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Sharing is the joint use of a resource or space. It is a basic component of human interaction, and is responsible for strengthening social ties and ensuring a person’s well-being. Many examples can be found in nature. When an organism takes in nutrition or oxygen for instance, its internal organs are designed to divide and distribute the energy taken in, to supply parts of its body that need it.


When the Great Dao (Tao, perfect order) prevails, the world is like a Commonwealth State shared by all, not a dictatorship... The aged are cared for until death... children are nourished, educated, and fostered... orphans... the disabled and the diseased are all well taken care of....~ Confucious
Mankind will soon see that there is no alternative to sharing the produce of the world. Every other method has been tried and failed, and has led inevitably to war, suffering, degradation and misery. ~ Benjamin Creme
  • Give with a heart glowing with generous sentiments; give as the fountain gives out its waters from its own swelling depths; give as the air gives its vital breezes, unrestrained and free; give as the sun gives out its light, from the infinite abysses of its own nature.
  • Poverty is the load of some, and wealth is the load of others, perhaps the greater load of the two. It may weigh them to perdition. Bear the load of thy neighbor's poverty, and let him bear with thee the load of thy wealth. Thou lightenest thy load by lightening his.
  • Be charitable before wealth makes thee covetous.
  • The fact is, people work hard and rely on Food Stamps—or SNAP Program—to be able to feed their families. When they work full-time they still live in poverty. That's wrong in our nation. Students who are losing hope because of the difficulty of finding jobs in this tough economy. What we need to do, what is best for America, is to raise wages, create jobs, and then we will move forward. Hard-working people are trying their best, but those who hold on to capital are not sharing the wealth, and there is the problem.
  • How...could the principle of sharing be foreign to us? The family, the basic unit of human society, involves much sharing by all its members. And in a well-ordered family we gladly provide the weak, the new and `developing' members all that is needed for not only their survival but also their healthy growth. So it seems obvious that what is needed now is the extension of the principles and practices of the individual family unit to the entire human race. Rising to the understanding and experience of being, indeed, one planetary family is greatly needed in order to apply this basic principle of sharing to all the world.
  • Do you wish to honor... He who said, “This is my body,” and made it so by his word, is the same that said, “You saw me hungry and you gave me no food. As you did it not to the least of these, you did it not to me.” Honor him then by sharing your property with the poor. For what God needs is not golden chalices but golden souls.
  • When the Great Dao (Tao, perfect order) prevails, the world is like a Commonwealth State shared by all, not a dictatorship. Virtuous, worthy, wise and capable people are chosen as leaders. Honesty and trust are promoted, and good neighborliness cultivated. All people respect and love their own parents and children, as well as the parents and children of others. The aged are cared for until death; adults are employed in jobs that make full use of their abilities; and children are nourished, educated, and fostered... orphans... the disabled and the diseased are all well taken care of....
  • Mankind will soon see that there is no alternative to sharing the produce of the world. Every other method has been tried and failed, and has led inevitably to war, suffering, degradation and misery.
    • Benjamin Creme in The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom (1980)
  • From time to time, I have spoken of the need to inculcate the spirit of sharing whereby the world's resources can be more equitably distributed. This would lead to a reduction of tension and of incalculable human suffering. It would also bring about a revitalization of the life and of the economies of the already developed nations. The life-blood of the planet must circulate. The stagnant economies of the richer nations can only be galvanized into motion through the recognition that the poorer nations, too, have a right to live and to enjoy a reasonable standard of life. Only sharing can make this so... Soon, the world will know for certain that men must share or perish. Maitreya... will show men that the world belongs to everyone – rich and poor, powerful and dispossessed, white and coloured... Calling upon all men to accept the need for change, He will quicken the aspiration and focus the will of men everywhere to see justice done. Thus will He unite all those who seek the establishment of better forms through which the divinity of man can be expressed; and from that multitude will rise a cry unlike aught heard before on this Earth, a cry for justice and truth, freedom and peace. Then will the leaders respond and, in growing momentum, this world will be transformed. Thus will it be; thus will Maitreya lay the foundations of the new civilization based on sharing and love.
    • Benjamin Creme in The case for sharing, (1983), printed in Share International Magazine (April 2020)
  • The principle of Sharing is the only one which will answer man’s needs and solve his many problems, for it is fundamental to the Plan of God Himself. Without sharing, man denies his divinity and stores up for himself all future woes. Without sharing, unholy chaos reigns and withholds from man the Justice which is his by right. Sharing alone provides the opportunity to establish God’s Plan of Brotherhood and to remove from the world forever the sin of separation.... How, lacking sharing, could man continue? How, without sharing, could he hope to survive? Maitreya’s mission begins with an appeal to men to share. His knowledge of men’s hearts leaves Him certain of their choice, and certain of their readiness to make the needed changes. “Man must share or die”, has He said, knowing well that men will choose to share and live and to create with Him a better future.
    • Benjamin Creme in The case for sharing, (1987), printed in Share International Magazine (May 2020)
  • Man now stands on the threshold of a new perception of himself, his purpose and the world in which he lives. This new awareness will evoke undreamt-of skills and talents which yet await expression, and allow men to enter the abode of gods. When man sees himself truly as he is naught will prevent the manifestation of his divine powers. On all sides this glory will be seen, lighting a path to the farthest stars. Until that blessed time man must learn and train himself in leisure. Without leisure man has little chance to grow. Leisure must be seen as the prerequisite for that creative thought and action which will transform all life for men. In an age of competition the old adage holds. Work alone confers the right to eat. But man is ready to experience a new relationship; a new and caring cooperation beckons him to be his brother's keeper and to safeguard the right of all to the necessities of life. More and more, machines will free men to be themselves. Leisure will ensure that each man can reach his full potential, reflective of his stage upon the journey to perfection, adding his gifts for the enrichment of the Whole... Leisure is the key, and to ensure leisure men must share... Entering a new age where machines will cater for the needs of all, men must share as brothers and walk together towards the dawn.
  • Sharing on a world basis is possible if you have the concept and the will. It is simply a recognition of the need and finding a way to fulfill it... Each nation will be asked to make an inventory of what it has and what it needs. In this way the world’s ‘cake’ will be known. Each nation will be asked to make over into a common trust that which it has in excess of its needs in any given commodity... a very sophisticated form of barter will replace the present economic system.
  • When we create an economic system based on co-operation and sharing rather than on competition and market forces, we will create a more moral economic structure. When the stock exchanges collapse, humanity will be brought face to face with its illusions about the nature of reality.
  • We can make this step forward in our evolutionary advance only when we create right human relationships. That is the next spiritual ideal to be achieved by humanity. The first step is the sharing of the world's resources, because if we do not do this we will destroy ourselves. It is as simple as that. We have free will. Maitreya is not going to interfere and make sure that we do not destroy ourselves. He is going to present us with these alternatives: carry on as we are today in the old, greedy, selfish, competitive ways of the past and destroy ourselves, or else accept that we are one, accept the Principle of Sharing; implement it, create justice in the world, and therefore peace, and begin the construction -- under his inspiration, of a most brilliant and wonderful civilization such as this world has never known.
  • I have heard of a monk who in his cell, had a glorious vision of Jesus revealed to him. Just then, a bell rang, which called him away to distribute loaves of bread among the poor beggars at the gate. He was sorely tried as to whether he should lose a scene so inspiring. He went to his act of mercy; and when he came back, the vision remained more glorious than ever.
  • In a shared fish, there are no bones.
  • I command you shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and the poor in the land.
  • You shall not turn away the needy, but shall share everything with your brother, and shall not say that it is your own, for if you are sharers in the imperishable, how much more in the things which perish?
  • Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,
    And the life of the candle will not be shortened.
    Happiness never decreases by being shared.
Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.  !“Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same. ~ John the Baptist in Luke 3:10-11, (NIV).
  • The conflicts today with our fellow human beings are over opposing values and limited access to the necessities of life. If we manage to arrive at a saner future civilization... rather than having conflicts between nations, the challenges we will face will be overcoming scarcity, restructuring damaged environments, creating innovative technologies, increasing agricultural yield, improving communications, building communications between nations, sharing technologies, and living a meaningful life.
  • As we enhance the lives of others, protect our environment, and work toward abundance, all our lives can become richer and more secure... [and will] enable all of us to achieve a much higher standard of living within a relatively short period of time; a standard of living that would be continuously improved... When education and resources are available to all without a price tag, there will be no limit to human potential. p.81
  • Open your hands, ye Whose hands are full! The world is waiting for you! The whole machinery of the Divine beneficence is clogged by your hard hearts and rigid fingers. Give and spend, and be sure that God will send; for only in giving and spending do you fulfill the object of His sending.
  • What do you think God gave you more wealth than is requisite to satisfy your rational wants for, when you look around and see how many are in absolute need of that which you do not need? Can you not take the hint?
  • If you pour yourself out for the hungry, and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness, and your gloom be as the noonday. And the Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your desire with good things, and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters fail not."
  • “What should we do then?” the crowd asked. John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”
  • The Holy Supper is kept, indeed,
    In whatso we share with another's need,—
    Not that which we give, but what we share,—
    For the gift without the giver is bare;
    Who bestows himself with his alms feeds three,—
    Himself, his hungering neighbor, and me.
  • Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For the measure you give will be the measure you get back.
  • My plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere... you must make the choice ---- whether you share and learn to live peacefully as true men, or perish utterly. My heart tells Me your answer, your choice, and is glad.
    • Maitreya, Message No. 11 (5 January 1978)
  • My Teaching is simple: Justice, Sharing and Love are divine aspects. To manifest his divinity, man must embrace these three.
    • Maitreya, Message No. 81 (12 September 1979)
  • My task will be to show you how to live together peacefully as brothers. This is simpler than you imagine, My friends, for it requires only the acceptance of Sharing. Sharing, indeed, is divine. It underlies all progress for man. By its means, My brothers and sisters, you can come into correct relationship with God; and this, My friends, underlies your lives. When you share, you recognise God in your brother. This is a truth, simple, but until now difficult for man to grasp. The time has come to evidence this truth. By My Presence, the Law of Sharing will become manifest. By My Presence, man will grow to God. By the Presence of Myself and My Brothers, the New Country of Love shall be known. Take, My friends, this simple Law to your hearts. Manifest Love through Sharing, and change the world. Create around you the atmosphere of peace and joy, and with Me make all things new.
    • Maitreya, Message No. 82 (18 September 1979)
  • Not only do we have no real right to the things of the world, because belonging always essentially to God they can never belong to creatures; but we are also limited by the laws of God in the use of those possessions; for it must not be imagined that God gives them to us so that we may dispose of them as we wish. He is too just to have made such an unequal distribution. These goods being the means destined by his Providence for the subsistence of men, he gives to some more than they need only so that they may distribute it to others. A rich man, in so far as he is rich, is thus no more than steward of God's good things.
  • "Not for ourselves, but for others," is the grand law inscribed on every part of creation.
  • If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.
  • Proportion thy charity to the strength of thy estate, lest God proportion thy estate to the weakness of thy charity. Let the lips of the poor be the trumpet of thy gift, lest in seeking applause thou lose thy reward. Nothing is more pleasing to God than an open hand and a close mouth.
  • At the time of the Prophet's call to risalah, Arab society was devoid of proper distribution of wealth and devoid of justice. A small group monopolized all wealth and commerce, which increased through usury. The great majority of the people were poor and hungry. The wealthy were also regarded as noble and distinguished, and the common people were not only deprived of wealth but also of dignity and honor.

    It can be said that Muhammad—peace be on him—was capable of starting a social movement, declaring war against the class of nobles and the wealthy, taking away their wealth and distributing it among the poor.

  • Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy.
    • Spider Robinson, "Callahan's Law", in The Callahan Chronicals (1996) [originally published as Callahan and Company (1988)]

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