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The irony is we thought we were behind the curve.

Sid Meier (born February 24, 1954) is a renowned programmer and designer of some of the most commercially and critically successful computer games of all time.


  • A game is a series of interesting choices.
    • [1] (about early 1980s video game programming)
  • The irony is we thought we were behind the curve, that the industry had already peaked, and we were just trying to catch up.
  • SimCity inspired Civilization in a way. The first prototype of Civilization that I did was a real-time game like SimCity, in that you placed cities and moved things around, but cities grew without you. You basically seeded the world in a kind of SimCity-esque way. Instead of zoning, you seeded things, and you said I want a city over there, and why don't you do some farming over here. What I didn't like in that version of Civilization is that you did a lot more watching than you did playing. So SimCity, Empire, Railroad Tycoon, and the Civilization board game were the different ingredients that we stirred together to get to Civilization.

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