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These are quotes from the Playstation action-adventure game beat em' up video game Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro developed by Vicarious Visions and publishedin 2001. It is the sequel to Neversoft's Spider-Man title, which was released the previous year. The game is notable for having its final level drastically changed after the September 11 attacks. In it, shortly after the alien symbiote invasion, there's been a string of robberies in New York and Spider-Man must track down Electro, fighting through his gang of super villains and stop him from using a stolen device and becoming more powerful.


  • (fighting a whole warehouse full of henchmen) All eyes on me! Aww, I feel special!
  • I don't need pointy ears and a cape to figure out this is probably another heist.
  • You're gettin' sloppy, Shocker old buddy!
  • What happened, Shocker? Did you flunk out of electrician school?
  • (fighting Shocker) No, you CAN'T have my lunch money!
  • (after beating Shocker) I believe that's all the time we have for today. I think we made some real progress today, Shocker, I really do. Hey, uh, when you get to prison, remember to share your feelings with the group, okay?
  • Quick, Spider-Lad, you stop the plane, while I get the bad guys! Wait - I don't have a sidekick.
  • (after unlocking an electronic door) As Edison said when he discovered electricity: OWW!
  • (after finding the article on the Zeus' Tear jewel) Huh?! You gotta be kidding me! Oh, great. Just great. Well, I could hope that Electro can't read, but I guess he could have someone do that for him. Hope I'm not too late getting to that museum. What do I do about the Doctor, though? Electro probably still needs the Doctor to show him how the Device works, so she should be safe for now. Let's hope Electro's as dim as he looks.
  • Sorry, boys and girls, but I don't think I'm gonna let you arrest me today.
  • Nighty-night, Sandman.
  • Nice. Shaft, lasers, electric fields, huge crushing iron doors... that's just what I need. Yep. Just what I need.
  • Thank you for flying "Air Spider". (after stopping the plane)
  • Ladies and gentlemen, please exit the plane safely. (after stopping the plane)
  • Thanks, thank you, buy, yep, thanks, buy, thank you, thanks, bye. (after stopping the plane)
  • (fighting Hammerhead on a rooftop) I can see my house from here!
  • (fighting the Lizard) Why couldn't the Doc experiment with bunny DNA? Had to be a lizard!
  • (fighting robotic samurai warriors) Electrified swords and armour versus fists. That hardly seems fair... for you guys!
  • (fighting robotic samurai warriors) Wait a second - do any of you guys know Iron Man?
  • (fighting robotic samurai warriors) The strong, silent type, huh? I bet the ladies love you guys!
  • Just goes to show that good wins, because evil is dumb!
  • (practicing web-targeting in the Danger Room) Ah. This will come in handy for rescuing cats out of trees.
  • (when falling to 'Game Over') Wonderful.


  • Not so fast, bug! Or tonight, you're not gonna be the only one who gets squashed!
  • Fool! This was never about you - this was about POWER!
  • Allow me to rain on your parade, wall-crawler!
  • Give up, Spider-Man! This time, I rule the day!
  • Meddlesome insect! You are gonna FRY tonight!
  • This is only the smallest fraction of my power!
  • Dying time is here, Spider-Man!
  • First you, then the world!
  • Prepare for your end!
  • Beg for mercy!
  • What have you done to me?!


  • You won't stop us this time!
  • I almost feel sorry for you!
  • Hold still, punk!
  • Yeah, bring it on, chump!
  • Gonna put your mask in my trophy case!


  • You're toast, do-gooder!
  • None of your meddlin'!


  • (Spidey interrogates a henchman)
Spider-Man: All right, chuckles. You're gonna tell me everything you know.
Henchman: I ain't telling you spit!
Spider-Man: Hmm. I thought you'd say that. (Webs him up and hangs him from a rafter tie by a single line of web) You know, I've never really suspended a man like this before. I hope this web-line holds...
Henchman: Okay, okay, okay! They said something about an airfield... Hanger 18. It's all I know, I swear!
Spider-Man: Now there's a good thug, y'see? You're not as dumb as you look! (He lets the henchman down. Suddenly, Shocker sends a powerful blast at them) Look out! (Is knocked backwards into a crate, then through a wall by another blast)
Shocker: Get up, wall-crawler! I'm not done beatin' on you yet.
Spider-Man: Shocker! Nice to see you too.
Shocker: Hmm, you liked that, huh? Well, hold still, 'cause you're gonna love this...!
  • (Spidey meets Beetle)
Spider-Man: Hey! The Beetle! What do you have to do with this?
The Beetle: Times change, Spider-Man. I do what I have to. (Blasts a hole through the train) Some other time, spider-jerk! (Cackles and leaves, throwing a purple coat behind him. Spidey pulls an invite card from its pocket)
Spider-Man: What's this? Looks like Spiderella's going to the ball.
  • (Electro's plan revealed)
Electro: We are close to our goal, gentlemen. (assembles the Bio-Nexus Device) The device you see before you allows an average citizen's body energy to power a city block. In my hands, that power would be limitless. We need Dr. Watts to finish the device. Only she knows where to find the missing piece.
Sandman: Yeah, plans and speeches are all well and good, but I think you're forgetting about one thing: Spider-Man.
Electro: I've already prepared for that eventuality. Let me introduce our insurance policy.
(Hammerhead comes in, flanked by his "'30s rejects" henchmen. The following scene references The Untouchables)
Hammerhead: Enthusiasms, enthusiasms. What are mine? What is it which gives me joy? (every henchman mumbles as Hammerhead grabs a bat, the mumbles audible are "power" and "money") Destroying Spider-Man. A man stands alone, facing the web-slinger. This is the time for what? For individual achievement. But in a mob? Part of a team. Tommorow night, the good doctor will be attending the Science and Industry Ball. I'm gonna get the doctor myself. But I get nowhere unless the team takes out Spider-Man. (all the henchman start chanting "team" in agreement) SPIDER-MAN!!! (Hammerhead smashes a wineglass, spilling its contents over the table as the scene ends)
  • ("Spidey vs Hammerhead!" cutscene; Dr. Watts is interrogated by Hammerhead and two of his henchmen)
Hammerhead: (To Dr. Watts) You'd better start making sense, lady. "Zeus'" what?
Spider-Man: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Just six of you against one woman? (web-yanks one of them) That seems a bit unfair, unless that happens to be Elektra, in which case you're toast!
Henchman #1: C'mon!
Henchman #2: Yeah, c'mon! (Dr. Watts slips out into the hallway, Hammerhead notices)
Hammerhead: What am I paying you fools for?! Don't just stand there, after her! (They pursue. Spidey tries to follow, but Hammerhead opens fire on him) Dunno where you think you're going.
Spider-Man: I was just gonna see if they had any more of those Empire State Building snow globes - if you want one? (Hammerhead cackles as he begins to charge at Spidey)
  • (After battling the Lizard and reverting him to Dr. Curt Connors)
Spider-Man: What happened to you?
Dr. Connors: Electro was here. He wanted information on the Bio-Nexus project. He's assembled all the parts, but he's still not able to make it work.
Spider-Man: What is this "Bio-Nexus Device"?
Dr. Connors: It amplifies the bioelectric energy in living beings. On Electro, it'll make him a god! You have to stop him, Spider-Man.
Spider-Man: But how do I stop him, Doc? What's he missing?
Dr. Connors: I don't know what it is. Dr. Watts kept all the secret notes about the final phase of the project secret. Go to her lab - it's on the other side of the complex.
Spider-Man: Thanks, Doc. (shakes his hand)
  • (Henchman rushes towards Electro with a newspaper, with the Zeus' Tear jewel on the front page)
Henchman: Gotta tell the boss... gotta tell the boss!
(Electro is interrogating a tied-up Dr. Watts)
Electro: (sighs) A fist-sized gem. Why would you create a device that relies on something that not only doesn't exist, but cannot be made by man? There must be something you're not telling me, good doctor, (eyes glow in anger) and I want to know what it is...!
Henchman: (bursting in) Boss! Look! (shows him the paper)
Electro: Tonight. We hit the museum tonight. And this time, that meddlesome bug won't be able to stop me. (holds up the Bio-Nexus Device, his body crackling with electricity)
  • ("Top of the World" cutscene; This is the original dialogue, which was reedited due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.)
Electro: Give me the jewel, Spider-Man! Give me the jewel, or this one dies!
Spider-Man: Okay, how 'bout a trade?
Electro: Throw me the jewel and I'll send the Doc. I can fry her before she even reaches you!
Spider-Man: (To himself) Let's hope you're wrong, Electro. (throws jewel and aims web to snag in in mid-air. Dr. Watts accidently throws off his aim, allowing the jewel to reach Electro's hand. He immediately places it into the Bio-Nexus device)
Electro: Check...mate. (eyes begin to glow)
Spider-Man: Huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (Electro cackles as he bristles with energy, and Spidey is blasted out of the room and into another as Electro bursts out and away)
Electro: Top of the world, baby!
(Scene fades to black, then back in, as Dr. Watts comes to Spidey's aid)
Dr. Watts: Are you all right?
Spider-Man: (groans) Did you get the license plate of that lightning bolt that struck me? Where's Electro?
Dr. Watts: He left. I'm not quite sure where to.
Spider-Man: I think I might have an idea. (Spidey swings out of the building, as it cuts to two towers that Electro is on top of) Where would you go to be on top of the world? (Climbs onto one of the towers) I'm comin', Electro. Your powerplay ends tonight.
Electro: (cackles) Tonight, Electro dances with the GODS!!!
  • (Ending)
Spider-Man: (reading Daily Bugle, which credits the Mighty Thor for saving New York instead of Spidey.) What the... now what's THIS all about?! (sighs) Oh, I need a new agent. (web-swings away)
(scene then cuts to prison, where Hammerhead and Shocker are playing poker)
Hammerhead: Full house, Aces over Kings. I win again.
Shocker: (bangs the card table angrily and groans) Meh, I was never any good at poker.
Electro: (whining from nearby) Oh, so close, so close! If it weren't for Spider-Man, I'd be a GOD now!
Hammerhead: Would you shut up?! (Electro merely whimpers angrily; Hammerhead turns to Shocker) You know any other games? All I knows is poker.
Shocker: Nah, but maybe they know a few. (cuts to another cell, where all the villains from the first PS1 game are still locked up) Hey! You guys know how to play "Go Fish"? (Doc Ock only bangs his head on the bars in response)
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