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Samuel Bishop (21 September 1731 – 17 November 1795) was an English poet, clergyman and teacher.


The Poetical Works of the Rev. Samuel Bishop, 2 vols. (London: A Strahan, 1796)
  • In myriad swarms, each summer sun
      An insect nation shows;
    Whose being, since he rose, begun;
      And e’er he sets will close.
    Brief is their date, confin’d their pow’rs,
      The fluttering of a day;—
    Yet life’s worth living, ev’n for hours,
      When all those hours—are play.
    • "Epigram XL. Fati valet hora benigni". Vol. II, p. 192.
    • Cf. Juvenal, XVI, 4.
  • A Fool and Knave, with different views,
      For Julia’s hand apply:
    The Knave, to mend his fortune sues:
      The Fool, to please his eye.
    Ask you, how JULIA will behave?
      Depend on’t for a rule,
    If she’s a Fool, she’ll wed the Knave—
      If she’s a Knave, the Fool.
    • "Epigram CCI. Sub judice lis est". Vol. II, p. 304
    • Cf. Horace, Ars Poetica, 78.

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