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Salty's Lighthouse was a series for young children, produced by Sunbow Entertainment and TLC in 1997 to 1998 in association with the Bank Street College of Education in New York. The show centered on a young boy named Salty, as he played and learned with his friends in a magical lighthouse. As well as the animated adventures of Salty and his friends, the series used live-action footage from the British children's television series TUGS for various segments. 40 episodes were produced in the series. It ran from October 3, 1997 to June 26, 1998 on TLC and later on Channel 4 in the UK and Fox Kids in Australia.

Season 1[edit]

Hercules In Trouble[edit]

Ten Cents: You okay, Lillie?
Lillie: I'm fine but I'm afraid Hercules is not.
Sunshine: Oh, no!
Ten Cents: What do you mean 'Oh, no!', Sunshine?
Sunshine: I just remembered! Hercules is bringing in a big ocean liner and he needs Lillie's light to see through the fog but without it, he can't!
Top Hat: If Hercules and that liner hit those rocks, they'll have big holes in their sides and they'll both sink.
Big Stack: We need to come up with a rescue plan and fast!
Ten Cents: And I have the perfect one. First, Warrior and Sunshine will move Lillie to a safe spot in the harbor. Then, Big Stack will switch his light on and off, off and on. Then, Top Hat and Otis will tell Hercules that Lillie's light, which actually Big Stack's, is fixed. Then I'll call out "DANGER! LOOK OUT!". Has everyone got that?
Sunshine: All set, big brother.
Warrior: Ready and waitin'.
Otis: Ready on your mark.
Big Stack: At the ready.
Top Hat: Ready when you are.
Ten Cents: Okay, everyone, here they come. And, now!
Narrator: Soon, everyone has a job to do. Sunshine and Warrior move Lillie to a safe spot in the harbor. Then, Big Stack switches his light on and off, off and on. Then, Top Hat and Otis go to tell Hercules that Lillie, who is actually Big Stack, is waiting for him. And Ten Cents gets ready to call out to Hercules.
Top Hat: Great news, Hercules.
Otis: Lillie's light is fixed and she's waitin' for ya.
Hercules: Thanks, guys. And about time too.
Narrator: Not too far away, Big Stack sees Hercules coming towards him and Ten Cents with the liner.
Big Stack: Now, Ten Cents!
Hercules: Huh?
Ten Cents: [in distance] DANGER! LOOK OUT!
Hercules: Oh, no! There's danger ahead. I better change direction.
Narrator: Meanwhile, Sunshine and Warrior have found a safe spot for Lillie.
Sunshine: You're safe now, Lillie.
Lillie: Thanks to Ten Cents, I am.
Ten Cents: WE DID IT! We saved the liner!
Top Hat: We may have saved the liner but we haven't saved Hercules.
Ten Cents: Why? What's wrong?
Top Hat: Hercules is headed for a waterfall.
Ten Cents: A waterfall? Oh, no!
Otis: If Hercules goes over that thing, he's done for.
Ten Cents: No he isn't! [switches on radio] Ten Cents to Hercules! Come in, Hercules!
Hercules: Ten Cents, is that you?

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