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Sonic the Hedgehog (also known as SatAM or Sonic SatAM for short, due to it running on ABC on Saturday mornings) is a produced cartoon based on the video game of the same name. It depicts the battles between Sonic and his team of Freedom Fighters against the forces of the evil Dr. Robotnik. Originally ran on Saturday mornings on the ABC Network and known as Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM).

Season 1


Sonic Boom


Sally: Antoine will go with me.
Sonic: Antoine?! You're kidding, right?
Sally: I'm kidding, wrong!
Sonic: Right or wrong?
Sally: I'm right, you're wrong... as usual.

Sonic and Sally


Antoine: Allow moi, madamoiselle.
Bunnie: Thanks, sugah. [Antoine takes her by her robot hand, accidentally pulling off her arm] Oh, dear... Ah'm just fallin' apart!
Rotor: Where's Sonic and Sally?
Bunnie: Well, they were right behind me, when-
Sonic: CANNONBALL! [dives into hay pile]

Dr. Robotnik: I don't suppose you could tell me the location of Knothole, princess.
Sally: Certainly... when you get a life!
[Robotnik signals to Snivley, who pushes a button]
Robot: [in Sally's voice] When you get a life!
[Sally gasps in horror]

Tails: I missed you, Sally!
Sally Robot: I missed you too, Tails! [kisses his cheek]
Tails: didn't do the funny kiss.
Sally Robot: Oh... oh, right. The funny kiss. [kisses him again, the same way]
Tails: No, Aunt Sally. The funny kiss! [The Sally Robot looks at him confused] On my nose!
Sally Robot: Oh, that funny kiss!

[Sonic runs in circles around the Sally Robot, causing it to short circuit]
Rotor: Boy, Robotnik's really good. She fooled everybody!
Sonic: Except Tails.

Sonic: Hold it, Tails. I'm still not sure that's the real Sal.
Sally: Oh really? Then I guess I'll have to prove it. [She kisses him on the cheek.] Well?
Sonic: She's a fake! Come on, Tails! We gotta juice! [runs away with Tails]
Tails: All right!
Sally: I'll show you fake, Sonic Hedgehog!

Ultra Sonic


Uncle Chuck: [regaining his free will] Sonic... is that you, Sonnie?
Sonic: Uncle Chuck! Yes! Man, it's good to see you! [hugs Uncle Chuck]
Chuck: I missed you too, Sonnie. Still good lookin' and always cookin', eh Sonnie boy?
Sonic: You got it, Unc. Shakin' and bakin'.
Chuck: Princess Sal... Rotor... Bunnie... oh, it's a real treat to see you all again.
Sally: Welcome back, Charles.
Rotor: How you doing, Chuck?
Antoine: Dr. Hedgehog.... [salutes] Bonjour.
Chuck: Ha, ha... bonjour Antoine!

[as everyone is running away, Uncle Chuck falls to the ground in pain]
Sonic: Uncle Chuck? What's the matter? Uncle Chuck? [Uncle Chuck takes out his Power Ring, which has faded] Oh, no...
Chuck: It's okay... you did good, Sonnie boy. You saved Mobius. That's all that matters.
Sonic: No way. We're saving you and getting you back to Knothole!
Chuck: It's too.... it's too late for me.... Sonic....
Sonic: Uncle Chuck?
[Uncle Chuck looks up, his eyes glowing red and snarling]
Sonic: No, Uncle Chuck! Fight it, man! Fight it!
Sally: Sonic... he's turned back.
Sonic: Uncle Chuck!
Bunnie: [grabbing Sonic and pulling him away] Let's go, sugah-hog!

Sonic and the Secret Scrolls


[Sally discusses her plan to fly to Maga in the newly-built Freedom Stormer]
Sonic: And you plan to get there in that jalopy?
Sally: You can only see Maga from the sky... [scornfully] ...And it's not a jalopy.

Ant: I am so tired.... I could pop.
Rotor: What are we looking for, Sally?
Sally: Something called "the Chair".
Antoine: Oh... "the Bed" sounds too much nicer.

[Sonic is hiding inside the Breath of Mobius from Robotnik]
Sally: 4 seconds...
[a wind sound grows louder inside the Breath of Mobius]
Robotnik: Snivley, what is that sound?
Snivley: I don't know, sir.
Sonic: [as the winds pick up intensely] Bingo, baby!
[Robotnik, Snivley and the SWAT-bots are lifted into the air and thrown over the cliffside, Sonic runs against the winds and back to the Freedom Fighters]
Sally: Sonic! Are you okay, Sonic?
Sonic: Yeah, but Ro-butt-nik isn't. He's history!
Bunnie: Robotnik dead? I just can't believe that.
Sonic: Believe it.

[as the Freedom Fighters depart Maga, Robotnik and Snivley climb up the cliff]
Robotnik: The hedgehog will pay dearly for this, Snivley! Mark my words.

Super Sonic


Bunnie: Who the hoo-hah was that?
Sally: It was the Guardian.
Rotor: Who's "the Guardian"?
Sally: More like "what". Legends say he watches over the resting place of Lazaar.
Sonic: What's Lazaar?
Sally: Not "what"… "who".
Sonic: [confused] Who is what?!

[Lazaar's computer crystal lists off spells, when it mentions teleport]
Computer Crystal: Rings, Ruins, Submission, Slavery, Teleport...
Robotnik: Oh, that's it! Teleports! Exactly what I need!
Computer Crystal: Name target.
Robotnik: Sonic the Hedgehog.
Computer Crystal: Target out of range. Name target.
Robotnik: Princess Sally.
[a Hologram of Sally appears]
Computer Crystal: Confirm target.
Robotnik: Affirmative.
[Sally materializes in front of Robotnik]
Sally: What happened? How did I...?
Robotnik: Take her!
Sally: [in horror] Robotnik!

[Lazaar shakes in distress]
Lazaar: Using the magic, he is.
Sonic: Who's using the magic?
Lazaar: I know not his name, but evil, he is. Pure evil!
Sonic: Then it's Robotnik!

Sonic Racer


[Robotnik and Snivley test the Race-Bot's speed]
Snivley: 500 miles per hour, sir.
Robotnik: Oh, that's good.... that's very good, indeed. Too bad it was only going half it's speed. Surprise surprise, hedgehog...

Robotnik: Well, well, well. Who is this, Little Red Rodent Hood? [chuckles evilly at Sonic's disguise as Sonic tries to hide his face] A little shy are we? No matter, on with the race! And may my best machine, win.

Hooked on Sonics


Ant: She is thinking I am a complete fuel.
Rotor: A fuel?
Ant: Yes, a fuel, a fuel! Why is this so difficulting to understand?
[Rotor looks on confused]
Ant: A fuel is a stupid person.
Rotor: Oh, you mean a fool.

Robotnik: The hedgehog did what? [turns his chair around to face a Swat-bot] You have failed me for the last time! [presses a button on his chair and a trapdoor opens dropping the Swat-bot down and landing with a “CRASH!” Cluck clucks mechanically, while Snively gasps in horror. Robotnik beckons a finger.] Come here, Snively.
Snively: [nervously] W-wait sir, I can explain. We tried to stop him sir, but he destroyed the shredder and...
Robotnik: Come here...

Ant: The princess, she is not even noticing I am alive.
Rotor: Sonic's a tough act to follow. You'd have to do something major to get Sally's attention.
Ant: And how, I ask, do I do that?
Rotor: I dunno... [jokingly] ...Capture Robotnik and bring him to Knothole?

Harmonic Sonic


Rotor: Check it out, Sonic.
Sonic: Man, that is beautiful. From here, you can't tell Robotnik's destroying the whole place.
Rotor: We'll get him, Sonic.
Sonic: Yeah. He's nothin' but a nothin'.

Saxophone Robot: Where is your station?
Sonic: Spy sensors.
Saxophone Robot: A Brain Bot, huh? We don't like Brain Bots here!
Sonic: Yeah, must be a bummer not to have a brain.
Saxophone Robot: I have a brain!
Sonic: Yeah? Bet you can't even answer a dumb question!
Saxophone Robot: Try me.
Sonic: Okay, where are the spy sensors?
Saxophone Robot: Building 105, South Tower.
Sonic: Cool. You do have half a brain.

Robotnik: Listen closely, Snivley. It could be crucial to your health. The hedgehog... and his band of fools... will be eliminated! Do I make myself clear?
Snivley: Y-yes, sir. Very... very clear, sir.

[the Knothole citizens cheer for Sonic and Rotor]
Sally: Where is Rotor?
Rotor: Right here. [pushing a new invention over] It's a nifty quill designer. Built especially for hedgehogs. You could use it, Sonic. All that electricity trashed your 'do. Give it a shot!
[Sonic puts on the helmet and runs on the treadmill. It lifts him into the air, revealing a forward mohawk style]
Rotor: Uh-oh.
Sally: Uh... nice quills.
Sonic: [pulls out a mirror] AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Sonic's Nightmare


[repeated line throughout the episode]
Sally: Sonic, where were you when the brains were handed out?

Sonic: [talking in his sleep] Oh, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. You make my heart stop... my mouth water!
[Sally blushes, thinking he is talking about her]
Sonic: Yes... there's nothing like a chili dog.
Sally: [annoyed] Oh, brother.

Warp Sonic


Ant: My princess! I am too to be writing you a "pum".
Sally: A "pum"?
Ant: Yes, a "pum"!
Sally: Oh, a "poem"!
Ant: Yes, that is what I am saying. [clears throat] I am a royal guard, straight and true. And I would be giving my life for you.
Sonic: Excuse me while I chunk my chili...
Antoine: You are insulting my pum?!
Sonic: No, your "pum" insults itself.

[after confronting Griff about the stolen Power Stone]
Griff: I'm sorry, Sonic. But we were desperate.
Sonic: That doesn't mean you can steal. We're all in this fight against Ro-butt-nik together!



Sonic: [playing his guitar] You put the pedal to the metal, and baby, I guarantee!
You'll be juicin' to the 10th degree!
Crankin' supersonic, you know I gotta rule, and I'm waa-aa-aay past cool!

Sonic Past Cool


Tails: But I don't want to say good-bye! Please stay with us, Baby-T! We can keep playing together. We could play dirt hockey and stuff!
Baby-T: Got to stay with Momma-T. You come with us.
Tails: I can't, Baby-T. The Freedom Fighters need me. Bye, Baby-T... stay cool, huh?
Baby-T: Yeah, way past cool. Got to juice it loose!
Sally: Oh, my gosh. All this time, and he ends up talking like you. [looks in Sonic's direction]

Heads or Tails


Snively: Welcome home, Dr. Robotnik. Exciting trip?
Robotnik: Shut up, Snivley.

Robotnik: Any news about the hedgehog?
Snively: N-not exactly, sir
Robotnik: What do you mean "not exactly"? Either there is, or there isn't.
Snively: Well, you see, I- [a red light flashes] Emergency sign, Dr. Robotnik! Monitor 10!
[The monitor shows Tails in a field]
Robotnik: Isn't that one of those accursed Freedom Fighters?
Snively: Affirmative, sir. His name is Tails, he is usually accompanied by Sonic.
Robotnik: Capture him. Perhaps his cries will flush out the hedgehog.

Sally: It's Sonic!
Ant: I thought I detected a foul odor.
[Sonic runs past Antoine, causing him to spin rapidly]
Sonic: [runs back] Aw, Antoine. You're lookin' a little green! Actually, keep it! You look better green!

Tails: Hey, Sonic! How come only you can use the Power Ring?
Sonic: My Uncle Chuck invented them for me to take down dorks like Robotnik.
Tails: I hate that smelly old Robotnik!
Sonic: Yeah, don't we all!

Season 2


Game Guy


Sonic Conversion


[after Bunnie is deroboticized and restored to normal]
Bunnie: Alright! The Bunnie Bod is back!

No Brainer


Blast to the Past


Part 1


Sonic and Sally: [repeating] Palace Fountain, 3224.
Sonic: Palace Fountain, 32 chili dogs...
Sally: Sonic!

Young Sally: What's your name?
Sally: Oh, it's, uh... Alicia!
Young Sally: Hey, that's my middle name!

Part 2


Sally: [looking at a monitor of the Destroyer] Oh, my gosh! It's heading to the Great Forest! Sonic, that never happened! We must have change history! Do you know what this means? If that thing destroys the Great Forest, Knothole will never exist, and chances are... neither will we.
Sonic: But... I thought if the kids were roboticized, we wouldn't exist!
Sally: That too. We must stop both from happening!
Sonic: Aw, man... Time travel is such a pain.

Robotnik: Status report, Snivley.
Snivley: Yes, sir. 85% of the population captured and awaiting roboticization. However, some remain unaccounted for. One described as a very fast blue hedgehog.
Robotnik: Blue hedgehog? Eh, nothing to fret about.

Snivley: [realizing who Sonic is] You're the blue hedgehog who... Security to war room! Now!
Sally: Sonic, we've got to go!
Sonic: On it. See ya soon, Slimely!
Snivley: Get him, get him, there he is! Get him! [Sonic runs off with Sally, the wind ripping out most of Snivley's hair] Sonic... ooh, you'll pay for this, hedgehog!

Robotnik: Who are you?
Sonic: Someone you're gonna learn to hate, Ro-butt-nik.
Robotnik: I already hate you.

Sonics: [high-5 each other] Way past cool!

[Young Sonic runs past Sally and Rosie just a second before Sonic]
Young Sonic: I'm still the fastest, Juice!
Sonic: He beat me!
Sally: No, Sonic. You beat yourself.
Sonic: Oh, yeah! Right! Cool.

Fed Up With Antoine


Ghost Busted


Tails: [gasps] Headless Gopher.



The Void


Sonic: Where is she, Nicole?
NICOLE: Insufficient information, Sonic.
Sonic: Say what?
NICOLE: Name required for cognitive answer.
Sonic: Sally. Where's Sally?
NICOLE: Sally is no longer present.
Sonic: I can see that. Where'd she go?
NICOLE: Sally did not input destination.
Sonic: WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE SHE LEFT!? [begins to violently shake her]
NICOLE: Warning. Improper manipulation of this unit may cause extensive circuitry damage.
Sonic: Talk in English! Ooooh! [begins to shake her again]
NICOLE: Sonic, do not shake me.

[upon looking at a crystalline castle]
Bunnie: Yep, that's where ah'm havin' mah wedding!

Naugus: You should thank me! I'm going to get rid of Robotnik! [notices a Spycam Bot] What's that?
Sonic: One of Ro-butt-nik's Spy Orbs.
[cut to Robotnik and Snivley watching a monitor with Sonic and Naugus]
Naugus: Can he see us now?
Sonic: Yeeeup!
[Robotnik looks on in fear]
Naugus: Greetings, Dr. Robotnik... [menacingly] Want to play?

King Nigel Acorn: I'm turning to crystal... Naugus, what's happening?
Naugus: We've been too long into the void! We cannot exist in this world! I misunderstood the void's properties. It's drawing our life force! The only place I can control it is there! We must go back… or we'll die.
Sally: [tearfully] Daddy... Just when it...
King Nigel: Shh, child. Reach into my pocket. [Sally pulls out a small tablet] It lists all the Freedom Fighter groups. Find them.
Sally: Somehow we'll get you out, daddy. I love you.
Sonic: Good luck, your majesty.
King Nigel: Take care of her, Sonic!

Sonic: It's gonna be okay, Sal.
Sally: Sonic, I hardly got to see him.
Sonic: Yeah, but you did see him. Naugus will think of a way out of there. Plus, we got the Freedom Fighters list and Ari.
Sally: I don't say this often Sonic, but you're right.
Sonic: Hey, I'm always right!
Sally: Not always!
Sonic: Yeah, always!
Sally: No way!
Sonic: Yeah, way! Ask NICOLE.
NICOLE: He's cool, Sal. Way past.
Sally: Sonic, what have you done to her?
Sonic: Come on, Sal.
NICOLE: Yeah. Get a grip, Sal.
Sally: Nicole!

The Odd Couple


Sonic: You ain’t lived till you’ve had one of my old dogs! [squeezes open a can of chili, causing it to bounce off the walls and hit Antoine in the face]
Ant: Y-you... [crying out of frustration]
Sonic: Chill, roomie! You can have another helping!
Ant: Another helping... [laughs, then faints]

[after witnessing the mess Sonic made in the kitchen, Antoine hides in his dresser, making crazy sounds]
Sonic: Man, I didn't know Ant wanted a chili dog that badly!

Sonic: [in his sleep, running around the walls] I'll get you, Ro-butt-nik!
Antoine: Wh... what is he doing?
Sonic: Yo, Ro-butt-nik! You’re going down, man, big time!
Antoine: [laughing hysterically] Well, if you can’t beat on them, then you must join them, huh?! [Antoine starts trashing his place, freaking out. Sonic wakes up]
Sonic: Yo, Ant! What’s up!
Antoine: What’s up? [Laughs] This is up! And this, too! Oh, and don't forget this, Sonic! Whahahaha, everything is up! Whahahahaaha!

Sally: Sonic, what is wrong with Antoine?
Sonic: No clue, Sal! But snow or not, I’m gonna rebuild my hut starting now! I’m not spending another night with Ant! Not only is he totally out of his tree, but he lives like a pig!



Cry Of The Wolf


Robotnik: Snively.
Snively: Sir?
Robotnik: Have you noticed there are caves along the top of the canyon wall, but none at ground level?
Snively: Oh. Yes, Sir.
Robotnik: What does that tell you?
Snively: That the wolves... [yelps] used to be very tall?
Robotnik: [shudders in anger before saying calmly] It means... they're camouflaging the lower entrances. [screams bloody murder] FIND THEEEEEMMM!!!!!!
Snively: Yes, sir. [his Hoverunit fires zaps into the canyon; a cave is then revealed] Bingo, bingo! Yes!

Drood Henge


Snively: [being held hostage by Sonic] Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
Sonic: Good boy, Snobbly. How 'bout a tour?
Snively: Tour?
Sonic: Yeah. Let's start with the ol' power station. Now, tell Chrome-dome to release Tails.
Snively: Release the prisoner!
[The SWAT-bots let go of Tails]
Sonic: You okay, little buddy?
Tails: No problem.
Sonic: [to Snively] Tell them all to return to stations.
Snively: Return to stations!
[The SWAT-bots leave]
Sonic: The hedgehog is way, way past cool.
Snively: The hedgehog is way, wa...huh? Hey!
Sonic: Gotcha, Snobbly! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

NICOLE: Sonic, my main hedgehog. What up?
Sally: I hate when she talks like that.



The Doomsday Project


Snively: [mumbles] Your stupidity will ruin everything, you ugly boil...
Robotnik: WHAT was that, Snively?!
Snively: Uh, heh-heh. I said the Doomsday Machine's going to need more oil, sir!

Robotnik: I really hate that hedgehog! I hate him! I hate him! HATE HIM! Hate! Hate! Hate, HAAAAAATE! Gah! Whoooo! *screams*

Sonic: All right! Way past cool! Ro-butt-nik's gone!
Sally: I don't believe it. Sonic, we actually did it! [They high-5, a burst of energy from their powered forms sparks] Wow... if a high-5 does that… what happens with a kiss? [leans in to kiss Sonic]
Sonic: Woah, woah, woah. I don't wanna find out. Outta here!

Sonic: No more Ro-butt-nik. Too bad.
Sally: What? "Too bad"?
Sonic: Hey, without a villain, what are heroes gonna do?
Sally: You'll always be my hero, Sonic (the) Hedgehog. [she and Sonic hug, then look at each other and kiss. And their kiss triggers the energies of the Power Stones in them, conjuring fireworks in progress as the citizens and Freedom Fighters continue celebrating]
[scene shifts to the Doomsday Project's debriss. And Snively's escape pod resurfaces and Snivley is shown wearing a new suit]
Snively: YE-E-E-ES! [laughs manically] The big round guy, finally let Sonic defeat him. Well, don't celebrate too soon, hedgehog! Now, it's my turn! [laughs maniacally, then winks] Ah. And I'm NOT ALONE! [a pair of red eyes glow in the shadows]