Sazaly Abu Bakar

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Sazaly Abu Bakar is a Malaysian virologists and director of the Tropical Infectious Diseases Research and Education Centre of University of Malaya.


  • Fatality rate of the 2019-nCoV infection is relatively low, at slightly more than three percent, suggesting the possibility that those who died could have other predispositions. Most (of the patients) would fully recover.
  • The (SARS Corona) virus could mutate and escape the body's immune system. Was it really eliminated? Yes, because it is no longer infecting humans. Then again, it could be lurking in its original host or reservoir. It could return if naive humans (not immuned) come into contact with the virus and if the infected person replicates the virus efficiently and subsequently infects others. Only those who were infected and recovered would have a strong immune defense against the virus. This is because immunity has a long-term memory that could recognize the original SARS virus.
  • It is not in the interest of the virus to kill the host because it (the virus) will die as well. Through their evolutionary process, viruses tend to accommodate the hosts to live in them. This means they want to cause mild diseases to propagate and that will ensure they can survive.