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Sheyene Gerardi (born April 13) is a Venezuelan actress and television personality. She is the Lead of Robotics Outreach at NASA (CLASS). Sheyene founded the Sheyene Institute and operates two philanthropic organizations through the Sheyene Gerardi Foundation.


  • "What a country does affect all the others. The solution to our global problems requires a perspective that embraces the fact that we are all in this together. The silver lining is that is forcing us to act as universal species. That´s a terrifically exciting thing."
  • "We’re not just dealing in willingness, humanity has to qualify to survive and it won’t depend on political or economic systems, but “the forces” pushing them to act. The universe is synergetic, life is synergetic. Don't fight forces, unite them.”
  • " I am convinced that it is possible for us to be united by our ideals, instead of divided by our differences."—Sheyene Gerardi (Sheyene Institute Founder´s letter, published 2020-07-09)
  • It is not the system that recreates a child’s life, but the people working within it, not because the system works but because there are people within the system who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that a child has everything he or she deserves.
  • "There is so much to learn, but also so much to unlearn... And perhaps not surprisingly, even our approach to learning has changed. "
  • "Creating industry on the Moon and Mars and in space with asteroids is not rocket science; it is industrial engineering where we need to adapt existing technologies to a new environment,”
  • "Workers who don’t share ownership of the robots will be reduced to political powerlessness far worse than their conditions today. We have the opportunity to solve this problem during the bootstrapping period while human labor is still needed for space industry,” "
  • “People, in general, are unaware of the danger they are in, that with no way to personally go into space, no need for their labor in the face of robotic artificial intelligence, and no way to gain an ownership share in the industry, they will be left behind both economically and politically, unless steps are taken during the startup period,”

Quotes about Sheyene Gerardi[edit]

  • “As a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for over 18 years, I am deeply impressed by the value of the work that Sheyene is doing through her non-profit. She understands how to inspire people to not just love the subject matter, but to see the possibility of contributing to it in themselves through a few simple steps. This is a rare skill; you often get two of these at the same time, not all three.”
  • “I have been following with great interest Sheyene’s activities in organizing world-wide robotics competitions. Her vision for expanding the scope and the impact of space science and engineering outreach dovetails strongly with the objectives of the Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science. We are looking forward to working with Sheyene and are excited about the possibilities of the robotic competitions,”

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