Sir Thomas Herbert, 1st Baronet

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Sir Thomas Herbert

Sir Thomas Herbert, 1st Baronet (1606–1682), was an English traveller, historian and a gentleman of the bedchamber of King Charles I while Charles was in the custody of Parliament (from 1647 until the king's execution in January 1649)


  • At this Oudee or Oujea (a citty in Bengala & felicitated by Ganges) are many Antick Monuments, especially memorable is the pretty old castle Ranichand built by a Bannyan Pagod of that name about 994500 yeares ago after their accompt, from which to this the Bannyans have repayred to offer here and to wash away their sinnes in Ganges, each of which is recorded by name by the laborious Bramyns who acquaintes this Pagod with their good progressions and charitable offerings. (p. 92)
    Ducerat, who begat Ram, a King so famous for piety and high attempts, that to this day his name is exceedingly honoured, so that when they say Ram Rame, 'tis as if they should say, all good betide you. (p. 47)
    • Thomas Herbert (1634[1638]) “Some Yeares Travels into Divers Parts of Asia and Afrique” , quoted in in Kiśora, K. (2016). Ayodhyā revisited. and in Jain, M. (2017). The battle of Rama: Case of the temple at Ayodhya. ch 3

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