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Sing is a 2016 computer-animated musical comedy film produced by Illumination Entertainment. It was directed and written by Garth Jennings and co-directed by Christophe Lourdelet.

Buster Moon

  • [first lines; narrating] This was it. The moment it all began. The moment an ordinary little guy fell in love with theater. Everything about it: the lights, the way the scenery moved, even the smell. He was only 6 years old, but his plans to become the first koala bear in space were suddenly... toast. Some folks may have said he grew up to be the greatest showman the city has ever seen. Some called him a visionary, a maverick. Sure some folks said he was as crazy as he was stubborn, but I say wonder and magic don't come easy, pal, and oh, there would never be any doubt. The name Buster Moon would go down in entertainment history. And I should know, because I am Buster...
  • [gasps] Uh... [nervous chuckles] Forgot my keys. Koala well be right back.



Meena's Mother: Oh, honey. please don't cry, you're not a failure. (All I need is 1 thing; myself.) There'll you other chances you just--
Meena's Gandfather: Bah! You heck there'll will!?
Meena's Mother: Dad, please!
Meena's Grandfather: Come on, don't you won't this?!
Meena: Well sure, but I messed it up.
Meena's Grandfather: They you go back there tomorrow I say, "Mr. Moon, I demand you let me re-audition!?" Be confidents!? Show 'em you ain't pushin' around!? You got that, Meena?!
Meena: Um..
Meena's Grandfather: Good! Now go get to my cocoa.

Mike: You almost killed me, jumbo!
Meena: It wasn't me!
Mike: Oh, is that so.

Mr. Moon: Open it. Me?!
Mike: (chokes) OPEN IT!

Eddie: Buster, look out!
Meena: Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! I'm stuck!


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