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You know, everyone thinks we got this broken down horse and fixed him, but we didn't. He fixed us. Every one of us. And I guess in a way, we fixed each other, too.

Seabiscuit is a 2003 film based on the novel Seabiscuit: An American Legend. The true story recounts the life and racing career of Seabiscuit, an undersized and overlooked thoroughbred race horse whose unexpected successes made him a hugely popular sensation in the United States near the end of the Great Depression.

Directed by Gary Ross. Based on the book by Laura Hillenbrand. Screenplay by Gary Ross.
A long shot becomes a legend. taglines

Red Pollard[edit]

  • You know, everyone thinks we got this broken down horse and fixed him, but we didn't. He fixed us. Every one of us. And I guess in a way, we fixed each other, too.

Tom Smith[edit]

  • Every horse is good for somethin'.
  • You don't throw a whole life away just 'cause he's banged up a little bit.

Charles Howard[edit]

  • [joking to crowd gathered at a whistle-stop] Our horse is too small. Our jockey's too big. Our trainer's too old. And I'm too dumb to know the difference.
  • Everybody loses a couple, and you either pack up and go home or keep fighting.


  • The first time he saw Seabiscuit, the colt was walking through the fog at five in the morning. Smith would say later that the horse looked right through him, as if to say, "What the hell are you looking at? Who do you think you are?" He was a small horse, barely fifteen hands. He was hurting, too. There was a limp in his walk, a wheezing when he breathed. Smith didn't pay attention to that, he was looking the horse in the eye.
  • For the first time in a long time someone cared. For the first time in a long time you are not Alone.


Red: [entering Samuel Riddle's stables] Jesus Christ, I want to be a horse.
Tom Smith: You're almost big enough.

George Woolf: Wanna know what I think?
Charles Howard: Of course.
George Woolf: I think it's better to break a man's leg than his heart.

Howard: You could be crippled for the rest of your life.
Red: I was crippled for the rest of my life. I got better. He made me better. Hell, you made me better.

Dutch Doogan: I don't know. You still look pretty tall to be a jockey.
Red: I've never been over 115.
Dutch Doogan: Where'd you learn to ride like that?
Red: Home.
Dutch Doogan: Alright, here's the way it works. I pay you 10 dollars a week to ride. You owe nine dollars for your meal, six dollars to sleep in the stalls, three dollar tack fee. That's the deal.
Red: How do I pay all that back?
Dutch Doogan: [snoffs] You win.

[after losing a photo finish horse race]

Red: It's not my fault. Not this time.
Tom Smith: I told you, look out for Rosemont!
Red: I thought I had it!
Tom Smith: You stopped ridin' him!
Red: I couldn't see him!
Tom Smith: What the hell are you talking about? He was flyin' up your tail!
Red: Yeah, well, I can't...
Tom Smith: What?
Red: ...SEE out there!

[after losing the first race horse race, he threw Red in the stall]
Dutch Doogan: A nose?! You lose a race a nose, you'd better fall off tryin'! Here!
[Dutch Doogan threw the pitch fork at the hay]
Dutch Doogan: Much these stalls down, every damn one of em!! A nose! For Christ's sake! [walks away]


  • A long shot becomes a legend.
  • The hopes of a nation rode on a long shot.
  • The true story of a long shot who became a legend.


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