Son of Frankenstein

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Why should we fear anything?

Son of Frankenstein is a 1939 film about the son of Henry Frankenstein continuing his father's work.

Directed by Rowland V. Lee. Written by Wyllis Cooper.
The black shadows of the past bred this half-man...half demon!... creating a new and terrible juggernaut of destruction!


  • They hanged me once Frankenstein. They broke my neck. They said I was dead. Then they cut me down. They threw me in here, long ago. They wouldn't bury me in holy place like churchyard. Because I stole bodies, eh they said. So, Ygor is dead! So, Dr. Frankenstein. Nobody can mend Ygor's neck. It's alright.

Inspector Krogh[edit]

  • One doesn't easily forget, Herr Baron, an arm torn out by the roots!


  • Henry Frankenstein: My son, herein lies my faiths, my beliefs and my unfoldments. A complete diary of my experiments, charts and secret formulas. In short, the sum total of my knowledge, such as it is. Perhaps you will regard my work with ridicule or even with a distaste. If so, destroy these records. But if you like me burn with the irresistible desire to penetrate the unknown, carry on. The path is cruel and torturous, carry on. I put secret after truth, you will be hated, blasphemed and condemned. You have inherited the fortune of the Frankensteins, I trust you will not inherit their fate.
  • Amelia: When the house is filled with dread, place the beds at head to head.


Baron Wolf von Frankenstein: Have you ever seen him?
Inspector Krog: Most vivid recollection of my life. I was but a child at the time, about the age of your own son Herr Baron. The Monster had escaped and was... ravaging the countryside, killing, maiming, terrorizing. One night he burst into our house. My father took a gun and fired at him but the savage brute sent him crashing to a corner. Then he grabbed me by the arm! One doesn't easily forget, Herr Baron, an arm torn out by the roots.

Elsa von Frankenstein: What a dreadful storm and awful lightning.
Wolf von Frankenstein: It's magnificent. Nothing in nature is terrifying when one understands it. Darling, my father drew that very lightning from heaven and forced it for his own will to bring life to a being he created with his own hands. Why should we fear anything?


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