Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time is the next videogame installment following after Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. This game is about The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 working together to save the world from a timeline gone wrong.



Act I


Chapter 1: An Unwilling Witness To An Execution

(Present Day)
Amazing Spider-Man: Eddie! Eddie Brock, listen to me! Eddie, this, this isn't you.
Anti-Venom: No. Choice.
Amazing Spider-Man: Eddie, you're not a killer anymore. Don't you get it? You're not in your right mind!

Anti-Venom: Let me drain the radiation from you!
Amazing Spider-Man: "I'm not boarding this drain, Eddie, 'cause you're not the engineer driving it right now."
Spider-Man 2099: Hang on, Parker! Just hold him off another few seconds! I'm almost there!
Amazing Spider-Man: My...my powers...you...you can't...
Anti-Venom: Of course I can. Don't drag this out!

Amazing Spider-Man: You... Had no reason...
Anti-Venom: I didn't need a reason... Other than to make it easier to kill you!
Amazing Spider-Man: O'Hara... It looks like you called it.
Anti-Venom: Let's finish this now!
Spider-Man 2099: Parker! Parker, are you there?! Peter! Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's...

Chapter 2: Things Fall Apart

[Earlier...in the future]
Spider-Man 2099: I keep trying to tell myself that I'm just jealous of Walker Sloan's progress. It was only five years ago that he first showed up at Alchemax, talking about harnessing energy from the Fourth Dimension. Now he won't stop until he's running the place. I know his type. He's thinking beyond Alchemax, aiming towards who-knows-what? He's the exact type of corporate monster I've sworm to rein in. Especially if he's mucking with time travel. The year 2099 might not be much, but it's all mine... and he's not gonna change it. He's been siphoning Alchemax resources into convering the gateway in the old Virtual Unreality lab into something else. Something dangerous. I've tried talking to him, but he's got no time for Miguel O'Hara. But people make time for Spider-Man. Just use the convenient access to the ventilation system to get inside... and then Walker and I can have a little chat.

Spider-Man 2099: Whatever, Sloan's up to. I've got to shut it down. Before, he gets in over his head and drags everyone and everything down with it.

Spider-Man 2099: I see they've been keeping busy cybernetics division. That's a lot of shock and robots down there.

Spider-Man 2099: The genetics lab without that department. I would it be the man I am today.

Spider-Man 2099: Sloan's gotta be around here somewhere. I just know it.

Spider-Man 2099: You'd think the major tech developer in the world could effort to carpet their air ducts for extra comfort.

Spider-Man 2099: There you are...
Joseph (Hologram): Holographic Assistant online. How may I serve you, Mr. Sloan?
Walker Sloan: Hello, Joseph. Run a final check and initiate security bio scans.
Joseph (Hologram): Preparing systems, Mr. Sloan. This won't take long. Bio scan sequence initiated. Access to time research lab granted, Mr. Sloan.
Spider-Man 2099: Slow down, Miguel. Take your time. Don't wanna get caught here.

Walker Sloan: Alchemax should be thanking me. Stark-FujiKawa Industries is going to taker over the entire corporation unless someone steps up to prevent it.
Joseph (Hologram): You're the only one who thinks outside the box enough to do it, sir.
Walker Sloan: Yes, Joseph, I know.
Spider-Man 2099: I know he was up to something.

Walker Sloan: I'm almost embarrassed it took me so long to come up with it. I simply go back in time and launch Alchemax years before it was originally founded. Not only can I remake Alchemax in my image.
Joseph (Hologram): But you can dismantle Stark-FujiKawa before it gets started. You're a genius, sir.
Walker Sloan: I reprogrammed you well, Joseph.

Spider-Man 2099: Ohhh no... you don't get away from me that easily.
Walker Sloan: Of course, the CEO wouldn't want me to have that degree of power... he's all about power... but he won't have anything to say about it by the time I'm done.
Joseph (Hologram): Bio scan sequence failed.
Walker Sloan: (Sighs) This thing's so sensitive. An ant probably crawled into it and threw it out of whack.
Joseph (Hologram): An ant?
Walker Sloan: More like a spider...
Spider-Man 2099: I think it picked me up. Gotta get out of range...

Joseph (Hologram): Bio scan sequence initiated. Gateway room access granted, Mr. Sloan.
Spider-Man 2099: Yep. He's heading for the time research lab, all right. These's an access point near the generator.

Computer: Gateway activation succeed. Time travel in sixty seconds.
Spider-Man 2099: No way.

Spider-Man 2099: This thing's almost fully charged and I don't have a clue how to shut down. Only chance is to get to the lab before it's too late.

Spider-Man 2099: If I don't get there in time... He could actually pull this off... go into the past and tamper with who knows-what. Almost at Walker's lab...

Spider-Man 2099: Sloan! Get back here! (As he sees Amazing Spider-Man being killed) No!
(The time stream takes effect and changes the future)
Spider-Man 2099: It's changed... everything's changed. But... it didn't start here... It started back then... back around... Peter Parker's time... And he... he can't fix it. Because he's gonna be dead!
(In Amazing Spider-Man's time)
J. Jonah Jameson: It's an abomination, is what it is! Am I the only newspaperman in the city that realizes what a menace that web-head is?
Peter Parker: Jonah, indoor voice, okay? I'm trying to get Mary Jane on the phone.
J. Jonah Jameson: People lionizing that freak! Next thing you know, there'll be a whole musical about him with a chorus line of dancing Spider-Men!
Peter Parker: I'd pay to see that. Oh! Mary Jane, hi!
(As time begins to change the present as well as the Daily Bugle building becoming the Alecmax building)
Peter Parker: Go see a show? MJ, I would love to, but I'm working with Doctor Octavious in the genetics lab on a DNA project. I had to downloaded a sample of my own DNA into the permanent Alchemax genetics files. I'm still waiting for some test results.
Mary Jane Watson: Permanent files, huh? Great! So a hundred years from now, we can clone you!
Peter Parker: Yeah... I don't think so.
Mary Jane Watson: Well, how about I come there and we grab a late dinner afterward? Okay, Tiger?
Peter Parker: Sure, it's okay. Anything for you, babe. And I love when you call me tiger. It's like a blast from the past.

(In Spider-Man 2099's time)
Spider-Man 2099: He did it. That lunatic did it and I saw it.
Computer: Intruder in time research lab. Maximum force can be used.
Spider-Man 2099: Great. Robot sentries. Not sure I can take em right now. Maybe I can draw em off... Move fast enough to distract 'em with some decoys. Too much security in the place. Gotta get out of here.

Spider-Man 2099: Peter, Peter Parker
Peter Parker: Who's that? Who's talking?
Spider-Man 2099: Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man from 2099.
Peter Parker: Are the other mes in my head too?
Spider-Man 2099: No, it's just me and you old timer. I threw together a chronal-link program using a sample of your DNA. It's allowing me to communicate with you to the point and time it was taken. I just wish it was from earlier on. We have almost no time.
Peter Parker: Time until what?
Spider-Man 2099: Until you're killed.
Peter Parker: Until I'm what now? Cause it kinda sounds like you said killed.
Spider-Man 2099: Listen, a lunatic named Walker Sloan from 2099 created a time gateway. It was a one way trip that dumped him some time in the 1970s. He then used his advanced knowledge to build Alchemax years before it was supposed to be established. Transforming your world and mine.
Peter Parker: But I work for Alchemax. Are you saying that somehow, wrong?
Spider-Man 2099: Completely. At this point in time, you earned a living taking news pictures for J. Jonah Jameson.
Peter Parker: The late night ranting T.V. news guy? Forget it.
Spider-Man 2099: You can't forget it.
Peter Parker: Where does this so call death happen?
Spider-Man 2099: Sloan's building another gateway on the 66th floor so he can travel back and forth. I saw you being killed right there.
Peter Parker: By who?
Spider-Man 2099: I couldn't make it out. It doesn't matter. Get out of the building.
Peter Parker: So a crazed killer can wander around the building without me to stop him? No way. Besides if I find this guy somewhere else, then I'm invincible since I can only die at the gateway right?
Spider-Man 2099: It's not an exact science Parker.
Peter Parker: Meaning what?
Spider-Man 2099: You want to spend an hour getting a crash course on temporal physics? No? Then do what I say.
Peter Parker: (changing into his Spider-Man costume) You've got to learn about priorities pal. I'm going to do what I think is right and that means going after bad guys. You want a Spider-Man who'll do whatever you want? Go play a videogame.

Chapter 3: Wild Cards

(In Amazing Spider-Man's time)
Amazing Spider-Man: What was that?!
Anti-Venom: Save yourself... from me...
Amazing Spider-Man: Eddie Brock? Anti-Venom? HE'S the one gunning for me? But he's reformed!
Computer: Hostile intruder detected in sector AC78.
Alchemax Guard: I've got the intruder sighted!
Amazing Spider-Man: They're teleporting guards in? That's spiffy new tech.
Computer: All employees, we are in state of heightened security. We apologize for any inconvenience or possible loss of life. Thank you.

Spider-Man 2099: What, what did you say? I can't hear you...
Amazing Spider-Man: We need to work out the kinks of this time communications thing if its gonna have any hope of catching on.
Spider-Man 2099: Parker! Focus on what's important!
Amazing Spider-Man: I am. Which is why I'm heading up to the 66th floor! If that's where we're supposed to butt heads, maybe I can draw him out en route. I'm gonna look for an elevator.
Spider-Man 2099: Do you WANT to die?
Amazing Spider-Man: Of course not. But I want to run away even less.

Anti-Venom: Can't hold back... Much longer... Get out...
Amazing Spider-Man: Eddie, for crying out loud, you're not a killer anymore!

Anti-Venom: Warned... you...
Spider-Man 2099: What the shock!
Amazing Spider-Man: What happened?
Spider-Man 2099: The elevator I'm in just changed into a closet!
Amazing Spider-Man: Brock just tried to kill me with a elevator. Weird coincidence...
Spider-Man 2099: Maybe not.
Amazing Spider-Man: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Something I did here had an effect on you in 2099? That's impossible!
Spider-Man 2099: Theortically, it's not. The idea's called Quantum Causality. The two gateways created a link between our times.
Amazing Spider-Man: Like a wormhole through the fourth dimension.
Spider-Man 2099: Right. Normally changing the past just creates an alternate timeline, but thanks to the wormhole, what you do there affects my time, and vice versa.
Amazing Spider-Man: So I can change things here, now that can immediately change things in the future! That's amazing! Spectacular Even!

Amazing Spider-Man: The security system has all the entrances blocked. I gotta back here after I take out Security Mainframe.
Spider-Man 2099: Parker? My path to the 66th floor is blocked by some kind of force field.
Amazing Spider-Man: Welcome to My world.

Amazing Spider-Man: Hi! Um. Is sit okay with you if I destroy that Security Mainframe behind the glass?
Alchemax Guard: Protect Security Mainframe.
Amazing Spider-Man: Eh, it's worth a shot.
Alchemax Guard: Security seals have been implemented on all major access points. All non-intruders should remain at their stations so as not to be targeted.

Amazing Spider-Man: I'm about to destroy the Security Mainframe. How you O'Hara? You still stuck?
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah.
Amazing Spider-Man: Well, listen and learn, newbie. Ta-daaa! That solved both our problems, right?
Spider-Man 2099: My force field just changed into sentries! Robot guards!
Amazing Spider-Man: The whole Quantum Causality thing is a real wild card. I can't control if it makes things better or worse. Well at least I can get through the door now.
(As soon as the guards teleported in, the froze in mid air)
Amazing Spider-Man: So... this quantum causality... Could it run both ways? Affecting my time as well as yours?
Spider-Man 2099: Impossible.
Amazing Spider-Man: Cause... It's happening... All the bad guys just... Froze!
Spider-Man 2099: By that I mean, "It's possible."

Amazing Spider-Man: Okay! Now to get back to the sealed door through the elevator shaft!

Computer: Security alert is now at maximum level. Please do not be alarmed you hear gunfire as it only for your protection. Anyone working after hours will not be eligible for workmen's compensation if wounded or killed. The use of excessive violence to apprehend intruder has been approved.

Amazing Spider-Man: You realize this time travel story of yours is gonna cost me my job!
Spider-Man 2099: It's not your job! It's not even your reality!
Amazing Spider-Man: Yeah, that's what you keep saying. But how do you know?
Spider-Man 2099: Because I do! And deep down, so do you! Now, lemme concentrate! I have my own problems right now.
Amazing Spider-Man: Well, I can't help you with that.
Spider-Man 2099: Maybe you can. Parker! You're making this harder on me, no easier!
Amazing Spider-Man: I told you trying to control this quantum causality thing was a stupid idea!
Spider-Man 2099: They said penicillin was stupid, too.
Amazing Spider-Man: We're talking about the fabric of reality! Not bread mold!
Spider-Man 2099: Just get ready to help me.
Amazing Spider-Man: Bread mold. Sheesh. I cannot believe his crust.

Amazing Spider-Man: There! The elevator I need is right at the end of this hallway!
Spider-Man 2099: Parker! I'm in a jam and you put me there!
Amazing Spider-Man: Hey, I was having a quiet evening until you started talking inside my head! Don't blame me for this! All right, fine! What do you need me to do? O'Hara? Great. He's gone.

Spider-Man 2099: PARKER! Stop screwing around and get me out of this!
Amazing Spider-Man: I'm not a time travel expert! How do I... Wait, wait, wait! What if I trash the robotic research facility? Is that worth a try?
Spider-Man 2099: Anything's worth a try!
Amazing Spider-Man: Stop yelling at me! I'm just learning about this whole Quantum causality thing!
Spider-Man 2099: Learn faster!
Amazing Spider-Man: Ok I'm there! I'll destroy the prototype parts and we'll see what happens!
Spider-Man 2099: At lease... one of us... will...

Amazing Spider-Man: You're still with me, O'Hara?
Spider-Man 2099: Faster... faster would be better...
Amazing Spider-Man: I'm doing my best.
Spider-Man 2099: Best... not... good enough...
Amazing Spider-Man: No! O'Hara! Hang on!

Amazing Spider-Man: O'Hara! There's nothing left here to trash! You still there?
(In Spider-Man 2099's time)
Spider-Man 2099: For the most part.
Amazing Spider-Man: Did they turn into something else? Like I dunno... Kittens?
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah. Small. Metal. Robotic. Killer Kittens.
Amazing Spider-Man: Awwwww...

Chapter 4: No Way Out

Spider-Man 2099: Thanks for getting me out of there. Kind of proves the quantum causality theory.
Amazing Spider-Man: Just tell me who wins the next ten World Series and we'll call it even.
Spider-Man 2099: The World what?
Amazing Spider-Man: You're killin' me, O'Hara.
Spider-Man 2099: I'm not. But you will if you go to the 66th floor.
Amazing Spider-Man: 66th floor, I know. And we both know I'll do what I have to.
Spider-Man 2099: Okay, fine. If Plan A-- keeping you out of danger-- isn't working. Then we'll go for Plan B. I'll get down to my 66th floor and see if we can solve this thing.
Amazing Spider-Man: I'll try not to die in the meantime.

Spider-Man 2099: Hey! Scrap heap! I need your built in pass Key. Hand it over. Parker, slow down! Wait for me to get to my 66th floor.
Amazing Spider-Man: Instead of my slowing, how about you hurry?
Spider-Man 2099: (Sighs) Figures.

Spider-Man 2099: Parker! A hallway here just changed!
Amazing Spider-Man: It wasn't me. Maybe Brock smashed a wall or something. I'm just trying to stay alive.
Spider-Man 2099: If you were, you'd clear out. But you have to prove your bravery.
Amazing Spider-Man: Bravery? Dude, there's nothing I'd like better than to just high-tall out of here?
Spider-Man 2099: Then why the shock don't you!
Amazing Spider-Man: Because what I do here matters, okay? Beyond changing hallways into elevators! It matters! And that's just something I have to live with, even if it means I die with it. You get it, O'Hara?
Spider-Man 2099: Whatever.

Spider-Man 2099: Yeah of course! There's no security pass on them. Why should anything be easy? There's got to be a key pass around here. I just need to find the right sentry robot...
Computer: Attention intruder: Security forces are still in operation. Please remain where you are so that you can be disposed of minimal pain.

Spider-Man 2099: So... where are you?
Amazing Spider-Man: Nearly where you don't want me to be.
Spider-Man 2099: Slow down, would ya?
Amazing Spider-Man: How about you speed up?
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah I'll get right on that. Only way to move fast enough is to go free fall in the elevator shaft. Shortest distance between two points is at straight line. On my way, Parker! Parker? Umm, that's ominous.

Spider-Man 2099: Parker! It happened again!
Amazing Spider-Man: For crying out loud. It wasn't me!

Computer: Intruder detected. Empty lethal force.
Spider-Man 2099: Ah great. A Centurion. Shock it. Got to get back up there fast. Before Parker reaches his own 66th floor ended of me. Parker? You hanging in there?
Amazing Spider-Man: Oh sure. Hanging, crawling, leaping - all part of the service. And you can stop worrying about me, Mommy, especially since I'm the one who keeps having to bail YOU out.
Spider-Man 2099: I'll keep worrying until this is done. How close are you to the 66th floor? Parker?
Amazing Spider-Man: Shaddup! I just spotted Brock. I'll be in touch.
Spider-Man 2099: Parker! Parker, are you? Ah, great. I've got to wrap this thing up before it turns into an even bigger disaster than it already is.

Spider-Man 2099: Okay, at least there's an alternate route. It'll slow me, but I can still get to the 66th floor from here.

Spider-Man 2099: This is nuts. Old nuclear plants had less protection than this...

Spider-Man 2099: Parker! I made it to the both floor! Whwere are you? Is this "Anti-Venom" still hiding?
(In Amazing Spider-Man's time)
Amazing Spider-Man: I'm face to pasty face with Anti-Venom. Eddie, you're responsible for the explosions?!
Anti-Venom: Trying to... blow you up...
Amazing Spider-Man: If you were really trying, you'd have done it. What's going on, Eddie?!
Anti-Venom: Kill you... now...

Chapter 5: Pro and Anti-Venom

Spider-Man 2099: What's happening there, Parker?
Amazing Spider-Man: Anti-Venom's fighting himself more than he is me.
Spider-Man 2099: Subcutaneous chips would do the job. How dangerous IS this guy?
Amazing Spider-Man: He drains my powers on contact and he's invisible to my spider-sense.
Spider-Man 2099: Terrific. Where are you now? And can you avoid Anti-Venom?
Amazing Spider-Man: Sixty-sixth floor. And yeah, maybe I could avoid him. Plus if his explosions bring the building down, people from blocks around will be killed. Gotta to find a way to get Eddie Brock free of whoever's controlling him.

Amazing Spider-Man: Eddie! You're being controlled! Fight it!
Anti-Venom: Fight you... instead.
Amazing Spider-Man: He took off again.
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah if only you'd do the same.
Amazing Spider-Man: O'Hara, if you don't get that I can't turn my back on danger, no matter what the cost, then you got no business calling yourself "Spider-Man."
Spider-Man 2099: Wow. I'm hurt. Guess what else I am? Still alive! Let's hope you get to keep saying the same thing...
Computer: Security has been activated.

Amazing Spider-Man: We've been a lot of things to each other, Eddie. But you've never been anyone's patsy.
Anti-Venom: (Growls)
Spider-Man 2099: Oh, good, stand there and call him names. Great plan.
Amazing Spider-Man: Maybe I should take myself scare... Eddie listen! You've got a chip inside you that's making you do this!
Anti-Venom: Just making it... easier...
Amazing Spider-Man: The longer that thing's in you, the more it's rewriting your thinking!
Anti-Venom: No... no, it... can't...
Spider-Man 2099: Parker! What are you doing? Because it's causing major problems here!
Amazing Spider-Man: I've got to get the atomic energy regulators out of the way so they're not destroyed.
Spider-Man 2099: So... I'm in danger of frying from radiation because. Of explosions on your end?
Amazing Spider-Man: Hey, you're the one who told me about Quantum Causality.
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah, well... Now I'm telling you to fix this!
Amazing Spider-Man: Sheesh, what a grouch.

Amazing Spider-Man: Okay, O'Hara, the first regulator's safe!
Spider-Man 2099: The radiation level's dropping out... My costume's providing me some protection from it but... It's not gonna last forever.
Amazing Spider-Man: Just give me a minute to take care of the other two regulators.
Spider-Man 2099: A minute's about all I have.

Amazing Spider-Man: I've gotten the second regulator to safety. Is it still effecting things on your end?
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah It's. It's still dropping but... The cumulative effect if it's not stopped entirely...
Amazing Spider-Man: Have body parts started falling off yet?
Spider-Man 2099: No, I'm still in one... What do you mean, yet? Are you planning to make this go away or not?
Amazing Spider-Man: Y'know, you gotta learn to lighten up. I'll take care of the last one! Everything will be fine.
Spider-Man 2099: You're not the one who could end up as a human night light.

Amazing Spider-Man: Uh, oh.
Spider-Man 2099: What do you mean, "Uh, oh?!"
Amazing Spider-Man: The door should do the job.

Amazing Spider-Man: O'Hara! Tell me you're okay!
Spider-Man 2099: Better than okay. I'm back up to full strength.
Amazing Spider-Man: I hate to admit it: but this Quantum Causality thing of yours is... actually pretty effective.
Spider-Man 2099: Oh glad you approve.
Amazing Spider-Man: You know. For something that makes no freaking sense at all. Dead end... No, wait! There's an air duct! I can get to Brock that way.

Amazing Spider-Man: Doesn't look like an automatic door. It's a two-man operation. But! I can move fast enough after I hit that switch to get through.

Computer: Attention, security. Apprehend intruder immediately. Attention, security. Intruder must be neutralized.
Amazing Spider-Man: Ah, what the heck are these?! It looks like they escaped from the Museum of Unnatural History!

Amazing Spider-Man: Back off, Eddie! You're a puppet! Fight the puppet master, not me!
Anti-Venom: Difficult... for me... too...
Amazing Spider-Man: You don't know what you're doing!
Anti-Venon: I know enough... you have to die...
Amazing Spider-Man: Or we both can live!
Anti-Venom: You think... you're so much better... than I am... acting like... you're so worried about me...
Amazing Spider-Man: I'm worried about what you'll do to other people... And yeah, to me. But if you can fight it...
Walker Sloan: He can't. Trust me.
Amazing Spider-Man: Ah yeah, I always trust people who are trying to kill me. So you're the head lunatic. We haven't been properly introduced: I'n the guy... Who's gonna stop your plans.
Walker Sloan: Good luck with that. Anti-Venom... Finish him.
Anti-Venom: Can't... can't...
Walker Sloan: Impressive resistance. But activating all the control chips... releasing your none bestial side... should do the trick...

Spider-Man 2099: What's going on?
Amazing Spider-Man: I'm taking care of Brock!
Spider-Man 2099: That's the last thing you want to do! If you lose!
Amazing Spider-Man: How about you stop talking! Cause distracting me is not helping!
Spider-Man 2099: If you survive this I may kill you myself.

Amazing Spider-Man: Oh! Umm... Hello? Eddie? We all done here? Hunh. How about that? Miguel. Good news: Turns out you were wrong! Hope that doesn't wound your ego...
Spider-Man 2099: What, you think if you die, I'll be happy to be right?
Amazing Spider-Man: I don't think you're happy to be wrong.
Spider-Man 2099: Then you know as little about me as you think I know about you.
Amazing Spider-Man: What I know is that Brock looks to be down for the count. Better make sure, though. So, can we call this one a wrap, Eddie? Maybe go grab some coffee? Laugh about it?

Anti-Venom: (Loud Defiant Growls)
Amazing Spider-Man: Great... no spider-sense. Noooo! Noooo! Unhhhhh!
Anti-Venom: Trying... to cure you...
Amazing Spider-Man: Go cure... your... self! Nice try... didn't work...
Anti-Venom: Yes... it did... now to finish the job...

Amazing Spider-Man: Ok, ok... The chip they stuck in you is messing with your power! Fight it, Eddie!
Anti-Venom: You're about... to die...
Amazing Spider-Man: Eddie, don't you get it! This is your chance to take your mind! You can end this now!
Anti-Venom: Yes... end this---! Good! ..by ending you!
Amazing Spider-Man:Webbing's out. Fantastic. O'Hara! You might get to be right after all.
(In Spider-Man 2099's time)
Spider-Man 2099: Believe me, that's the last thing I want!

Chapter 6: Fighting The Future

Spider-Man 2099: I'm about to reach the gateway room.
Amazing Spider-Man: And when you get there, then what?
Spider-Man 2099: Don't worry.
Amazing Spider-Man: Yeah. Why would I?
Spider-Man 2099: Oh, you've gotta be kidding me! Parker! It's another time distortion, blocking my way!
Amazing Spider-Man: Don't blame me...
Spider-Man 2099: I'm not blaming anyone! I need to find another way to the Gateway Room.

Spider-Man 2099: Better avoid whatever that stuff is.

Amazing Spider-Man: Uhm... O'Hara? You might wanna get a move on.
Spider-Man 2099: Just hold on a little longer.
Amazing Spider-Man: Are you kidding me? If Brock wasn't busy fighting what's controlling him I'd be a blue and red splotch by now.
Spider-Man 2099: Point taken. I'll hurry.

Computer: You have not been cleared for this activity.
Spider-Man 2099: Hit the switches to open the door. It's easy enough.

Spider-Man 2099: It's getting kind of complicated on my end but I'm almost there--
Amazing Spider-Man: You still haven't told me... What happens... Once you get there.
Spider-Man 2099: Only thing I can think of is to come back to your time.
Amazing Spider-Man: Swell... We'll do lunch.

Spider-Man 2099: Parker! You still with us?
Amazing Spider-Man: Not for much longer if Brock has anything to say about it. O'Hara... maybe I would have listened... to you... If you didn't keep saying "shock" ...all the time...
Spider-Man 2099: Oh you did listen. You just did what you had to do...
Amazing Spider-Man: (Sighs) I didn't think... That I'd have to die for it...
Spider-Man 2099: No you won't! Trust me! We'll get you through this!

(In Amazing Spider-Man's time)
Anti-Venom: Almost... pity you...
Amazing Spider-Man: That makes two of us.

Walker Sloan: Good try, Spider-Man, but I've had a hundred years to plan this. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. I kept you to keep an eye on you... make use of you... but now you're done... and I'm done with you.
Amazing Spider-Man: O'Hara... A... a little help... ? O'Hara... if you're there'... I got nothin' left... no power... no... no nothing. You tried to warn me... I was an idiot.
Spider-Man 2099: Stop talking about yourself in the past tense! This isn't over!
Amazing Spider-Man: Spoken like someone. Who isn't here.
Spider-Man 2099: I will be! Just hold on! I'm doing what I can! Come on, Parker! Where's the never-say-die-attitude!
Amazing Spider-Man: I didn't need to say it... To do it. And I'm out of jokes. I'm sorry... I... didn't get the job done...
(In Spider-Man 2099's time)
Spider-Man 2099: No way! No shockin' way are you giving m e brave last words!

(In Amazing Spider-Man's time)
Amazing Spider-Man: C'mon, Spidey... Hold it together... Just another few seconds... To get your strength back.

Spider-Man 2099: Why the shock didn't he listen to me? I should have found a way... to get him to listen.

Doctor Octopus: What have you gotten me in the middle of, Walker? I'm just a scientist for the love of--
Walker Sloan: Stop winning, Octavius. You knew I was out to change the future...
Doctor Octopus: I didn't know the future was going to start fighting back! The forces we're unleashing with this quantum tunnel--
Walker Sloan: It's under control.
Doctor Octopus: It's out of control! And Spider-Man is still alive to stop it...!
Walker Sloan: We'll just send Anti-Venom after him. The gateway just needs a minute to recharge if it's going to send him through safely.
Spider-Man 2099: This has to work it has to! No! The Gateway's powering up.
(Spider-Man 2099 is headed to Spider-Man's dimension)
Spider-Man 2099: Oh, no, you don't! Bring it on, you pasty-faced patsy!
Doctor Octopus: What the hell! The place is crawling with Spider-Man!
Walker Sloan: Don't worry. Anti-Venom will step on this one.
Doctor Octopus: I don't understand! Why aren't Anti-Venom's powers draining his--?!
Spider-Man 2099: Because mine aren't radiation based, if you have to know.
Walker Sloan: Didn't know, don't care.

Spider-Man 2099: That's what controlling Anti-Venom. His regenerating must have brought it to the surface.
Amazing Spider-Man: O'Hara? O'Hara'? Where... Where am I?
Spider-Man 2099: Parker! You're alive?
Amazing Spider-Man: What the--Miguel! There's some kind of monsters breaking in! Where'd they come from?!
Spider-Man 2099: Just keep calm! They're probably mutation experiments from regeneration eggs in that lab. Most likely they want to eat you for raw materials.
Amazing Spider-Man: Good thing you told me to stay calm... That makes it all better.
Spider-Man 2099: I'll change things here to fix things there.
Amazing Spider-Man: Here? There? Wait, am I in 2099?
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah, but if I destroy the regeneration eggs here, it'll eliminate the experiments there. Parker? You still with me? PARKER?
Amazing Spider-Man: Ah uhm sorry. Sitting in this egg my... mind's a little scrambled.
Spider-Man 2099: PETER?
Amazing Spider-Man: I'm here, okay? Hurry. They're trying to... break my egg and... it's hard to keep my sunny side up. Almost... and I'm so weak. Body's not responding. I feel... I feel...
Spider-Man 2099: You feel what?
Amazing Spider-Man: Totally fired. Sorry, that was the last one, I swear. Cause in a minute, I won't be around to do any more.
Spider-Man 2099: There's no way I'm letting you die!
Amazing Spider-Man: Don't you mean... die again?
Spider-Man 2099: Parker, just hang on! I won't let you down!
Amazing Spider-Man: I let YOU down. I should've listened... I should've...
Anti-Venom: (Dying Screams)

Amazing Spider-Man: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I failed... I shocking failed...
Spider-Man 2099: Uh, boy. I'm going after Anti-Venom. You try not to get killed again.

Anti-Venom: You... did it to me. Planted that chip in me... Controlled me...
Walker Sloan: I didn't control you, Brock. I freed you. We both know you wanted Spider-Man dead. You should be thanking me.
Anti-Venom: Let me show you just how grateful I am!
Walker Sloan: No! Keep back!
Doctor Octopus: One side, you fool before...

Act II


Chapter 7: Back From The Dead


Chapter 8: Here There Be Monsters


Chapter 9: Cause and Effect


Chapter 10: MJ on the Run


Chapter 11: Claws of the Cat




Chapter 12: The Imperfect Storm


Chapter 13: Connecting The Strands


Chapter 14: Nowhere To Run


Chapter 15: When Creatures Attack


Chapter 16: Countdown To Disaster


Chapter 17: Over The Edge



Spider-Man 2099: Okay. Well, uh... Actually, the first major theoretical studies were done by Reed Richards, which, since you know him personally, is... rather ironic.
Amazing Spider-Man: Yeah, that's not really ironic, that's just coincidental. Irony's something completely different.
Spider-Man 2099: You're correcting my word use now? Is that what's come to?
Amazing Spider-Man: No harm in being accurate.
Spider-Man 2099: Okay, fine. Coincidentally, Reed Richards did the first studies which hypothesized that time is like a vortex, and when major changes occur in the surrounding vortex, anyone who's at dead center of the disruption can observe them without being affected, like being in the eye of a storm. He called it "The Observer Effect".
Amazing Spider-Man: That sounds kind of dry. How about "Armageddon Syndrome"?
Spider-Man 2099: How about "Armageddon Out of Here"?
Amazing Spider-Man: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Bad puns, totally my thing.
Spider-Man 2099: You don't own puns! They're not your thing. They're anything.
Amazing Spider-Man: Well, maybe if you would just explain it right. You're from the future, you're supposed to have all these cool time things. Maybe you should just talk faster, I don't know.
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah, this is gonna take way longer than five hours.
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