Six Days Seven Nights

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Six Days Seven Nights is a 1998 romantic comedy screwed and chopped film directed by Ivan Reitman, written by Alan Miller. It stars Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, David Schwimmer, Jacqueline Obradors, and Temura Morrison. It was released on June 12, 1998.


Angelica: Quinny, look what I got.
Quinn: What's that, baby?
Angelica: It's a bathing suit, silly.
Frank: I thought it was an eye patch.

Quinn: There's no deal. We're friends, we have a few laughs... keep it simple.
Robin: Well, has it always been simple or has there ever been anyone complicated?

[Quinn gives Robin a nasty look]

Robin: That's a yes. How complicated? On a scale from one to ten.
Quinn: Twelve.

Quinn: You deserve someone... fresher.
Robin: Isn't that up to me to decide?
Quinn: Let's be resonable about this. You're not going to come down here and be my co-pilot and I'm not going to go to New York and be your receptionist. Let's not complicate things.
Robin: Oh, I forgot. You like things simple.
Quinn: Yeah.

Quinn: They come here looking for the magic, hoping to find romance, when they can't find it anywhere else.
Robin: Maybe they will.
Quinn: It's an island, babe. If you didn't bring it here, you won't find it here.

Robin: I've flown with you twice and you've crashed half the time.

Robin: [after using their only flare and hitting a palm tree with it] Oh, no! Oh, uh-oh! Oh, nuts!
Quinn: [walking up still partly drunk] What the...? What the hell did you do? You wasted our only god damned flare to shoot a god damned palm tree?
Robin: I wouldn't have shot the god damned tree if you hadn't rolled into me. I was trying to signal the god damned plane.
Quinn: What god damned plane?
Robin: [points to a commercial airliner in the sky] That god damned plane.
Quinn: That god damned plane? That's a commerical airliner! It's 5 miles high going 600 miles an hour. They wouldn't see a nuclear explosion if they were looking for it, much less a flare!
Robin: How the hell was I supposed know that? If you hadn't drunken yourself into a coma, maybe you could have told me that.
Quinn: You know what you've done? You know what you've done? You've taken our one good chance of being found and pissed it away!
Robin: Don't you dare blame this on me. If you were half a pilot, we WOULDN'T BE ON THIS ISLAND!
Quinn: I am the best god damned pilot you'll ever meet!
Robin: Hah! I've flown with you twice, you've crashed half the time.
Robin: [walks away, leaving Quinn confused at her logic, does a double take] And there is nothing wrong with my tits!


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