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Smriti Irani in 2012

Smriti Irani (born 23 March 1976) is an Indian politician belonging to the Bharatiya Janata Party. She is also a former model and television actress. She appointed the Minister of Human Resource Development on 26 May 2015.


  • Being a brand ambassador for such a noble cause is a matter of pride for me. I get to preach what I practice.
  • In that kitty of mine where people call me anpadh (illiterate), I do have a degree from Yale University as well, which I can bring out and show how Yale celebrated my leadership capacities.
  • I read it because I was asked to explain what the truth is. I said it with a lot of pain. I myself am a practicing Hindu, I myself am a Durga worshiper. These are authenticated documents from the university itself.
  • A failed dynast today chose to speak about his failed political journeys in US. Rahul Gandhi belittled his political opponents in America. It is not surprising that a dynast has absolutely no support. The fact that Rahul Gandhi chose to belittle the Prime Minister is not surprising rather it was expected. After not getting any support within the country, Rahul Gandhi is expressing his pain in foreign land.
  • The man who broke the Bank of England and is designated by the nation an economic war criminal has now pronounced his desire to break Indian democracy. George Soros, an international entrepreneur has declared his ill-intention to intervene in democratic processes of India... [Smriti Irani called upon citizens to] denounce the intention of this individual who seeks to demonise our democracy and who brings an onslaught to the economy of India so that he can personally gain... Those who Mr Soros finds pliable need to know India has defeated imperialistic design before and shall do again. Democracy has prevailed in India and will continue to do so. Designs to weaken Indian democracy will be met with might of India under leadership of PM Modi.
  • How could you embarrass an embarrassment? It’s an oxymoron... If you stand in the capital of India and say you support “Bharat ke tukde honge” (India will be broken into pieces), I don’t have an iota of respect for such individuals.
  • Now trust me, I have left my house at Delhi in the morning at 4 today, I caught a flight at 5 to go to Kochi, I did a conclave there, caught a flight at 5 to come to this programme, by the time I get to anything called food, it will be 10’ O Clock. If you’ve called me at any time of the day today from Gallup and asked, ‘Are you hungry’, I’ll say, Oh yes, I am.

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