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Sholay, ( meaning "Embers") is a 1975 Indian Hindi-language action-adventure film, directed by Ramesh Sippy and produced by his father G. P. Sippy. The film follows two criminals, Veeru and Jai (played by Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan), hired by a retired police officer Thakur (Sanjeev Kumar) to capture the ruthless dacoit Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan). Hema Malini and Jaya Bhaduri also star as "Basanti" and "Radha", as Veeru and Jai's love interests. Sholay is considered to be a classic and one of the best Indian films of alltime.[1]


  • Hmmm, who said that?
  • Go Dhanno ... today is the question of Basanti's honor
  • Look, I don't like to talk nonsense
    • देखो, हमें बेफ़ुज़ूल बात करने की आदत तो है नहीं
  • Yunki, yeh kaun bol


  • Gabbar ke taap se tumhe ek hi aadmi bacha sakta hai, ek hi aadmi ... khud Gabbar
    • Translation: Only one man can save you from Gabbar's anger, only one man ... Gabbar himself
  • Yahan se pachas pachas kos door gaon mein ... jab bachcha raat ko rota hai, toh maa kehti hai bete soo ja ... soo ja nahi toh Gabbar Singh aa jayega.
    • Translation: In a village fifty kilometers from here ... when a child cries at night, the mother says sleep my son ... sleep or else Gabbar Singh will come
  • Holi kab hain? Kab hain Holi?
    • Translation: When is Holi ... when is Holi, when?
  • Soowar ke bachcho!
    • Translation: Sons of pigs!
  • Bahut yaraana lagta hai.
    • Translation: Looks like you two are very close.
  • Jab tak tere pair chalenge, uski saans chalegi ... tere pair ruke, toh yeh bandook chalegi.
    • Translation: As long as your feet are working, he will live ... if your feet stop, this gun will will start working.
  • Tera kya hoga Kaalia?
    • Translation: What will happen to you, Kaalia?
  • Ab goli kha.
    • Translation: Now, eat a bullet.
  • Kya samajhkar aaye the ... ki sardar bahut khush hoga, shabashi dega?
    • Translation: What did you think? The boss would be happy? The boss would congratulate you?
  • Joh darr gaya, samjho marr gaya.
    • Translation: A scared man is a dead man.
  • Kitne ādmi The?
    • Translation: How many men were there?
  • Arre o sambha ... kitna inaam rakha hain sarkar ne hum par?
    • Translation: Hey Sambha ... how much bounty has the government put on me?
  • Iski sazaa milegi ... barabar milegi!
    • Translation: You will be punished for this ... duly punished!
  • Ye Haath Humko De De Thakur
    • Translation: Give me these hands Thakur
  • Jis din main bhaag nikla ... bahut pachtaoge Thakur.
    • Translation: Thakur, the day I run out ... you will repent a lot.


  • Tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti?
    • Translation: Basanti, what is your name?
  • To me all cops seem to have the same face


  • Hamari jail mein surang?
    • Jailor to his spy.[2]
  • Hum angrezon ke zamane ke jailor hain.
    • Jailor to all prisoner while introducing himself.[3]
  • Aadhe idhar jao ... aadhe idhar jao ... aur baaki hamare saath aao.
    • Jailor to his police men.[2]

Rahim Chacha

  • Ittna sannata kyun hain bhai?
    • Rahim Chacha aka AK hangal. [4]


  • Ek ek ko chun chun ke maaronga ... chun chun ke maaronga.
    • Translation: One by one I will choose and kill ... I will choose and kill.
  • Tum agar ek maaroge toh hum char maarenge
    • Translation: If you kill one then we will kill four.
  • Basanti, In kutto ke samne matt nachna.
    • Translation: Go Dhanno ... today is the question of Basanti's honor
  • When I dead, police coming ... police coming, budiya going jail ... in jail budiya chakki peesing, and peesing, and peesing, and peesing, and peesing.
    • Translation:The police will come when I die ... and when the police comes the old lady will go to jail ... and in the jail the old lady will grind, and grind, and grind, and grind, and grind
  • Hum kaam sirf paison ke liye karte hai.
    • Translation: We work only for money.
  • Is story mein emotion hai, drama hai, tragedy hai
    • Translation:There is emotion, drama, tragedy in this story
  • Mausi going jail and chakki pissing and pissing.
    • Veeru to villagers.[5]


  • These are not hands ... they are hangman's knot
  • Thakur cannot bow and neither can he break ... Thakur can only die
  • You crush a snake with your legs ... not with your hands
  • They are naughty but they are brave ... they are dangerous since they know how to fight ... they are evil but they are humans

The iron is hot ... hit the hammer Price whatever you want ... work whatever I ask People of Ramgarh have stopped feeding mad dogs




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