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Spectacular! is a 2009 Nickelodeon musical TV-movie. It stars singer Nolan Gerard Funk, Australian singer Tammin Sursok, Zoey 101 and Victorious star Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis with Matthew Bennett, Andrea Lewis, Harris Allen, Joel Ballard and Avan Jogia. Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, it premiered February 16, 2009.


Tammi: (At the bowling alley) You know, I happen to like bowling.
Caspian: That's because you're familiar with the gutter.
Tammi: Please, you couldn't even pick up a ball.
Caspian: (Starting to walk away) Talk to the jazz hand.

Tammi: (After Ta-Da was announced winners) It's too bad that they gave us one trophy.
Royce: I know, how are we going to share it?
Tammi: (Smiling) Share it? Oh Royce, you're hilarious. (Serious) We're done. (Smiles and laughs) Ta-Da! (Walks away)

Nikko: You know, my grandmother once said that if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.

Nikko: (Talking with Stavros, his brother) Can I get a McJob like you? 'Cause that would be awesome.
Stavros: (Angrily) Hey, my McJob pays for the McRent and the McHealth Insurance. Don't knock it if you're not going to start helping out around here.

Royce: (At Courtney's house) Hey Court.
Courtney: Royce? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be bowling?
Royce: Yeah, it wasn't the same. Those were our lanes. That was our song.
Courtney: It's a little late to be feeling nostalgia.
Royce: Is it? Look, I don't know what it was, Courtney, but when you and I sang together, it was magic. We had chemistry. We still do. (Royce leans in for a kiss)
Courtney: (Stops Royce) You have a girlfriend, remember? Tammi, with an I. (Starts to walk away)
Royce: (Grabbing Courtney's arm) We make beautiful music together.
Nikko: C'mon, you're not seriously using that line.
Courtney: Nikko, I can handle this, okay?
Royce: (Approaching Nikko) I'm not afraid of you, rock boy.
Nikko: Get lost, glee club gnome.
Royce: Mess with me, and I'll make you sing soprano.
Nikko: That's big talk, coming from a guy whose license plate says 'Show Boy'. (Royce shoves Nikko, who then shoves Royce back)
Courtney: (Breaking them up) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Can you please? Can you please stop it?
Royce: Whatever. It'd be too easy to beat you here anyway. I'm going to humilate you publicly, at Nationals. You wanna see a show boy? Ta-Da is going to show you up, show you to the door, and show you how it's done. (He snaps his fingers on the side of Nikko's face and rams against his shoulders as he leaves)
Nikko: (Watching Royce drive away) Okay, that was the weirdest trash talking I've ever heard. :(Laughs and looks at Courtney, who is not laughing. Courtney goes into her house and Nikko follows her)

Courtney: Wow. That looked painful.
Nikko: Which part? The part where my band stabbed me in the back or my girlfriend turned the knife?
Courtney: Either. Both. Uh... (Extends her hand) I'm Courtney... Lane. (Nikko just stares at her hand and then she clasps both of them together) Can I talk to you for a minute? Please?
Nikko: Not really in the mood to socialize, thanks. (Starts walking inside the building)
Courtney: Just five minutes, please? It's not like you have anything better to do. (Sees Nikko's expression) That's not what I meant. (Follows him inside) Hey. I know that you just want me to cut to the chase, and I'm not going to say I believe in fate, although I do, but isn't it an amazing coindicence that you get kicked out of your band the same night that I come in needing a lead singer?
Nikko: (pretending to be impressed) Yeah, amazing.
Courtney: I know this is a difficult time for you, but you are the perfect fit. Well, you're not exactly a perfect fit, you're a little rough around the edges, but I'm sure that I can whip you into shape.
Nikko: (Stops walking) Miss Lane. No offense, but I had it up to here with bands.
Courtney: Oh, it's not a band. It's a group. It's the group. It's the absolute best, better than best, Spectacular! (Parts her hands and moves them both in a circle)
Nikko: (Trying to stifle laughter) Okay, ease off the throttle here. What's the name of the group?
Courtney: I just told you. Spectacular! (Her hands do the circle movement again)
Nikko: The name of the band is Spectacular?
Courtney: Uh-huh.
Nikko: What, did you guys lose a bet? (starts walking away)
Courtney: (following him) I'm not expecting you to sign on until you see us in action. There's a showcase tomorrow at the fair grounds. Unfortunately, you're going to have to sit through our rival group Ta-Da.
Nikko: Ta-what?
Courtney: Ta-Da. (Dully) You know, as in Ta-Da? (Extends both of her hands in the motion of surprising someone. One arm in front and one behind)
Nikko: Look I appreciate the offer, (notices Courtney's hands) but why do you keep doing that with your hands?
Courtney: (Digs inside her purse) The show is at five o'clock. (Gives him a piece of paper) I made you a map.
Nikko: (Staring at the map) I'm really not interested in some battle of the weird-named bands, okay? Nikko Alexander is a solo act now. :(He starts walking away)
Courtney: (Following him) Nikko Alexander is more than a solo act. Nikko Alexander is a star, or at least could be. With the right support and audience. We set 'em up, you knock 'em down. Hundred of fans screaming your name. (Pretending to be the crowd) NIKKO! NIKKO! NIKKO!
Nikko: Your band has a following like that?
Courtney: It's not a band, it's a group. C'mon, it'll be fun. It's the fair. Bumper cars, snow cones, funnel cakes--
Nikko: (Cutting her off) I'm familiar with the fair.
Courtney: And the show. It'll take your mind off the... what do you call it? The double dip?
Nikko: (Nodding his head) The double dump, and thank you for bringing it back up.
Courtney: Just check us out. Please. (In a whisper) Say yes.
Nikko: (Smiling and nodding his head) I'll think about it. (Courtney hands over the map and Nikko takes it, rolls his eyes and begins to walk away)
Courtney: (As Nikko disappears) You won't regret it. I promise you've never seen anything like it. (Nikko nods his head at Courtney, pretending to agree with everything she says, as he goes through a door. Courtney yells as he closes the door) Prepare to be blown away!

Nikko: The first rule of Nikko's rooftop. (Smiles) There are no rules. (The rest of the show choir does jazz hands. Nikko is still smiling and shaking his head 'no') Except for one, no jazz hands.

Courtney: The Ferndale Show Choir All-Stars is a very important showcase for us.
Nikko: The Ferndale what where now?
Courtney: The Ferndale Show Choir All Stars. Did you not read the handout?
Nikko: (Shrugging his shoulders) It was pink. I was waiting until I was in private.

Tajid: (Placing the cowboy hat on Nikko's head) Don't forget your hat.
Nikko: (In a dull voice) Yippee-ki-yay.

Nels: (Seeing Nikko in the cowboy costume) Nikko?
Nikko: (Pulls his head up from looking at the ground) Niles, Eric, Amy. (Amy waves her hand hi to Nikko)
Niles: What are you doing? Why are you wearing that outfit?
Nikko: (In a dull voice and an angry expression) Cause I like it.
Amy: (Looking at the rest of the band members and smiling) I always wondered who wrangled My Little Ponies. (The rest of the band starts laughing and Amy points at Nikko) You did.

Nikko: (Standing outside of the door before going into the performance with the show choir talking to himself) I need a great demo. I need a great demo. I need a great demo. I need a great demo.

Nikko: (Upon meeting Spectacular for the first time) What is up with your hands? (They are doing jazz hands) And for that matter, what's show choir?
Tajid: Show choir is competitive choral singing with elements of dance and theatrical costuming. It is an art form which combines musicianship, showmanship, and choreography.
Nikko: See, I feel less cool just knowing that. (Begins to leave)

Nikko: (Getting up to answer the door) Hold that thought. Or discard it. Either way.


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