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Catherine Middleton's wedding dress created by Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton (C.E.1974 – living), British fashion designer.

Quotes by Sarah Burton

  • Lee [Alexander McQueen] taught me that if you don't believe it, you shouldn't do it because you can't keep up with it. He was brilliant because he always said, "Things don't stand still. You have to move on," or "Oh, don't pull out that old jacket anymore. It's already been done."
Lee taught me that if you don't believe in it, then you shouldn't do it because you can't stand behind it. He was brilliant because he would always say, "Things don't stand still. It has to go forward," or "Oh, don't bring that old jacket out again. That's been made before."[1]
  • Non diciamo mai, "Ecco, è fatto, è finito". A volte disegniamo la collezione prima di andare in vacanza, e poi torniamo e pensiamo, "Oddio, cambiamo tutto". È anche questo il bello del processo creativo, non hai mai finito.[2]
  • Sono davvero normale. Ma il mio demone è la paura del fallimento. La mia dipendenza ossessiva è il lavoro e c'è una possibile perversione nel mettermi sempre per ultimo, sai?
I'm really normal. But my own demon is the fear of failure. My obsessional addiction is work and there's a possible twistedness in always putting myself last, you know?[3]

Quotes about Sarah Burton:

  • [In reference to the photo shoot for the official portraits on the occasion of the 40th birthday of Kate Middleton] The designer Sarah Burton (who designed Kate's wedding dress) has chose the clothes: only one was red, the others neutral. For the official portrait she wore the organza one, almost like a classical dancer. In the end I wanted to take some moving photos, so with that wonderful full skirt I made it dance in front of my lens, a kind of accelerated waltz mixed with a pinch of rock'n'roll. (Paolo Roversi) [citation needed]


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