Scarface: The World Is Yours

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Scarface: The World Is Yours is a video game sequel to the movie, Scarface.

Tony Montana[edit]

  • OK, Sosa. You wanna play games? OK, I play with you. You wanna play rough?! Say hello to my little friend!
  • Wanna play with me?
  • Shit! Oh, shit, Manny. I need you, hermano. You asshole, Antonio! You're an asshole, you know why? You don't listen, pendejo, not even to yourself. You fucked up, you fucked up good, because you caused this... this everything. What happened? What the fuck happened? Oh, Antonio, man, why didn't you fucking listen? Hey, Sosa, you think you can take me?! No one! No one takes Tony Montana down but me! You hear me, Sosa, you cocksucker?! No one but me! You did me a favor, you shit. Got rid of my baggage, made me lean like before. OK, what you gotta do to make it right, to get everything back? Sosa! That prick gotta die! I'm going to bring a war against that fuck! Anyone who try to work for him, fuck them all!
  • Gotta talk to Sheffield. Set things straight and find out what he knows.
  • You fucking blind, man? Coño!
  • Is this it? Is this what it's all about? Killing, driving, dealing, swearing? Then what? You're fifty. You got a bag for a belly. You got tits, you need a bra; they got hair on 'em. You got a liver, it's got spots on it, and you're looking like these rich fucking mummies.
  • Fucking prick. You fuck with me, you die, OK?
  • OK, you like that? Come on! Die, motherfucker! You fuck with me, you're fucking with the best! Have a nice trip, Sosa. You stupid fuck!
  • You see, I knew there wasn't a shortage of platters.
  • You want a job, man?
  • Look at this bullshit. Who deserves to be on TV? Me! That's who. Who should be on every fucking magazine covers? Me! Fan mail? Me!
  • OK, how about stupid fuck? How do you like that? [laughs] Just kidding, Manny. The world is yours, chico, and everything in it. So say goodnight to the bad guy.


  • Narrator: What happens when the world is yours and then you lose it?
  • Edgar Diaz: Holy shit!
  • Nacho Contreras: What the fuck is this? Montana?! You're supposed to be dead! Sosa fucking killed you! Get that fucking Cuban piece of shit out of my boat!
  • Alejandro Sosa: This is how I do business.
  • Alejandro Sosa: Your friend, Manny, cannot help you, Montana!


Henchman: Tony! Come on, man! Jesus Christ, they're everywhere. We got your car out of front, but the entry collapsed so we couldn't get to you. We could use the underground passage to the backyard and then to your car.
Tony Montana: Fucking go, man. Let's go.

Intercom: Sheffield and Associates, how may I help you?
Tony Montana: Yeah, I wanna talk to George.
Intercom: May I ask who's inquiring?
Tony Montana: Why don't you tell him Tony Montana would like to have a word with him. [Intercom not responding] Hello, you there?
Intercom: Of course, Mr. Montana. Mr. Sheffield is interesting to speak with you as well.
Tony Montana: Okay, you wanna let me in or is this how we're gonna do business now? Through the hole in the wall?
Intercom: Mr. Sheffield's having lunch at the Babylon Club at the moment. I can tell him that you wish to speak with him.
Tony Montana: That's OK.

Bouncer: Mr. Montana? Jesus Christ, I thought you were dead.
Tony Montana: You writing a fucking book or what?
Bouncer: No, I... I just... Do you know how hard it is to get any good coke around here?
Tony Montana: Is that chazzer Sheffield in the club?
Bouncer: Yeah, he in here. There's a couple of guys from Vice in here, too. Watch your back, Tony.
Tony Montana: Thanks, man.

George Sheffield: If you want legal advice, how about a little head. Seriously.
Tony Montana: We need to talk, George.
George Sheffield: What do you want? Tony?
Tony Montana: I want Sosa's head on a fucking platter, man.
George Sheffield: Sosa, Tony? Impossible.
Tony Montana: Why? You got some kind shortage of platters?
George Sheffield: Tony, come on. Where the hell have you been? What happened?
Tony Montana: War, that's what. Sosa probably think I'm dead or run off or something, but I'm back, okay? This is my town, my world, George, and no one's gonna take it away for me. I come to talk to you first because you know what's going on. You still work for me, George, huh? You still my lawyer?
George Sheffield: Tony, you know the score. Ah, it's gotta be dangerous to be associate with you right now. Word's going to spread that you're back in town. Can't do it.
Tony Montana: Spread the word, Sheff. Come on, look at me. I know Miami. I'm going to take it all back. You know it's true. Sosa probably taken all those other guys for a big ride. Gaspar Gomez, Nacho Contreras, the Diaz brothers. They're all fucking worms.
George Sheffield: Hey, you want me, it's gonna cost you, Tony. And more than before. None of that chicken feed either.
Tony Montana: Where's the loyalty, George, you fucking snake? I know you got connections. You just gotta make it happen. You took my money before and that makes you just as bad as me. But I'm alive, George. I'm alive! And now what you gonna do, huh? You still work for me!
George Sheffield: Alright, Tony. You want to get something going? A friend of mine runs the bar in Coconut Grove. Talk to her.

Vice Officer 1: What's all over your face, pal?
Tony Montana: Your wife's pussy.
Vice Officer 2: Well, little man, I'd be real careful carrying about walking around town with that stuff.
Vice Officer 1: Yeah, you might never know who you bump into.
Tony Montana: Hey, who you calling little, man?! I kick your ass all over the dance floor, okay?
Vice Officer 1: OK, Tony, no more bullshit, you know how this works. We got your mansion locked up tighter than a nun's ass and if you want it back, you gotta cough out the cash.
Tony Montana: Ooh, you guys don't quit. You're like a... like a fucking cockroach! Always look for that hole to crawl into and worm your way in.
Vice Officer 1: Look, buddy, we know what you're up to. We got our eyes on you now. Watch for us. We're everywhere. You know what I'm talking about? The cable guy, pizza delivery, hell, we might be even cleaning up your mama's carpets.

Tony Montana: Felix? How you're doing, man?
Felix: Oh shit, it's fucking true!
Tony Montana: Oh, word spreads fast.
Felix: Tony! Jesus! It's good to see you!
Tony Montana: How's business, Felix? You still working all the angles?
Felix: It's tough, Tony. I've been laying low, you know, since you left. Sosa's trying to run me out. He's putting a squeeze on all of the small-time suppliers.
Tony Montana: Surprise. All that's going to change.
Felix: The others are pissed. Nacho Contreras and the Diaz brothers lost out. They heard about Sosa working with Gaspar. It's a war, Tony. They're all trying to take over what you had.
Tony Montana: Tell me what you know, man.
Felix: I was at your storehouse two months ago, you know? I didn't know what was going on. Word on the street was that you were dead so I had a look around. When I got there, I recognized a couple of your guys, but then I saw Gaspar. He was inside, watching over the loading of a delivery truck. I bought a couple of kilos of them but the price was jacked. It's been tough since you left, Tony, there are only a few independent dealers you can trust anymore.
Tony Montana: That's all going to change. If you work for me, we take this town by the balls.
Felix: I'm with you, Tony, if you need me, man.
Tony Montana: I need to start making my own moves, got to get back in, you know? Going to have to pay off the Vice to get my mansion back. Fuckers. From there, we can rebuild the business.
Felix: Take whatever I've got to get you started. Talk to Coco. She's one of the only dealers we can trust anymore. She works the bar down in the grove. If you ever need a hit to get rolling, just come find me, Tony.
Tony Montana: OK, man.

Tony Montana: Give me a Scotch.
Coco: On the rocks?
Tony Montana: Straight up.
Coco: I know you.
Tony Montana: No, we never met.
Coco: No, but you've been here before. A long time ago. You were with another man. Tall, good-looking Cuban guy.
Tony Montana: Oh, you got a good memory, tiger. Felix forgot to mention that.
Coco: Felix? That dog? He owes me a night out. You know each other?
Tony Montana: Felix is working for me now. He said you might be interested in what I got to offer.
Coco: Well, that's fine of the boy, isn't it? Look, supply is tight in Miami right now. Expensive. All my shit's being controlled by Gaspar Gomez. That prick keeps the prices too high.
Tony Montana: I know this town better than anyone else. I get the shit, you sell it. I collect my cut, you keep yours.
Coco: Hmm... OK, you've got a deal. What do you go by?
Tony Montana: Montana, but you can call me Tony. Okay, pussycat?
Coco: OK, Tony. I can only push so much product in a day, the bar has its limits. There are others around though, you just can't always trust them.
Tony Montana: Me, I only trust one person.
Coco: I hear you, tiger.

Tony Montana: The government not paying you clowns enough?
Vice Officer 1: Hey, buddy, we're Vice, not some loose-knit government agency looking for handouts. You know how this is going to work from here on out, don't you?
Tony Montana: Fuck you. Mel Bernstein tried this shit on me once, and it didn't work out so good for him, you know?
Vice Officer 2: Mel? He wasn't a team player, Montana. You did us all a favor.
Vice Officer 1: Look, Montana, Miami is our backyard. The people pay us to make sure scumbags like you keep the economy nice and stable. We don't want to get in the way unless you force us to, understand? Our boys in the street keep tabs on you. You start doing too many things that upset the people then your heat goes up. If your heat gets too high, then we'll be forced to make a house call. So, if you want to keep it cool with us, Montana, we suggest you make a donation.
Tony Montana: Maybe you two should go home and donate a little something to your wives, you know? Relax a little.
Vice Officer 2: We're watching you, boy.

Tony Montana: Hello, Jerry.
Jerry: Tony, it's good to see you!
Tony Montana: Oh, you too, Jerry. Looks like you've done pretty well for yourself.
Jerry: What? This? Just climbing the corporate ladder, you know how it is. Got to take care of the family. Right, Tony?
Tony Montana: Oh, but you got to look out for yourself first. Right, Jerry?
Jerry: Tony, sit down. Can I get you a drink?
Tony Montana: No, I'm OK.
Jerry: OK, it's been a while, Tony. How may I help you?
Tony Montana: Help me? Jerry, come on, man. I'm the one who's helping you, remember? All this, this hasn't come from selling girl scout cookies, man. I took a little vacation, you know, and things got a little crazy. But that's done. I'm back, Jerry.
Jerry: Look, Tony, you have to understand my position. Look at it from my side. I can't lie to you, Tony. I like you. I consider you as a friend.
Tony Montana: Oh, that's good, Jerry. You're really good, you know. I see that look in your eye, you know. I can read you like a fucking book. I could see this is dangerous for you. It's dangerous for everybody now. I'm back. You show me some balls right now and we can make this work again, OK? You be my banker, Jerry, we go right to the top.
Jerry: How much are you bringing in?
Tony Montana: I got a truck full of it outside.
Jerry: Right. You always been a good customer. I respect that, but I'm running a legitimate business here and I'm going to keep it that way. I'll open a new account for you, but you have to allow my bank to take a percentage out of your deposits to help cover the tracks.
Tony Montana: Look, I know how it works, Jerry. I'm going to fight you on this every deposit I make. I'm not going to let you wash your fucking hands in the money I risk my life for. Fuck that.
Jerry: Welcome back, Tony. I'll authorize your new account. If you return downstairs, you can work out the details with Susan.

Tony Montana: Who sent you?
Diaz Thug: Fuck you!
Tony Montana: Look at me. Look at me in the eyes, man. Who fucking sent you, huh? Sosa? [Diaz Thug laughs] What's so funny, huh?! You gonna die, man! I don't give a fuck!
Diaz Thug: What do you think, Montana, huh? You think Sosa is the only one who wants you dead?
Tony Montana: Gaspar?
Diaz Thug: Fuck you, Montana! The Diaz Brothers send their regards. I hope they treated your mama well.
[Mama Montana is shown dead]
Tony Montana: Mama?! No!
[Diaz Thug laughs and Tony kills him]

Tony Montana: You Pablo?
Pablo: Mr. Montana. Oye, it's good to see you. Sheffield's waiting for us close by. He's not comfortable being seen in public with you right now. He thinks you're too hot.
Tony Montana: Sheffield's a pussy. That's why he's a lawyer. What do you know about Elvie?
Pablo: Bueno, Mr. Sheffield wouldn't tell me. That's personal information between him and you, I'm just the help.

Tony Montana: Where we going?
Pablo: We thought it might be appropriate to meet up at the old Freedom Town? You know, where you got your start in America.
Tony Montana: Freedom Town? That place was a fucking prison, man. There's nothing free about that one. I worked my way out of that.
Pablo: It's a ghost town now, good for private meetings. Sheffield sends his regards. Have a nice trip.
Tony Montana: Fucking prick. You fuck with me, you die, OK?

Tony Montana: You got a good set up. I give you that.
Sandman: Hey, I take precautions. Old Sosa thought he ran me out, but I was waiting for someone to take the fight to him. And now you've arrived. And with your storehouses and my supply, we could rule Miami.
Tony Montana: You on the islands and me in Miami. You grow it, I sell it. That sounds like a good deal to me, man.
Sandman: Hey, I just want a safe place to sell my goods. You have respect for this business, Tony. You are someone I can trust.
Tony Montana: Trust is all you got, you know?
Sandman: Well, then we can do business. I got more on these islands than Sosa in Bolivia anyway. I own this island, no one does anything here without my word.
Tony Montana: Hey, you just say the word and I'm ready to go, OK?
Sandman: OK, OK, I'll set it up. I like the way you work, Montana. Showing up here with no back up, that takes balls.
Tony Montana: Hey, I figure you want me dead, easier to kill me in Miami, right? Besides, like you say, I don't die so good.
Sandman: That's true. Let's focus on Sosa, huh? We both want him dead.
Tony Montana: From your mouth to God's ears, I'm the guy that can make that happen. Do you know where I can get a decent drink around here?
Sandman: Sure, I know just the place. Down the road you'll find the Venus Bar. My ex-girl runs it. She hears everything, a good source.
Tony Montana: Thanks, man.
Sandman: Hey, Tony, watch your step. She's a tiger.

Tony Montana: I need a drink. Is this your bar?
Venus: It is today. Might not look like much, but she got it where it counts. Our distinguished clientele keeps me informed on everything that happens on these islands.
Tony Montana: So... what? So you can gossip to the cops or something? Make a little money?
Venus: You apparently haven't met any of our fine local law enforcement. Making some money though... Oh yeah, absolutely. That's what makes life worth livin' ain't it?
Tony Montana: Okay, now you speak my language Baby. Here's my number. You call me anytime okay? I make it worth your while.
Venus: Hmmmm... it's tempting. You maybe could do me a favor first, huh? There's some big fat asshole on Black Sands who thinks he the Big Shit on a very small pot. Keeps fucking up the local girls.
Tony Montana: Hey, what you talkin' about?
Venus: He likes beating women. Gets him off. Then he dumps the bodies off the back of his casino and lets the sharks clean up the mess.
Tony Montana: What's his name, chika? You want, I do it for you.
Venus: Nacho something-
Tony Montana: NACHO CONTRERAS!? THE FAT FUCK WITH NO NECK!? I do you a favor, you do me a favor, okay?
Venus: Sure Tony. That's the way it works down here. As long as I don't have to swallow.
Tony Montana: Swallow? Hey let's talk about that later Baby, okay?

Tony Montana: Where are you going to now, Nacho, you fucking chazzer?
Nacho Contreras: Fuck you, Montana! I won't give you the pleasure. Sosa will get to you. You can count on that!
Tony Montana: That's good, you know. I wanted him to find me. I want that piece of shit to fucking come and get me. Why don't you tell him, Contreras, OK? Tell him to fucking come and get me.
Nacho Contreras: See you in hell, Montana. Give my regards to Manny and Gina, you piece of shit!

Sandman: Tony, it's good to see you. How are you?
Tony Montana: I could a fucking vacation, man, but as long as that fuck Sosa lives, I can never rest.
Sandman: I know that. I want this for you, Tony, I do. You done a lot for me and now it's about time that I help you.
Tony Montana: What you got in mind, man?
Sandman: I wanna sell my Plantation to you, Tony. You could own the biggest source of product this side of Colombia. You got the support system in place and you own Miami. This would ensure that you have a constant to secure supply. It would complete your empire and allow you to focus on what's really important.
Tony Montana: Sosa. This is good, man. Real good. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, OK?
Sandman: Good luck, Tony.

Alejandro Sosa: Gentlemen, I wish to discuss something that is interest to all of us here. I have a problem. We, have a problem.
Gaspar Gomez: Get to the point, Alex. Montana has been a fly in our shit ever since you sent your hit squad to Miami. Since then, he's been on a goddamned mission to personally fuck us in the ass.
Alejandro Sosa: Yes, well I might remind you that you haven't been any more successful at taking care of Montana than I have, Mr. Gomez.
Gaspar Gomez: Hey! I never had a problem with him until you stirred the pot. I hold you responsible, Alex, and the only reason I'm here is to make sure that I get a deal out of this.
George Sheffield: Aw, fuck! Why don't you two stop bickering about who fucked up where and put your money where your mouth is? Sosa, you have connections with the military here. Give 'em some money and roll some tanks on the prick. Come on.
Alejandro Sosa: Do you believe our friends in Washington would approve of Bolivian tanks on the streets of Miami, George?
George Sheffield: Fuck Washington! I got them in my back pocket. A few greenbacks spread to the right hands, you make them look the other way for a day, never hurt anybody.
Gaspar Gomez: Jesus Christ! You fucking lawyers are all the same! Montana has declared war on everyone on Miami, and he's not obviously not going to stop until he steps into this goddamn living room!!
[An explosion sound occurs]

George Sheffield: Tony, baby, come on. You need to think about this. You gotta think a little more.
Tony Montana: Fuck you, George, you fucking worm!
George Sheffield: Put the fucking gun away! What are you crazy?! Why are you... are you on drugs? Yeah, well, I guess...
Tony Montana: Prepare to fucking die!

George Sheffield: Fuck me in the ass-
[Tony shoots him in the head.]
Tony Montana: This is MY law, George!!

Gaspar Gomez: Holy shit! Montana, how the fuck did you get in here?
Tony Montana: How many babies have you eaten today, Gaspar, huh?
Gaspar Gomez: Babies? What the fuck are you talking about? You still fucked up your own supply? You fucking addict. You have no respect for this business.
Tony Montana: All I care about is Sosa's head on a platter to serve to the fucking dogs!

Alejandro Sosa: So, how's this going to work, Tony? How do we solve our problem?
Tony Montana: You're going to die, Alex, for everything you've did in your entire life.
Alejandro Sosa: [laughs] What about what you did? I told you not to fuck me, and you did, Tony.
Tony Montana: There were kids in a fucking car, Alex! Innocent kids! Huh, what kind of animals you got working for you?
Alejandro Sosa: I want to clear something with you, Tony, before I kill you. When you move 400 kilos a month, it's imperative that you do kill children. That way, heroes don't get confuse and go on "60 Minutes". They instead crawl back into the hole they came from.
Tony Montana: Hey, Sosa, it's time for you to make that crawl, huh?

Tony Montana: You see, I knew there wasn't a shortage of platters.
"Manny": Let me live, Tony. I need to support my family. It's all I got.
Tony Montana: Hey, look at me. I want to see your eyes.
"Manny": It's the truth, I swear. Please!
Tony Montana: You want a job, man?

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