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Sarina Petronella Wiegman OON CBE (Dutch pronunciation: [saːˈɾinaː peːtɾoːˈnɛlaː ˈʋixmɑn]; born 26 October 1969), also known as Sarina Wiegman-Glotzbach, is a Dutch football manager and former player who has been the manager of the England women's national team since September 2021.


  • I really love the medals but what I’m proud of most, absolutely most, is that now young girls have perspective, young girls can play football and young girls can wear shirts [with players’ names on]
  • You can be honest. It doesn’t mean that you’re rude. Just be direct.
  • You can just say what you think and still be very respectful.
  • Growing up, I heard so many times, “That's not for women.” And I think when you hear that over and over, you believe it. You have to be very strong to stick to what you love, but that's what I did.
  • Of course, I’ve had lonely moments, particularly being the only woman coach, you felt different. But I've never tried to act like a man. Why should I? I’ll always be myself.
  • I really felt very strongly that we have to support these women. We need to support each other.
  • This generation of women who are now at the highest level of football also have another purpose that comes with their visibility: to try and make the world a better place for the next generation.
  • It's not all about money. I think the most valuable thing we have accomplished is that little girls now have role models… My heart is in the women's game and my thoughts are on the women's game.
  • I had to cut my hair to play, so for me it's so important that little girls can play football if they want to. That's what I really want to fight for.

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