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Spliced is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvana in association with Teletoon that first aired from September 19, 2009 to March 13, 2010 in the United States.



Bowled Over / Stuck Together [1.1][edit]

Entree: Hey, Patricia! Did you know that Peri's the best car mechanic on Keep Away Island?
Patricia: Really? Well. He could help me get old Suzy here running!
Peri: You betcha! Now, let's... [accidentally stabs Entree with a wrench]

Entree: Hey, Two-Legs Joe! Did you know that Peri's the best house painter on Keep Away Island?
Two-Legs Joe: Really? I have no idea!
Peri: Me neither!
[Eventually, Peri accidentally puts Two-Legs Joe's house on fire]
Two-Legs Joe: You better hope you two are good at RUNNING!
Peri and Entree: [runs away, screaming]

Peri: Strike!
Entree: Uh. Technically, it was a spare!

No Play For Princess / Cleaning Up [1.2][edit]

Peri: Maybe we should play a different game!
Entree: Like Bucket–Stick–Fruit–Ball?
Peri: Whoo-hoo!

Outsmartered! / Gordon [1.3][edit]

Peri: Mad scientist says stand on your head. [Entree stands on his hand] Mad scientist says spin around in circles. [Entree spins around] Eat your own arm. [Entree puts his arm in his mouth and starts chewing on it] I didn't says mad scientist says.
Entree: [pulls his arm out of his mouth and we see him holding a sandwich covered in mucus] Want a bite?
Peri: No, that's gross. [looks inside Entree's mouth] Do you have any turkey?

[Mister Smarty Smarts pours the stuff in the blender, Octocat blends them and rolls the dough. And when Mister Smarty Smarts puts the bread in the oven and it explodes]
Octocat: Meow!
Mister Smarty Smarts: You're right! That was never going to work! I'll just invent a machine or something!

[Mister Smarty Smarts pours the stuff in the blender, Octocat blends them and rolls the dough. And when Mister Smarty Smarts puts the bread in the oven and it explodes again]
Octocat: Meow!
Mister Smarty Smarts: You're right! I can't believe we did that twice!

[Peri and Entree have both jump off a cliff to escape Princess Pony Apehands]
Peri: Whee!
[While Peri slides down the cliff, Entree falls down a rocky cliff, then, some thorns and bounces off the tree, it happens again and again, until Princess Pony Apehands eats him, then spits him out and Entree lands on the ground]

Fairly Odd Princesses / Brothers in Farms [1.4][edit]

[As Peri and Entree are flying down the streets, they come back and take a pie from Patricia's house, before flying off]
Patricia: How do they do that?!

[Entree turns on the light of the fridge and then, finds signs, realizing that Aperitif is not who he seems]
Entree: [gasps] Uh Oh! [goes to warn his friends about this] Peri! Patricia! Two Legs Joe! Don't trust Aperitif!

[The gang puts Aperitif back in the fridge]
Entree: Au revoir, amigo!

Roots / Two Arms Joe [1.5][edit]

Honorary Freak / Come to the Dork Side [1.6][edit]

Entree: Mayo-Dome!
Peri: Yeah! Mayo-Dome!

[Eventually, Peri and Entree gets chased by Wunny Sharbit, Patricia relaxed and watch this scene]
Patricia: Ya know what, guys? Yeah! I'm feeling a lot better!
Peri: That’s great, Patricia!
Entree: Can you let us out now! Please?
Patricia: Yeah! Ask me again, umm, tomorrow! Yeah!

Best Before Date / Stompabout [1.7][edit]

Amazon / Juice [1.8][edit]

[The opening scene; Patricia is walking down the street]
Patricia: Hi, Carl!
Carl: [off-screen] Hello!
Two-Legs Joe: Patricia! How's my favorite platypus?
Patricia: Ya know. I was thinking of taking a vacation, but, today's so perfect, why leave.
[A bird mutant sings, when suddenly, a crashing sound was heard]

[Patricia decides to take a vacation, so she goes to ask her friends to watch her house while she's away]
Fuzzy: I wish I could, Patricia! But, I'm going on a trip too!
Patricia: [notices a rope] Uh. What's tied to the other end of that rope?
Fuzzy: My destiny! Actually, it's a...[gets flinged away]

[Peri and Entree offer to watch Patricia's house, while she's away]
Peri: Aww! They're so cute!
Both: [POV, deep laughing]
Peri: [deep voice] I just wanna eat those little faces!
Entree: [deep chomping]
[This scares the Mole-asters and they hurry back to their cage and locks themselves up]

Patricia: We were just talking.
Narrator: Previously on Spliced!
[Flashback to Entree falling asleep on Patricia]
[Entree yawns and lies down on Patricia. The flashback ends]
Peri: Yeah! Entree is a quick sleeper!
Patricia: I'm going to the hospital to see if they have any ribs, ya know, cuz mine are broken!

Peri: [chanting indistinctively]
[The residents of Keep-Away Island wake up to the sound of this]
Two-Legs Joe: You two are out of your thorns!
[The residents have torches and pitchforks and they chase after Peri and Entree]

Stupid Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry / Cube Whacked [1.9][edit]

Entree: Beautiful! Untamed! Majestic! Yes! It's your friend, the rock! [shows Princess Pony Ape Hands] Feeling lonely? Not anymore with rock! But, don't forget to clean up after it! [shows Fuzzy about to brush his teeth] Don't use that old toothbrush, friend! Give rock a try!
Fuzzy: I don't see how...
Entree: I said give rock a try! [Fuzzy uses rock to brush his teeth, then the scene cuts to Peri trying to open a jar of mayonnaise] Can't open that jar of mayonnaise? Rock can help!
Peri: Uh. I rather not!
[A rock breaks the jar of mayonnaise]
Entree: [shows Patricia reading a book] Having trouble reaching that camera?
Patricia: What?! No! No! No! I'm fine!
Entree: You need a rock!
[Rock knocks the camera off the high shelf]
Patricia: [gets frustrated] Ugh! Entree!
Entree: Rock! A friend in every pile!
[Suddenly, Princess Pony Ape Hands, Fuzzy, Peri and Patricia appear]
Peri: Entree! We've been through this! You're not a commercial!
Entree: Uh. Rock is available everywhere! Pick one up today!
Patricia: Oh. Don't tempt us!
[Entree runs away screaming as his friends proceed to chase and attack him]
Patricia: This is the last day on earth for you!
Entree: Rock, because, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, and severe beatings from friends!

Fuzzy's Great Journey / Octocataclysm [1.10][edit]

[Opening Scene, Octo-Cat was running away from Mister Smarty Smarts firing his ray gun]
Mister Smarty Smarts: Meow! MMMMMEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW!
Narrator: A few days earlier!

Promises, Promises / There Will Be Stomp [1.11][edit]

Taste of Friendship / Sugar Low [1.12][edit]

Compu–Peri / Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure [1.13][edit]

Peri: Whee! High!
Entree: Wow!
[Patricia puts a rope and Peri takes one end of the rope and he and Entree gets flung to the air]

Patricia: Okay, then!
[Outside, unbeknownst of her, Peri and Entree fall on the ground. Scene cuts to the story, where Marzipan Meadows gets an idea and falls down the cliff and bounces off the mushrooms and lands on the other side]
Dr. Spazahosen: You won't be so lucky next time, Marzipan Meadows!
Marzipan Meadows: And maybe next time, you won't be so ugly!
[The Native Mole-Sters starts laughing and making fun of him.]

Livin' La Vida Lava / Mo' Mayo, Mo' Problems [1.14][edit]

Walkie–Talkie Spinesuckie / My Fair Sharkbunny [1.15][edit]

Mister Smarty Smarts: Won't anyone please look at my baby?! [notices Two-Legs Joe appearing]
Two-Legs Joe: Nope! [stomps on Mister Smarty Smarts]

[Entree, Patricia and Two-Legs Joe rush over to Peri]
Entree: Peri!
Patricia: You're alright!
Peri: Somewhere inside that killer machine, there's a little heart beating, a heart beating for friendship. [hears Wunny Sharbit harming a buppy] That I'm not gonna look forward to today!
[Peri, Entree, Two-Legs Joe and Patricia all runs away screaming as Wunny Sharbit chases after them]

The Mutants Who Cried Monster / Pink [1.16][edit]

Pork Chop / Same Difference [1.17][edit]

[Mister Smarty Smarts and Two-Legs Joe, both fed up with Peri and Entree, went to their happy place, but, discover that they're at the same place together]
Mister Smarty Smarts: Ahh!
Two-Legs Joe: Ahh!
Mister Smarty Smarts and Two-Legs Joe: [simultaneously] My hidden slice of paradise! [suddenly realizes each other] What are you doing here?

Follow Your Dreamworms / Of Masters and Minions [1.18][edit]

Whirrel Call / Nightmare on Condemned Street [1.19][edit]

It's Nobody's Cult But Mine / Stomach on Strike [1.20][edit]

Living Hellp / Sgt. Snuggums [1.21][edit]

Patricia: [feels tired after a long day of helping her friends] I really need someone to help me help them! [then, gets an idea and laughs] Who's a smart platypus? Me is! I mean, I is! I mean... Oh. Forget it!

Jetpackin / Mole–sters In The Mist [1.22][edit]

Yetis Don't Care About Nothin' / Clones Don't Care 'Bout Nothin' Either [1.23][edit]

Helen / The Count of Pinchy Crabbo [1.24][edit]

Patricia: Umm, where is she?
Peri and Entree: DON'T STEP ON HER! [shows a pancake]
Patricia: Helen is a pancake?!

Mr. Wrinkles in Time / Bite, Shuffle, and Moan [1.25][edit]

Patricia: [disguises herself as Entree] Watch and learn! [knocks on the door, as Entree] Hey, Joe! It's your good friend, Entree! I brought you... [hears Two-Legs Joe roaring and tries to run, but, the door collapsed on her]

Patricia: Quack like a duck!
Two-Legs Joe: Quack! Quack! Quack!
Patricia: [laughs] Nice! Now, clean my bathroom!

One Joe Wingus / Poosh and the Quest for the Blargy Parble [1.26][edit]

Wingus: I cannot take a hold of your minds! They're too small!
Peri: Hey, Wingus! What's up?
Wingus: I need your help to drive Joe crazy.

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