It's got Amy and Raye! It's the one who stole people's energy before!
Luna: We need Scout power.

Fiore: Impressive. I never thought of you nitwits of having such awesome power.
Sailor Moon: You're behind this!?
Fiore: Uh huh. But as you well know, no one works completely alone.
Artemis: Who are you!?

Fiore: Sailor Moon, surrender! Hand over your magic wand or lose your pals!

Note: This film is set after the second season, Sailor Moon R.

Hearts in Ice[edit]

Snow Queen Kaguya: Beautiful Earth. I shall make it all mine.

Kakeru: Welcome back. how was your trip?
Himeko: I haven't been in Japan for a year. Are things still the same?
Kakeru: I discovered a new comet near the moon.
Himeko: Really? That's odd. There wasn't anything on the news. Are you sure it's not a mistake?
Kakeru: Mistake!? I saw it! And this may be a part of it!! It fell from the sky the night I saw the comet!
Himeko: Pretty.
Kakeru: But the comet disappeared.

Luna: I don't what happens to me! I just want to save Kakeru! If he meets Princess Kaguya, whom he's been dreaming about since childhood, I'm sure he'll become strong enough to fight off the evil energy!

Black Dream Hole[edit]

About Sailor Moon[edit]

  • In Japan, strong girls are very popular. The tradition of my country has in the Tarazuka, the Japanese theater in which only women take part, the maximum level of feminine emancipation. These actress cover all roles of the plays, even the male ones. I was inspired by them to create Haruka. It wasn't easy to make children understand how there could be true love between two women. Haruka is a tomboy, she talks and dresses like a boy, and therefore it's natural she falls in love with Michiru.
  • The senshi are very sexy, and boys like it. In Japan, moreover, boys are quite weak and they search for a strong partner. They want to be dominated, and the senshi are ready to do it.
  • Maybe what a lot of authors don't understand is the masochistic component of boys. They write love stories that are now outdated.

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