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He's the fastest thing alive.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a franchise of video games released by Sega beginning in 1991, and starring their mascot character Sonic the Hedgehog. The series centers on a super fast blue teenage hedgehog and his friends as they battle a mad scientist intent on turning all the animals of the world into his robot minions.


Sonic Heroes[edit]

Dr. Eggman[edit]

  • (To Team Chaotix) I've heard good things about you, and require your detective services! And I can pay handsomely!
  • Metal Sonic has finally transformed!
  • It's useless! Metal Sonic has combined your data with the power of Chaos, and is super strong! We can't defeat it! ARGH... If only we had the 7 Chaos Emeralds.
  • What's this, but how? Even with the emerald's power, our chances for victory are slim! It would take a miracle!
  • So you're the ones who've been playing games with my army! (Egg Hawk)
  • You knew it was me all along, didn't you?
  • Hey, hold on you guys, it's no trick! And besides, I plan on paying you! You shall be rewarded handsomely for helping me! As soon as I conquer the world, I will PAY you!
  • (Vector mocks Eggman imitation) Mustached moron?!? I'm the world's greatest... Take him out, quickly.
  • Good job! Mission complete! (talking to Chaotix when finishing a level)
  • Initiate rotary attack! (Egg Hawk)
  • OH, NO!!! BOTH ROTORS ARE GONE!!! (Egg Hawk)
  • This isn't the end! (Egg Hawk)
  • You are going to regret this! (Egg Albatross)
  • (growls) Retreat! (Egg Albatross)
  • You'll pay for this! (Egg Albatross)
  • Ready all cannons! Open fire! (Egg Albatross)
  • Enough of this! Sonic, Tails, Knuckles/Shadow, Rouge, Omega/Amy, Cream, Big/Espio, Charmy, Vector! Time to meet your maker! (Egg Emperor)
  • I'll show you what real evil is! (Egg Emperor)
  • Take this! (Egg Emperor)
  • Muhuhahaha... you fools must all have a death wish? Witness this invincible battleship, built by the hands of a genius! Its power... UNMATCHED throughout the universe! (Egg Fleet)
  • It's not over yet, troublesome fools! (Said when the Egg Emperor is at half health)
  • I won't go down that easily! (Said when the Egg Emperor has only one quarter of health left)
  • DEFEATED?! IMPOSSIBLE! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (Egg Emperor brought down)

Metal Sonic[edit]

  • All life form data successfully copied!
  • Ultimate life form data has been copied!
  • Chaos data has been copied!
  • All living things kneel before your master!
  • I'll skewer you!
  • Burn to death!
  • GET AWAY!!!!
  • Hmph!
  • I'll tear you to pieces!
  • Chaos Control!
  • I'll crush you!
  • Take this!
  • Ha ha ha ha!
  • It's too late.
  • You're all useless now that I've copied all your data.
  • This victory shall soon turn into despair!
  • Even the ultimate life form can't stop me!
  • How appropriate to have a robot overlord rule a robot kingdom!
  • Long time no see, Sonic, my loathesome copy...
  • Sonic, I was created for the sole purpose of destroying you, but I can never seem to defeat you! That is why I transformed my own body with my own hands.
  • But that was the past. Now you're nothing but a speck of dust to me!
  • See me as I am, no longer afraid of anything!
  • I shall become the ultimate overlord, ruling as the world's most supreme being!
  • Gyaaaaaaah! WHY?! I HAD IT ALL!! I am the ultimate overlord, Metal Sonic! I AM THE REAL SONIC!!
  • It's no use. But why can't I defeat you? [Last words before shutting down for good]

Team Chaotix[edit]

Charmy Bee[edit]

  • Awesome! Totally awesome! (When getting an 'A' rank)
  • No problem! (When getting an 'B' rank)
  • Not bad, don't ya think? (When getting an 'C' rank)
  • Maybe we could have done a little better. (When getting an 'D' rank)
  • OK... stop fooling around! (When getting an 'E' rank)
  • Look at all those ships! I wonder if we can take one.
  • Yeah! Beach time! (singing) Sea, sea, sea, sea.
  • Can we go now? (standing still)
  • I'm bored. (standing still)
  • BOOM!
  • Yahoo! Awesome!
  • Cool!
  • (singing) Oh, flower, pretty flower, show your face and I'll sting you!
  • (Casino Level intro) Let me go! Let me go! I wanna play!
  • Yeah! Time to ROCK AND ROLL! (fight with Team Rose)
  • (singing) I see where you are! (Says when encountering a ghost)
  • Doctor Who? (right before fighting Egg Hawk)
  • Incomplete freak! (during Metal Madness)
  • Aah! Urgh! (lost all his rings)

Espio the Chameleon[edit]

  • Impossible feat! Ultimate ninja power! (When getting an 'A' rank)
  • Good job. Nothing more to be said. (When getting an 'B' rank)
  • Not bad. No complaints. (When getting an 'C' rank)
  • Be on guard. Focus and prepare yourself. (When getting an 'D' rank)
  • Insulting. Your training has been a waste of time. (When getting an 'E' rank)
  • Roger. (Clearing the stage)
  • Spirits unite! (1000-point combo quote)
  • Behold! Ninja Power! (2000 point combo quote)
  • There's gotta be a major misunderstanding here, but we can't back down now.
  • Where there's light, there's shadow. Careful... (at the start of Casino Park)
  • Evil must die! Beware my ninja power! (before fighting Egg Emperor)
  • Die a lonely death! (After winning 2P battle mode)
  • We'll take you on, but I promise you'll regret this. (When beginning 2P mode)
  • Death to the evil one! Prepare to die, Eggman! (after getting an A rank on Egg Hawk)
  • Hermit Crabs... must be nearby. (Seaside Hill)
  • Ready any time. (when team gauge ready.)
  • I failed! (gets hit by an enemy)
  • Missed... (loses all his rings)
  • Nerr Der Lebala Nebala (caught up in tornado)
  • We've been had!

Vector the Crocodile[edit]

  • Perfect! The work of professionals, heh! (A Rank Quote)
  • No complaints! (B Rank Quote)
  • Not bad! (C Rank Quote)
  • Maybe... this wasn't our day. (D Rank Quote)
  • Lackluster performance, I'd say. (E Rank Quote)
  • Looking good! (800-point combo)
  • Whoa, not bad! (1000-point combo)
  • It's truly amazing! (cackles) (2000 point combo)
  • You know our policy! We never turn down work that pays!
  • (while standing still) Darn, I forgot to pay the electric bill for the office.
  • (while standing still) I'm starving.
  • (while standing still) We should take an island vacation when we get our reward.
  • Good job, boys! Guess that Eggman was a fake after all!
  • Leave this to me, boys!
  • You're either a genius or a madman. Either way, you'll be sorry for getting in our way!
  • (having met Eggman before Robot Storm) There you are, you moustache moron! (adressing to the walkie talkie) He's the one, right?
  • This is gonna cost you extra!
  • Hey, there's a frog over there.
  • (to Charmy) WHADDYA DOIN'? BE QUIET!!
  • Why do you think we're here? How else are we gonna make the rent?
  • Strangely enough, I had the same weird feeling about our client's REAL identity. It could be you-know-who.
  • Some nerve promising what you ain't got. (Cracks knuckles)
  • "Once we start a job we finish a job, Thats our policy, We're TEAM CHAOTIX!" (in the cutscene before "Egg fleet")
  • Red! I said red laser!
  • Blue! I said blue laser!
  • Yellow! I said yellow laser!
  • Dr. Eggman, I presume?
  • Bad luck for me... (lost all his rings)

Team Dark[edit]

E-123 Omega[edit]

  • I am Omega! The ultimate E-series robot! (When getting an 'A' rank)
  • This proves my power. (When getting an 'B' rank)
  • Satisfactory level. (When getting an 'C' rank)
  • Power balance adjustment needed. (When getting an 'D' rank)
  • I couldn't even beat Gamma or Beta. (When getting an 'E' rank)
  • Must eliminate all Eggman robots!
  • Large weapon transporter battleship: Destroyed! (after defeating Egg Albatross)
  • Eggman robots, primary target!
  • Activate when ready. (when Team Blast Gauge is full)
  • Primary target is Eggman! Don't forget it!
  • Beaten by fruits, how weak they must be. (in reference to Eggman robots being crushed by falling fruit)
  • (In reference to ghosts) Does not compute, illogical!
  • You know about cloning... the original must exist somewhere.
  • Kill!
  • Worthless consumer models!
  • Step aside!
  • Mission failed... (falling into an abyss)
  • Danger: steep grade ahead. (near cliffs)
  • Sensors locked on Eggman, non-compliant intruders will be destroyed! (Fight with Team Sonic)
  • Group of Shadow-like creatures destroyed! (After defeating Team Sonic)
  • Eggman target, Completely destroyed!
  • Warning, immediate destruction if distracted.
  • The E-2000, so they are in production. I'll destroy them all.
  • New target acquisition. Sights locked on: Metal Sonic (During battle with Metal Madness)
  • Scheduled maintenance overdue. (when standing still)
  • Combat ability of these two is beyond my expectations. (when standing still; presumed reference to Shadow and Rouge)
  • I'll eliminate them all!
  • Incoming red laser!
  • Incoming yellow laser!
  • Incoming blue laser!
  • This flower is engineering like a helicopter. (When they ride on the flower)
  • This is a job for Rouge!
  • This is a job for Shadow!

Rouge the Bat[edit]

  • Perfect! As usual. (When getting an 'A' rank)
  • Piece of cake. (When getting an 'B' rank)
  • Hmm... not bad. (When getting an 'C' rank)
  • I can do better... (When getting an 'D' rank)
  • I'm ashamed to call myself a treasure-hunter! (When getting an 'E' rank)
  • This must be it! I found Eggman's secret treasure!
  • (to Shadow and Omega) Now, you two make up so we can look for Eggman together. (piles hands with Omega and Shadow) Oh, yeah, baby! This makes us a TEAM!
  • I'll find Eggman's treasure first!
  • Anytime now! (When Team Blast Gauge is full)
  • You guys don't fool me! I know what you're after! Better stay outta my way!
  • I wonder if Shadow is alright...(Said while standing still in Frog Forest.)
  • All this for what, nothing? I might as well go look for that Master Emerald since that irritating echidna's here.
  • What an ugly train. (Rail Canyon)
  • Man, who are those creeps over there? (Refering to the Chaotix Team)
  • Heh... that Knuckles sure hasn't changed much! (standing still)
  • Hmm. I haven't seen the president in awhile. (standing still)
  • I wonder if there are any jewels around here... (standing still in Hang Castle)
  • Blast my bat hedgehog Shadow......

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Perfect as always. (After getting an A rank)
  • Piece of cake. (After getting an B rank)
  • Just average. (After getting an C rank)
  • Not taking this seriously. (After getting an D rank)
  • What's wrong with me? (After getting an E rank)
  • Just watch this! (1000 point combo or passing through a rainbow-colored ring)
  • This is the Ultimate Power! (2000 point combo)
  • You'll regret this, Doctor, even if I'm not real, I'm still the ultimate lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog!
  • Sonic... Why does that name bother me so much?
  • I shall find the answer to who I really am. (Beginning of Frog Forest)
  • What was with that hedgehog who looked like my twin?!
  • Some things never change, do they? (in reference to Rouge's treasure obsession)
  • Outnumbered, but they're still no match! (in reference to large group of Eggman robots).
  • Hmph! Hope you can keep up with me!
  • Useless heaps of metal!
  • Useless pieces of junk!
  • Well... (grunt) Never mind. Let's go.
  • No problem, let's get moving.
  • No need to rush... (in reference to Rouge or Omega).
  • Who do they think they are? (in reference to a group of Eggman robots)
  • Precisely. (when obtaining an extra life in a hidden location in Sea Palace)
  • Cool city. (in reference to the first Casino level)
  • You'll regret this. (2-player mode)
  • You should thank me for letting you live. (Team Chaotix Battle)
  • (beginning of Egg Fleet) Space... did you say SPACE?
  • I'm feeling a bit uneasy... time to attack! (Final Fortress)
  • (while grinding in Final Fortress) This weather... could be an omen...
  • No time for messing around! Let's get ready! (Robot Storm)
  • Your weakness disgusts me. (2-player mode)
  • Annoying punks...
  • Sonic...we're counting on you! (after Team Dark fights Metal Madness)
  • Hmph! Hope you can keep up with me! (beginning of first level)
  • So... that Eggman is behind all of this.
  • Don't underestimate me Doctor. (after defeating Egg Hawk)
  • End of the line, Doctor. (after defeating Egg Emperor)

Team Sonic[edit]

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

  • Perfect! (After getting A Rank)
  • Hmmm... not bad. (After getting B Rank)
  • Guess that's about it! (After getting C Rank)
  • I didn't use all my strength! (After getting D Rank)
  • Just enough to pass. (After getting E Rank)
  • I think my heart stopped... (After being shot out of a cannon in Bullet Station)
  • Are you playing with that girl's heart again, Sonic?
  • Heh, no worries, we've got this one!
  • Maybe...that was the ghost of Shadow we saw earlier.
  • I'm just warming up!
  • Already?! (After filling up the Team Blast Gauge)
  • (After defeating Egg Hawk) Heh. Ready for the junk pile!
  • Not a very bright move for a genius! (after finishing robot storm level)
  • Hey, c'mon now! DON'T DO IT, SONIC!
  • Why would we wanna kidnap Froggy or Chocola?
  • There's some powerful rain...
  • (agitated) Well, if I can't convince them, then I'll just let my fists do the talking!
  • There's something wrong with Shadow! (seeing Shadow's memory loss in the Team Sonic/Team Dark sub-boss fight)
  • The rain the black frog summons is known to kill plants.
  • They're EVERYWHERE!
  • Hey, which way is the cannon facing? HEY!!
  • Whew! I Think my heart stopped!
  • Hey! You surprised me!
  • The 3 of us are UNSTOPPABLE!
  • What a wild ride. (during loopings like Seaside Hill or Rail Canyon)

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • (Upon entering Hang Castle) Sonic, you sure this is the right way? But it's so spooky here.
  • (In response to Knuckles thinking Shadow was a ghost) Ahh! Stop it, Knuckles!
  • Sonic! We only have 24 hours left!
  • (About the Eggman decoy) It's not an Eggman robot...
  • Must be my lucky day!
  • Leave it to me.
  • All right! (Clearing the stage)
  • Sonic! Knuckles! We did it! (A Rank)
  • Not too shabby! (B Rank)
  • Guess that's that! (C Rank)
  • A bit tough! (D Rank)
  • We can do better... (E Rank)
  • Look at all those Eggman's robots!
  • Making robots is the same as breaking them (after finishing robot carnival level)
  • Hey look it's Sonic!
  • Sonic, Knuckles, wait for me! (when he realizes he stayed behind, seconds before the decoy mutates itself)
  • I'm falling!
  • Wow, my head's spinning. (during loopings like Seaside Hill or Rail Canyon)
  • You're finished, Eggman! (after finishing Egg Emperor level)
  • Aagh! (lost all his rings)

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (whistles) That was TIGHT! (After Getting A Rank)
  • Too easy! (After Getting B Rank)
  • Barely made it. (After Getting C Rank)
  • Hmm... No problem. (After Getting D Rank)
  • Shoot. Not my day. (After Getting E Rank)
  • Let's blast through with sonic speed!
  • Hmm, sounds like an invitation to party!
  • All right, Eggman. Let's get this party started!
  • Time to crack that Eggman wide open! Yeah, let's party!
  • Trying to stop us now? What a joke!
  • Eggman, you're finished!
  • Marriage?! No way! (defeated Team Rose in Team Battle 1)
  • Amy, knock it off! There's no time to play!
  • Eggman! No way off the hook this time! (Beginning of Frog Forest)
  • (as Super Sonic, beaten Metal Overlord) TOO BAD IT'S ALL OVER... FOR YOU!
  • Okay then. Let's get ready to do this. We'll show that creep the real super power of TEAMWORK!
  • Hey, that's MY line! (at Team Dark battle)
  • Alright! Our next adventure awaits us, so there's no time to waste! Yeah! We're SONIC HEROES!
  • Now it's time to get serious!
  • Heh, Because We're Sonic Heroes!
  • Yahoo! (flying far)
  • Woohoo! (during loopings like Seaside Hill or Rail Canyon)
  • Ready anytime! (After filling up the Team Blast Gauge)
  • So THAT'S Metal Sonic?!
  • Yo, Tails! Long time no see!
  • Boy. Amy sure doesn't give up that easy!
  • We got some time, feeling lucky?
  • Heh, talk about being stubborn and full of surprises!
  • Uaargh! (loses all his rings.
  • Gotta go fast! (Speeed)
  • Sonic's the name Speeds my game!

Team Rose[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]

  • We're, like, awesome! (When getting an 'A' rank)
  • I just knew we could do it! (When getting an 'B' rank)
  • Just this will do. (When getting an 'C' rank)
  • Guess we could have tried harder. (When getting an 'D' rank)
  • We couldn't even impress Sonic like this... (when getting an 'E' rank)
  • Sonic, this time, there's no way out of marrying me!
  • Robot freaks are SO disgusting!
  • *sighs* I wonder where Sonic is...
  • Gotcha, My darling Sonic!
  • OUCH! (when she gets hurt)
  • That's no way to treat a lady! (losing all her rings)
  • My head's spinning!
  • Yeahhh! (flying far)
  • This train looks tacky. (Rail Canyon)
  • My love is undeniably powerful! (After defeating Egg Emperor boss)
  • Hey! (Stomping right boot on right foot) It's just a stupid copy! (After defeating Egg Albatross Boss and finding fake Eggman)
  • If you want a fight, you got one! Let's go get that bloated buffoon! (at the start of Egg Fleet)
  • It's your fault Sonic and I aren't together! You're gonna regret this for the rest of your life!
  • A chaonapping!
  • Well, betcha Doctor Eggman has something to do with it, and we're not going to let him get away with it!
  • Oh, my God! (upon finding 1-up)
  • Sonic, give up! This time you're mine!
  • You're the one who's pretending to be Sonic! You're the one who's responsible for taking Froggy and Chocola!
  • Hey, you guys, cheer up! You know we'll find them! No time to waste just standing here! Come on, guys, let's get going!
  • If it's about a date, it'll halfta wait!
  • That's the way you gonna lose!
  • Aww.. (Amy gets upset after Sonic escapes from her again along with Tails and Knuckles)
  • Sorry to leave like this, but I can't let my Sonic get away!
  • No doubt about it, my heart is never wrong. (at the start of Grand Metropolis)

Big the Cat[edit]

  • Kinda super duper happy! (When getting an 'A' rank)
  • That was good! (When getting an 'B' rank)
  • Not too bad I guess (when getting an 'C' rank)
  • We should try to do better next time! (when getting an 'D' rank)
  • I'm feeling a little blue. (getting an 'E' rank)
  • The cute rabbit can do it.
  • That's a no-no, doctor... (at start of Egg Hawk boss)
  • It's not nice to tease my friends! (fight with Chaotix)
  • Oh, goody!
  • Froggy, where are you?
  • That was a big birdy! (end of egg hawk)
  • My head is spinning...
  • Up?
  • Feels good!
  • Hooo-heee! (flying far)
  • Hey, where's my team?
  • Hey, you can't do that! (fought out of the ring)
  • I can't... (lost all his rings)

Cream the Rabbit[edit]

  • I'm so happy I want to tell everyone! (When getting an 'A' rank)
  • As long as we stay together, we can do anything! (When getting an 'B' rank)
  • Cheese, you did great too. Thank you! (When getting an 'C' rank)
  • That was pretty tough! (When getting an 'D' rank)
  • Disappointing... (When getting an 'E' rank)
  • Doctor Eggman, PLEASE STOP BEING BAD!
  • I can't believe you would do such a thing!
  • Amy, please be more careful with our only clue.
  • This is making my head spin!
  • Cheese, get 'em!
  • We're sorry, Team Sonic!
  • I shouldn't have done THAT, tee hee!
  • I'm so glad for you, Cheese! (When Cheese and Chocola are reunited)
  • We broke Dr. Eggman's machine! (A Rank on Egg Hawk)
  • That's so very nice!
  • I'll betcha you're the ones who took Chocola-Chao.
  • That's not very nice. (when she loses all her rings by being rammed by a robot)
  • Doctor Eggman, you should really stop causing so much trouble. (before fighting the Egg Hawk)
  • Amy, are you sure Mr. Sonic is here?
  • Then it must be so. (at the start of Grand Metropolis)


[Team Rose and Chaotix battle cutscene]
Vector: Excuse me miss. I was wondering if I could ask you something.
Amy: If it's about a date, it'll halfta wait.
Vector: A DATE!? You think this is a joke, you little brat!?
Espio: Now, hand over that chao nice and easy...
Cream: (holds Cheese defensively) I'll bet you're the ones that took Chocola-Chao!
Vector: [confused] What?!?
Big: It's not nice to tease my friends!
Charmy: (looks around in confusion) [shouting] Yeah! Time to rock and roll!

Dr. Eggman: Metal Sonic has finally transformed!
(All of Eggman's troopers flee in panic)
Sonic: So THAT'S Metal Sonic?!?
Eggman: It's useless! Metal Sonic has combined your data with the power of Chaos and is super-strong! We can't defeat it! (growls) If only we had the 7 Chaos Emeralds!
(most of the members of Team Sonic, Dark, Chaotix and Rose each take out the legendary gems and show them)
Eggman: What's this? But how? Even with the Emeralds' power, our chances for victory are slim! It would take a miracle!
Sonic: (tossing the Blue Chaos Emerald up and down twice) Just leave that to me, doc.
Amy: (frightened) Sonic, no!
Tails: I'm going with you, too!
Sonic: Tails?
Knuckles: You can count ME in, too.
Sonic: Knuckles?
Shadow: OK, guys. We'll buy you some time. That way you can use your superpowers.
(Omega shakes his clawed fist in aproval. Teams Rose and Chaotix nod their heads. Tails and Knuckles run up to Sonic)
Sonic: OK, then. Let's get ready to do this. We'll show that creep the REAL super power of TEAMWORK!!!

Vector: Dr. Eggman!
Eggman: You've made quite a mess here. I'll accept your apologies and payment with your lives!
Vector: Want some? Come and get it!
Espio: En guarde!
Charmy: Guard on!

Amy: You're the one pretending to be Sonic, you're the one responsible for taking Froggy and Chocola!
Cream: I can't believe you would do such a thing!
Big: You're going to pay for this!
Metal Sonic: I'll tear you to pieces!

Espio: Transformation isn't quite complete yet!
Charmy: Incomplete FREAK!
Vector: Now's the time to strike!
Metal Sonic: You're all useless now that I've copied all your data!

Shadow: So YOU'RE the one behind all of this, huh?
Rouge: Consuming power of others at your own will. Humph, and that's supposed to make YOU tough?!
Omega: New target aquisition. Sights locked on: Metal Sonic.
Metal Sonic: Even the Ultimate Life-Form can't stop ME!!!!!

Amy: (victorious chuckle) We're done! You guys ready?
Metal Sonic: It's too late!

Vector: We're almost done here.. now it's up to you!
Metal Sonic: This victory shall soon turn into DESPAIR!

Shadow: Sonic, we're counting on you!
Metal Sonic: How appropriate to have a robot Overlord rule a robot kingdom!

Sonic: Here we go! You all ready?
Tails: Of course!
Knuckles: We're with you until the end!
Sonic: Hmph! You actually thought you could defeat me? By transforming into a monster!?!
Metal Sonic: But that was the past... now you're nothing but a speck of dust to me!

Knuckles: Man, he's tough!
Tails: Is he invincible?
Sonic: It's not over yet! Let's show him what we're made of!
Metal Sonic: See me as I am, no longer afraid of anything! I shall become the Ultimate Overlord, ruling as the worlds most supreme being!

[Final blow]
Metal Sonic: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Why!? I had it all! I am the Ultimate Overlord, Metal Sonic. I AM THE REAL SONIC!
Tails: Yeah, we did it!
Knuckles: (sighs in relief) That was pretty tough.
Sonic: Too bad it's all over... FOR YOU!

Rouge: We're flying very high. We may even be on the edge of space!
Shadow: "Space"? Did you say SPACE?

Rouge: All of this for what, nothing? I might as well go after the Master Emerald since that irritating ECHIDNA is here.
Shadow: Heh... Somethings never change do they? (with a dry smile)
Rouge: Whaddya sayin', what else is a famous treasure hunter supposed to do?

Vector: Guess he was a fake after all.
Espio: What do you mean, "after all"?
Vector: We're here to save you... (breaks the door) Dr. Eggman, I presume. (Eggman makes a face)
Espio: (in shock) What's going on?

Unused quotes[edit]

Sonic Battle[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]

  • Sonic, what are you doing here?! Go back to where you came from or you'll get smashed, stomped on, and turned to ashes!
  • Sonic! You can't hide from me now! I know you're here! My cards tell me you're here!
  • I'm going to get the super diet machine from the TV!
  • Rouge! What dirty little deed are you up to?
  • You dorks are a bunch of losers!
  • Ahh!
  • Hello there!

Cream the Rabbit[edit]

  • Hiii!
  • Ohh...
  • Yes!
  • Tee hee hee!
  • Tee hee hee, I won!

E-102 "Chaos" Gamma[edit]

  • What could a little bunny and her little round animal do to stop me?
  • (After being KO'ed) Initiating recovery mode! (explodes)

E-121 Phi[edit]

  • Detected! You will be captured! I will capture you for Dr. Eggman!
  • Found him! Found him! Capture him! Capture him!


  • Let's blow this taco stand!
  • (after seeing Sonic being struck by Amy) Your punch got no juice, fool! You couldn't even kill a fly with that!
  • Show me your power. Or I shall not obey. I represent all things and shall become Gizoid, the conquerer of all.

Rouge the Bat[edit]

  • I always get what I want!
  • Winning is everything.
  • What an ugly contraption. (In reference to E-121 Phi)
  • (If you lose a battle against her in Tails' story) I guess I won!
  • (After kissing a confused Tails) Oh, how adorable! You're turning bright red!

Dr. Eggman[edit]

  • I took some Hedgehog Begone and converted it to Gizoid Begone!
  • My acting skills are unmatched.
  • How's this?!
  • It can't be!

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

  • I have no time to play games.
  • It already created a 'link' with you.
  • Didn't even break a sweat!
  • I'll show you my ultimate power.
  • The builders never understand how their creations truly feel.
  • I, as your new Master, command you--Bring hope to humanity!

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Man, I'm so bored!
  • You know, I don't like losing!
  • Time to party!
  • Sweet!
  • Here I come!
  • Yes!
  • What?!
  • Yah!
  • Whoa!
  • Emerl... You...

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • I must be getting stronger!
  • Okay, to get the Catapuss out of here!

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

  • Shut up! I'll tear this rustbucket apart!
  • It looks like I'm famous now. (in reference to all the robots chasing him)
  • Bring it on!
  • Stone fists!


Rouge: How about we play a game?
Tails: Game?
Rouge: Just a little fight, if you and your robot 10KOs first you win, and for winning I'll led you my lab pass, what you do say? it shouldn't be any problem to you win my lab pass, right?
Tails: Well... I suppose... Why do you want to help us anyway?
Rouge: You two precious little boys seemed so lost
Tails: I don't trust you
Rouge: Whether you do or don't, Are you ready?, Shall we begin?

[Tails and Emerl beat Rouge]

Rouge: Uh... not bad, here's my lab pass as I promised. (Gives the lab pass to Tails)
Tails: T-thanks
Emerl: Thanks! Thanks!
Rouge: Oh, what a good little boy! Won't you tell me your name? (Emerl remains silent) It really don't listen anybody but its master, OK, see you later, bye.

[Alternate scene: Rouge defeats Tails and Emerl]

Rouge: I guess I won
Tails: Oww... she beat us... now what do we have to do for you? (Rouge giggles and kiss him on the cheek, making him blush) Wh-what are you doing?
Rouge: Oh, how adorable! You're turning bright red! Hah! I'll lend you my lab pass since I had such a good time anyway.

Sonic: We were just about to get warmed up!
Emerl: Warmed up! Warmed up!

Cream: I don't like it when people get hurt or sad.
Emerl: Sad?
Cream: It's when your heart hurts.
Emerl: Heart... hurts...

Emerl: Will ya teach me some new attack techniques now?
Amy: Will ya?
Emerl: Oh, I mean "Please"?

Dr. Gerald Robotnik: If all powers are not what is to be obtained for oneself, but what is to be born from hearts that yearn for someone, then I believe all conflicts shall cease to exist.

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]

  • Ah, Shadow, I'm so glad you're here! Cream went into this weird-looking castle and she hasn't come back out! Will you come in there with me to look for her?
  • Hey, look! It's a balloon!
  • Oh... Where did she go?
  • (Battling Egg Breaker) Why can't you just leave us alone? Shadow, bring him down!
  • Just leave the robots alone!
  • Aah! I-I can't move...! (after gas is released during Devil Doom boss fight)
  • I'm sure he's fine, Rouge, after all, he IS Shadow!

Black Doom[edit]

  • BLACK BULL! I summon you!
  • Come, Black Bull! Burn this entire city and its inhabitants to ash!
  • Black Bull! Show me your true strength!
  • Annihilation for this planet is near... it is time to embrace the dawn of your demise and despair!
  • You deliberately DISOBEYED me, Shadow!
  • Behold, the wrath of Black Arms!
  • The Particle Beam weapon will do gruesome things to your flesh. Watch out.
  • You humans are SO pathetic.
  • I transported this flying fortress to Earth over 2000 years ago... It's MAGNIFICENT! The perfect killing machine! Ready to impose terror in unimaginable ways!
  • For your own sake, do not fall. Now, get going!
  • What is that massive electric shock?! Is that an attack from one of the battleships? (in reference to the lightning. Black Doom appears to be unfamiliar with Earth's weather conditions)
  • Why? Why can't you see that the humans are the parasites of this world? Absolute control is the only way to save them. They must be eliminated! So Shadow, open your eyes, and realize, that befriending the humans was a mistake!
  • I gave you life, and yet you defy me?! So be it! You shall pay for your ingraditude with relentless PAIN!
  • Behold... The ARK is DOOMED!
  • Ahhh, my dear offspring. EAT and devour these SAVOURY DISHES! (laughs)
  • Silence! The ramifications of your disobedience will be severe!
  • Now come SHADOW! Die, along with these foolish humans!
  • I give you life, and THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME. The irony of it all is I gave you life, now, I'll take it back! (Floats off, laughing)
  • At long last, the gas from this comet has covered this tainted world. NOW MY REIGN HAS BEGUN!! (laughs)
  • Have it your way Shadow... Be prepared to meet your maker! Your past, present and Future ends here, TODAY! PREPARE TO...DIE! Say goodbye, Shadow... As you witness my TRUE WRATH!
  • I'll shred you to pieces!
  • Very soon the gas will fill this entire planet....face it Shadow! You can't change the fate of this planet not by yourself!
  • (Final words after being defeated) I-Impossible! I am the supreme being that rules this universe! I AM THE IMMORTAL LIFE FORM! I AM THE ULTIMATE POWER!
  • Destroy those insolent fools!
  • Grahh... how could you possibly be able to injure me?
  • What are you doing, you traitor?
  • Shadow, stop at ONCE!
  • The humans seemed to have convinced you with this absurdity. Therefore, I have no choice but to kill you too!
  • Then get ready to die! Let me show you the ultimate power in the universe!
  • Those humans have brainwashed you and your feeble mind. Allow me to remind you of the truth!
  • Now I will show you just how pitiful you inferior life forms are!
  • Shadow... This isn't over yet... The Black Arms will rise again...
  • This will remind you of what the humans have done to you.
  • Shadow, let your lust for revenge give the TRUE power you need!
  • Shadow... As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here. Find the seven Chaos Emeralds and bring them to me... AS PROMISED!
  • You're late, Shadow. From now on, my eye will follow and observe you for me. Now, start by finishing off these soldiers that dare to defy me.


Charmy Bee[edit]

  • Hey, Shadow! I gotta ask you something. Vector told me that he wants me to find five top secret disks... but, like, what's a top secret disk?
  • Yow! There are black creatures everywhere around here!
  • (In singsong) Yahoo! Whoosh! (Normally) Try not to crash, okay? This thing is way too fun!
  • (In singsong) Shadow, you're so cool!
  • Hey, don't drag me into this! (when Shadow attacks GUN soldiers)
  • You're uh, gonna just make them madder. (when Shadow attacks GUN soldiers)
  • I got it, the first secret disk!
  • Yahoo! Number two!
  • That's three! I'm so psyched!
  • That makes four of them!! Only one more!!
  • Got 'em! All of 'em!
  • Check it out! A giant wooorm! (sarcastically)
  • FIRE!!! Hot, hot, hot!!!

Espio the Chameleon[edit]

  • Shadow, thanks for your help earlier. Actually, I need to extract some data out from Eggman's database. Feel like lending a hand?
  • That's one of the terminals that Vector told me about.
  • Damn! We've been detected!
  • All talk and no action. Typical.
  • When his hammer impacts he sends out a shockwave. Be careful.
  • Don't listen to him, Shadow... Kill him now so we can get out of here...
  • I'm getting too old for this...
  • Hey, back off! Data retieval isn't exactly my specialty.
  • Easier said than done... who signed me up for this anyway?
  • An assasin perhaps?
  • If you fall here... I fear there is no returning...
  • And yet ANOTHER color puzzle.
  • Need I remind you that we're undercover?
  • (heavy breathing) Now that's what I call "lightning fast"
  • What? This data is fragmented! The terminals aren't connected!

Vector the Crocodile[edit]

  • Well well, if it isn't Shadow! Your timing is impeccable! We've got to make it to the computer room before this place collapses!
  • Find the computer room!
  • Bingo! The computer room!
  • Hey Shadow! Let's go for a ride!
  • You know, I think you made him mad!!
  • Let's find that computer room and get the heck outta here!
  • (When running out of time on Cosmic Fall) Ohhhh... I'm too young to die!
  • Whoa! Where'd that green laser come from?
  • Those GUN robots are heavily armed! Did you forget to pay your taxes or something?
  • Hey, don't go there! Yet. Things may not be what they seem! You could be... (Shadow starts to walk away before Vector could finish what he was going to say)
  • Ugh... Shadow! Let's finish this!

Cream the Rabbit[edit]

  • Oh, Shadow, thank you! But Cheese wandered off into that castle, Shadow, you have to find him… please!

G.U.N. Commander[edit]

  • You don't fool ME, Shadow! This time, it's MINE!
  • Damn you!
  • Now what's going on?
  • So he's finally decided to show himself. Attention all command units! Prepare to strike ALL incoming vessels! Mobilize Diablon!
  • I don't care! We have NO other option! We MUST protect the President AND the Chaos Emeralds at all costs!
  • Shadow... Damn you! It's been 50 years. Justice will finally be served.
  • (to Shadow) YOU! You're the one who destroyed the ARK and killed everyone on it! It's time to settle this once and for all!
  • YOU!!?
  • (before facing Sonic and Diablon) I've waited YEARS for this! Now let's finish it!
  • (before facing Sonic and Diablon) This is for my family... and for Maria! I'll settle this once and for all with my own hands!
  • Take this!
  • Hold still, you devil!
  • Energy charge commence! Just you wait, Shadow!
  • Charge complete! Now it's time to end this!
  • Antimatter cannon, FIRE!
  • No...! I have failed...

Dr. Eggman[edit]

  • What are you doing?!? (When Shadow attacks Eggman's robots)
  • Shadow, cut that out! (When Shadow attacks Eggman's robots)
  • Who do you think your enemy is!?! (When Shadow attacks Eggman's robots)
  • Use this teleporter to go back.
  • What?!
  • Noooooooooo!!! (When Shadow kills Eggman in the Neutral Ending)
  • Shadow, where are you going? The giant lantern is behind you!
  • I didn't know if there was an underground passage here.
  • Stupid ghosts, thinking they could just haunt my cryptic castle!
  • Where are you going? That'll take you outside!
  • Where are you going, Shadow?!? There are still GUN soldiers left!
  • Keep it up. There are still lots more left!
  • Don't destroy my marvelous robot's balancing ball, Shadow. You'll ruin his fun little act!
  • There are still GUN troops left.
  • That's my Chaos Emerald! Don't you touch it!
  • Nooo! Not my beloved battleship! Shadow, I won't forget this!
  • I wonder how my robots are doing?
  • Head for the temple!
  • There's no time to waste!
  • Ohh, that little sneaky thief! I'll smash him to pieces!
  • Now, let me show you the power of my latest, greatest creation!
  • This is what you get for turning against your master.
  • Lights out!
  • Take this!
  • AAH! Blast your place, Android!
  • You know what they say, the more, the merrier!
  • Oh, you've asked for it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! Time to crush you once and for all! (while attacking Egg Breaker)
  • All right, you asked for it. (while attacking Egg Breaker)
  • How dare you! (while attacking Egg Breaker)
  • Next time we meet, you won't be so lucky! Just you wait and see.
  • Curses! I won't forget this!
  • You haven't seen the last of me!
  • The Chaos Emeralds belong to me, all of them! No one gets in my way. Those who do will be destroyed! So stand clear or I WILL crush you, just as I will those black creatures.
  • Very well. If you refuse to obey me, then you'll just have to deal with my finest creation yet!
  • I will not allow you to defile my grandfather's legacy! Now, you will get to see the destructive power of my strongest creation yet!
  • I'll turn both of you into scrap with my latest and greatest invention.
  • Get ready for a real blast. It's time for Missile Fever.
  • Now it's time for Bomb Fever. Get ready to be blasted into oblivion.
  • Pawn Fever! Prepare to be skewered!
  • Gah! No! Don't drop them here. (After Shadow triggers Bomb Fever making Eggman the target)
  • No! My beautiful rings! (Rings coming out in the middle of the boss stage)
  • N-N-N-N-NO! Not Shadow Fever! (After Shadow triggers Shadow fever making him able to do Chaos Blast for a limited amount of time)
  • What? NO! This can't BE!!!!
  • Those idiots! They're destroying everything! How can I take over the city and build the Eggman Empire if there is no city?! I'm at my limit, I have no choice! Send in the Eggman Fleet. CHARGE!
  • Do not give the Emeralds to Black Doom, Shadow!
  • That's insane!
  • That can't be! He betrayed his people for research?? For Black Doom?!
  • Shadow... can you hear me? This might be the last chance I have to speak to you so... what I said about having created you... it was all a lie... everyone thought you died during that horrible incident... but I rescued you with one of my robots... you lost your memory that's all... you really are the ultimate lifeform my grandfather created!
  • What? W-w-wait! Abort launch! (After Shadow triggers Missle Fever which makes Eggman the target)
  • Idiot! Perhaps, I need to teach you a lesson!
  • Say hi, and be friends.
  • How dare you defy... ME!!
  • I made you... and this is how you repay me?
  • You ungrateful little pest... have you forgotten that it was MY grandfather who created you?
  • What?

E-123 Omega[edit]

  • Are you... The Original? If you are searching for Eggman, he's fleeing aboard his airship: The Egg Balloon. If you wish to confront him, then help me ground his vessel.
  • ERROR! Unable to compute why a base this size has gone undetected. ERROR!
  • We are here to face 'Eggman'!
  • Reassess target priorities!
  • Final target corfirmed comencing combat.
  • Do not concern yourself with them.
  • Object airborne without use of thrust or engine components. Does not compute.
  • Dr. Eggman! I will destroy you and reign supreme!
  • Eggman...i will defeat you once and for allǃ
  • Mission complete.
  • Eggman robot, eliminatedǃ
  • Shadowǃ Eggman is inside hereǃ If you have a need to confront him, then assist me in my researchǃ
  • acquired. Locked and loaded...FIREǃ

GUN Soldiers[edit]

  • Everyone who can still move, grab a weapon and take your positions!
  • The building's coming down!
  • The entire city's on fire!
  • Look out. Monsters!
  • Don't touch the red fruit.
  • That huge stone pillar just came down.
  • Stick together. I want two men to a team.
  • My house is on fire!
  • They're after the mother computer.
  • They keep breaking through the gates.
  • Protect the president.
  • Don't let them out of the city alive.
  • Don't let their warships get away.
  • Cover fire!
  • Shoot 'em!
  • Get him!
  • Get ready to fire!
  • Fire! Fire!
  • Incoming!
  • There he is!
  • Don't let him get away!
  • Freeze!
  • Take this!
  • This'll just take three seconds.
  • We have engaged the black aliens.
  • Engaging the black aliens in the ruins.
  • Engaging the black aliens along highway.
  • Engaging the black aliens at forest area.
  • Yes. The black aliens are there, too.
  • These guys are monsters!
  • They're too strong for us!
  • They're too powerful.
  • We've got them pinned down.
  • Alright, just a little more.
  • This is why I was against these experiments.
  • The experiments are fusing together.
  • They're multiplying at an extreme rate.
  • Shadow is fleeing with a civilian.
  • The ARK is now under our control.
  • There they are! The black aliens!
  • Spare me!
  • Gah... Oh... Ugh!
  • Mantis platoon, Heavy Dog reporting in. Primary target and the girl have been located. Acquiring targets. En route to intercept and destroy!
  • This is Heavy Dog. Target has been sighted: proceeding to engage and neutralize.
  • Charging particle beam cannon!
  • Energy charge complete!
  • Particle beam cannon, fire!
  • Mantis platoon Heavy Dog to HQ, come in. Requesting emergency assistance in eliminating target.
  • Critical damage taken to fuselage! We're losing! Aaaaargh!
  • ARK to Headquarters! ARK to Headquarters! Come in! Come in! Shadow's penetrated the ARK! He's headed towards the control room at the Eclipse Cannon!
  • 10-4. Copy that!
  • This is ARK Defense Unit Blue Falcon. I am engaging the hedgehog!
  • This is Blue Falcon! I am under attack the hedgehog! Moving into attack position!
  • This is Blue Falcon! Situation critical! Requesting assistance! He's... too strong!
  • HQ, do you read? HQ! Aaaargh!!
  • This is our last stand!
  • All humans, this is a full scale assault!
  • Prepare the tanks!
  • Come on, men. Familiar terrain gives us the advantage.
  • Don't underestimate GUN.
  • We need assistance!
  • We're done for!
  • We're under attack by giant alien soldiers!
  • Nobody gets away from GUN.
  • Mr. Yuji Naka is all right.
  • Hold the line, man.
  • I can't get a lot.
  • Hey, where's my bike? Has anyone seen where it is?
  • They got Keith!
  • They got ash!
  • They're like demons!
  • Is the president safe?
  • We've gotta hold the capital.
  • You have my thanks...
  • Thank you so much.
  • Hey! Answer me!
  • S-s-stop! D-don't move, or we'll shoot!
  • No! NO!
  • No! Stop!
  • Are things OK at your end?
  • Hey! Answer me!
  • There's that helicopter.
  • The giant bomb appears to have been disarmed.
  • Where's the bomb squad!?
  • Black hedgehog sighted.
  • Blue hedgehog spotted.
  • Red Echidna sighted.
  • We have spotted the batgirl.

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • Shadow!! We're in BIG trouble!! The black creatures are after the President's escape pod! We have to stop them and save him!
  • Yes! He did it! The Black Comet is destroyed!
  • That turret is so cool! I've never seen a vulcanized ceramic used for this sort of thing before.
  • Shadow... I believe in you... You can do it!
  • Hey! Cut it out!
  • SHADOW, NO!!!
  • Forget about that for now! We have to drive off the black creatures, first!
  • I'm afraid I've always taken sunsets for granted... I'm afraid of nightfall, tonight...
  • That's it, Shadow, keep grabbing 'em!
  • If you take damage, you'll lose some rings so watch out!
  • Okay. We got back about half of them. Think you can get the rest?
  • Almost there! There's just a few more!
  • 10 RINGS LEFT!!!! Be careful!
  • That's all of 'em!
  • Ahhh, I'm getting dizzy!
  • I can't keep my eyes open anymore!
  • Use this to start over!
  • Hey, Shadow! Wait up! We haven't gotten all the Rings back yet.

Rouge the Bat[edit]

  • I knew we could count on you.
  • Guess that's why we call YOU the ultimate lifeform.
  • Not bad!
  • Hey, they're on our side! (when Shadow attacks a GUN soldier)
  • Stop that! (when Shadow attacks a GUN soldier)
  • Stop attacking our allies! (when Shadow attacks a GUN soldier)
  • You're strong enough... I KNOW you are... (After Amy's "Please hurry" quote)
  • ...Shadow....(during final boss battle)
  • Oh, Shadow! What a coincidence running into you here.
  • What? What's he talking about?! (in reference to Doom's Eye speaking to Shadow before Black Bull fight)
  • Argh! Stupid walls!
  • I hope he's OK...

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (first lines) Shadow the Hedgehog. Why does that name haunt me? It's the only thing I can remember. And that gruesome image... [flashback on the ARK] Maria! MARIA!! [flashback ends] Who am I, and why can't I remember anything… and who is this Maria?
  • Just what was that all about? If he says that he knows the truth about who I am... then like it or not, I have to believe him. The only way I'm going to get the secrets to my past is to get those Chaos Emeralds!
  • Damn! Not here! (dying while airborne)
  • I can't... die here. (one of the lines said when dying on the ground)
  • This can't be! (one of the lines said while dying on the ground)
  • Damn it! (after getting hurt)
  • I will find the truth. (Using a continue)
  • You scum! You're going down!
  • Where's that DAMN 4th Chaos Emerald?!
  • This is just too easy! Guess this is my lucky day!
  • I bet no one expected this baby could fly.
  • CHAOS...BLAST! (while using the Dark gauge)
  • CHAOS...CONTROL! (while using the Hero gauge)
  • (When Hero gauge is full) Behold the ultimate power!
  • (When Dark gauge is full) Death to all who oppose me!
  • Goodbye, Doctor! (attacks Eggman)
  • Hmmm, the promised time, huh? Well then, time to go and fulfill this promise.
  • Hmph. Look how pathetic they are! I don't have time for these humans. (Witnessing the arrival of the Black Arms)
  • I take orders from no one. I do what I decide.
  • You can never control me, Black Doom. Now I understand why I am here. I made a promise and I am here to keep it. Today, I put my past behind me.
  • I've heard enough! You're boring me to death, Black Doom!! You're going down!!!!
  • (After Black Doom tells him how he is controlling him) DAMN YOU! NO, IT'S NOT TRUE!
  • A Chaos Emerald? You've got to be kidding me, guys! This is like taking candy from a baby, which is fine by me.
  • Black Doom! Your rule ends here, and it ends NOW!
  • How dare you harm Maria! Disgusting humans. Out of my sight! (after defeating Heavy Dog)
  • Ah... I can feel the power welling up inside me.
  • Mark my words, Black Doom, these so-called pathetic humans are NOT my enemies!
  • Goodbye forever... Shadow the Hedgehog... (final line)
  • Hmmm. Well, what a coincidence. I'd like to know what the good ol' doctor's up to as well.
  • (insane giggle, followed by an insane chuckle, as images flash through his mind) The pieces are coming together. This "Ultimate Lifeform" they keep referring to is the black hedgehog, and he... died! And I'm its copy. I must be the android Dr. Eggman created... Then it's clear what must be done! (turns around sharply) Doctor! You're going straight to the place you created me from!
  • Yes, Doctor, and you'll regret ever having created me. You're going straight to Hell!
  • Did I... die? (memory)
  • I'll be there, Maria! I swear, whatever it takes! I'll take care of the ARK and the Professor!
  • Those heartless humans! GET OUT OF MY WAY!
  • What's going on with me? I can't get these images out of my mind... those black creatures... How do they know me? Who was I before this?
  • Black Doom claims to have knowledge of my past.
  • Who am I?... I need to find the answer to that myself.
  • For what purpose do I exist?...
  • I will not be Black Doom's puppet!
  • Shadow... ANDROID? Am... I... an android... TOO!?
  • If what you say is true, then I will respectfully accept my fate. But I just need some time to uncover the REAL truth. (Talking to GUN commander)
  • (Desperate plea to voice) Doctor! PLEASE! I need to know... those androids... the ones that LOOK like me... am I...?
  • Whaaaa-?
  • Piercing... the staaars... (convinced by Doom)
  • Siding with them? You're joking, right? I'm the one who should be siding with whoever goes up against you! This time, you're going down, Sonic!
  • (evil giggle) All right. I know what I have to do. I was born to bring order to the humans. These humans. They don't value life. They're going to pay, pay with their lives for what they've done!
  • I'll stop anyone who tries to get in my way!
  • Anyone who tries to get in my way will be crushed.
  • Now you know what true suffering is, you pathetic humans. (after completing the Dark Mission of The Doom)
  • Maria. I'm glad that you're safe. (after completing the Normal Mission of The Doom)
  • I will protect people of the ARK. (after completing the Hero Mission of The Doom)
  • How dare you harm Maria! Disgusting humans! Out of my sight! (after defeating Heavy Dog)
  • There are only two more left. I will show NO mercy to those who get in my way!!
  • Now there's only one more!! Only a fool would dare try to stop me now!!
  • Space Colony... ARK. This place... so familiar... but why? This is... where I... Maria... died!?
  • At last, revenge. (after completing the Dark Mission in Central City)
  • Such a cowardly attempt to take the city. Unbelievable. (after completing the Hero Mission in Central City)
  • Do whatever you need too, Knuckles. I have my own reasons for being here. (after completing the Hero Mission in Black Comet)
  • Game over, Sonic. (after defeating Sonic and Diablon in a Semi-Dark run)
  • Never show your face around here again. (after defeating Egg Dealer in a Semi-Dark run)
  • Even if it takes everything I've got, then I will get the truth from the doctor. (after completing the Dark Mission of Mad Matrix)
  • Hmph. What a waste of my time. (after completing the Neutral mission of Mad Matrix)
  • The truth about my past is gotta be in the doctor's data, somewhere. (after completing the Hero Mission of Mad Matrix)
  • I have no past. What do you mean by that, Doctor? (after defeating Egg Breaker)
  • It's do or die, Sonic the Hedeghog. (after defeating Sonic and Diablon in a Pure Hero run)
  • Mere humans cannot stop me. (after defeating Sonic and Diablon in a Pure Dark run)
  • Sorry to disappoint, but this is the end. (after defeating Black Doom in a Pure Dark run)
  • This is what I must do for my atonement. (after defeating Black Doom in a Semi-Hero run)
  • Begone! I will not allow you to defile the ARK with your presence! (after defeating Egg Dealer in a Semi-Hero run)
  • Maria loved this planet. I will not let you destroy it! (after defeating Black Doom in a Pure Hero run)
  • Doctor, I have no further use for you. (after completing the Sky Troops Dark Mission)
  • You're not getting away from this time, Doctor. (after completing the Sky Troops Normal Mission)
  • I cannot betray the doctor. (after completing the Sky Troops Hero Mission)
  • This is the end of you, and the end to my cursed past! (Super Shadow after defeating Devil Doom)
  • Anybody who gets in my way is my enemy. (after completing the Westopolis Dark Mission)
  • Once I find all of the Emeralds, then I'll find the truth. (after completing the Westopolis Normal Mission)
  • Disgusting black creatures, get out of my sight. (after completing the Westopolis Hero Mission)
  • I had no choice. I need to know the truth. (after completing the Dark Mission in Air Fleet)
  • The Eclipse Cannon is nearby. Say your prayers, you disgusting humans. (after completing the ARK Dark Mission)
  • The ARK. Yes. This is where all begin. (after completing the ARK Normal Mission)
  • The doctor is gotta be this way. (after completing Cryptic Castle Dark Mission)
  • I'm one step closer to getting the truth from the doctor. I will not let them interfere with my plans. (after completing Cryptic Castle in Dark Mission)
  • Sorry, Doctor, but that Chaos Emerald is mine. (after defeating Egg Breaker)
  • Where am I from? Where am I going? Soon, the truth will be revealed. (after completing the Dark Mission in Cosmic Fall)
  • The planet-piercing Eclipse Cannon. There's no escape for you now. (after defeating Blue Falcon)
  • The ARK... Yes. This is where it all began. (after completing the ARK Normal Mission)
  • At last. The human resistance has been crushed. (after completing the Dark mission in G.U.N Fortress)
  • I will not allow those creatures to take this Emerald. (after completing the Hero mission in G.U.N Fortress)

Shadow's Realizations[edit]

  • ("Nihilist" ending) I'm Shadow... the Hedgehog. I was created to bring order and justice to the humans. With the power of these Emeralds, I'm going to destroy this damn planet! This is who I am! (maniacal laughter)
  • ("Tyrant" ending) I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form born to rule all. With the power of these Emeralds, I'm going to conquer the universe. This is who I am! (maniacal laughter)
  • ("Villain" ending) I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form born to protect and serve the dark lord Black Doom. With the power of these Chaos Emeralds, this world will become the dark empire. This is who I am! (maniacal laughter)
  • ("Independent" ending) I am Shadow the Hedgehog. I and only I know what is best. No one can tell me what to do. This is who I am!
  • ("Android" ending) I am Shadow Android, the ULTIMATE Life Form, a copy of Shadow the Hedgehog. With the power of these Emeralds, I will be stronger than him! This is who I am!
  • ("Rebel" ending) I am Shadow Android, the Ultimate Battle Life Form created by Eggman. You may have created me, doctor, but I will now lead this empire and androids will rule! This is who I am!
  • ("Zealot" ending) I am Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form, born and raised aboard the ARK. I shall live on... I am the protector of the ARK... I am living proof of the Ultimate Life Form. This... is who I am.
  • ("Outcast" ending) I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, a research experiment... gone deadly wrong! I've caused so much destruction... I should never have been created! This is who I am. (Walks away sadly while Vector tries to make him change his mind)
  • ("Champion" ending) I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, and now... I am the most powerful hedgehog in the world! The power of these Emeralds makes me invincible! I AM THE ULTIMATE HEDGEHOG!! THIS IS WHO I AM!!!! (cocky, triumphant laughter)
  • ("Hero" ending) I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, and I made a promise that I intend to keep. With the power of these Emeralds, Black Doom and his army are finished! This is WHO I AM.

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Hey, Shadow! Long time no see! Looks like the black creatures really mean business! Let's you and me show them a thing or 2!
  • Hey, he's on our side!
  • Stop!!
  • Shadow, what are you doing?!
  • Let's run along that fallen crane!
  • Woohoo! Now we're talkin'! Bring it on!
  • Well, look what the cat dragged in! Alright, Shadow, you know what to do!
  • You know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!
  • Oh, yeah, bring it on! Looks like this party's just getting started! Time to rock and roll! You up for this, Shadow?
  • Shadow, I can't let you go, not like this!
  • Shadow, why are you siding with those black creatures!?
  • What's wrong, are you tired?
  • Damn, they got away! Leave it to me, I'll chase 'em down!
  • Use Chaos Control to make your way inside!
  • Let's show the black creatures that we mean business.
  • Smash their tank.
  • The big boss is inside.
  • Yeah, it's time to ROCK and ROLL!
  • Shadow, don't you remember? We've once raced each other here. This is just like old times... a race for the Emerald!
  • (Alarmed when Shadow suddenly collapses to his knees, holding his head, giving a short cry of pain) Shadow! What's wrong!?!
  • Well, Shadow. Looks like we've reached the climax of our little game. Time to make the big bossman responsible for this invasion, step up and play!
  • Welcome to the next level.
  • Let's do this, Shadow!
  • I never thought I'd have to play with YOU like this, but I guess I have no choice!
  • (before Shadow battles Diablon) All right! You ready to do this? Come on!
  • Why is GUN after us now!? Shadow, what did you do!?!
  • That's a beetle, a GUN sentry droid.
  • GUN forces are giving it their all! We've gotta help them!
  • Hey, it's a squad of GUN soldiers! Let's give them a hand.
  • Shadow... What are you gonna do with them?
  • Shadow... Why...? Why are you siding with them?
  • (to Shadow) All right! You ready to do this? Come on!
  • Press the A (GameCube and Xbox)/X (PlayStation2) button again while jumping to hit enemies using a homing attack.
  • To swap you weapon for another weapon that's on the ground, just press the X (GameCube)/B (Xbox)/Circle (PlayStation2) button. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead using those things.
  • Now that was SWEET, Shadow!
  • It's been a long time since the two of us ran along here together. Now, time to kick things up a notch!
  • Sorry, but that Emerald's mine! See ya!
  • Hey! What's the matter, Shadow!?! Can't keep up!?!
  • Now it's time to dash for the finish line!
  • No dice, Shadow! There's no way you're beating me now!
  • Score one Chaos Emerald for the good guys! Sorry there, Shadow old buddy!
  • Once every 50 years, that Black Comet passes by this planet. (chuckles) Oh! Do you think those black creatures are somehow connected with that comet?


Shadow: [Standing next to the tree, newspaper caught on his leg titled "FIRE-IN-THE-SKY FESTIVAL Celebration! 50 Year return of Black Comet." And flew away, Shadow wonders to himself] Shadow the Hedgehog... Why does that name haunt me? It's the only thing I can remember. And that gruesome image... [Memory in the Ark at the person-eye view; 50 years ago. With Maria along with him away from the GUN soldiers, cornered at the room, Maria ejects the pod from the switch, the soldier pointed the gun at her and shot] Maria! [shakes his head] Who am I, and why can't I remember anything… and who is this Maria? [Looks up in the sky, covered by the thick red clouds, and all the Black Arms falling out of the eye of the clouds and causing destruction in Westopolis] Hmm, look how pathetic they are! I don't have enough time for these humans.
Black Doom: Shadow... [Shadow was confused, then the Doom's eye appears with the illusion of their ruler] As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here. Find the 7 Chaos Emeralds, and bring them to me as promised.
Shadow: Huh? Who are you and how did you know I'm Shadow, and what are you talking about? [the Doom's Eye flew away, and Shadow came to a halt from the impact] Just what was that all about? If he says he knows the truth about who I am, then like it or not, I have to believe him. The only way I'm going to get the secrets to my past is to get those Chaos Emeralds! [skates down the hill directly to Westopolis]

GUN Soldier: The black aliens have hit 6 major cities around the world, and every city is reporting significant damage and casualties. Among them, Westopolis has received the heaviest casualties, due to its weakened defense system. Downtown Westopolis has almost been completely destroyed. Unconfirmed sources have also reported seeing a black hedgehog in Westopolis.
GUN Commander: Shadow? Deploy the troops now, and if you see Shadow with the black aliens, then kill them all!
GUN Soldier: But sir, isn't Shadow on our side–?
GUN Commander: I gave you an order, soldier! He's evil, and he's the enemy! [The soldier leaves] You can't fool me, Shadow! This time, you're mine...

Tails: Yeah! He did it! The Black Comet is destroyed!
Sonic: Shadow... that was SWEET!
Rouge: I hope he's okay.
Amy: I'm sure that dude is fine, Rouge. After all, he is Shadow!
Dr. Eggman: How about giving me back those Chaos Emeralds now? (tries to sneak away)

(everyone laughs as Knuckles chases Eggman)

Charmy: Espio... are you in yet?
Vector: Quiet, Charmy! [Charmy unintelligible complaining] Espio, we need you to focus, 'cause if we don't hurry, all the data we recovered will be lost!
Espio: (groans) Easier said than done. Who signed me up for this anyway?!
Charmy: That's it! I'll do do it! Get out of the way!
Vector: Get back here, you idiot!
[Charmy crashes into the computer, and a fuzzy image of Professor Gerald appears on the screen]
Chaotix: Hey! It's working!

Sonic: That was sweet, Shadow!
Shadow: Well, I'm not here to save you...
Sonic: Thought you might say something like that! How about a little friendly competition?
Shadow: Don't waste my time.
Doom's Eye: (Moving past Shadow and Sonic) We have found the THIRD Chaos Emerald in this city. There's no time to waste here. (Keeps going)
Sonic: I guess that means... Welcome to the next level! Let's go! (Dashes off)
Shadow: (Following Sonic) Get back here!

GUN Soldier Over Radio: Emergency broadcast to all mobile units, headquarters to all mobile units. All points bulletin: be on the look out for Shadow, the black hedgehog, wanted for connections with the traitorous attacks. Order are...capture him, dead or alive.
Shadow: Out of my way! Coming through!
GUN Soldier: S-S-STOP! Don't move...or we'll shoot!
Shadow: Stupid humans. (Jumps up and attacks two soldiers)
GUN Soldier: (After being attacked) Ugh.
Black Doom: Very impressive, Shadow.
Shadow: Who are you?
Black Doom: You REALLY don't remember anything, do you? But you will... in time. However, there's no time to waste here. Go and access the United Federation's mainframe.

Sonic: Once every 50 years, that Black Comet passes over by this planet. [laughs, then breaks off] Oh! Do you think those black creatures are somehow connected with that Comet?
Shadow: [thoughtfully] Black... Comet... [before he can think any further, he claps his hands onto head, and cries out in pain, collapsing to his knees
Sonic: [Alarmed when Shadow collapses in pain] Shadow! What's wrong!?!

Sonic Riders[edit]

Sonic the Hedgehog/Super Sonic[edit]

I'll show you what true speed REALLY is!
Oh, new competition!
Be hold, the power of the Chaos Emeralds!

Hero Story[edit]

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]
Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

Babylon Story[edit]

Jet the Hawk[edit]
So, YOU'RE supposed to be the fastest thing alive?!
Wave the Swallow[edit]
Storm the Albatross[edit]

Dr. Eggman[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]

Oh, that girl! Who does she think she is?!


Sonic Rush[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]

  • A girl? Please tell me what Sonic needs from this cat girl!
  • Hmph! You're so mean, Sonic!
  • Nice to meet you! Are you looking for Sonic? I'm warning you though, I'm Sonic's girlfriend!
  • Man, you're stubborn! You can rely on your friends, you know.

Blaze the Cat[edit]

  • It seems you like playing with fire. Let me light up your fingers.
  • Yes. My name is Blaze the Cat.
  • Stay out of this. This is my responsibility, so I'll deal with it.
  • Perhaps... Perhaps you're right. I can rely on friends, if I let myself...
  • Led by the Chaos Emeralds, my world has begun to enter yours.
  • We're going to fly again? Uh, wait a sec. I'm kinda scared of heights...Aaah!
  • Because she's my friend... I must rescue Cream by myself.
  • I'll see you again.
  • You can't escape me!
  • How's that?
  • Never get on my bad side!
  • My enemies always fall before me.
  • (paniced) Cream! Do you hear me, Cream!?
  • What do you know? I am the Guardian of the Sol Emeralds. It is a duty that forces me to live with my curse... my flames... Because of my powers I have always been alone!
  • Sonic! It's headed right for you!

Cream the Rabbit[edit]

  • I've never seen you before. Would you like to be friends?
  • Amy has "Sonic Radar"! So wherever Amy goes, we'll find Sonic!
  • Blaze is my friend, and Amy's my friend. A friend of a friend is a friend! So, Sonic and Amy are also Blaze's friends!
  • Huh? You don't need to thank me. We're friends, aren't we?

Doctor Eggman[edit]

  • Sonic, you little pest! Soon, the ultimate power will be within my grasp, and I shall be invincible!
  • I'll never give up this last Sol Emerald!
  • A pity you cannot comprehend the power of the Sol Emeralds.
  • We're ready for you, Sonic! Our ultimate mecha will crush you!
  • Enough of your babbling! See, they are here!
  • Get ready to be scholled!

Eggman Nega[edit]

  • But in the end, you will be destroyed by... Eggman Nega!
  • It's best to get someone else to do the dirty work.
  • Then we can create our own dream world. It'll be an Eggman Land beyond this dimension!
  • My incredibly profound plans... It was such a small miscalculation that I made. It shouldn't matter. And it's not over yet. Just give me some time, and I'll...

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

  • Man, this makes me so angry. I want to punch something! Arrrgh! (Punches a rock, shattering it)
  • I sense a familiar power... Do you have Chaos Emeralds?
  • Hey, you, cat woman! It's payback time!

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • Idle hands can be a dangerous thing, Sonic! The ultimate power that Eggman spoke of... I wonder what kind of power he was talking about.
  • There's a tear in the space-time continuum... and it's expanding! If it continues to expand... the fabric of reality will become altered!

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Hey, what's up? Eggman's got another crazy scheme, and we saw some mysterious girl... Things are starting to get interesting, eh Tails?
  • I admire your fortitude, but... carrying the entire world on your shoulders?
  • As long as you have the power of friendship, the Sol Emeralds... will never lose their glow!
  • This is from me. I'll see you again!
  • As long as the person holding the emeralds can control them... and knows how to use them, nothing can go wrong.
  • Let's do it.


Knuckles: Hey, Cream. It's been a while.
Blaze: Uh, who is this guy?
Cream: That's Knuckles. He's a tough guy, but he isn't very bright.
Knuckles: What?!
Cream: Aaah!
Blaze: (Thinking) It doesn't look like Cream is too bright herself.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 video game)[edit]

Dr. Eggman[edit]

  • Now Princess, this way please...
  • I've come here to obtain the secret of the Flames of Disaster from you. And to take the miracle gems that are the key to its secret... The Chaos Emerald!
  • A pleasure to meet you at last, dear Princess of Soleanna.
  • You have wasted so much of my time!
  • (After Shadow enters the train by breaking through the ceiling) Wouldn't the door have been easier?
  • Mephiles played us all for fools! His plan all along was to cause the Princess to be so consumed with despair that she'd cry.
  • Here I come, Sonic! (during the Egg Wyvern boss battle)
  • It's no use! Pull back pull Back! (starting to leave from Mephiles being free)
  • I'm not finished yet!
  • Why you little... Upper cannons open fire! Shoot him down!
  • Not that irritating hedgehog again! ATTACK!!

Mephiles the Dark[edit]

  • Wuahahahaha! Oh, how ironic fate can be! I would never have believed I would be resurrected through your shade! I thank you. Shadow the Hedgehog!
  • I'm Mephiles, Mephiles the Dark. [long pause] What, did you forget me? I owe much to you, Shadow. [short pause] Oh, yes. [energy ball in his hand] What you gave to me, I now return to you: a 1-way ticket to oblivion!
  • I was expecting you sooner.
  • As you must know, you're already too late.
  • But it still time for you to change your mind. Join me, Shadow. Let us teach this world a lesson and rewrite the future.
  • It's a pity, Shadow the Hedgehog. Truly a shame that you would fight against me.
  • Hahahahahaha, ahahahahaha!!! Finally, the seal is broken! At long last, I will be able to join with you, IBLIS!! Now, Chaos Emerald. It's time for the final curtain call!
  • Just as a flower comes from a seed or a chicken comes from an egg, everything has an origin.
  • [to Omega during first battle] You're just a nuisance... robot.
  • [taking damage in Boss Battle] Gah!
  • [after Silver finds him in Soleanna] Why does that matter to you? Unless you complete your task, your future will remain the same... forever.
  • Drown in darkness!
  • Sink into darkness!
  • Looking for me?
  • I'm your shadow... You can't even touch me...
  • Why fight at all? Why risk your life for those who will persecute you later?
  • The 'I' of now absorbed your power through your shadow in the past. What may have worked ten years ago no longer does!
  • [After making hundreds of clones of him] You must realise by now that you can not hope to stop me with your 'limited' power!
  • I'll make sure you regret this, Shadow the Hedgehog!
  • Such foolishness. Very well! Let's see if you can entertain me!

Princess Elise III[edit]

Shadow's Story[edit]

E-123 Omega[edit]
  • Perfect Mission. (When achieving an "S" rank)
  • Now is the designated time!
  • I shall assist.
  • Shadow. Rouge asked me to support you.
  • What is Eggman up to? Who is Mephiles?
  • Shadow, the one who defeats and seals you in the future... (points to himself) is me.
  • Eventually when something or someone is seen as too powerful... it is seen as a threat. (reaches out "hand" to gesture at Shadow, who has turned away, unnerved) And then the world becomes its enemy.
  • Our targets are the Chaos Emeralds. Begin searching immediately.
  • (After dying) "System Error..."
Rouge the Bat[edit]
  • Don't you want to know what this is?
  • It's... It's so unfair! Shadow's always here to defend the world. Despite that...
  • Shadow...? Even if you believe everyone in the world will be against you... know that I'll always remain by your side. Remember that.
  • Well, now... I may not look it, but I'm a real treasure hunter. Unlike a certain echidna I know.
  • My precious Chaos Emerald. You are all so beautiful. Your mysterious brilliance...
  • I've found a Chaos Emerald!
  • Hmph. He finally shows up again and then he leaves before even saying, "Hello." Well, it seems his little trip hasn't changed him.
  • What did you think of my beautiful technique? (after getting an 'S' rank)
  • So, Shadow, what do you think?
Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]
  • Hmph. Perfect. (When achieving an "S" Rank)
  • Hmph. Not even a challenge. (When achieving an "A" Rank)
  • I determine my own destiny.
  • Don't try to deceive me. [Mephiles: What?] You have no desire for revenge. You only crave destruction. Your only lust is to fuel Iblis until there is nothing left of time itself.
  • That's absurd. Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it alone.
  • Follow me if you want the truth.
  • (while fighting Solaris) A super-dimensional being? Heh, this might even be a fair fight!
  • Guess that was alright. ("B" rank)
  • Need to stay focused.. ("C" rank)
  • I will release you from the chains of your past.
  • Time to unleash the ultimate power!
  • Rouge! You saved me.
  • This is the distant future, far removed from our own timeline.
  • (how to return) You need a space-time rift, but this requires a lot of energy.(After Sonic answers)Yes, but that alone is insufficient!
  • (to Eggman) Who is Mephiles? And why are you trying to capture him?
  • (After fighting Mephiles) So you say, if the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always have!
  • I am Shadow. Shadow The Hedgehog.
  • To discover what happened, it seems we must see what took place 10 years ago. Follow me if you want the truth. (Jumps into the portal)
  • Heh... There's no strength in numbers!
  • I found the means to seal Mephiles.
  • The rift is getting bigger. There's no time left!
  • (sets Scepter of Darkness aside Elise) I already know what becomes of it in the future...
  • (about Sonic) Certainly, it might've been possible... if he was still alive.
  • The time-space rift is expanding! There's no time left... I've got to hurry!
  • (After learning about the doctor's train) Shoot, I've gotta get to the station!
  • Maybe I wasn't strong enough... (When acheiving a "D" rank)
  • Who are you? And how do you know my name? (After Mephiles knows Shadow's name)
  • (After falling off a pitfall) NOOOOOOO!
  • Don't touch it!
  • Mephiles, I won't let you escape!

Silver's Story[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]
  • YAY!!! I ROCK!!! (When achieving an "S" Rank)
  • Just perfect! (When achieving an "A" Rank)
  • Hey dudes, aren't I just incredible? (When achieving an "B" Rank)
  • 2 heads are better than one when looking for someone!
  • [to Silver] The person you were looking for was Sonic?! Were you planning to kill him?
  • If I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic!
  • Hmm... I sense Sonic's presence there. Call it my girlish intuition.
  • HEY! You're not Sonic! [Slaps Silver, who almost falls off the roof, but Amy ignores it, and buries her face in her hands] Um... I'm sorry!
  • Just perfect! [After achieving an "S" rank]
  • Sonic! You came!
  • Absolutely NOT!
Blaze the Cat[edit]
  • You're so naive. Whether it's right or wrong, I can't really say… but what I do know is... if we don't take this chance, the future will remain exactly as it is.
  • (After Silver is rejected as the vessel for Iblis) I'll take Iblis. Don't worry. My soul is already alit with flames. I will be accepted.
  • The Iblis Trigger... Blue Hedgehog...
  • That's a Chaos Emerald. It's said this gem can transform your thoughts into power. Collect seven, and a miracle's supposed to happen. Keep it as a lucky charm.
  • You're still so naive. But... I... I've always liked that about you.
  • Can't complain. (after getting an 'S' rank)
  • Good luck, Silver. (as she drifts away)
  • The Iblis hedgehog...Can it be true? i need to find Silver fast! (in her Wave Ocean level)
  • Darn! Why now? (when the whale is chasing her in Wave Ocean)
  • Ooch! (when she gets hurt)
  • It's useless... (when defeated)
Silver the Hedgehog[edit]
  • (narrating the Intro of his Story) This world was devastated before I was born. A harsh bleak place, where we live in eternal darkness. Life is a struggle, and people live without hope. How did this happen? No one will answer me directly. But they always point... to the flames. (a fiery tornado rises appears before Silver, who extinguishes it with his Psychokinesis) These flames. They burn away at my world, destroying every thing in their path. They come from a eternal life form that we cannot truly defeat. The Flames of Disaster known as Iblis.
  • I've finally found him... the Iblis Trigger!
  • PERFECT!! (When getting an "S" Rank)
  • Looks like I'm on a roll! (When getting an "A" Rank)
  • Don't you dare turn your back on me!
  • It's time I finally put an end to this!
  • Your actions will condemn us all!
  • For the future of the world, I will destroy you!
  • I will change the past, and save the world!
  • I'm coming Kitty cat!
  • Shadow! I'll be looking out for your 'truth'.
  • A guard, huh? Just try and stop me! (When battling Egg Genesis)
  • This is the end! Prepare to meet your doom!
  • I will protect the future!
  • Now I must fight for the future.
  • My name is Silver.
  • Time for you to disappear, Iblis Trigger!
  • Don't get in my way!
  • I won't give up! It all depends on me! Can't lose! Not when I'm so close! CHAOS CONTROL!
  • The root of all our problems... I will defeat you, My lord!
  • Is this a joke? How could someone like you cause the destruction of our world?
  • It doesn't matter. For the sake of the future, the Iblis Trigger must be destroyed!
  • Mephiles! Why are you getting in my way?
  • I see it! So... that blue hedgehog's the Iblis Trigger?
  • What's the point of all this? It'll never end!
  • (to Mephiles) Who is the Iblis Trigger? Why does he want to destroy the world?
  • (to Blaze) I can't! I wouldn't know what to do... without you! You've fought alongside me to save the world... You're my friend... Right?
  • Circumstances have changed. I need to rescue the Princess!
  • So THAT'S why he wanted me to kill Sonic before!
  • You were the vessel that was used to seal Iblis. You should be able to use the gems' power to rescue Sonic's soul!
  • Blaze? To kill someone to save the world... Is that really the right thing to do?
  • Since he's after Dr. Eggman, let's sneak into Eggman's base!
  • If you say it exists in the past, present and future, I'll destroy them all at once!
  • Amy? Get out of my way Amy, this is my mission!
  • I've been looking for you, You're the iblis trigger!
  • (When dying) Not... now.
  • (To Shadow when fighting Solaris) You're low on ring energy, use the triangle/Y button to switch with me!
  • IT'S NO USE!!!
  • (Take too long to clear a stage and get a "D" Rank) I need to pull it together...
  • That took too long! (When getting an "C" Rank)
  • No! I can't do that to you!

Sonic's Story[edit]

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]
  • Who was that guy? He looked just like Shadow!
  • I saw Eggman on the outskirts of the city. He wanted me to give this to you. (tosses Sonic a holographic message)
  • No matter where we go, all we see are ruins. How can this be our future?
  • I'll take care of it!
  • Alright! (when receiving an "S" rank)
  • That felt good. (when receiving an "A" rank)
  • Well, that wasn't...too bad. (get a "B" rank)
  • Hmph. That took longer than I thought. (get a "C" rank)
  • Shoot! I still got a ways to go... (get a "D" rank)
Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]
  • I heard you tried to rescue their princess from Dr. Eggman.
  • A Chaos Emerald! You've already found one!
  • (landing in isolated base in the future) Boy, do I feel dizzy... Where are we?
  • This is terrible! According to the data, the princess died when she was kidnapped by Eggman! Apparently Eggman's battleship exploded! The data of this incident was... two days after the Festival of the Sun!
  • WHOA! My head's spinning!
  • GREAT! I did it, Sonic! (when getting an "S" rank)
  • An "A" effort! (get an "A" rank)
  • Elise is on that battleship? Wait up, we're coming!
Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]
  • That was incredible! (When getting an 'S' rank)
  • My... That's a pretty snazzy performance there.
  • The whole city's on fire!
  • That tornado's carrying a car!
  • Doesn't look like you're here to talk.
  • Here I come! Gotcha!
  • Piece of cake! No sweat!
  • Darn! We're not gonna make it. Let's speed up!
  • This is your pet, huh? Okay, Eggman. I'll play with him! (When Battling Egg Cerberus)
  • If I find the one issuing orders and defeat him, I can defeat everyone at once.
  • If you have time to worry, then run!
  • Nothing starts until you take action.
  • You think you can intimidate me with your size? Let's see what you can do! (When Battling Egg Genesis)
  • Silver! I can handle this myself. Besides, you have somewhere to go, right?
  • I'll make sure to change Elise's fate. And that in turn should change your future, too.
  • Since Eggman went to the trouble of telling me where Elise is, I think I should thank him personally.
  • (resurrected as Super Sonic) Thank you, Elise.
  • Alright, it's my turn. Let's have some fun, Overlord!
  • Overlord
  • WHHHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAA! (Falling into an abyss)
  • This is it, Eggman! Prepare for another defeat!
  • The present day...the here and now you've stolen, time to take it back!
  • Cool! It's raining fire!
  • I'm Sonic... Sonic The Hedgehog!
  • (Take too long in finishing a stage or get a 'D' rank) Man! Today's not my day!

Sonic Rivals[edit]

Dr. Eggman[edit]

  • (Transmission) Bzzz... Zzzzz... Zzzzzzz... C-Can you hear me, Shadow? There's someone after me! He's... Ah, it's all so confusing! I'm not sure how to explain this! Anyway, follow this signal, and come find me! I'm counting on you, Shadow! ... Bzzzzz... Zzzz Zzp...
  • That's right! I'm the real Dr. Eggman! Back in the flesh, thanks to you, Shadow! So it looks like we have a common enemy. Want to come along?

Eggman Nega[edit]

  • Come forth, Metal Sonic! Show this pathetic hedgehog what you're capable of! Now, Sonic, let's see if you really are the fastest thing in the world, shall we? Hoh ho ho ho!
  • Unforgivable! You've just made me very, very angry! (Takes out camera) Fine then! I'll use this camera to turn the whole planet into a card!
  • (Sighs) Bunch of annoying pests... It may be too much for your puny little brain to grasp, but this is Onyx Island, or Angel Island from the future!
  • Heh heh heh...It seems it's time we stop playing such a childish game any longer... You are quite right... I am not Eggman! My name is Eggman Nega!
  • Heh heh heh... I'm here to change my destiny! I come from a long line of brilliant, scientists, but that lineage was disrupted with Dr.Eggman's failures! As a result, I have been denied my destiny as the world has refused to recognize my brilliance! So by removing Dr.Eggman's life and failed attempts at success, I will alter our family history forever!

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

  • Wait! Come back here! No hard feelings, Sonic, but this time there's no way you're gonna beat me!
  • Hey, Shadow! Mind your own business! Yo, Eggman! You'd better hand over the Master Emerald this time!
  • Grr... You better shut your mouth! I'm not letting you make a fool of me again! Let's go, Sonic!
  • Hey, Eggman! How did you make the Master Emerald disappear from Angel Island?
  • Come to think of it, the shape of this island is similar to Angel Island... But the real Angel Island is still there, right? So this one's got to be a fake... Argh! I just don't get it!

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • Sonic, Knuckles, get in! We can still catch up to him in my new Tornado plane!
  • We have to hurry before he converts Amy's card into energy!

Rouge the Bat[edit]

  • (Transmission) Bzzz... Zzzzz... Zzzzz... This is Rouge! Can you hear me, Shadow? I've come across something quite interesting about the doctor! I'll fill you in on the details later. Just keep tailing him for now! ... Bzzz... Bzzzzzzp...
  • (Transmission) Bzzz... Zzzzz... Bzzzzz... Shadow! Come in! You'll never guess what I found out! Eggman is really... Aaaaah!
  • Thanks for saving me, Shadow! That was a bit too close for comfort. What were you thinking!?

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Huh? What's this... A silver hedgehog? And... He's chasing... the doctor!? Hey you! What do you want with the doctor!?
  • My name is Shadow... And I won't let you harm the doctor!
  • Hmph! There's no way I'm losing to some android fake. I accept your challenge!
  • Whatever! Now, why don't I show that fake why they call me the Ultimate life form!
  • What!? Change the future? Is that what you've been trying to do? Hmm... I won't let you get away with that!
  • Hmph... There's no way I'd lose to someone like him who blames their own failures on the past.

Silver the Hedgehog[edit]

  • My name is Silver... I can't tell you why, but I need to get to him before you.
  • You... You're Shadow! Listen, you don't understand what's going on. Please, take this as a warning. The man that you refer to as 'Doctor'...There's a chance that he's not the real Eggman.
  • It looks like you've realized who the true enemy is, Shadow.
  • Eggman?! This ends now! I'm going to expose you for who you really are, no matter what it takes!
  • All right, Eggman Nega! You're coming back to the future with me! You've been here far too long!
  • Eggman Nega... It looks like he lost control of his machine, and got turned into a card himself... As soon as I can collect the other cards, and take care of Eggman Nega's mess, I'll head back to the future... This time frame will be fine, as long as they're around... Those blue and black hedgehogs certainly are brave...

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Are you running away again, Eggman!? Get back here and fight!
  • Heh! While you've been wasting your time, I've been figuring his next move...
  • Okay, Eggman! I've proven that I'm the fastest and the strongest! So hand over Tails' card now!
  • A copy is still just a copy! It'll never be able to top the original!
  • That's Amy's card! I totally forgot about her!


Knuckles: I thought I had him, but then he disappeared into the light!?
Shadow: You let the doctor get away? Hmph! You're useless...
Knuckles: What'd you say!? What's your problem, Shadow!? Don't mess with me, I'm not in the mood! I might take it out on you, got it?
Shadow: Whatever, Knuckles... But first, I've got some business with the doctor!
Knuckles: All righty then... Let's see who can catch him first!
Shadow: You're on! Let's do it!

Shadow: So, was this who you were warning me about in your transmission?
Eggman Nega: Transmission? What are you talking about?
Shadow: What!? 6 hours ago, you asked for my help.
Eggman Nega: Why would I ask you for your help?
Shadow: What? Why are you...
Silver: Hey, wait a second. I think you may be mistaken about something...
Eggman Nega: Grr! Stop this nonsense... It's driving me crazy!

Silver: Hey, you there! Did you see that guy carrying something strange?
Knuckles: Actually... He has this weird camera that changes things into cards... Wait a minute... Who are you?
Silver: What'd you say!? How did he get a hold of it?
Knuckles: You...! What are you mumbling about?
Silver: Got no time to explain it to someone like you... See ya!
Knuckles: "Someone like me?" Hey, I'm Knuckles! Haven't you heard of me? How rude! Asking questions without having the gall to introduce himself!
Silver: Like I said before, I don't have time to deal with you right now. See ya!
Knuckles: You little... Get back here!

Sonic and the Secret Rings[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]

  • (after being selected in Party Mode) Okay, guys! Here I come!

Blaze the Cat[edit]

  • (after being selected in Party Mode) All right, let's do it!
  • (Party Mode victory quote 1) What do you think about that?
  • (Party Mode victory quote 2) Is that all you got?
  • (Party Mode victory quote 3) This is what ya get!

Cream the Rabbit[edit]

  • (after being selected in Party Mode) Okay!
  • (Party Mode victory quote 1) I did it!

King Shahryar[edit]

  • What is the meaning of this? I am Shahryar, king of this land!

Erazor Djinn/Alf Layla-wa Layla[edit]

  • I am Erazor Djinn. I am the one who should be carving up this world as I see fit.
  • Have you gathered the 7 rings yet?
  • It's that filthy rat again.
  • Have you brought me the 7 World Rings?
  • You brought me all 7 World Rings, well done!
  • All you filthy vermin are worthless, just the same.
  • So, this is how judgment is dealt, is it?
  • Hmph! Filthy rat! I'll shut that mouth of yours permanently!
  • (after having absorbed the World Rings' power) I am Alf Layla-wa Layla!! I am the Arabian Nights! I will be it's new creator! I will remake this world and this reality in my own image!
  • (Breathing heavily)I shall not be defeated. If you defeat me I will simply return again and again! I am immortal! I cannot be vanquished!(laughs diabolically until Sonic shows Erazor's lamp) That can't be?! That's the...
  • (Response to Sonic say that the Erazor, as the genie of the lamp, must grant three wishes) I will never grant any wish to the likes of you!
  • My body, my body is UHAAAAAAA!
  • Shahra, I know you there, please, stop him, we can start over, the two of us. I swear, I swear it! The world is mine! I cannot be denied by that filthy rat! Whyyyyyyyy?!
  • I am.... the creator! The stories of this world... are MIIIIIIINE!!!

Knuckles the Echidna/Sinbad the Sailor[edit]

  • Life's a game of give and take, see?
  • (after being selected in Party Mode) Let's do this!
  • I am Sinbad of the 7 seas, Adventurer of adventurers. Who the heck are you?

Miles "Tails" Prower/Ali-Baba[edit]

  • ..."Tails...??" name is Ali-Baba.
  • (after being selected in Party Mode) Here I go!

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (after being selected in Party Mode) Here I come!
  • (Party Mode victory quote 1) I am the ultimate!
  • (Party Mode victory quote 2) Pathetic...
  • (Party Mode victory quote 3) As I suspected!

Shahra the Genie of the Ring[edit]

  • You are the blue hedgehog.
  • Our world, the world of the Arabian Nights is vanishing.
  • When darkness descends upon the Arabian Nights, the legendary blue hedgehog from another world shall come.
  • When the 7 rings that control the worlds are gathered, the portal between the worlds shall open, but the life of the collector of the rings shall be offered up in sacrifice as the key for that control.
  • Did I change my destiny, did I keep my promise?

Silver the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (after being selected in Party Mode) Here I come!
  • (Party Mode victory quote 1) That was easy!
  • (Party Mode victory quote 2) Perfect!
  • (Party Mode victory quote 3) I did it!

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Boy, is it that late already? What time is it?
  • How about a handkerchief for starters! Make that a few!
  • You see, I caught this cold yesterday and...
  • What's that all about, talk about close shaves...
  • What's Dr. Eggman doing here?
  • Wisdom? Knuckles?
  • (sarcastically) Wow, the wisdom of Sinbad of the 7 Seas, adventurer of adventurers...
  • I promise you, you'll smile once our adventure is done.
  • Whoa! Out of the frying pan and into the fire, huh? (After the encounter with the dinosaur in Dinosaur Jungle)
  • (after getting one of the World Rings) I can't even begin to imagine what getting all seven rings would do to somebody. It might even open the gates of hell!
  • My FIRST wish. Bring Shahra back to life!
  • My SECOND wish. Return the Arabian Nights to the way they where, so that the world can have its stories again!
  • My THIRD wish! Erazor Djinn, you shall live out the rest of your days trapped inside your lamp as you were in days of OLD!!
  • I TOLD YOU! I'm not a RAT! I'm a hedgehog! (After imprisoning Erazor Djinn in his lamp)
  • We got to stop him. Shahra, please! Lend me your... POWER!! (after transforming into Darkspine Sonic)
  • (After defeating Erazor)Your tale's finished, Erazor! Next time, try writing a better story!
  • Time may fly, but I'm even faster!
  • If you say so.
  • (after being selected in Party Mode) Let's go!
  • (Party Mode victory quote) Piece of cake!


Sonic: (after Shahra comes out the book) Ahh... what the...?
Shahra: Do not be alarmed! I am Shahra, the Genie of the Ring. You know, like "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp"?
Sonic: Don't think I've read that.
Shahra: What? You've got to be kidding me!

(after Sonic saves King Shahryar)

King Shahryar: How dare you! I am the king! Must you be so rude?
Sonic: (Sarcastically) Sorry!

(After defeating Erazor the first time)

Sonic: You just don't give up, do you?
Erazor: You brought me all seven World Rings. Well done!
Sonic: Yeah, of course! We're such good buddies, after all!

Alf-Layla-Wa-Layla I am... the creator! The stories of this world are...MIIIIIIIIINE!!!
Darkspine Sonic If this is your world, then it's a world that I don't want any part of!

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games[edit]

Sonic The Hedgehog[edit]

  • (bring selected) Here we go!
  • (called in event) Leave it to me!
  • (Perfect start) Come on!
  • (Fair try) Yes!
  • (Bad try) No way!
  • (1st Place (Wii version)) Too easy!
  • (4th-8th place (Wii version)) Aw man, I could've done better.
  • (1st place in Awards Ceremony) It's all about speed!
  • (2nd/3rd place in Awards Ceremony) Whew, just made it!
  • (4th-8th place in Awards Ceremony) No way!

Sonic Rivals 2[edit]

Espio the Chameleon[edit]

  • Espio!
  • Stand Down!
  • Now you see me...
  • (after winning a race) Case closed.
  • (after attacking an enemy) Ninja!

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

  • Knuckles!
  • Hey, Sonic! How about a little one-on-one instead of this silly race?

Metal Sonic (and Dr. Eggman)[edit]

  • Long time no see, Shadow. I've been looking for you.

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • Tails!
  • I have a strange feeling that someone's following me.

Rouge the Bat[edit]

  • Rouge!
  • Are you ready for this?

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Shadow!
  • Chaos Control!
  • Hmph. Fine. But once I stop them, you're telling me what you know. Metal Sonic, go after Espio. I'll find Silver.

Silver the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Silver!
  • There's no way I'll lose!
  • If that's the way it has to be, then so be it!
  • Come on little fella. Where are your friends?

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Sonic!
  • Sonic Boom!
  • Hey, Knuckles! Rouge! How bout a race to see who can beat Eggman first?

Vector the Crocodile[edit]

  • Espio, do you read me? Ever since that hedgehog, Silver showed up, Chao have been disappearing. It must be him! I want you to follow him and gather some evidence. You've got to find some!
  • Espio!


Shadow: Who's there? I know there's somebody here, so show yourself!
Metal Sonic: (Dr. Eggman's voice) Long time no see, Shadow. I've been looking for you.
Shadow: Metal Sonic! And that voice... it's you, Doctor!
Metal Sonic: Indeed. I've had my little metal friend hunt you down because I need your help, Shadow.
Shadow: Hmph. And why should I help you?
Metal Sonic: Because if you don't, this world will be destroyed.
Shadow: What do you mean?
Metal Sonic: Look over there! It's Espio and... Silver! Shadow, there's no time for me to explain. Take Metal Sonic with you and go after them!
Shadow: Hmph. Fine. But once I stop them, you're telling me what you know. Metal Sonic, go after Espio. I'll find Silver.

Knuckles: I've looked all over for the Master Emerald, but I still can't find it. Argh! Where in the world could it be? Could Eggman have taken it?
Rouge: Well, don't look at me, big boy.
Knuckles: Wha-? Rouge! Do you know who stole the Master Emerald?
Rouge: No, but I can help you look.
Knuckles : I don't need your help... Besides, why would you help me unless there was something in it for you?
Rouge: Actually, there are some other "Emeralds" I'd like to find and I could use a little help.
Knuckles: I knew it.
Rouge: Yes, but I can lead you to the Doctor!
Knuckles: Okay, guess I don't have a choice do it?
Rouge: Exactly. Let's go!
Knuckles : Look, it's Sonic and Tails!

Vector: Espio, do you read me? Ever since that hedgehog, Silver showed up, Chao have been disappearing. It must be him! I want you to follow him and gather some evidence. You've got to find some!
Espio: Leave it to me. I'll go undercover and see if I can tail him.
Silver: Hey, chameleon! Have you seen any Chao around here?
Vector: Yikes!
Espio: Ch... Chao? Well, uh...
Silver: You know where they are, don't you?
Espio: Well, I mean, I... guess I know something, but... well, no, I don't know.
Silver: Hmm... You sure are a strange one.
Espio: You're seriously mistaken! Be gone!
Silver: Hey, chameleon! Wait up!
Shadow: Metal Sonic, go after Espio. I'll find Silver.

Silver: You're... Shadow! What do you want with me?
Shadow: I'll ask the questions. Why are you here and what are you up to?
Silver: Ha! Don't worry... It has nothing to do with you. Just don't get in my way.
Shadow: Hmph. I don't think so!

Silver: Stop following me!
Shadow: I can't do that, unless you tell me what I want to know.
Silver: If that's the way it has to be, so be it!

Shadow: Hey you tripped me!!
Rouge: Or maybe you're just clumsy.

Espio: Phew... That was a close call.
Metal Sonic: <Display> Target Acquired.
Espio: Metal Sonic!? So... does that mean Eggman is involved with this, too? I've got no time to waste with you... I need to find Silver!
Metal Sonic: <Display> Target Escaping. <Order> Pursue Target!

Espio: It seems you've found something valuable.
Rouge: Nothing really, just a little Chao. If it doesn't glitter, it isn't gold to me.

Silver: Shut up Knuckles! Don't get him upset, I need to talk to him!
Rouge: Hey watch your mouth kid! Don't take that tone with us!
Eggman: Quiet!! Or I'll give you something worth getting upset about!!

Rouge: Hey! How'd you catch up so quickly?
Tails: It may not look like it, but I've been training with Sonic!
Rouge: Well, good for you, kid.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]
  • (Activating Gravity Dive) Get ready...! 'Cause here I GO!
  • Fated lovers are always drawn together silly (wink).
  • (when starting a race) Not gonna hold back!
  • (after losing) Hey, no fair!
  • (after winning) Told you so!
  • (passing a racer) Coming through!
Jet the Hawk[edit]
  • (Activating Gravity Dive) Now you'll see... my true power!
  • Turning tail and running away, Sonic the Hedgehog?!
  • (After landing a trick) No sweat!
  • (After winning a race) I'M the best.
  • Sonic!
  • Long time no see... Sonic The Hedgehog...
Wave the Swallow[edit]
  • (Activating Gravity Dive) Get ready... for this!
  • You think you can win with that board?
  • (after winning)And that's a wrap!
Storm the Albatross[edit]
  • (Starting a race) I hope you're ready for this!
  • We're here to settle the score from last time!
  • (after winning) Hu hu hu! Victory is mine!

Blaze the Cat[edit]

  • (just before starting a race) Fear the power of the flames!
  • (after winning) You'll never be a match for me.
  • (after losing) No! I can't lose now!
  • (passing a racer) Sorry...

Dr. Eggman[edit]

  • Do I look like a ball to you?!
  • (Activating Gravity Dive) Hohohohoho...FULL THROTTLE!
  • You think you can beat me. (Starting a race)

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

Rouge the Bat[edit]

  • (Activating Gravity Dive) I'm not... letting you get away!
  • Hey! Ladies first!
  • Better behave yourselves...

Silver the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (just before starting a race) I'm using everything I got!
  • (after winning) I am not to be trifled with.
  • (after losing) No! How could this happen?
  • Later!

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (Activating Gravity Dive) Ready... GO!
  • JET!?!
  • Watch out!
  • GO!
  • Brace yourself!
  • Here!
  • Be hold, the power of the Chaos Emeralds!

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (Activating Gravity Dive) Here we go... UNLEASH GRAVITY!
  • Now...witness my true power.
  • You're so slow
  • (After winning a race) Feel my power!
  • (When doing a X jump) Hmph! Perfect!


Jet: It's been a while... Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic: JET!?!

(Wave and Storm arrive behind Jet)

Wave: Long time no see, shorty.
Tails: Wave!
Storm: We're here to settle the score from last time!
Knuckles: Anytime, Babylon Rogues!
Jet: Cut it out, Storm! Alright, girly, hand over the Arks of the Cosmos!
Amy: What are you talking about!?
Jet: Don't play dumb! Not after swiping the Arks of the Cosmos right out of our hands!
Sonic: Hey, hold up a minute! Girls hate guys who rush them, Jet.
Jet: Rush?! Heh! I'm the fastest thing in the universe! And today I'm going to prove it!

(Sirens start to go off as robot begin to attack the group)

Tails: Sonic, we can't stay here!

(Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrive at Botanical Kingdom)

Sonic: They don't give a guy a break, huh?
Knuckles: We can't just stand around here.
Sonic: Right. (Amy grabs Sonic from behind) WHOA!
Amy: Guess who!
Sonic: Amy... What are you doing here?!
Amy: Fated lovers are drawn together, silly. (winks at Sonic)
Sonic: Amy...

Wave: A shooting star. (starts to makes a wish)
Storm: Hey, whatcha doing, Wave?
Wave: Making a wish! (sighs) They say if you make a wish on a shooting star it will come true.
Storm: (Laughs) How old are you? Grow up! Right, boss? (turns to see Jet making a wish) Uh-oh!
Jet: (Thinking) All right, Star, give me the power to beat HIM!

Storm: W-Wait up! [breathes heavily still chasing Amy]
Amy: Ugh...! Do you ever give up?!? [she and Storm stop running] Fine, if you want it that bad… I'll GIVE it to you! [throws the Ark at Storm's face causing him to fall] Where the heck am I?

(Storm awakes to see an angry Amy)

Storm: Um... Uh...
Amy: (helps Storm up) So, you're going to find the way out! Am I clear?!
Storm: C-crystal clear, ma'am, sir!

Sonic Unleashed[edit]

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • Yeah, this is the real me. Pretty cool huh? (Strikes a pose)
  • Well, this is new. Showing remorse, Eggman? If you played nice, I wouldn't have to break all your toys.
  • (After defeating the Egg Beetle) Same as ever. All bark, and no bite!
  • I'll never understand Eggman's tastes.
  • (After completing a mission, or getting an "A" rank) No problem! / Yes! / COOL!
  • (After getting a "D" rank) Not my best run... / Oh.. I've gotta try that again! / Well, That was lame...
  • (After getting an "E" rank) No!
  • (After getting a "S" rank) Beautiful! / Piece of Cake! / Sweet!
  • (When he transforms into Super Sonic) LET'S DO IT!
  • A planet-sized jigsaw puzzle? Sounds like a great excuse to see the world.
  • Heeeeeere's SONIC!!! (During Final Boss battle against Perfect Dark Gaia [360/PS3 version])
  • Hey! What About Your Memories?
  • Roger that buddy!
  • Wooo! Feelin' good!
Sonic the Werehog[edit]
  • Uh oh, did I fall on him?
  • (Upon defeating the Dark Moray) Sorry, I'm in a rush here!
  • Hey, don't worry, I'll help you get your memory back.
  • Looks like things have gotten pretty ugly.
  • What, you've forgot who you are!?
  • You've really... gone and done it this time, Eggman.
  • (After completing a mission, or getting an "A") AROOOOOOO!!!
  • (After getting a "S") Oh, YEAH! That's right, baby!
  • (After getting a "B") Wow, I rule!
  • (After getting a "D") Ugh, can I start over?
  • (Upon defeating the Dark Gaia Phoenix) Strike 3, monster! That's enough out of you!
  • (After defeating the Dark Guardian) I know little girls who are better with a hammer than you. Well, one... anyway.
  • (After getting an "E") Darn!
  • You know me. Never a dull moment.
  • What the heck is going on?
  • (To Chip) Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend?

Chip/Light Gaia[edit]

  • Chip...Chip! I love it. Yum!
  • Seven lights of the earth, rekindled! Awaken and gather here to me!!
  • (as Sonic the Werehog walks away, dejected) Oh, ah...I mean...D-d-don't worry! Hey! You only look really scary, Sonic. Inside, you're the same as ever. I guarantee it! Okay?
  • Sonic, I remember now...all of it. ( said when he regained his memories after restoring the sixth countinet.)
  • Thanks for asking, Mister Monster Guy.
  • (takes out a chocolate bar) Want some chocolate?
  • Don't eat me, I taste bad!
  • Sonic, you must live.
  • I'll never forget you. I'll be here by you, always. A part of the earth you tread.
  • (as the purified Temple Guardian flies away) So long!
  • (When realizing Prof. Pickles was kidnaped with concern that the Prof. might be hungry) What a horrible thing to do! We've gotta rescue that professor guy and fast! If he was kidnapped that long ago, he's gotta be real hungry by now. An- And if I was that hungry, I don't know how long I would last! I'd rather be dead! (Turns into a ghost for comic relief. After a while, he realises, and tries to recover his body)
  • Want some CHOCOLATE!?

Professor Pickle[edit]

  • We're doomed, the planet is lost!
  • How dare they call this culinary concoction food. Look here, do you see this sorry excuse for a sandwich? The bread should be no less than 3/4 of an inch thick. Upon it, one tablespoon of mayonnaise and a pinch of black pepper. The contents, FRESH cucumbers, sliced THINLY if you please! Am I quite right, Tails?

Dr. Eggman[edit]

  • Sucess, a brilliant Sucess!
  • I'll turn over a new leaf, I swear! Just give me a chance!
  • Sonic, that's a good look for you. Festive!
  • I should have known you'd still be alive, you stubborn little hedgehog!
  • Looks like you're a bit too late, Sonic!
  • How could I lose?!
  • Why meeeeeee?!
  • You little! You little!
  • Rah! Out of my SIGHT!!
  • Stubborn little pincushion, give up and die already!
  • Are you fast enough to dodge THIS?
  • Checkmate, Sonic! I hope you've said your goodbyes!
  • (When he loses control of the Egg Dragoon for the 1st time) N-No! The controls won't respond!
  • (when he loses control of the Egg Dragoon of the 2nd time) NRGGH! Lost control AGAIN?! Don't fall apart on me now!
  • OH, SHUT UP!!
  • HAHAHAHA! You unsuspecting little hedgehog. My Egg Beetle's claws will tear you to shreds!

Amy Rose[edit]

  • Just now, was that... Sonic?!
  • That is so strange. I could've SWORN it was him.
  • There's no way Sonic will let it end like this!
  • (as she's being twirled around) HEY! What's the big idea?!

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • Sonic... Is that really you? That's a new look. What happened?
  • That's some story. I'll bet that means you turning into... that, and the planet breaking apart are somehow related.
  • What? Professor Pickle's been kidnapped?


Dr. Eggman: S-Sonic, I-I'm sorry! R-Really! L-Look, go easy on me! I'll turn over a new leaf, I swear! Just give me a chance!
Super Sonic: Well, this is new. Showing remorse, Eggman? If you played nice, I wouldn't have to break all your toys.
Eggman: Gotcha!

Professor Pickle: These ancient documents are known as the Gaia Manuscripts. They tell the legend of a disaster that befell our planet some tens of thousands of years ago.
Tails: A disaster..?
Prof. Pickle: Quite, and according to the Gaia Manuscripts, this isn't the first time the planet has been broken apart into pieces.
[Sonic and Tails gasp]
Prof. Pickle: The cause lies at the the very core of the planet. All the phenomena we've witnessed are the direct result of one creature: the hyper-energy organism spawned at the planet's core, Dark Gaia.
Tails: So how do we stop this Dark Gaia and put the world back together?
Prof. Pickle: Luckily, Dark Gaia has yet to be fully reborn. We most likely have Dr. Eggman's pre-mature wake-up call to thank for that. If we act now, we may be able to restore the planet by returning power to the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic, you must travel to each of the temples listed in the Gaia Manuscripts. The planet's power will restore the Chaos Emeralds, and in turn the Chaos Emeralds will restore the planet and help it heal naturally.

Orbot: Your dinner, Doctor.
Eggman: Thank you. [takes the sandwich] What's the progress on the Dark Gaia-powered Eggman Land construction system?
Orbot: Current status is... 27% complete. Progress is significantly behind projected timetable. Persumed cause of delay... is Dark Gaia dispersion across the globe.
Eggman: Oh, of all the lazy... Here I go to the trouble of waking that Dark Gaia thing up, and it causes me nothing but delays!
Orbot: Dark Gaia had yet to reach maturity within the planet's core. Ergo, it was still incomplete at the time of its awakening. Ergo, it was unable to sustain its own weight upon its release. Ergo, it scattered around the world.
Eggman: I don't want to hear about its weight issues. So what if I gave it a bit of a sudden awakening? This is unacceptable!
Orbot: Ergo, this is a repercussion of your hasty actions...
Eggman: What was that?! [growls] I'm having a bad enough day as it is. First, that professor runs off with the Gaia Manuscripts, and now the planet's coming back together!
Orbot: That, Doctor, is the results of the power of the Chaos Emeralds, which you discarded along with Sonic. Ergo, another repercussion of your hasty actions.
Eggman: Q-quiet, you junk heap! That was, uh… all part of my plan! Part of the big picture! Where's the fun in having my plans succeed without any challenge…? [clears his throat] A-anyway, what's the status of the remaining Temples of Gaia?
Orbot: Eggman forces have currently secured all locations. Defensive preparations are nearly complete.
Eggman: That'll take care of Sonic for now, which leaves the problem of Dark Gaia. It'd be difficult to collect every piece scattered all across the world.
Orbot: Searching conventional wisdom banks for topical advice. "The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. Slow and steady wins the race. Nobody likes a whiner."
Eggman: Hhmm... isn't there a more efficient way? Some way to, I don't know... gather them all up at once? Wait, that's it! Of course! [giggles] With this... this, all of my plans will realized!

Orbot: All systems are green. Dark Gaia activation is confirmed on all seven continents. Electromagnetic homing signals are locked on. All units converging on .0.
Eggman: Yes, yes, perfect! Gathering Dark Gaia's pieces is such a pain. I'll have them come to me instead! A brilliant shift in perspective! An idea worthy of Dr. Eggman, super-genius! Oh ho ho ho!
Orbot: [clapping his hands] Your skill at self-aggrandizement is unparalleled.
Eggman: Hohohohoho! [slapping Orbot] Silence! Activate the Dark Gaia fusion furnace, and while you're at it, get those energy conversion circuits warmed up!
Robot: Understood. Commencing "Project Dark Gaia". Requesting final clearance.
Eggman: Granted. Finally, my ambitions will be achieved! Gaah ha ha! Oh ho hoho!

(If you say "That could be fun" to Amy)

Amy: This next one's the last temple. Right, Sonic? You can do it. I believe in you, and when you're done, the world will be at peace and we can finally go out!
Sonic: That could be fun.
Amy: You... you mean it?! YAAAY!!! It's a promise! Now, go! Hurry up, man! Go save the world already, geez!

(If you say "I'll pass, thanks" to Amy)

Amy: This next one's the last temple. Right, Sonic? You can do it. I believe in you! And when you're done, the world will be at peace and we can finally go out!
Sonic: I'll pass, thanks.
Amy: Aww, come on, man! Gave a gal a little hope here, Sonic!

(Upon entering Eggmanland for the first time)

Eggman: [over P.A.] Welcome to Eggmanland, the brainchild of my heart and soul! [a statue of Eggman rises from the ground] This is my magnificent empire, made possible through my genius and the limitless energy harnessed from Dark Gaia!
Chip: Wha-WHOA. This place is CRAZY!
Sonic: I'll never understand Eggman's tastes.
Chip: [takes out the camera and snaps a photo of the statue] Get a good shot! [gives the camera to Sonic, who takes a photo of Chip posing in front of the statue as the following is spoken]
Eggman: Ahh ha ha ha ha haaa! Surprised? Yes, of course, you are! Sonic, if you have any complaints, come deliver them to me in person. If you can, that is! Ahh ha ha ha haa... ha-HACK! Hwaugh, koff! Whew...
Sonic: (shakes his head) He's enjoying this way too much.
Chip: Sonic! (stands on top of the statue, snapping another photo) I can feel the last temple nearby! He must have built this place on top of it.
Sonic: Well, I guess we'll just have to tear it down!

Sonic and the Black Knight[edit]

Sonic: Merlina… every world has its end. I know that's kinda sad, but... [picks a flower from the ground] ...That's why we've got to live life to its fullest in the time we have. At least, that's what I figure.
(Merlina accepts the flower)
Merlina: Grandfather...
(Caliburn, Nimue, Percival, Gawain, and Lancelot approach them)
Percival: Well done, Sir Sonic.
Sonic: Thanks to you guys.
Caliburn: You can say that again.
Gawain: To think...King Arthur was but an illusion.
Lancelot: The Knights of the Round Table must now disband.
Caliburn: What foolishness is this?
Nimue: I'll say.
Percival: Hmm? What are you saying, then?
Caliburn: Have you forgotten who I am? I am the sacred sword Caliburn. I am the one who decides who is worthy of the crown.
(Lancelot, Gawain and Percival stare at Sonic in shock. Nimue smiles at Sonic)
Lancelot: So then...
Gawain: You...?
Lancelot, Gawain and Percival: You are the one and true King Arthur!?
Sonic: Who, me? [the trio bow down to him] Hey, cut that out!

(after credits)
Sonic: So yeah, that's what happened. To think I was called in to be part of the tale of King Arthur… but I gotta tell ya, it was no picnic.
Amy: Aren't you forgetting something?
Sonic: What? All the action, all the excitement down to the wire?
Amy: Hmph!
Sonic: Oh, man! Who'd thought I was the real King Arthur? Heh.
Amy: That's the lamest excuse ever! You just forgot about our date!
Sonic: No, no! It's true, I tell ya! Yikes! No, Amy, wait! Put down that hammer!
Amy: Hey! You get back here, Sonic! SO... NIC...!!

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]

  • (Selected) Heh heh! Let's do this!
  • (name called in event) Leave it to me!


  • (when a rival appears) Rival appears!
  • (when starting an event in the Wii version) 3, 2, 1... GO!
  • (when the new day begins in Festival Mode) It's the (any) day!
  • (title call) Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games!
  • (when starting a face-off in Ice Hockey) Face-Off!

Blaze the Cat[edit]

  • (name called in event) Time to do this!


  • (good performance) Yes!

Bowser Jr[edit]

  • (being selected) Whoo-hoo!
  • (name called in event) Oh, yeah!
  • (overtaking) Gotcha!

Dr. Eggman[edit]

  • (name called in event) This should be fun!
  • (good performance) It's mine!

E-123 Omega[edit]

  • (name called in event) Commencing combat!
  • (starting) Let's go!

Jet the Hawk[edit]

  • (name called in event) No way I'm gonna lose!

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

  • (name called in event) Let's go.


  • (name called in event) Alright!
  • Here we goooooooo!


  • (name called in event) It's-a Mario time!

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • (name called in event) I'll give it my best shot.

Princess Daisy[edit]

  • (name called in event) Hi, I'm Daisy!
  • Here we go!

Princess Peach[edit]

  • (name called in event) I am ready!

Rouge the Bat[edit]

  • (introduction) Better behave yourself.
  • Here I come!
  • All right!
  • What do you think of my beautiful technique?

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (selected) Hmph! Fine!
  • (name called in event) I'll show you my ultimate power.
  • (overtaking) Out of my way!

Silver the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (being selected) Alright, here goes!
  • (name called in event) I won't lose!
  • (victory in event) Yes!
  • (speed boost) I'm moving now!
  • (1st place award) That was easy enough!
  • (2nd/3rd place award) Not bad, all in all.
  • (4th/8th) That's it, is it?
  • (Overtaking) No one can stop me!
  • No!
  • Yes!
  • Hah!
  • Yah!
  • Here goes!
  • Aw!
  • Heh!
  • Did you see that?
  • Unbelievable!
  • (After defeating a rival in the Festival) Yes! Perfect!
  • (Using Special Action) Here it goes!
  • (good performance) Yes! That's what I'd like to see!

(saving blaze)im coming blaze

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (name called in event) Faster than the speed of sound!

Vector the Crocodile[edit]

  • (name called in event) Let's have some fun!


  • (name called in event) Waluigi time!


  • (name called in event) Wario time!
  • (good performance) Hah! I'm amazing!

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing[edit]


  • Alert! We've got an All-Star on the loose! (When an All-Star is unleashed)
  • 3, 2, 1... GO! (When starting a race)
  • One lap in the bank, let's deposit the next! (when completing a lap)
  • It's a beautiful ocean out there folks, but leave the swimming til after the race! (At Seaside Hill)
  • (Knuckles' all-star move activated. Knuckles) Hammer Punch!
  • (Eggman): Now, allow me to introduce you to my latest creation.

Sonic Free Riders[edit]

Team Heroes[edit]

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (start of race) Alright! Bring it on!
  • Ready... Go!
  • (after winning a race) Sweet!

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • (start of race) I'll do my best!
  • Come on...!
  • Alright!
  • (after winning a race) Haha! Did you see that!?

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

  • (start of race) Step aside!
  • Got it!
  • (after winning a race) You're all talk!

Team Babylon[edit]

Jet the Hawk[edit]

Wave the Swallow[edit]

Storm the Albatross[edit]

Team Dark[edit]

Shadow the Hedgehog[edit]

Rogue the Bat[edit]

E-10000B/Metal Sonic[edit]

Team Rose[edit]

Amy Rose[edit]

Amy: I'm playing for peace! HERE I GO!

Cream the Rabbit[edit]

  • (trying to catch breath) Please don't... leave me behind like that... again! I thought I was going to get lost!
  • (about to race Team Sonic) Hey! We're serious! It's true that I thought I'd just be here cheering my friends on at first, but...
  • (after being complimented by Tails on her gear) Well sure! That means a lot coming from you, Mr. Tails!
  • (after winning against Team Babylon) It's too early to be worrying about that, Mr. Vector.
  • Hi, mama! I'll keep doing my best!
  • (talking to Amy and Vector) Both of you, STOP! You're still on television!
  • (after winning against Team Dark) Mr. Robot! Are you are all right?!
  • (after finding out their win against Team Dark didn't count) So we don't get to be the champions?
  • (talking to Shadow) That's a terrible thing to call poor Mr. Robot!
  • (after winning Grand Prix) Mama! Cheese! I did it! I did it!
  • (talking to Amy) You can't leave now, Ms. Amy! The awards ceremony hasn't even started yet! COME BACK!

Vector the Crocodile[edit]


  • Hey! I'm the fast-talking commentator here!
  • The rules say that teams all have to have three members otherwise they're disqualified!
  • Team Rose has officially won the Grand Prix!
  • I'm Omochao by the way!

Silver the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (start of race) I'll give it everything I got!
  • Take that!
  • Just like that!
  • Hah!
  • Catch!
  • Got it!
  • (after winning a race) I am not to be trifled with!
  • (after losing a race) No! ...How could this happen!?
  • (after passing a rival)Later!

Blaze the Cat[edit]

  • (start of race) Fear the power of the flame...
  • Step aside!
  • Excellent.
  • (after winning a race) You'll never be a match for me.


Tails: Hang in there, Knuckles. Though, is it just me, or does this race seem fishy?
Sonic: Smells more like EGG than fish to me! He should just come out and challenge us! I'll take him on any time!

Amy: Wow! Sonic's here, too!? What a coincidence! No, this must be fate!
Vector: Argh! You're a terrible actress, Amy! We all know you followed him here!
Amy: I don't recall asking you! Now SHUSH, would you!?

Amy: Yeesh, Sonic! Would it have killed you to go a little easy out there!?
Sonic: Hey! This is a serious competition, Amy!
Amy: Chivalry is serious business, too! I'M A LADY!
Sonic: Hey, Tails, Knuckles! Back me up on this, would ya'!?

Amy: Ooh! It's all your fault we lost, Sonic! You better make it up to me by taking me out tonight! [sing-song]: You owe me...
Sonic: Wait, why do I owe you a date for winning a race!?!?

Shadow: Don't blame your own poor performance... on my team mate.
Knuckles: What'd you say!?!!
Omochao: Now, now! Let's all stay calm here! There's no need for fighting, folks!
Knuckles: I know what I saw! He was making these weird clicking sounds and moving around all funny-like!

Storm: It's time we finally settled this food! Uh... I mean... "feud"? Yeah. That.
Wave: WOW! Tripped over a monosyllabic word, Storm! [sarcastically] Good for you.
Omochao: Sparks are flying from both Team Heroes and Team Babylon and the race hasn't even begun yet! I'm eager to see how this epic food plays out! ...I-I mean feud. Man, now he's got ME doing it...

Omochao: But there's only 2 of you! Where's your third team mate?
Rouge: Don't worry about us. The 2 of us can handle this just fine.
Omochao: That's not the point! The rules say that teams all have to have 3 members otherwise they're disqualified!

E-10000B: Well, folks! It's an amazing victory for Team Dark, which is no surprise to anyone with a brain!
Omochao: Hey! I'm the fast-talking commentator here!

Tails: Is he alright? He's not gonna' break down, is he?
Rouge: If he does, he's getting canned.
Tails: Wha-!!!? But that's horrible! He's your team mate, isn't he!?
Knuckles: These two AREN'T the type to understand "team loyalty", Tails.

Amy: Awww! Sonic! You let me win! You are such a gentleman!
Sonic: Are you crazy? I gave that race all I had!

Jet: What's with the temper-tantrum? Is this KINDERGARTEN!?
Vector: Hey! Just because I got kids on my team, doesn't mean I'm gonna' take that from you!
Wave: Jet would be looking at YOU if he said that, Croc.
Storm: The biggest kid in kindergarten!
Amy: OK, that's enough! I'll have you know our team only has ONE useless kid on it!
Vector: What!? Me!?!?

[Team Babylon lost race against Team Rose]
Jet: What the heck is happening!?
Wave: It's bad luck... It HAS to be bad luck!
Storm: That... or maybe they had good luck!
Wave: Same difference!

Shadow: Heh. You'd think they'd already won.
Rouge: Oh, let them have their fun. It's the least we can do before sending them home empty-handed.
Vector: Who's going home empty-handed!??
Omochao: The final round has come down to the Grand Prix's loudest team and it's quietest team! Things are really heating up! This is finally it! The BIG FINALE! ...Wow, maybe I'm the loudest one here.

Jet: It's Shadow, right? And Rouge? You guys are pretty good!
Rouge: Spare me. One fluke win and you're talking down to us now? Please.
Wave: And just who do you think YOU are talking to Jet like that!?
Storm: [to E-10000B] You were pretty tough out there, too! [no response] Hey, I'm being nice here! Least you could do is say something!
Wave: Why are you getting mad at a machine?
E-10000B: I'm no machine! I'm A ROBOT! It's different!

Vector: I'm getting serious on the next race!
Amy: What!!?? Why haven't you been serious this entire time!!?
Cream: No wonder we couldn't win!
Vector: Huh? It's a figure of speech, OK!? You guys aren't making this any easier!

Tails: Your gear is still as amazing as ever, Wave!
Wave: Is that supposed to be sarcasm, shrimp?
Tails: What? I didn't mean it THAT WAY!
Wave: Well a loss is still a loss, it looks like you're STARTING to get a rudimentary grip on the gear yourself.

Wave: Jet! I can guarantee you will win this one!
Jet: I don't need you to tell me that much, Wave! Wait a minute! You didn't do something to their gear, did you!?!
Wave: [pretending to be ignorant over the matter] I-I don't know what you could possibly mean!
Jet: [angrily to Wave] You'd better not do anything to tarnish my reputation here!

Jet: You're awfully calm about it. Aren't you ashamed of being beaten?
Sonic: Why? Luck is a big part of victory! This just means you're the lucky one who should be winning today!
Storm: Hey, nobody talks trash about the boss' wins! That was SKILL, not luck!
Tails: Sorry, Sonic! It’s all my fault! Seems like something went wrong with my tuning job...
Jet: Wave...
Wave: [nervously] D-Don’t look at me, Jet!

[Team Heroes are about to leave the Grand Prix, defeated]
Jet: WAIT! You can't leave like this! I call a rematch!
Sonic: What?! Are you SURE you wanna' do that!?
Jet: A legendary wind master doesn't accept anything short of absolute victory!
Sonic: Alright then! I'm always game for another round!

Omochao: Now, tell us how it feels to be champions!
Jet: Same as every other day. I never lose!

Sonic: I gotta' hand it to ya', Jet. I couldn't touch you out there today!
Jet: Then get training! I'll give you a rematch any day of the week!
Tails: I'll do heaps more research on extreme gear for next time!
Wave: Don't expect to catch up to MY level of expertise, but hey, knock yourself out, shrimp.

[Team Rose celebrate after winning first race against Team Dark]

Vector: Yeah! That's check and mate! Now, I can finally pay off Big Louie, and maybe Small Louie, too!
Amy: Excuse me! It's still a little early to thinking about that!
Cream: Please, concentrate on the race!
Vector: Look, I think better when I'm thinking about money, OK? It gets me motivated!

Vector: I've had it up to here with robots and Eggman and ALL of it! Now, where's my money!?
Amy: YOUR money? I think you mean OUR money!
Cream: Share nice, Mr. Vector!

[Metal Sonic runs off after losing a race against Sonic]
Eggman: That metal monstrosity just ruined my entire Grand Prix!
Knuckles: Yeah, and who's fault is THAT, again?
Tails: So, is it safe to assume that you never had any money or treasure to give out?
Sonic: Yeesh. My job would be easier if you shot down your own plots like this more often!

Sonic Colors[edit]

Wii version[edit]

Dr. Eggman: [over PA system for the food-themed Sweet Mountain] We know they look delicious, but please refrain from licking the rides. That would be disgusting. Do you know where those rides have been? People have been sitting on those rides... with their butts! Okay, go ahead. Lick them. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Eggman: [over PA system] Would Sonic the Hedgehog please report to the security office? Sonic the Hedgehog, please report to the security office. We found your… uh, your keys! Yes, that's it! We found your keys. No need to be ready for a trap as we only want to return your keys.

Eggman: [over the PA system] Would the owner of a white hovercar shaped like an egg report to the office? Your car has been broken into. I repeat, would the owner of a white hovercar shaped like an egg report to the office? Your car has been broken into– Wait a minute, what the heck?

Sonic: He loves to hear his own lips flap, but I gotta hand to the Eggster; this place is epic. Everyone and their brother will wanna come here.
Tails: No doubt, but now I'm not sure why we're here. This place looks totally harmless.
Sonic: Because Eggman + "secretly built amusement park" = evil plot for us to foil. Lucky for us, he's not very good at keeping things hidden.
Tails: True, it would be hard to miss a giant floating space amusement park surrounded by planets. Still, an evil plot? I dunno.

DS version[edit]

Sonic Generations[edit]

Modern Sonic[edit]



  • [to his Modern counterpart] I think I figured it out!


  • [to Modern Sonic] Thanks, Sonic. I thought I was dead! Floating without a body in a black limbo! [shivers] I'm going to have nightmares for weeks.

X360/PS3/PC only[edit]

Modern Amy[edit]

  • [to Classic Sonic] Thank you, Sonic. Wow, you look younger every day! What's your secret?
  • [to Modern Sonic] You saved me, Sonic. I was afraid I'd never be able to flirt with you again.

Modern Knuckles[edit]

  • [to Classic Sonic] Thanks, Sonic. You did a good job back there. Hey, did you gain weight?
  • [to Modern Sonic] Thanks for the help. Not that I needed it, but it's good to have my sanctuary back!

Cream the Rabbit[edit]

  • [to Classic Sonic] Thanks, Sonic. Hey, is it me, or did you get a new haircut?
  • [to Modern Sonic] Thanks for saving me, Sonic. It was scary in the dark, but I tried to be brave.

(Modern) Rouge the Bat[edit]

  • [to Classic Sonic] Thanks, buddy. The thing that snatched me was like nothing I've ever seen before. Watch out. Come to think of it, you're nothing like the Sonic I've seen before.
  • [to Modern Sonic] Thanks, Big Blue. That's the first time I've ever been stolen.

Modern Team Chaotix[edit]

Espio the Chameleon[edit]
  • [to Classic Sonic] Thank you, my friend. Beware, for I have looked into the soul of our enemy and I saw only darkness.
  • [to Modern Sonic] It takes a mighty foe to trap a ninja. Be on your guard, Sonic.
Vector the Crocodile[edit]
  • Thanks, Sonic. You know, I've got a hunch someone or something is controlling that monster.
Charmy the Bee[edit]
  • [to Classic Sonic]: That was very scary, but being with you makes it all better! Yeah! Hey... you look different.
  • [to Modern Sonic]: I was scared because somebody took me, but now I'm free! I'm a free bee, free bee, free bee! Whee!

Blaze the Cat[edit]

  • [to Classic Sonic]: I wish I hadn't needed your help, Sonic, but thank you. By the way, you seem to look less... spiky.
  • [to Modern Sonic]: As much as I dislike relying on others, I'm grateful for your aid. The creature was beyond my skills.


Classic Robotnik[edit]

Modern Eggman[edit]


Modern Sonic: [to Classic Sonic] Hey, (Classic) Sonic! Enjoy your future, it's gonna be great!

Modern Tails: It's kind of impossible to surprise you.
Modern Sonic: You totally got me this time. I had no idea.
Modern Tails: Yeah, right... [getting out Sonic's present] Happy birthday, Sonic. I hope you like this. [the present is a chill dog, Sonic takes it and bites into it]
Modern Sonic: Like it? I LOVE IT!

Modern Sonic: Okay, whatever you are. If you want to avoid an embarrassing beat down, you'd better give up now!
Dr. Eggman: You're not in a position to demand anything, you nasty little pincushion!
Modern Tails: Eggman? But how?
[Another sphere opens, revealing Eggman's classic counterpart, Robotnik.]
Dr. Robotnik: He had a little help.
Classic (Sonic and) Tails: Dr. Robotnik!
Dr. Ivo Robotnik: Nobody calls me that anymore. (I think… Any who.) If you would be so kind as to explain, gentleman genius Dr. Eggman from the Future…
Eggman: It will be my pleasure, most excellent and efficacious Dr. (Ivo) Eggman (Robotnik) of the Past.


Modern Robotnik: [trapped in the white space with his Classic counterpart and looks exhausted] Grr! Are you sure you saw a door over here?
Robotnik: What?! You were the one who said you saw a door over here!
(Modern) Eggman: Well, I know it was one of us. Shut up and keep looking!
[They have a silent argument, then walk off in different directions. Later, both doctors are laying on the ground near each other.]
Classic Robotnik: What time is it?
Modern Eggman: It's the exact same time when you asked earlier and it will be the exact same time when you ask later. There is no time here!
(Classic) Robotnik: Let me just say that this was a brilliant plan that you came up with.
Modern Eggman: Don't get too self-righteous. It'll be your plan pretty soon.
90's Robotnik: [aside] I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life to forgetting it.
Modern Eggman: I heard that.
(90's) Robotnik: Do we ever win?
Modern Eggman: That depends on your definition of "win".
Classic Eggman: Beating Sonic(s).
Modern Eggman: Oh… Well, then no.
90's Eggman: That doesn't give me much hope. Maybe I'll go back and get my teaching degree.
Modern Eggman: That's not a bad idea. I've always enjoyed telling people what to do.

Console/PC version[edit]

Modern Eggman: [flashback to after the events of the epilogue of Sonic Colors] After my most recent setback, I stumbled upon the primordial form of this unique creation, which I discovered had amazing abilities even I have never been able to master. It could erase time and space! [impressed with what he has found, he flies towards the Time Eater.] I then had the brilliant idea to use my discovery to undo my previous defeats! [Flashback ends.] In order to perfect it, I needed the help of someone as smart as I am. The only person that smart... is me!
Classic 90's Eggman: Oh, you are too kind, my dear future self, and I was happy to help.
Modern Eggman: I captured your friends, flinging them through time to bait my traps.
Modern Tails: But the more your monster tears through time, the more damage you do to the world!
Modern Eggman: The world? I'm going to own the world when I'm finished with Sonic! [bursts into maniacal laughter, which is interrupted by coughing and clearing his throat, then more laughter]
(Classic 90's) Robotnik: Wow. Will I really get that crazy?
Modern Eggman: Heheh. We'll see who's crazy after I destroy both Sonics... forever!
Classic 90's Robotnik: You mean "after we destroy them"?
Modern Eggman: Less arguing, more destroying.

Modern Amy: You can do it, Sonic!
[The scene moves quickly towards Amy and Knuckles.]
Modern Knuckles: Come on, Sonic. Smack him!
Modern Eggman: Ugh. Not you!
[Next scene shows Shadow standing and looking as Rouge flies down next to him.]
(Modern) Shadow: You got this, Sonic!
(Modern) Rouge: You can win, Sonic!
Classic 90's Robotnik: Who are they?!
Modern Eggman: They are insignificant!
[Next scene shows the Chaotix.]
Modern Vector: You got the power, Sonic!
Modern Espio: Focus your spirit!
Modern Charmy: We're with you, guys!
[Next scene shows Cream and Cheese looking on while Blaze runs up and Silver flies in.]
Cream: I believe in you, Sonic!
Blaze: Don't give in, Sonic!
Silver: I know you can do it, Sonic!
[Next scene shows both Classic and Modern Tails.]
Classic Tails: You can win, Sonic!
Modern Tails: You always do!
[The Chaos Emeralds appear, swirl around both Classic and Modern Sonic, and lift them into the air. Modern Sonic clenches his fist as the Emeralds power him up.]
(Classic and) Modern Sonic: Time to (kick some Ro-butt-niks and) scramble some Eggmen! SUPER SONIC STYLE!!

3DS version[edit]

Modern Eggman: The Time Eater obliterates time and space! Did you really think you could escape him just by running around? Oh ho ho ho! Now it's time to meat your doom, Sonics!
Classic and Modern Tails: Whoaaaaaa!
Modern Sonic: Tails, are you okay?!
Modern Tails: Owww, I think so...
Modern Sonic: Why did you do that?!
Modern Tails: Heh heh.
Classic Tails: I wanted to help, too... Sorry, Sonic.
Modern Sonic: [to his 90's counterpart] We can't let Tails do all the hard work here, can we, partner?
Modern Eggman: Hm? That light?!
Classic 90's Robotnik: Th-the Chaos Emeralds!?
(Classic and) Modern (Super) Sonic: It's time to end this! Time to show 'em what we can do! [they both have turned into Super Sonics] Let's do this!

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games[edit]

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • (selected) Here we go!
  • (name called in event) Leave it to me!
  • (Coming 1st/2nd/3rd) Yes!
  • (4th or below) Aw man!
  • (beating a boss) Too easy!
  • (losing to a boss) Aw man! I could've done better
  • (Breaking a record) Yeah! That was sweet!
  • (1st in Awards Ceremony) It's all about speed!
  • (2nd/3rd in Awards Ceremony) Phew, just made it.

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed[edit]

Sonic Dash[edit]

Sonic Lost World[edit]

Tails: I’ve made a TV out of paper clips [grunts/pulls a tail out of the roboticizer] and I’ve reprogrammed a super computer with a toothpick and laundry detergent, this time I don’t need the laundry detergent! [he is partially roboticized offscreen, but is not truly brainwashed]

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games[edit]

Sonic: (selected) Let's do this! / I got this! I got this one!

Sonic Boom[edit]

Rise of Lyric[edit]

[Team Sonic is chasing Eggman, who's flying down a road through the forest in his Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: What's the matter, Sonic, can't keep up?!
Sonic: You were saying?
Eggman: [finds Sonic running right beside him] I didn't mean that literally. It was a taunt! It's Villainy 101! [pounds a button on his Egg Mobile and takes off along the track at high speeds, almost falling off, presses a button and fires missiles ahead of him, causing a pillar to crumble and obstruct the road]
Sonic: Amy, Knuckles! Go left!
Knuckles: Gimme a sec. [tries to figure out his left and right] I'm on it! [he and Amy take the left path while Sonic and Tails stay on the right, both pairs chasing after Eggman]

Amy: Cliff, thank goodness we found you.
Cliff: I didn't know what I was missin'.
Amy: What do you know about an ancient tomb with a giant snake in it?
Cliff: Can't say I know much, but I do know about an ancient prison with a giant snake in it.
Amy: Well, how 'bout you tell us about that one?
Cliff: The snake's name is Lyric, and he was locked away to prevent him from destroying all life in the world. [grabs an ancient book and shows it to Team Sonic] He's the last surviving member of a long-lost civilization called the Ancients. They harvested all the energy they needed from powerful crystals. Despite their advanced technology, the Ancients lived in perfect harmony with nature. Except for Lyric, who schemed to steal the Crystals and use them to power an army of machines. When the Ancients found out, they imprisoned him. He's an evil, ruthless, dangerous, pitiless, remorseless monster. [Tails, Knuckles and Amy turn to look at Sonic.] Thank goodness he's locked up for all eternity.
Sonic: Yeaaaahhhh. Funny story. We might have accidentally unleashed him on the world.
Cliff [he and Q-N-C drop their mouths open in shock] Not cool, Sonic… but you might be still able to stop him. Lyric needs those Crystals to reboot his army. His first move will be to go after them. You gotta get 'em first.
Amy: How do we find them?
Cliff: If that prison is still functioning, there must be a Crystal nearby. That's a good place to start. If you have any other questions, my buddy Q-N-C here can answer them.
Q-N-C: What if I have questions?

Tails: This place gives me the creeps.
Sonic: Relax. It's not like anything's gonna jump out at you.
[MAIA pops down in front of Tails who gets scared]
Tails: Aaaah!
Sonic: I really didn't see that coming.
MAIA: [scans Sonic and Tails] Scanning life forms... Hedgehog and fox confirmed. It is agreeable to see you both once again!
Sonic: [whispers to Tails] Why does everybody keep saying that? [faces to MAIA] Who are you?
MAIA: I am MAIA. Long ago, I rebelled against my creator, Lyric, and helped imprison him. Now, 1,000 years later, he has returned.
Sonic: We know that. We're looking for the Crystals to stop him.
MAIA: Processing... There is a map that reveals the location of all the Crystals.
Sonic: Where is it?
MAIA: Not where, when. It disappeared long ago, but this machine can transport you to a time before it vanished.
[A ring-shaped time machine is shown in the background.]
Sonic: Let's go.
MAIA: Facility power is nonfunctional. Generator requires reactivation. Location is... up there. [gestures up to a hole in the ceiling where Amy and Knuckles are]
Sonic: Amy, MAIA is going to help us with the Crystals, but we need the generator up and running.
Amy: We're on it. [walks away]
Knuckles: Me too. [walks away too]

MAIA: Portal activating. Setting coordinates. Upon completion I will send you through.
Shadow: Not so fast, Sonic.
Tails: Shadow, what are you doing here?
Sonic: Not a great time, Shadow. I'm a little busy saving the world.
Shadow: Saving the world? You? Don't make me laugh. You're weak, and you know what makes you weak? Your loyalty to your pathetic friends. [Sonic glares at Shadow and clenches his fist.] You're not going through that portal. I'm gonna show you just how weak you are!

[Shadow stumbles around as a time portal appears behind him. Sonic kicks Shadow into the time portal.]
MAIA: Portal is ready.
Sonic: What happened to Shadow?
MAIA: Calculating… He appears to have landed in the near future. Not yoursm mine. Now go... before the portal closes! [Sonic and Tails enter the time portal before it closes.]

Shattered Crystal[edit]

Amy: Back off, Lyric!
[Amy and Lyric enter the shot, fighting each other.]
Lyric: Not until you tell me what those symbols say. [smashes the wall with the glyphs using his tail] I know the hold the location of the shattered fragments of the Lost Crystal!
Amy: [dodges Lyric's attack and looks at her dropped AVA] Why do you think your fellow Ancients hid the fragments in the first place? [dodges Lyric's tail swipe, runs up along a grounded vine, and jumps off with a twirling jump] So slimy snakes like YOU couldn't find them and abuse their powers! [points at Lyric with her hammer]
Lyric: Those frightened fools were too weak to harness this power, and now they are dust. As the last remaining Ancient the Crystal is mine by right! [dives towards Amy who jumps under him, grabs her AVA, and begins talking with Sonic over the AVA]
Sonic: [through AVA] Hi, Amy. What's up?
Amy: Fighting for my life with the fate of the world in the balance, You know, the usual.
[Lyric looks around behind Amy. As Lyric notices, he moves towards her from behind.]
Sonic: [through AVA] Hey, who's that?
Lyric: [knocks Amy's Hammer out of Amy's hand with his tail] You'll tell me what I want to know, little girl.
Amy: I don't think so.
Lyric [grabs a Mind Control Device behind Amy's back with his tail and places it on Amy's head without her knowing. Amy freezes up in place and drops her AVA] What you think is exactly what this device will reveal.
Amy: [falls to the ground, unconscious] Oh...
Sonic: [through AVA] Amy?! [to Lyric] Who are YOU?!
Lyric: [grabs Amy] You can call me Lyric, or Master. Honestly, once I rip the location of the crystal fragments from Amy's brain, I don't care what you call me. [slithers away with Amy and smashes Amy's AVA with his tail]
Sonic: Amy! I gotta get Tails and the gang. Oh, Lyric! You are SO gonna get the big beat down. [closes AVA]

Knuckles: He's coming around. Should we knock him out again?
Sonic: No, Knuckles. We need to talk to him. [he and Knuckles ready themselves as Shadow starts groaning]
Shadow: [positions himself] Unnnh, what's going on?
Sonic: That's what WE wanna know! Why'd you attack us? Where's Amy?
Shadow: [jumps to his feet] Back off! You're more annoying than usual. None of this is making sense. Last thing I remember I was talking to... [surprised] Lyric!
Sticks: Lyric! I knew this stinker was in cahoots with the rotten reptile.
Shadow: I don't work for anyone. [notices the Mind Control Device on his head and takes it off] What is THIS?
Tails: [receives the Mind Control Device from Shadow] This thing's scrap now, but it's clearly some advanced tech, like a mini neural bypass switch. A mind control device!
[The Mind Control Device falls out of Tails' hands, drops to the ground and projects a purple hologram of Lyric.]
Lyric: Meddlers! You cost me a valuable asset when you damaged my device.
Sonic: Lyric! Where's Amy, you spineless freak?
Lyric: Safe... for the moment. We're having a the most DELIGHTFUL conversation.
Shadow: Why don't you come here and face me?
Lyric: I'm far too busy peeling back the layers of Amy's brain like a rotten onion. Once she leads me to the crystal fragments I'll have the power of a god, and I'll grind you ALL' under my heel.
Sticks: You don't HAVE a heel. You're a snake.
[The hologram shuts off]
Shadow: I'll hunt him down and make him pay for using me. [runs off]
Sonic: Shadow, wait! Okay, let's follow him into that city and see if we can find any clues about Amy.

Fire & Ice[edit]

Sonic: [he and Amy walks up to another fissure.]Tails thinks these fissures could be the problem, so...
Amy: [uses her hammer to close the fissures with rocks] Problem solved. [she and Sonic notice another fissure] Looks like we've got a LOT of problems.
Sonic: Dibs! This one's mine. What the...? [he and Amy notice D-Fekt walking towards them] I think Eggman lost one of his toys.
Amy: Yeah, he'd make a great action figure if our adventures were ever merchandised.
Sonic: [starts using his fire ability to destroy the fissure, making D-Fekt mad] Well, that made him mad. [he and Amy were trying to catch him, but they failed]

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games[edit]

LEGO Dimensions[edit]

Sonic Forces[edit]

Dr. Eggman: Sonic. How I hate him. [stops walking and looks at a pix-elated screenshot of his new weapon] And all of that loathing has been focused into this invincible instrument of destruction. [Orbot typing onto a terminal and Cubot wiping a strange capsule.] Every defeat. Every humiliation at the Hedgehog's hands will be returned a thousandfold by my unstoppable creation. [walks up to the capsule, and pushes Cubot out of the way] This is my dream come true. With this invention, I can expand the Eggman Empire across the globe, and conquer the world! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!
Orbot: The boss means business this time.
Cubot: Mm-hm.

Zavok: This is the end, Sonic.
Sonic: [sarcastically] Oh hey, sounds like the party's started. Want to let me go and join in? No? Of course not, you hate fun. [The alarm rings and Sonic's cuffs come off.] Oh, wow! "The end", huh? Let's see you try something now that I'm free.
Zavok: Foolish hedgehog. Getting out of your chains does not make you free. Now come and face the inevitable.
Sonic: [running out of his cell] The only thing inevitable here is my foot kicking your butt.

Infinite: This wasn't part of my agenda, but I'm always happy to crush a hero. It keeps the rabble in line. Shows them that there is no hope.
Silver: Does anyone but you believe your lies?
Masked Man: Seeing is believing. [flies at Silver, but Sonic knocks him away]
Sonic: Time to tag out, Silver! I've got it from here!
Masked Man: Well, look who's back from the dead. The little blue savior, but what's that I smell? You reek of fear. Glad to see I left an impression.
Sonic: [sniffs his own armpit] That's not fear. I ran all the way over here, and you haven't left an impression. I don't know anything about you! Not even your name.
Masked Man: You may call me "Infinite" in the brief moments that remain to you.
Sonic: Great! See, Infinite? Now, we're getting to know each other! So what's your favorite color? Do you like long, romantic walks on the beach? What's the source of your power? You can skip the first 2 questions if you like.
Infinite: The source of my power is none of your concern.
Sonic: Sorry, but you've just got to share the secret of your power with me. I insist!
Infinite: Your insistence is futile! [unleashes a wave that negates gravity]

Knuckles: None of this is good, Vector. This is why it's called war.

[in Green Hill]
Infinite: ...And with that, the disposal of the Phantom Ruby prototypes is complete.
Eggman: It was a defective model. It could only record the DNA of the one that triggered it.
Infinite: Only a being with my strenght of will could ever activate it.
Eggman: It doesn't matter now, with the lab locked down in Mystic Jungle. Which reminds me, didn't you run into Sonic there after he escaped?
Infinite: Yes, but he was powerless against me. There is no need for concern.
Eggman: You let the hedgehog live!? That is a great source of concern.
Infinite: For you, perhaps. He has beaten you for decades, yet I defeated him in our first encounter.
Modern Tails: "Phantom Ruby prototypes", and Sonic... is alive?
Eggman: What is it?
Infinite: Nothing. We move forward with the plan?
Eggman: Of course! When it's complete, the resistance will be erased. The world will be nothing but ashes, from which a glorious Eggman Empire will rise!
Infinite: And the resistance will yield to the Phantom Ruby's power. All will submit. [flies away]
Modern Robotnik: [to Classic Sonic] What, you!? [90's Sonic hits the Eggmobile] I don't have time for this.

Modern Tails: [to Classic 90's Sonic] Yeah, we did it! (Well… you did it, but still…)
Modern Eggman: [laughing] Look at you fighting like you've got a chance to win. It's adorable. Almost makes me feel bad that we're never going to do this little dance again. In just 3 short days, my plan will eliminate the bothersome lot of you!
Modern Tails: Wait, 3 days and what plan?
Modern Eggman: If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise! You know what they say, "the anticipation of the end is worse than the end itself". Maybe not in this case though. Mwa-hahaha!

Modern Tails: Sonic!
Modern Sonic: Tails!
Modern Tails: I was sooo worried. I thought that you were…
Modern Sonic: You worry too much. Look, I'm perfectly fine. [to his 90's counterpart] Ah, it's been generations since I've seen you. You okay? [Classic 90's Sonic gives his Modern counterpart a thumbs up]
Modern Tails: The good news is you're safe. The bad news is that Eggman said he has some plan that would destroy us all in 3 days!
Modern Sonic: 3 days, huh? A lot can happen in that time.

Modern Knuckles: We've got less than an hour before Eggman's plan goes down.
Shadow: There's no more time. We have to break into the fortress now.
Silver: Indeed, this is it. Our last opportunity to bring peace back into the world.
Modern Tails: But... when the battle ends, we'll have to part with Sonic – I mean, this Sonic – won't he?
Modern Amy: Yes, if the Phantom Ruby is gone, I guess that dude will be returned to his dimension.
Modern Tails: Thank you for everything, Sonic. I'll never forget what you did for us.
Modern Espio: Save the sentiments for later. This is not over yet. We still have a battle to fight.
Modern Knuckles: Exactly. This is our last chance. Give it everything you've got!

Infinite: [fully charges up the Phantom Ruby prototype] You're dome for, Sonic. The Phantom Ruby's energy is recharged. [performs a powerful energy wave] Perish, along with your useless friends! [The Rookie Avatar intervenes in the battle, shooting out his grappling hook at Infinite. Infinite dodges and glares at the Avatar.] You!
Sonic: [The Rookie Avatar lands beside him] My friends got me this far, and together we're gonna win!

Episode Shadow[edit]

Rouge: Shadow, We've got a report from the intelligence division. They've located an unknown base of operations, that seems to be totally outside the chain of command for Eggman's Army. There's a large-scale troop presence. Suspiciously large for a place with no strategic value.
Shadow: I can't imagine the doctor would do something like that without reason.
Rouge: No kidding, and there's a rumor going around that ol' rotten Eggman has been developing some kind of new weapon, so...
Shadow: Yeah. Looks like this won't be your garden variety recon mission.
Rouge: Do it to it, Shadow. Omega went on ahead of you, so you can link up with him on-site.
Shadow: I'm more than enough on my own. I'll handle things my way.
Rouge: [giggles] Omega said the same thing. You 2 go together like chili and hot dogs!
Shadow: Cut the chatter. I'm on my way.

Eggman: [Cut to the area where Infinite leaps from stone pillar to stone pillar finding a spot to attack Shadow.] Hey, you! I know you can hear me! You're captain of Squad Jackal, aren't you?! Your squad was useless! GO CLEAN UP THEIR MESS ALREADY!
Infinite: Yeah, yeah, I got it... You. You destroyed my squad. i'll show you why they call me the Ultimate Mercenary! [charges at Shadow] Take this! [Shadow activates Chaos Control] What?!
[Shadow attacks Infinite with a round house kick launching him in the air, and slamming him with his 2 fists making him land on the ground without landing on his feet, as Shadow delivered Infinite the final blow with a round house kick, launching him into another stone pillar.]
Shadow: Worthless. Don't show your pathetic face around me ever again. [Cut to Infinite's point of view as Shadow activates Chaos Control.]
Infinite: I... I'm shaking... Me? Me... Afraid...?! [fades to your point of view.] Ugh. Pathetic?! Me... [gets up] He's calling ME weak?! No...! I am not weak. I'm... I'm no. I'm not weak! I AM NOT WEEAAK!! URRRAAAAAAAAAGGH!!! [putting on his mask and placing the finalized Phantom Ruby prototype on his chest, and red aura surrounds him as he turns the color background all red as his theme plays back at Eggman's lab] That day, I gave up my own unsightly face, and I let go of the old me, the one that was so weak, so that I could become stronger. And then, at last... I obtained the power. The power to make all yield to my will. I... was... reborn!

Team Sonic Racing[edit]

About Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

Sonic is the star. He is a cool blue dude with an attitude. he is not a "do-gooding" hero. He is loyal to his friends and has a good sense of right and wrong, but he is a very independent guy who is mostly interested in doing his own thing. He is not book smart, but he is very street smart. He loves beauty, nature, and adventure, but his primary passion is for speed and indeed he can run faster than anyone on the planet. Two things he does not do are; swim (he sinks like a stone), or ride around in cars, motorcycles, etc. (why should he when he can run faster than them all!). He fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man, but he does not like to be chased by girls. He is generally impatient and likes to get things done quickly. Sometimes this can work against him because he is not very detail oriented. But for the most part, Sonic is as quick witted as he is fast footed and this gives him an extraordinary combination of talents that keep him the idol of kids around the globe.
  • Sonic was born on a small island called Christmas Island. But his love for adventure called him away and he has visited so many different places on Earth that he doesn't really have a place he considers to be home. The Sonic stories center around his favorite group of islands including South Island (Sonic 1), Westside Island (Sonic 2), and Angel Island (Sonic 3). The first Sonic Story is located on South Island which is quite beautiful. This island is known for the curious fact that it floats around in the ocean. That is why it can not be found on any map. Sonic is fond of sitting on its beach in his beach chair, wearing sunglasses, and listening to cool rock music. Sonic loves to sing in his own rock band, and enjoys being with his friends, but he is just as happy to be alone.
    Sonic would be very happy enjoying his own pastimes were it not for the constant intrusions of his arch rival Dr. Robotnik (also sometimes known as Eggman because of his round shape). The evil doctor seems to have an endless supply of fiendish plots to take over the world, but Sonic seems to always find a way to frustrate his plans and keep him at bay. This has given Sonic somewhat of a celebrity status with the local inhabitants and he is loved by all as much as Robotnik is hated by all.
    Westside Island is a very ancient island with plenty of treasures and ancient ruins. It is also said to contain a small supply of a very powerful natural crystals called "Chaos Emeralds". These multi-colored emeralds have tremendous energy and could be used to create the most powerful nuclear bombs and laser weapons if they fell into the wrong hands. Legend says that they exist here, but nobody can remember actually seeing them. The reason for this is that the Chaos Emeralds exist in a _different dimension_ and no one has yet been able to find a way to actually possess them.
    One day, Dr. Robotnik heard the stories of the Chaos Emeralds and he vowed to do whatever it took to acquire them for his own evil purposes. He, and his henchmen, built a huge fortress where he made robots of many types and sent them off to find the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic stood up in defiance of Robotnik's troops and kicked them all back into the fortress telling them never to come out again. But the evil doctor had other plans. as he sulked away, he vowed that he would find the Chaos Emeralds, and he would get his revenge on Sonic the Hedgehog.
    A short time later, Sonic made an amazing discovery. His friends had all disappeared! Robotnik had been capturing all of the defenseless animals in the countryside and had changed them into robots! Dr. Robotnik was converting Sonic's friends into slaves and now only Sonic to save them! Can Sonic do it?
    Will Robotnik succeed in his quest for the emeralds while exacting his revenge on Sonic? Can Sonic subdue the hoards of robot animals without hurting his friends inside? Will Robotnik take over the whole world?
    So begins the video game saga of Sonic the Hedgehog......
  • Sonic is the star. He is a cool blue dude with an attitude. he is not a "do-gooding" hero. He is loyal to his friends and has a good sense of right and wrong, but he is a very independent guy who is mostly interested in doing his own thing. He is not book smart, but he is very street smart. He loves beauty, nature, and adventure, but his primary passion is for speed and indeed he can run faster than anyone on the planet. Two things he does not do are; swim (he sinks like a stone), or ride around in cars, motorcycles, etc. (why should he when he can run faster than them all!). He fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man, but he does not like to be chased by girls. He is generally impatient and likes to get things done quickly. Sometimes this can work against him because he is not very detail oriented. But for the most part, Sonic is as quick witted as he is fast footed and this gives him an extraordinary combination of talents that keep him the idol of kids around the globe.
  • The evil doctor (also known as Eggman) has been a bad egg from the very beginning. Nobody knows quite where he came from, but he is definitely behind any problem that comes up. Dr. Robotnik loves machines. He loves them so much that his idea of a perfect world would be to have it full of nothing but machines. He thinks they are beautiful and he likes that he can control them. A genuine genius megalomaniac, he spends all of his time trying to replace the natural world with his beautiful machines He is not very concerned about saving the planet (being a notorious polluter), and he particularly likes the idea of exploiting the oceans for their riches (This really gets to Sonic, because Sonic loves the oceans and can't stand the idea of Robotnik messing with them). In order to have ultimate control in his quest, Robotnik must find and control all of the Chaos Emeralds, and most importantly.....Sonic.

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