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Old Khottabych (Старик Хоттабыч), Starik Khottabych) is a fantasy comedy film produced in the USSR by Lenfilm in 1956 based on a children's book of the same name by Lazar Lagin

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  • Earth is of the form of a plain disk that is washed around by the Grand River called The Ocean.
  • Have you amazed your teachers as well as your friends by your knowledge?
    Yeah, I have...
  • — Since when he's... barking?
    — Since yesterday.
  • One, who works, is a sultan.
  • Volka (inside the marble telphone booth presented to him by Hottabych): Where is the coin-hole?
    Hottabych: No holes at all, not even the microscopic scratch! All from a whole piece of marble.
    Volka: Hottabych, could you present us a plane like that.
    Alesha: Constructed from whole piece of marble? No thank you.