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Shake It Up is A Disney Channel Original Series which made its debut on November 7, 2010. The show is about two best friends who live their dream as dancers on their favorite television show, Shake It Up Chicago. The show stars Zendaya Colemen as Rocky Blue, Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones, Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones, Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez, Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenheffer and Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue and Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenheffer

Season 1[edit]

Start It Up [1.1][edit]

Rocky: Good morning.
CeCe: Ladies and gentlemen.
Rocky: We´re here for your commuting entertainment.
CeCe: If you like us, please give us a dollar. If you don´t like us - [Scoffs] Who am I kidding? You are gonna love us. [Giving a hat to people] Hit it, Rocky! (Rocky turns on some music and starts dancing with CeCe. After Rocky and CeCe finish dancing)
CeCe: How'd we do, how'd we do?

(Rocky looks in the hat and takes out a dime)

Rocky: It's a stinking dime!
CeCe: Oh come on people! Yesterday there was a guy here with a psychic cat. His name was Mittens and even I gave him a dollar.
Rocky: So let's try this again people.

(Passes the hat again)

Rocky: I'm Rocky and over there is CeCe and we're the only ones in our class that don't have cellphones.
CeCe: Plus we need operations!

(Rocky hits CeCe and gets the hat back)

CeCe: How did we do this time?

(Rocky looks in the hat)

Rocky: Someone stole our dime!

(CeCe is watching Shake It Up Chicago on TV in the kitchen dancing and going to the window to call Rocky)

CeCe: Yo, Rocky! Hustle it up. School starts at 20!

(Mrs Jones turns off the TV and opens the window on the others side)

Mrs Jones: QUIT YELLING!!! You're gonna wake the whole neighborhood!
CeCe: Shhhhh!
Mrs Jones: Did you shush me?

(Both close the window)

CeCe: Well I wouldn't have to yell if only...
Mrs Jones: I had a cellphone.
CeCe: How'd you know I was gonna say that?
Mrs Jones: Sweetheart, those were your first words. (Mrs. Jones grabs her handcuffs) Alright, I'm off. To fight crime.
CeCe: Mom.
Mrs Jones: Yeah?
CeCe: You're a cop, not a superhero.
Mrs Jones: A single mom raising two kids on her own is a superhero. The only reason I'm not using a cape is because I'm behind on laundry.

(In School, Rocky and Cece see a cute guy coming by)

Rocky: Hottie alert, hottie alert. Can he be any cuter?

(The guy nods at the girls)

Rocky: Call me! You know, if I ever get a cellphone.

(Deuce comes by)

Deuce: Hey Cece, hey Rocky, what's up?
Rocky and CeCe: Hi Deuce.
Deuce: Check it out, chicas. Two tickets for Lady Gaga, $50, obstructed view.
Rocky: How obstructed?
Deuce: Ladies room stall 3.
CeCe: As tempting as that is, we're saving for cellphones.
Deuce: Are you sure? I'll throw in a complimentary watch.

(Deuce rolls his left sleeve to show Rocky and CeCe complimentary watches)

Rocky: You sold us THESE watches

(Rocky and CeCe show Deuce the watches he gave them)

Rocky: Mine has the big hand and her's has the little one.
Deuce: I begged you to buy the warranty.

(CeCe and Rocky walk away)

Deuce: Not so fast! I got something that is perfect for you ladies. Check this out. (Deuce shows Rocky and CeCe the Shake It Up Chicago flier)
CeCe: Shake It Up Chicago. Auditions on the 10th. Looking for teen background dancers 13 and up."
CeCe: Get out of here! Shake It Up Chicago is only like our favorite TV dance show in the world!
Rocky: We watch it every Saturday. Those dancers are sick.
CeCe: Oh I would so kill you to be on that show!
Rocky: Oh I would so let you!

(Hugs CeCe)(School Bell Rings)

Deuce: Hey what time you got?

(CeCe and Rocky check the time on their watches)

CeCe: 8.
Rocky: 13.
Deuce: Late for English

(Deuce leaves for English)

(Gunther and Tinka walk in showing off and introducing themselves)

Gunther: Hello, peoples. I am Gunther.
Tinka: And I'm Tinka.
Gunther: Und we are -
Gunther and Tinka: The Hessenheffers.

(They pose)

CeCe: We know who you are. You've been exchanged students since the 1st grade.
Rocky: And when do we get to exchange you back?

(Tinka looks at the flier)

Tinka: I see you have a flier for the Shake It Up Chicago local popular television dance program .
Gunther: We also have a flier.

(Gunther holds the flier the wrong way, then turns it the right way)

Gunther: Now it's our chance to exit from the audition gracefully, hanging your heads like dogs.
CeCe: Wait a second, Stinka.
Rocky: That was a good one!
CeCe: Was that a good one?! (Both laugh, then suddenly turn serious) Why would we audition? We are the best dancers in Chicago.
Gunther: Don't be "luninatic"! You're not even the best dancers in this whole space!

(The bell for class rings)

Tinka: Is that the bell for class? Or is it your cellphones that don't exist.
Tinka and Gunther: (Showing off their cellphones) Text us!

(Gunther and Tinka go to a side and Rocky and CeCe go to another)

CeCe: Hey, we should practice some moves for the audition.
Rocky: Yeah, about that. I don't think I'm ready for this. Maybe Gunther and Tinka are right.
CeCe: Why would you listen to anything they say? What are you? "Luninatic"?

Deuce: Whoa! What's CeCe doing on TV?
Ty: I don't know! For a girl who isn't on the show, she's on the show a lot.
Flynn: Sure she has time to dance on TV but she can't pick up a lousy pack of bacon?

CeCe: It's called a key. (Angrily) Where's the key!?
Flynn: (From the apartment) Breakfast is not a bag of vomit. (Holds up the key to the handcuffs)

Meatball It Up [1.2][edit]

Deuce: Can you believe that? Scared of a little roach. Is there something on my shoulder? I'm not scared of the roach. I'm not. I am not. Go ahead and tell me it's the roach right now.
Rocky: It's the roach.
Deuce: (screams and runs out of the restaurant)

Give It Up Fep[1.3][edit]

(Cece dancing on the Spotlight Dance on Shake It Up, Chicago)

Cece: Uh, hit the road, buzzkill. This is a solo gig.
Rocky: Cece, you're asleep, this is a dream.
Cece: I know... A Dream Come True!
Rocky: Uh... you don't find it strange that you were making out with Robert Pattinson before you came out here and started dancing?
Cece: Don't worry, I didn't let him bite my neck.
Rocky: OK, if this isn't a dream, then uh... why is Gary Wilde dressed as a giant hotdog, dancing with some squeezy mustard?

(and it shows Gary Wilde dressed as a hotdog dancing with a squeezy mustard).

Cece: (while sleeping) I'm a star... no i'm a Super Star.
Rocky: (trying to wake Cece up) Wake up, wake up... WAKE UP!!
Cece: Ah! (turns to Rocky) Oh, Hey Rocky. I was having a dream and you were there and Gary Wilde was a hotdog... dancing with some squeezy mustard. What do you think that's about?
Rocky: Um... You shouldn't have eaten 4 hotdogs last night.
Cece: (surprised) Wow, You're Good.
Rocky: OK, get up, get dressed, you know Mrs. Locassio from the 3rd floor?
Cece: The woman who doesn't like you?
Rocky: She does like me... everyone likes me!!

Anyway... I volunteered at the Senior Center and we're gonna perform for them this morning.

Cece: Senior Center? Unless you're talking about High School Seniors... I'm going back to sleep. (goes back to sleep again)
Rocky: (snatches the pillow off her head and hits her with it to force her to get up) WAKE UP!
Cece: (still asleep, yet responds) I'm up, I'm up, I'm up...(Rocky hits Cece on the head with a pillow and Cece finally got up.) I'M UP!!!!!!

(At the Senior Center performing)

Rocky: Isn't Community Service great?
Cece: Sure, if you try to stay out of jail.
Rocky: What's the matter Mrs. Locassio, is your arthritis acting up and you can't clap your hands?
Mrs. Locassio: You call that dancing? I dance better then that when I was a Vegas Show Girl and I did it in my Birthday suit. Of course, that was before I had my hip replaced.
Rocky: Well, let's see how good you really are, cause it's time for everyone to dance. And remember... It's NOT your birthday.

(Everyone dancing)

Cece: Uh Huh! Oh Yeah! Say What! Say What! (lifts the old mans arms and swings it) Who's Got The Groove, Who's Got The Groove?
Old Man On The Wheelchair: I don't know about the groove but I know I got the gout.
Rocky: Come On, Dancing is a great way to get exercise and increase mobility!
Mrs. Locassio: I don't wanna dance, leave me alone... I don't Like you!
Rocky: Well, I mean, sure you do! I mean, everybody likes me...I'm adorable.
Cece: Come On, Dance!!
Rocky: Let's have fun. Ready. Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh. (accidentally bumps into Mrs. Locassios right hip)
Mrs. Locassio: OW!!! I think you broke my OTHER hip!!
Rocky: Sorry.

Rocky: WOW! This guy is amazing, I mean does he even have any bones in his body? He's like a jellyfish... A DANCING JELLYFISH!
CeCe: I'll never get a Spotlight Dance. Why do I have to be born with a spinal column?!

Rocky: And the last couple stand, wins 5 grand for the charity.
Mrs. Locassio: You two will never win the marathon, you're too weak and scrony. What we need is a couple of Fat Broads dancing for us.
Rocky: Come on Mrs. Locassio, everybody else seems to be excited about this.
Mrs. Locassio: You think they're excited now? Watch this. Bingo! (everyone claps)
Cece: Would it kill her to say "Thank You"
Rocky: Cece, this isn't about getting props, it's about bringing in a little joy to the elderly, beside Mrs. Locassio reminds me of my grandmother.

(Mrs. Locassio glares at Rocky)

Cece: Really?... Your grandmother doesn't like you?
Rocky: Grammy likes me, Mrs. Locassio likes me... EVERYONE LIKES ME!

(turns to Mrs. Locassio) I love your macaroni sculpture you're a very talented artist.

Mrs. Locassio: Let me know when you stop talking, I'll turn my hearing aid back on.
Cece: Well, before you do... I have a few choice words for you-(Rocky covers Cece's mouth and drags her away from Mrs. Locassio)

Rocky: (enters in Cece's apartment)Hey, hey hey!
Cece: Yo Rocky, look what I got for us for the Shake It Up Marathon... Bang, Pow, Zoom energy drinks.
Rocky:(about the energy drinks)Wait,each can has more caffeine than 3 cups of coffee.
Cece: Exactly, but you're saying it's wrong (enthusiastically)Each can has more caffeine than 3 cups of coffee.
Rocky: If we drink all this, we'll be up till Christmas.
Cece: Exactly, You're saying it wrong(enthusiastically)If we drink this-

(Rocky clamps her hand over Cece's mouth before she could finish)

Rocky: Yeah ,Yeah I get it!

But drinking this is like a professional athlete taking steroids before a game.

Cece: What?! It's just fruit punch... with a little kick.
Rocky: That's how it starts. First energy drinks. That leads to harder stuff, next thing you know, you're thrown of the show, you drop out of school, your mom kicks you out, and you're living behind a dumpster! And everyone knows that you can't plug your cell phone into a rat's mouth!

Rocky: She does like me! EVERYBODY LIKES ME!
Tinka: Not everybody.

CeCe: Why dance for someone who doesn't even appreciate it?
Rocky: Because I'm going to get a thank you from that OLD BAT IF IT KILLS ME!
CeCe: AHA!
Rocky: Aha what?
CeCe: Aha, I was right. This is all about Mrs. Locassio!
Rocky: Fine, I admit it. I don't care. I'm going to get her to like me.
CeCe: Rocky, why does everyone have to like you?
Rocky: Because if someone likes you it means you're a good person.
CeCe: Rocky,trust me. You're the greatest person I know.
Rocky: (Smiles) Hearing that from you is even better than hearing it from Mrs. Locassio.
CeCe: So can we stop now?
Rocky: No. We going to be the last ones standing. Even if you're not standing.(Grabs CeCe, puts her on her back and drags her around the dance floor)

Kick It Up [1.5][edit]

CeCe: Let's hang. Let's get crazy! Let's go meet boys! Love You! Bye grandma. (hangs up)
Cece: I don't want to have poop on the toilet eat

Age It Up [1.6][edit]

Gunther: (walks through the hallways) Hey dude. Up top, come on. Here we go. (goes to high five a couple of guys) Nah, never mind. (sees a pretty girl) How you doing? (circles around her then keeps walking)

Party It Up [1.7][edit]

Rocky: [still inside the cell with CeCe] Ugh! Orange is not my color. I look like a traffic cone.
CeCe: Who cares? We're locked in! Come on Rocky, you have to do something! You know I don't do well in small spaces! [freaking out]
Rocky: [opens the cell door] Look, we're out.
CeCe: [relieved] Thank goodness we got out while I was still young.

Ms. Jones: But if you do sneak out, bring home some milk. [laughs hysterically then leaves]

Rocky: I will take full responsibility for this and I will not make any excuses. [points at CeCe] CeCe made me!

Hook It Up [1.8][edit]

CeCe: I wonder if anyone saw shake it up Chicago yesterday?
(Everyone applauds them as they walk down the school hallway)
Rocky: I'd say they this all for us?
CeCe: It's a miracle..I don't hate school anymore!
Deuce: Make way make way, I need a two shot of the stars!
Rocky: Deuce what are you doing?
Deuce: I'm making a documentary for my film making class. No pressure, but it's half my grade and if you guys are lame I'm looking at summer school.

CeCe: If you don't stop now, you'll be cleaning up hurl!

Wild It Up [1.9][edit]

CeCe: (has guacamole on face) I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too! Hehehe!

CeCe: But that's how we work, one of us acts like this, the other one acts like that, and since your'e acting like that, then I'm forced to act like this! (goes to a girl on the couch) Get your feet off the furniture! Were you raised in a barn? (puts the girl's feet down and goes to a guy) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch that glass! Those coasters are there for a reason! (puts a drink on the coaster and goes to another guy with long hair) And you, get a haircut! You look like a hodlum!

Flynn: You can make a man man up, but you can't make him a man.

Match It Up [1.10][edit]

Ty: Oh no I don't need your help. I attract more women than a Labrador puppy. I have more chicks than a poultry ranch. I've got so many girls around me, my nickname is shoe sale!
Rocky: Cece, Ty has already found his true love. In the mirror.

CeCe: Ten thousand dollars!? Smack my face with a Kansas city pickle!

Show It Up [1.11][edit]

Teacher: And now, the second place award for physical fitness goes to....Rocky Blue!
CeCe: (jumping up and down) Go Rock!
Rocky: Yeah, second place again. Well, whoopty-do.
Teacher: Indeed. Whoopty-do! And first place goes to....Candy Cho!
Candy: Thank you, I love you. Goooo Bulldogs!
Teacher: Well, now our final award of the day, the coveted "Community Service Award", goes to the student who has tirelessly dedicated their time to bettering our community. But first the runner up, Rocky Blue.
Rocky: Seriously? Second place? On Thanksgiving, I personally cooked 300 turkeys. My hands still smell like giblets. I helped build four houses for Habitat for Humanity. They only needed two. Michelle Obama hugged me on the local news!
Teacher: That must be exciting, thank you. Now the first place goes to....
Rocky: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. Candy Cho. Gooo Buldogs. (stomps offstage)

CeCe: You know, for a smart girl, you really miss a lot of sarcasm.

Heat It Up [1.12][edit]

Rocky: Wow, this is put a lot of work into....this is really...okay, I give up. What is it?
CeCe: It started out as a volcano, it was briefly a jet engine, but then a Johnny Depp movie came on TV, and now it's a giant thumb.
Tinka: And they wonder why the science teacher weeps at lunch!

Glitz It Up [1.13][edit]

Sally: Cece, Rocky.
Cece: Yes Sally?
Sally: Me and other other girls can't stand Eileen. And we want your help to get her out of the contest.
'Rocky: Why? Are you afraid she might take the crown away from you?
Sally: No, she's just not pageant people. She has knobby knees, bad hair, talks about sports and dresses like a boy.
Cece: Who are you? Little miss perfect?
Sally: Actually yes. I won that title six months ago in Milwaukee. Wanna see my trophy, it's bigger than you.
Rocky: Everything's bigger than her. Okay so Eileen does not have the right spot but she's real and fun and cute, but she has the right to be here as you do.
Sally: Fine, if she'll go down easy? Then she'll go down hard and trust me this will end in tears.

Rocky: Hey what's your name? I'm Rocky.
Eileen: I'm Eileen. Can you do me a favor?
Rocky: Yeah sure what is it?
Eileen: Get me out of here!
Rocky: Yeah I'm not that thrilled to be here either. My best friend made me.
Eileen: Well my mom made me. She was a little cutie queen, so were my two sisters and if I don't join she won't let me go out for the baseball team!
Rocky: You must be miserable.

Hot Mess It Up [1.14][edit]

Gary Wilde: Guys, the producers want to add some new stuff to the Shake It Up, Chicago website, so we need someone to host a, uh...
Gunter: Puppet show? We are ready! (with puppet) I am little Gunter!
Tinka: (with puppet) And I am little Tinka!
Both: (with puppets) And we are the little Hessenheffers!
Rocky: And I'm a little nausceas!
Gary: As tempting as that

Rocky: CeCe's little crush has been brewing for a long time. You know how many times I've heard: "Oh Gunter's so cute, Gunter's such a great dancer, Oh I wonder what Gunter would look like on a horse!"
CeCe: I think he gets it!
Gunter: Yes, I do get it. And by the way, I look magnificent on a horse!

Reunion It Up [1.15][edit]

Gary: Shake It Up, Chicago is turning 15, and we're throwing ourselves the biggest birthday bash ever! And you're invited! But please don't come down to the studio. A couple of you showed up last year, and it was just awkward for everyone.
CeCe: Losers!
Rocky: Uh, CeCe? That was us.
CeCe: Oh yeah. I meant, jerks!

Gary: There's Angie and Ronnie! They were the CeCe and Rocky of the first season-joined at the hip, bestest of friends, buddies for life!
Angie: I hate you, and I hope your face breaks out in warts!
Ronnie: Gosh Angie, you're exactly like I remember you: awful!
Gary: Oh, look at you two catching up!

Cece: We had the Generation dance right in the palm of our hands and those mean old ladies ruined everything.
Rocky: Cece, they're 30. They're not old. They're middle aged.
Cece: They were best friends. What happened to them?
Rocky: Cece, isn't it obvious?
Cece: Absolutely. Just tell me so I know we're on the same page.

Sweat It Up[1.16][edit]

Coach Lessor: Do you think I'm going to let you walk out there and risk further injury? Heck no I'm not! Grab some bench.
CeCe: But all I can do over there is text and do my makeup! Oh, hurry up and get better leg!
(Coach blows whistle and walks away)
Rocky: Wow. Very impressive performance, CeCe. Luckily he didn't notice that you switched legs when you limped over here!

Cece:[to coach Lessor]Is Cece throwing up in her mouth? You bet I am.

Vatalihootsit It Up [1.17][edit]

Mrs. Hessenheffer: Here are the bones of welcome! (kneels and presents bones to girls)
Rocky: Wow, this is embarrassing. We didn't bring any dead things for you guys!

Rocky:No,Cece.I´m begging you don´t!
Cece:Oh,come on,give me a little credit.Oh,nows my chance![going away]
Gunther and Tinka:[coming].
Tinka:Where is Cece going?
Rocky:To embarrass herself.
Gunther:And isn´t that what she just did on the show?

Model It Up [1.18][edit]

Flynn: This is like losing my favorite sister!
CeCe: What?!
Flynn: Sorry, no offense!

Rocky: Aha! I knew it! I knew you guys cared!
CeCe: Of course we care!
Rocky: Then what is wrong with you people? I didn't want to go to New York! Why didn't anybody stop me?
CeCe: We didn't want to hold you back!
Rocky: Hold me back from what? Being with everyone I love?
Ty: We love you too!
Deuce: CeCe made us pretend we didn't care!
Rocky: (glares at CeCe) Why would you do that?
CeCe: I was trying something new!
Rocky: Like what?
CeCe: Being supportive!
Rocky: Well knock it off!
CeCe: Ok. I promise, I will be selfish and never support you in anything you do ever again.
Rocky: Aww! Now that's the CeCe I know and love.(Hugs CeCe)

Twist It Up [1.19][edit]

Rocky: What just happened?
CeCe: Let's see. She Pleaded, she would Only take yes for an answer,and she Cried when all else failed.
CeCe and Rocky: (Gasp) We just got Pooed!

Break it up [1.20][edit]

Rocky: CeCe, CeCe I can't sleep
CeCe: Me neither
Rocky: Whoa uh how long have you been in my bed?
CeCe: Long enough to know that your butt really does hang out of that gown
Rocky: CeCe I'm scared
CeCe: I know you are
Rocky: What if they can't fix my foot, what If I'll never be able to dance again. Taking away dancing would be like taking away breathing and what about us? Dancing together it's what we do, what will that do to our friendship? You’re just gonna find another partner
CeCe: Another partner? Don't be ridiculous I mean who else will put up with me?
CeCe: Come on Rocky stop it you'll be fine
Rocky: But what if I'm not? What will I do then?
CeCe: I don't know but whatever it is I'll be right there next to you, I will always be right there next to you
Rocky: Thanks

Season 2[edit]

Shrink It Up [2.1][edit]

Rocky: Stop making all the decisions.
Cece: Well, I wouldn't have to if you would just do something fun and stop making me beg you.
Rocky: Oh, you don't beg. You go behind my back and drag me into ridiculous situations!
Cece: Name one time I ever dragged you into anything!
Rocky: Well, let's see,

You made me eat a giant meatball, the size of a car, even though, I'm a vegetarian. You made me sneak out to Garys party, where I had to be a waitress. You tricked into getting on to a bus to LA, and I end up dancing on a wing of an airplane...IN THE AIR.

Cece: Well, you left at the time that I pushed you to audition for Shake It Up, Chicago and THAT turned out pretty good. You know what? We didn't even have any problems before we started therapy. So come on, Rocky, lets go.
Rocky: I'm sorry, but from now on... I make MY own decisions... I'm staying.
Dr. Pepper: No you're not, session's over. Get Out.

Three's a Crowd It Up [2.2][edit]

Rocky: I don't get it. We bust our butts every week and instead of rewarding us with the opening number, Gary gives it to some no-name dace crew off of the street.
CeCe: I know. If he wanted no-names he could've just gone with us.
Rocky: So not cool.
Cece: So not cool.
Tinka: So not cool. I say:Off with Gary´s head!

Relax!It´s just an this country.

Rocky: You know what? We should protest.We sing the petitions!

Shake It Up, Up & Away [2.3][edit]

Gary: Welcome back to Bake Me. We´re about to pour out your mind.
Gunther: I´m Flee...
Tinka: And I´m Wrinkle...
Both: Und we are junk!
Gunther: look we know your angry but save most of it for Cece
Tinka: save all of it for Cece
Georgia:Your grounded forever; I´m shaving your head and giving away your clothes.
Flynn: [Laughs]
Georgia: Yeah, keep laughing, Flynn. You can be still put on a leash.
Georgia: Well, when I´m going after her and when she sees me, she's gonna PE-PE ( PAY PAY ) her pants.

Beam It Up [2.10][edit]

Rocky: aren't you excited about us both being hideous witches for Halloween? Your not a witch!
CeCe: yes i am, i'm just a witch with a very good sense of style.

Doctor It Up [2.5][edit]

Doctor Blue: Hey, I was gone for 8 months with doctors without orders. They should call it doctors without hugs. So um, after school, you and me, science museum. They have a new digestive system exhibit, the entrance a gigantic realistic intestine.
CeCe: Don't wanna know where the exit is. Anyway, unfortunately she can't, after school, we have to go to Shake- (Rocky interrupts her)
Rocky: Off the Math Team. I mean, they've gotten pretty lazy lately I mean, especially with those square roots.
CeCe: No, I meant we have to dance- (Rocky interrupts her again)
Rocky: Through those algebra problems. Because uh... that's how we roll.
(Rocky persuades Cece to play along)
CeCe: Oh! That's right we do love, love math. It's um... it's a really great ADDITION to our lives, and without math, it would just SUBTRACT from... (Cece gives up) I have NO idea what's going on.
Rocky: Oh! Dad, look there's Ty. He looks like he could use a hug.
Doctor Blue: OK. I'll see you later.
(Doctor Blue turns the lunch bag from Rocky's name to Ty's name) Ty! You forgot your lunch man!
CeCe: Alrighty, what's the deal?

Double Pegasus It Up [2.06][edit]

(Cece looks outside while Rocky is on her cell phone)
Cece: UGH!! Those stupid cronstruction workers! How long does it take them to build a 20-story building?!
Rocky: I'm guessing longer than 2 hours, Cece.
Cece: What are we going to do? The show's tomorrow and we have no choreographer.
Rocky:(sighs) Wait! This is just like you're expertese. What do you do if there's a math test coming up and you haven't study at all?
Cece: I fail.
Flynn:(sees Deuce in the tank looking for the key his uncle gave him) DID YOU FIND THE KEY YET?!?!
Deuce:(swims up to get some air and takes the tube out of his mouth) Yeah, yeah I found it. Now, I'm just looking for buried treasure.
Flynn: Look, if you're going to be mean, I'm not going to help you at all!

Review It Up (2011) 2x07[edit]

Cece: Hey, have you ever heard of some dude named Andy Burns?

Rocky: (tightens her shoes while looking at Cece) Some dude? Hey, Andy Burns writes the cooloest entertainment blog in Chicago. I only see movies, listen music, or eat at a restaurant that he recommends. If he doesn't like it, he burns it. If he (sizzles) burns it... Not interested. I love him.

Cece: Yeah, he just burned "Shake it Up, Chicago!"

Rocky: (growls) I hate him! What did he say?!

Cece: No. I'm not going to tell you because you'll freak out.

Rocky: No. No, I won't. Read.

Cece: OK. (reads) "The teen dance show, 'Shake it Up, Chicago!', showcases some of the worst dancing ever. It should be called 'Makes Me want to Throw Up, Chicago!'"

Rocky: (stutters) That's-that's-that's-that's-that's...

Cece: You're doing it.

Rocky: THAT'S RIDICULOUS,OK?!(stands up) I don't want to hear anymore. Keep reading. (sits back down)

Cece: Uh, "The music is juvenile and the set looks like leftovers from a disco yard sale, the only thing missing is a cheesy ego-testicle host wait they have that too."

Cece and Rocky: (agrees) Yeah, that's true.

Rocky: You know what? We're bigger than this, ok? Forget the review, we know our show is awesome.

Cece: Yeah, he also gave us a grade of C-.

Rocky: (stutters again) How-how-how...

Cece: Doing it again!

Rocky: HOW DARE HE! OK?!, Rocky Blue has never gotten a C- in her life.

Cece: You know that doesn't go on your permanent record, right?

Rocky: (points at her head) I know that up here...(now points at her heart) but not here.

Camp It Up (2011) 2x09[edit]

Rocky: hey cece how are you on that book report

Cece':I'm almost done....with the first paragraph
Rocky:let me see...even the grapes or wrath sounds like it should be a book about a bunch of angry grapes(pauses)its not,it is much less interesting.Ok great start cece
Rocky:yeah except for one thing we are supposed to be readin of mice and men
Cece:Man!I read the back of the wrong book.
Rocky:cece turn that radio off so you can focus,they play way too many dumb commercials.
Radio:Do you have a love for dancing and dreams of becoming a professional dancer
Rocky:hold it!I do
Radio: do you want to spend five intense days with award winning choreographers
Both:I do
Radio:do you want to meet special guest stars like Usher, Shakira, Bieber, and someone with a Bieber-styled haircut
Both:I do
Radio:What are you waiting for? The big apple dance camp offers this and much much more.Go online a sign up today
Rocky':heres one thing they forgot to mention the camp cost 2 grand that;s expensive
Cece:yeah but it's so worth it
Both:hey you have any money I can borrow?
Rocky:how it is that we dance on tv every week but still don't have any money?

Cece:I don't know I ask myself the same thing every time I'm online shopping. Cece:Hey I got it why don't we put on our own dance camp Rocky: really? put on a dance camp to raise money to go to a dance camp? Cece:We dance on tv kids would love to learn from us and we cam do right here while my mom is at work.Ok now you can shoot me down Rocky:I can't believe I'm saying this but cece that is a great idea Flynn:your plan has one fatal want 50 bucks hush hush money Cece:I'll give you sixty because were gonna be needing a little hepl with the camp but if you rat me out I'm gonna tell mom you broke her ceramic penguin Flynn:blackmailing the blackmailer well played sister

Jingle It Up [2.10][edit]

mom:good morning sweetie I have two days off for christmas and I am going to devote myself to being a good mom

cece:who are you and what have you done to real mom

mom:here let me pour you some cereal

cece:my farourite frosted mini hints you told me ten times you want the scarf for christmas

mom:actually it was my birthday but look this aqua blue

cece:goes well with your eyes. mom this is insulting. Its christmas eve don't you think I would've already gotten you the gift. mom: I know I just want something from your heart, That isn't homemade. oh speaking of homemade I got to go pick up your christmas dinner in a box. Rocky: ho ho ho cece: quit the chit chat we have to go go go. I gotta head to the mall Rocky: last minute stocking stuffer? cece:no more like I lied that I already got my mom her gift and if I show up empty handed I'm never gonna live it down stuffer. rocky: I guess this year you're giving me the gift of friendship again.

Split It Up [2.12][edit]

CeCe: Why can't I be a valemictorium?
Rocky: I think you just answered your own question. Why don't you be like a tub of egg salad and put a lid on?"

Rocky: Highlight is done.
CeCe: Thank you again for helping out.

Egg It Up [2.13][edit]

Rocky: OK, so you told Gary that his car was getting toed, right?

Cece: Yeah, you should've seen his face when the toe truck pulled up. Priceless!

Rocky: Cece, you weren't suppose to really get his car toed.

Cece: Good information for 20 minutes ago.

Mr. Polk: Class!! When is a science project like a Chinese soup? (picks us an egg and drops it on the floor covered in newspaper) when it's an egg drop. Now, who can tell me what I just demonstrated?

Cece: (answers correctly) Uh... You demonstrated that eggs are fragile?

Mr. Polk: Wrong, I demonstrated that eggs... are fragile. (Cece gets shocked thinking that Mr. Polk thinks she's wrong)

Rocky: Um... Mr.Polk? Cece just said that.

Mr.Polk: She did?

(Cece nods)

Mr.Polk: Well, color me surprise. Now, your all gonna get a chance to see exactly how fragile fresh eggs are because you're going to build something to protect one from breaking when we drop it off the roof of the school. (Students gets happy) There are no rules. (Rocky puts her hand up) Yes, Rocky?

Rocky: Um... I was just a little confused about what the rules are for the assignment?

Mr. Polk: I just said "There are no rules".

Rocky: So... the rule is we can do whatever we want?

Mt. Polk: No I just said "There's no rules".

Rocky: So the rule is there are no rules?

Mr. Polk: (get frustrated) Moving On. This is a team assignment, so please check the posted list to see who you'll be working with.

(School bell rings)

Cece: (comes up to Rocky) Rocky, you are so lucky, you've got an awesome partner.

Rocky: Really? who am I with?

Cece: Me!

Rocky: Yay us! OK. Alright um... I'll catch you us in a second ok.

(Cece leaves, Rocky stays and talks to Mr. Polk)

Rocky: Mr. Polk, Uh... as you know, Cece and I we're BFF's and we're also dance partners.

Mr. Polk: No Rocky, save your breath, I did not pair the two of you randomly, I think it would be really good for each of you to see how the other one approaches a problem

Rocky: And that's great, but as you're aware, I have this A average and Cece's average is just well... average... on a good day.

Mr. Polk: Just give her a chance, you might be surprised of the outcome.

Rocky: (walks out the door and stops for another talk with Mr. Polk) So, just to clarify, you're saying that the second rule of this assignment is to keep an opened mind?

Mr. Polk: Goodbye, Rocky.

(Rocky Leaves.)

Flynn: Oh, hey did I tell you that the new rock legends video game is coming up this week?

Ty: (looking at a girl and not paying attention to Flynn at the same time)Is that right?

Flynn: Yeah. (looks at the girl and testing to see if Ty is listening to him) In fact, all of the rock legends will be performing in my apartment tomorrow.

Ty: (still not listening) That's cool.

Flynn: Oh yeah and guess what, Elton John and my mum really hit it off and he's gonna be my new step-dad.

Ty: (again still not listening) Sounds good, little man.

Flynn: No, it sounds RIDICULOUS! But you're too busy making googly eyes with... Ms Teen USA! You know when you're babysitting me, it wouldn't kill you to pay attention to... oh, I don't know... ME!

Ty: (talking to the girl) Why don't you take a seat?

Flynn: Uh, excuse me? This seat is already taken.

Ty: Uh man, you're totally right, what was I thinking? (talks to the girl) 1 sec.

(Ty picks up Flynn and puts him in another seat)

Flynn: Oh wow(!), you can lift 50Ib (!) I hope THAT impresses her(!)

Rocky: (enters in Cece's apartment with a big case) Hey, hey, hey, I got everything we need to work on this project together,

(Rocky opens the case and emties all the equipment on a kitchen table)

Rocky: And now, we're going to use this stuffle bag to store everything that could be a distraction to you.

(Rocky takes all Cece's stuff and stuffs it in the bag)

Cece: No, no no no no.

Rocky: Oh, yes. (takes the mirror in the bag as well)

Cece: OK, fine but FYI, I already started thinking about the project... (makes a joke) This color is called Egg Shell and this color is called The Oaks On You. (Rocky and Cece chuckles)

Rocky: OK, ok that was a good one, but we need to get to work, so...(tries to make a joke) Lets Get Cracking! (Cece didn't laugh) Really? You're not gonna laugh at my bad egg joke, because... I laughed at yours. OK, we need to drop some blue prints, create a device to protect the egg from dropping and... test it and perfect it.

Cece: Or... we can relax and let the ideas come to us. You know, I happen to come up with My best ideas... while sleeping.

Rocky: Come on Cece, I mean you know how important it is for me to get a good grade on this project, now I know Mr. Polk says we have to free our minds and there are no rules, but and the same time, we need some structure. So, I've come up with a few guidelines so that we can... (Rocky sees Cece sleeping while Rockey was talking) Cece?, Cece! Great, now this is going in the stuffle too. (Rocky takes away the pillow from Cece's head and puts it in the stuffle bag)

Cece: Ow!

Ty: Come on, Flynn! You're gonna be late for school.

Flynn: Nah, I'm not going with you.

Ty: Come on, little man. You know it's my job this week to take you to school while your mom's working on night shift.

Flynn: Oh, yeah that reminds me... um... YOU'RE FIRED!

Ty; What!

Flynn: You're canned, you're terminated, you're 86ed. The part where you're working here, that's not happening anymore.

Ty: Ah, I get it, this is about the other day when I didn't listen to you about your video game, huh? Listen man, I'm sorry I pushed you aside, but sometimes when you're around it's hard to keep a ladies attention... because you're so gosh darn cute.

Flynn: Aw. That's some of the best, butt-kissing I've heard in a long time. But too little, too late! I have someone else who wants to take me to school.

Ty: Really? Who?

(Gunther enters out of nowhere)

Gunther: I am Gunther!

Flynn: Und I'm Flynn!

Gunther and Flynn: Und You are... UNEMPLOYED!


(Rocky talking to Jessie of doing the project together behind Cece's back)

Rocky: So the way I see is that we need to increase the accuracy of the drop, minimize the weight of the protective device and-(Rocky see's Cece coming and tells Jessie to run) RUN QUICKLY AND DENY EVERYTHING!

Cece: What was that all about?

Rocky: What was WHAT all about?

Cece: Well, I just saw you talking to Jessie and then she ran away. (Cece wonders what Rocky's keeping from her) What were you two talking about?

Rocky: Ummmm... Beyonce's new hair color... I love it.

(Cece tells a trick to make sure if Rocky's lying or not)

Cece: Me too. Would you call it a Golden Honey or is it more of a Amber Golden with a touch of Honey in the Highlights???

(Rocky guesses) Rocky: Uhhhhh... The second one?

Cece: Ha! Trick question. Beyonce's hair color doesn't have gold in it at all, It's BRONZE LOWLIGHTS WITH HONE AMBER HIGHLIGHTS! You're up to something and I can't tell.

Rocky: What?! No, what? No no no.

(Cece grabs a piece of paper from Rocky's hands behind her.)

Cece: Really? Then what's this? (Cece reads the paper) "Egg Drop Project Done By Rocky Blue And Jessie-" HOW COULD YOU!!!

Rocky: No. No no no no.. It-It's not as bad as it looks.

Cece: Really (reads the paper again) "An Eggs-Ploration Of Flight And Fancy" You even gave it a cute eggy title!

Rocky: Ok, But she means nothing to me, I was only attracted to her for her class ranking.

Cece: I can't believe your cheating on me behind my back! And to do it right in front of my own locker? Have you no shame!

Rocky: Ok. It's not as bad as it sounds. It makes sense to trade, You and Jessie's partner have a lot in common. You both approach school the same way.

(Rocky shows Cece that Jessie's partner is sleeping under the bench)

Cece: Not cool. (Cece Leaves)

Apply it up (2012) 2*14[edit]

Cece: Hi I`m Cece, I`m a Pices, which means my symbol is two fish, which is weird cause I wouldn't eat one fish, much less two. I eat pork chops.

Marc : Cece we haven`t asked you anything yet.

Cece: Right.

Rocky : so Cece and I started dancing when we were little actually Cece and I met in dance class.

Marc : We don't wanna here about Cece we wanna here about you who is Rocky.

Rocky : Oh well that's easy I`m Cece`s best friend oh sorry and dance partner.

Copy Kat it up (2012) 2*15[edit]

Rocky: That girl over there has been staring at us for last 5 minutes and unless she's blinking at the exact time I'm blinking, she hasn't blinked yet.

Cece: What girl?

Rocky: Drop your napkin on the floor, bend down to pick it up, and casually look over your shoulder.

Cece: (drops napkin on the floor) Oh, look! A random breeze has blown my napkin on the floor. I will casually pick it up now.(picking napkin) Is it that girl?(points at Kat)

Rocky: Oh, very subtle Cece.

Kat: Hi, i-i´m Kat sorry about you that i´m such a huge fan.

Both: Ooh, thank you.

Kat: And you two are the most awesome dancers on shake it up chicago.

Both: Ooh. thank you.

Kat: Listen me gushing on and on. Nerd city population me.

CeCe: oh that's really nice.. Ow ow

Kat: what's wrong CeCe?

CeCe: My foot, you´re crushing my foot!

Kat: i´m so sorry,CeCe.

CeCe: Still on my foot! (laughs) oww

Kat: oh my godfather I'm such a klutz. I'm so sorry squished your toe

CeCe: don't worry about it, it was an accident

Rocky: all right take five everyone

Rocky: You know for someone who claims they can´t dance you seem to be a huge liar.

Cece: Oh, I´m freaking out. I mean she stole my hair, she stole my look Kat she is a big...

Rocky: Nutty nutty nut ball wakadoo of the week!

CeCe: I was going to say Copy Kat but I like yours better.

Judge It Up [2.16][edit]

Cece: Oh really? (Turns on TV)
Man on TV: All cases on Teen Court are real and unscripted.
Cece: (Along with man on TV) Participants are not actors and agree that all decisions reached by judge Martha Sanders are final and binding in accordance with judicial code artical 7 subsection 23 paragraph 2-8.
Rocky: Really? You can remember all that but you still can't remember what year Columbus sailed the ocean blue?

Judge: Now don't put a maypole up in my living room and tell me it's spring break.
Deuce: Isn't it obvious, she wants me to play the footage.
Judge: Finally, somebody around here understands me!

Whodunit Up? (2012)Episode 2x18[edit]

Tinka: So I take it Gunther and I should go get fitted for our grass skirts and coconut--
Gary: You're not in the hula dance either.
Tinka: Curse you, Gary Wilde.
Gunther: Well, then I guess it's okay to tell you we used your tanning bed as a giant panini press.

CeCe: What if there's a deranged monster running loose in the studio?
Tinka: There is, CeCe... but we've learned to live with you.

Tunnel It Up [2.19][edit]

Flynn: (to Deuce) Hey, what's black and white and has one giant eyebrow? You!

Protest It Up [2.20][edit]

Tinka: Tomorrow, my worst dreams come true. I'll be wearing the same pants as Cece.
Gunther: But now our finale of fabulous.
Tinka: Our swan song to fashion!
Cece: Oh, boy here it comes.
Gunther: I believe the expression is go big or go home.
Rocky: Well in that case how bout go home.

Ty: (to Deuce) Dude. you look like a pinata! I don't know whether to say hello or hit you with a stick!

Cece: It's called detention ink. It cost me four pencils but it was worth it.

Wrestle It Up [2.20][edit]

Cece: Beep Beep Beep beep beep beep! My taydar is going off!

Reality Check It Up [2.21][edit]

Gunther: I can't say I'm surprised. I mean with my hard muscles and rippling abs. who ca resist this? (licks thumb and subs on forehead)
Cece: Me! I can resist (mocks gunther) this! I meant I was in love with you're jacket! You know that you were there!

Gunther: Cece, I see you've gotten rid of everyone so you can be with Gunther. (sprays his mouth with breath spray)
Cece: Gunther, do you honestly believe that I'm in love with you?
Gunther: (puts arm around Cece) The camera doesn't lie babbyyyy!
Cece: Your right Gunther and neither do I so you can either leave here on your own, or in an ambulance. Either way is fine with me.
Gunther: (goes to door) (cece follows him) Oh and Cece, I love it when you play hard to get.
Cece: Go! (pushes him out the door)

Gary: I cant believe we are going to be on true teen life its my faveourite show it really speaks to our generation
Rocky: (a little weirded out doing hand gesters) our generation ?
Gary : yes Rocky I`m only a few years older than you

Rock and Roll It Up [2.22][edit]

Gary: What do you think your doing?
Cece: Oh they haven't come up with a name for it yet.
Gunther: may I suggest you call it the sweaty arm pit cuz it stinks!

Gunther: Great story great mama wild.
Rocky: But she's not done yet.
Tinka: But it already had a happy ending! The adorable twins saved the day!

Boot It Up [2.23][edit]

Cece: Hey, I'm Cece and this is Rocky and were from Chicago.
Kansas: (cries while talking) .......Kansas..... I just don't wanna be here!!!
Cece: All I heard out of that was Kansas. Why was she crying?
Rocky: I don't know. Maybe she was just home sick.

Season 3[edit]

Fire It Up [3.1][edit]

Rocky: I can't be a has-been, I've barely been a been!
Tinka: Don't come down here, Gunter it's terrible. You'll ruin your Guy-liner and Man-scara.
CeCe': Come on, Rocky. Of course I don't.

Funk It Up [3.2][edit]

Rocky: Okay, I know I´m gonna be sorry I ask this but, what´s wrong?
Cece: I´m in a funk,and not the blend of soul meets jazz and r&b kind.
Rocky: Again, I know I´m gonna be sorry I ask this but, what does that mean?
Cece: Ever since Shake it up Chicago burnt down I feel like I don´t even know who I am anymore. My life used to be full and now I´m just sad, bored... and unpopular.
Rocky: You left out ridiculous. Okay, since when are you unpopular ?
Cece: I wasn't invited to Amber´s party! If I was still on the show she would be all "Oh,Cece you must come to my party. It´ll be delightful." And I would be all "Oh,of course my darling, I would not miss it for the world."
Rocky: When was the party? The 19th century, England? You my friend are going somewhere this Saturday night, because I booked us a gig at a bar mitzvah.
CeCe: Really! You did! Were gonna dance at a bar mitzvah, were gonna dance at a bar mitzvah. There gonna be all "Oh,you dance lovely at the bar mitzvah.

Oh Brother It Up [3.7][edit]

Rocky: Okay, look Cece. I´m really sorry that you got fired but you weren´t exactly employee of the month. You weren't employee of the day. In fact, you never actually filled up the paper works so technically you weren´t even an employee.
Cece: Yeah, well tell that to the scent of shawarma that took a hour to wash out of my hair. Look, If I never see that kabob or that jerk Logan again, It´ll be too soon.
(knocking and Cece opens)
(Logan is standing in front of doors)
(Cece closes door)
Cece: And if I never see a free pair of designer shoes again, it´ll be too soon.
(opens door)
Oh great! No shoes and still you!

Cece: What are you going to do now, fire me from my own family!?!

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