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Sing 2 is a 2021 American 3D computer-animated jukebox musical comedy film produced by Illumination. It is the sequel to Sing and the second feature film in the franchise. The film was theatrically released in the United States on December 22, 2021 by Universal Pictures.

The film features the original voices from the first movie - Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Nick Kroll, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Nick Offerman and Jennings himself. New voices featured Bobby Cannavale, Halsey, Bono, Pharrell Williams, Letitia Wright, Eric André, Chelsea Peretti and Spike Jonze.

Directed by Garth Jennings and co-directed by Christophe Lourdelet. Written by Garth Jennings. Produced by Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy.

Buster Moon[edit]

  • [Crystal Entertainment Receptionist: No.] No? What do you mean "no"?
  • Guys, this is the entertainment capital of the world!
  • Johnny, you’re going to be working with the number one choreographer in Redshore City.
  • Let’s go spread a little Moon Theater magic!
  • [while hiding in his suitcase] [Ash: Buster?] Ash?

Jimmy Crystal[edit]

  • MOON!! [Buster: Mr. Crystal.] Your set designs are a disgrace! [Buster: What?] [glares at Buster for a moment, then laughs] I'm just messing with you. Where's your sense of humor, huh? Anyway, this is my daughter Porsha. [Porsha: Hey.] [Buster: Nice to meet you, Porsha.] She wants to meet Calloway. Big fan, aren't you, baby?
  • [as he spots Porsha performing on stage] Porsha! Get offa there! Don't you make me come out there!

Klaus Kickenklober[edit]

  • Let's not forget: This is Redshore City, not your little local theater!
  • [after he knocks down Johnny] You'll never be great, Johnny!


[Nana Noodleman finds Buster curled up in his drawer after Suki told him he was not good enough]
Nana: Oh, for heaven's sake.
Buster: [sighs] What can I say, Nana? I'm a failure.
Nana: Oh, poppycock.
Buster: I was reaching too high.
Nana: Honestly! One negative comment, and it's all, "Woe is me!"
Buster: Nana, come on. She said I'm not good enough. I mean, heck, I've just been told that my destiny, all of my hopes and dreams, uh, they all end right here!
Nana: Well, what did you expect? That she would drop to her knees and declare you a genius? Roll out the red carpet for the great Buster Moon!
Nana: Well, you're still in one piece, aren't you?
Buster: Well, yeah, but...
Nana: Well, anyone who dares set out to follow their dreams is bound to face a lot worse than a dip in the canal. [one of Nana's penguin butlers appear] Ah, Hobbs. I found him. Uh, bright the car around, will you? That's a good chap.
Buster: I... I just thought she'd at least see we deserved a shot.
Nana: Never mind what this person you don't even know said. Do you think you're good enough?
Buster: Of course (I’m good enough!) But…
Nana: Then you must fight for what you believe in. Guts, stamina, faith. These are the things you need now, and without them... Well, maybe that scout was right. Maybe you're not good enough. [leaves but then comes back to see Buster ponder over what she said]

[Buster visits Ash at a rock club]
Buster: Wow! Heh. You were great out there.
Ash: I got to go back out there for an encore.
Buster: Okay. Hey, but what are you doing after the show?
Ash: Uh, nothing.
Buster: Well, listen. I know this is a crazy short notice, but you always said you'd come back with us when the time was right.
Ash: Of course.
Buster: Well, this is that time!
[the rock club's manager Rick rudely pushes past Buster]
Rick: Here, paycheck. [hands Ash her paycheck]
Buster: I'm getting the gang together to go audition for this huge show...
Ash: Just-just a second. [to Rick] Hey, Rick, how come you're only paying me half what the other acts get?
Rick: I pay what I think you're worth, sweetheart.
Ash: Oh, okay. See, I have this rule about not letting guys like you tell me what I'm worth, so, you know, unless I get paid like everyone else, I'm outta here.
Rick: [chuckles] This is the only club in town. Where else you gonna play?
Ash: I have no idea, but I'm sure as heck not sticking around here. [to Buster] Let's go. [she and Buster start heading out]
Rick: Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You-you got to do the encore. Hey, Ash!
Ash: Deal with it, sweetheart!

Crystal Entertainment Receptionist: Hey, Ricky.
Meena: [gasps] Ahem. [deep voice] Hi.

Klaus: You think some riff-raff street dancer can help you more than me?!
Nooshy: Riff-raff?!
Johnny: OK, OK. Hang on. She's just gonna give me some extra lessons, that's all.
Klaus: Oh, because I, Klaus Kickenklober, master choreographer, am not good enough for Johnny.
Johnny: No, that's not what I meant.
Klaus: Yes, I'm irrelevant to him. I'm just a stupid, fat, old monkey!
Johnny: I don't think that at all!
Nooshy: I do.
Johnny: Shh! Please. She's only trying to help me.
Nooshy: Come on, dude! Anyway, I only need 2 days with him.
Klaus: 2 days?! Ha! 200 years, more like.
Nooshy: In 2 days, he'll be amazing!
Klaus: Oh, really? Well, if he is, I will eat my hat!

[Suki takes Buster to Crystal's office]
Buster: You wanted to see me, sir?
Jimmy Crystal: Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Come on in.
Buster: Whoa. This place is incredible.
Jimmy Crystal: [chuckles] Pretty great, huh?
[Buster takes a seat at Crystal's desk]
Jimmy Crystal: So, how's it going with Calloway?
Buster: Calloway? It's, uh... It's good. Yeah, very good.
Jimmy Crystal: Right, right. Well, let me ask you something. What did I do to make you disrespect me? Huh?
Buster: What?
Jimmy Crystal: What, you think I'm an idiot? Some kinda bozo?
Buster: No... No, sir. Not at all!
Jimmy Crystal: My team, they talked to Calloway's lawyer, and they say he's never heard of you, or your show.
Buster: Really? They said that? Uh...
Jimmy Crystal: [off-screen and looking angry, Crystal pounds his fists on his desk] YOU LIED TO ME!!!
Buster: I didn't mean to. Okay?! Uh, honestly, I really thought I could get him.
Jimmy Crystal: No one makes me look like a fool! NO ONE!!!
Buster: I-I-I wouldn't dream of doing that to you!
Jimmy Crystal: I swear to God, if I didn't have my kid in your show, you'd be out of that window by now!
Buster: [Jimmy snarling and growling in furious] Please, please, please! I'm so sorry!
Jimmy Crystal: [Leans forward to Buster] You'd better have Calloway by the end of next week or so HELP ME!
Buster: I will! I'll get him. I won't let you down, sir.
Jimmy Crystal: Oh, I know you won't let me down.

Ash: This... This is all because you lost your wife, isn't it?
Clay: Okay, porcupine. We're not talking about my Ruby.
Ash: Look, I know she inspired so many of your songs...
Clay: All of my songs.
Ash: Right. I... I can't imagine what it must be like to lose someone so special, but do you think this is what Ruby would've wanted for you? I mean, you out here on your own and never singing again?
Clay: No, y-you don't understand. There's... there's no rock star living here anymore.
Ash: Clay, you just need to play again. Your songs will bring you back. You can. You can reconnect with...
Clay: NO, I CAN'T! I haven't even heard one of my songs for 15 years, and for good reason. [calms down] Ruby was everything. And I don't like honey in my tea.

Porsha: [performing as an astronaut] Captain's log. I must take care, for I have landed on the Planet of War.

Buster: Porsha, you know I truly believe that this show, but it's close to being fantastic, maybe even perfect.
Porsha Crystal: Thank you.
Buster: Yeah, yeah, but, see, to make it the best it can be...[takes deep breath]...well, I got to make some changes.
Porsha Crystal: Uh-huh.
Buster: Like...[whimpers]...I have to give the lead role back to Rosita.
Porsha Crystal: [shocked] WHAT?!
Buster: I’m just offering you the opportunity to switch roles with...
Porsha Crystal: [misunderstanding] You’re FIRING me?!
Buster: No, I’m not firing you.
Porsha Crystal: [angry, storms out] Oh, wait 'til my dad hears that you fired me!
Buster: But I’m not firing you. Please, wait!
Porsha Crystal: [incredulously] Oh my god. You all hate me, don’t you!?
Buster: No, no, no, we don’t hate you. We all think you’re terrific!
Porsha Crystal: Well, I just don’t care if you hate me!
Buster: Please stop.
Porsha Crystal: [Storming off after a miscommunication with Buster] You and your stupid, stupid sky-fi show can go to heck!
Buster: Porsha, stop. Wait! Oh, I am one dead koala.

Linda: And the hottest story today: Porsha Crystal was reportedly fired from her father’s show.
Jimmy Crystal: [angry grunts as he breaks a TV with a remote control] He fired my daughter? MY DAUGHTER??!! [Porsha wails] WOULD YOU BE QUIET!? YOU EMBARRASSED ME ENOUGH!
Porsha Crystal: [still crying] But, Daddy...!
Jimmy Crystal: Now, the whole world thinks I have a talentless loser for a daughter! Take her home! [Porsha is still crying as his henchmen escorts her home] Bring me Moon.

[Buster has been called in by Crystal after "firing" Porsha, he'd just found that Clay has agreed to perform in the show]
Suki: Mr. Moon, what have you done?
Buster: Mr. Crystal! Ah, I've got some great news. Clay Calloway is on his way here right now!
Jimmy Crystal: [to his henchmen] Everybody, out. [his henchmen leaves]
Buster: Okay, I think I know what this might be about, and I...
Jimmy Crystal: You fired Porsha.
Buster: No. No. I never fired her.
Jimmy Crystal: Are you calling her a liar?
Buster: No, no, no, no, she just got it wrong, is all. I was only trying to help her do the best she could, and be...believe me, I..I..I just wanted to do the right thing.
Jimmy Crystal: The right thing to do...[He angrily grabs Buster by his shirt, screams at him] ...IS WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO!!!
Buster: But I did! I delivered a great show. And Ca...Calloway, he's coming. [Jimmy holds him above the roof] No, no, no! Stop! STOP! NO!
Jimmy Crystal: You really think I'd let a lowlife little amateur loser like you humiliate me!?
Buster: Please! Please!
Jimmy Crystal: You made me look bad, so I'm gonna have to let you go!
[Just as he's about to drop Buster, Jerry comes in]
Jerry: Sir. Uh, sir, sir, sir. I'm so sorry to bother you, but you have a live TV appearance in just a moment, so it might be better if we just put a pin in this right now.
[Jimmy angrily throws Buster into the closet]
Buster: [scared] You nearly killed me!
Jimmy Crystal: And I'll finish the job later. [He slams the door and locks it]

Suki: [after she let Buster Moon unlock from the closet] You need to get out of this city and never, ever come back. Do you understand? Never.
Buster: OK, OK. I understand.
Suki: I told you you were not cut out for this.
Buster: He tried to kill me.
Suki: Yeah, and when he finds you’re gone, he’ll have his thugs looking all over for you.
Buster: Okay. Thank you, Suki. I’m so, so...
Suki: Get out of here!
[Buster runs off]

Jerry: Sir! Sir, sir, sir! [whispering about Buster escaping from the closet]
Jimmy Crystal: [furious] WHAT!? [He snaps his fingers to call the henchmen] Moon got out. FIND HIM!

Buster: Hey, you made it! [hugs Porsha's legs]
Porsha Crystal: Yeah, well, uh, maybe I overreacted a little before.
Gunter: A little? You were like a total drama queen back there.
Buster: Yeah, OK. We're all good now.
Porsha Crystal: Wow, my dad's gonna flip when he finds out about us.
Buster: Well, we're safe for now. But, listen. Let's-
Porsha Crystal: Safe? [scoffs] Eh, no. None of us are safe.
Johnny: Mr. Moon, I know someone who can protect us.
[Meanwhile, Johnny talks to his father on the phone]
Big Daddy: Right. Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah. Protection? Say no more, son. We're on our way.

Jimmy Crystal: Good night, Porsha. [Unbeknownst to him, Porsha is not in her room] Alright, be that way. I don’t care. Spoiled little brat.

Jerry: Mr. Crystal! Mr. Crystal!
Jimmy Crystal: Argh! JERRY!
Raoul: I tried to stop him, sir.
Jerry: I'm so sorry to wake you up, sir! It’s Moon! He's taken over the theater and putting his show up right now!
Jimmy Crystal: [furious] He's WHAT?!?!?!
[As he gets out of bed, Jerry screams in terror like a little girl when he sees him naked]

[Crystal falls through a trapdoor by Buster]
Buster: Ms. Crawly put some cushions and snacks down there, so you should be comfortable til the show's over.
Jimmy Crystal: YOU LITTLE...! [Buster closes up]

Jimmy Crystal: I've got you now, you lowlife little loser!
Buster: No, sir. I'm not a loser. We did what we came here to do. And there's nothing you can do or say to change that.
Jimmmy Crystal: Oh, I can do whatever I want!

Jimmy Crystal: Thank you! Thank you! You're too kind. I appreciate it, really, I do. Look, I am very proud of this show! We did great work here, great work. And my good friend, Clay. Great to have him back, right? [The audience cheers] Yeah! And listen, I look forward to seeing this show run in my theater, for many, many years to come. Right, Moon? [He turns to find Buster and the others are gone, last words, confused] Moon?
[As the audience laughs at him, Crystal looks scared and wide-eyed. Suki angrily stands with 6 police officers: A gorilla, a crocodile, an antelope, a rhino, and two dogs]
Suki: Officers, arrest that wolf.
[The officers take Crystal away]
Jerry: [last words as he runs after the arrested Crystal] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! He's innocent! Mr. Crystal, please! I love you!


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