Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

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Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure is an American musical romantic comedy film and High School Musical spin-off released in 2011. In the film, Sharpay Evans is a recent high-school graduate who attempts to land a role in a Broadway show.


Sharpay: I mean, did I really think I was just going to come to Broadway and be a star?
Peyton: Yes, cause that's exactly how you think, it's perfect.
Sharpay: (tearfully) Perfect is so hard, and it doesn't prepare you for disappointment.


  • Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans
  • Austin Butler as Peyton Leverett
  • Cameron Goodman as Amber Lee Adams
  • Bradley Steven Perry as Roger Elliston
  • Alec Mapa as Gill Samms
  • Jack Plotnick as Neal Roberts
  • Robert Curtis Brown as Vance Evans
  • Jessica Tuck as Darby Evans
  • Lauren Collins as Tiffani Destiny
  • Jorge Molina as Mr. Gonzalez
  • Mya Michaels as Mrs. Gonzalez
  • Mike "Nug" Nahrangang as Stage Manager

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