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Season Two[edit]


Static: You ok, sir?
Driver: You almost threw me into orbit! I was scared to death.
Static: I'm sorry, but something's happened to my powers. They're way stronger than they used to be.
Driver: That so? Well, can you drop me off at 44th and 3rd?
Static: Didn't you just say you were scared to death?
Driver: Yeah. But the traffic in this town is even scarier.

Daisy: (on the phone) Virgil? I can't hear you. I think I'm having a problem with static.
Virgil: So am I.

Richie: (about Hotstreak) I'd get a refund on those anger management classes if I were him.

Richie: Any way I can talk you out of this?
Static: Can't think of one. Maybe it'll come to me later.
Richie: Didn't you say something about having your own life again, about getting used to it?
Static: I guess that's just not enough for me.
Richie: I was right. He loves being a hero.

Trouble Squared[edit]

Virgil: This looks like a job for...
Richie: Don't finish that sentence, V. Superman already owns the rights.

Brother-Sister Act[edit]

Richie: You told her we were doing homework? On a Friday night?
Static: Think she won't believe me?
Richie: No, she will, which doesn't say much for our social lives.

Richie: (After hearing Boom steals the Prize money over the radio) He's Stealing My Prize Money

Static: Hey dude it's like they say: People who live in glass houses should keep the volume down.

Static Shaq[edit]

Frozen Out[edit]

Daisy: Now, any idea what to get your sister?
Virgil: Let's check out the pet store. Maybe they have a sale on muzzles.

Permafrost: The voices in the dark, they call me something... Permafrost.

Richie: You know, lifting could go a lot faster with a little magnetic boost.
Virgil: Rich, we're in a gymnasium full of people. Somebody might notice!
Richie: No sweat. I'll create a distraction when my arms fall off!

Static: Look, can we just talk for a sec'?
Permafrost: No! Give it (the picture) back! It's mine!
Static: Give what back?[Permafrost attacks]
Static: Wait?! Is this about that photo? HEY, you can have it back!
Static: Come on, Maureen. Chill out!
Permafrost: You..,You know my name?
Static: I found out from some people!.. People who care about you.
Permafrost: Nobody cares about me!! [Permafrost attacks savagely]
Static: Whoah! Come on slow down! I care.. .., and I wanna help you ,I know what you've gone through....
Permafrost: How could you know......?
Static: ..Because... I lost my mom too. (Permafrost stops attacking, Static returns Permafrost's picture of her and her mother,) I know how hard it is, how the pain never really goes away...

Bad Stretch[edit]

[Virgil and Richie are inside the 'Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude'; Virgil is setting up for a demonstration of his newest application for his powers, positioning a length of wire in and out of between his fingers like a cat's cradle, channeling a charge of electricity through them.]

Virgil: Hey Richie, how many superheroes does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

[Richie, working at a workbench, turns his head to look at Virgil.]

Richie: Huh?
Virgil: None. If I'm the superhero, then you don't need a lightbulb.

[Virgil then proceeds to demonstrate his latest trick--sending a larger charge of electricity through the wire and creating a blinding light display before stopping.]

Virgil: I call it my Novaburst, all it takes is a little wire.

[Richie is putting the finishing touches on his newest gadget, a small tracer, shaped like Static's lightning bolt insignia.]

Richie: My latest invention. It transmits on a highband radio frequency, so you should be able to hear it with you powers. Is it working?

[Virgil puts his hand to his ear and uses his powers to listen to radio frequencies, small sparks of electricity as Virgil hears the beeb-beeb-beebing of the new tracer unit.]

Virgil: Loud and clear.
Richie: It's got about a two-mile radius, so you could trace it...

[Still using his powers, Virgil suddenly picks up another frequency.]

Virgil: ...Wait a minute, I'm picking up something else. I think it's the police band.
Richie: What is it?
Virgil: Something about a ...flood?

Static: Fun's over 'Wet-and-Wild,' give up or I'll hang you out to dry.
Aquamaria: Yeah, I'm sure.

[At their latest hideout, an old 'Ratty Boyz' pizza place and arcade.]

Ebon: Your late, where's Aquamaria.
Shiv: (covering for himself) Hahahaha, that's a funny story, Ebon, (pushes Talon forward,) why don't you tell him.
Talon: (nervous) ...She was doing alright, then Static showed up...
Carmen-Dillo: (walking in with coffee cups) Hey, here you go boss, double Latte, right, I got cappuccinos for everyone else but...

[Ebon knock the coffee out of Carmen-Dillo's hands, stands up out of his 'throne and starts pacing.]

Carmen-Dillo: ...On the other hand, who needs all that caffine, right...?
Ebon: I can't believe he got her. I thought her water powers would stop him for sure.
Shiv: Uh uh, Boss, Static didn't stop Aquamaria, Rubber-Band Man did...
Ebon: What!?
Shiv: (realising his slip) Yeah, we were as surprised as you are...
Ebon: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

[Ebon throws a furious fit using his powers, knocking things down before leaving.]

Carmen-Dillo: 'Gheez Luweez', is he always like this.
Talon: He has his reasons.

Adam: (talking to himself) ...Sharon, I gotta call her back...
Ebon: Call her later.

[Ebon is revealed to have been waiting for Adam, disguised as a shadow on the ceiling.]

Adam: What do you want?
Ebon: What do you think?

[Adam stands up and walks away from Ebon, but Ebon moves to Adam still as a shadow on the wall.]

Ebon: I want you to roll with my crew, just like the old days, before the Big Bang.
Adam: Not gonna happen. We've been through this, Ivan.
Ebon: We've been through that, too. You call me 'Ebon' now.
Adam: Whatever.

[Adam turns and walks away from Ebon again, but Ebon slides across the floor and moves in front of Adam, blocking his path.]

Ebon: It was bad enough you had to run off and be a rock star. Now you're out there, playing 'superhero' and turning on your own?
Adam: It's not your business.
Ebon: Is my business. You belong with me. People like us, we deserve to have whatever we want--if we stick together, we can have it all.

[Adam thinks about it, tempted for a second, before shaking the notion his head determinded not to agree with Ebon's 'philosophy' and starts changing into his Rubber-Band Man costume.]

Adam: Yeah, and every time I try things your way, I end up in trouble.
Ebon: (starts to leave) Then just stay out of my way. You owe me that much. [leaves)

[Carmen-Dillo, Shiv and Talon have started to break in and rob Dakota Electronics Store. Having broken down the enterence started causing havoc, Carmen-Dillo stops to look around.]

Carmen-Dillo: Ahh, I hate robbing joints like this, no food court.

[Having been knock into the stockroom by Shiv, Rubber-Band Man is lying on a pile of empty boxes. A shadow on the wall moves infront of him, forming a giant hand.]

Ebon: Need a hand?

[Ebon shifts back to humanoid form, larger than Rubber-Band Man, while Rubber-Band Man stretches his arm over to a shelf to pull himself back up.]

Rubber-Band Man: No thanks, I always bounce back.
Ebon: I told you to stay out of this, Adam.

[Later--Ebon and Rubber-Band Man are still arguing in the stockroom.]

Ebon: After all I've done for you, this is the payback. When Dad passed away...
Rubber-Band Man: (interupts angryly) ...Don't you mention him...
Ebon: (interupts) ...Why not, I'm the Man of the Family now.
Rubber-Band Man: Says who?
Ebon: Thats the way it works, we're blood, I'm suppost to be looking after you, not fighting with...

[Static, having just finished with Talon, Shiv and Carmen-Dillo, has just walked into the stockroom.]

Static: Did someone say 'fight'. No offence, 'Stretch,' but a big-time supervillian like Ebon requires a big-time superhero like... well, like me.

[Ebon dives at Static, who uses his powers to pull down the lights and aim them at Ebon, powering up the lights to become brighter, which diminishes Ebon's powers and forces him to disappear.]

Ebon: Aaaaahhhhhhh, the light...

[Fustrated that Static interupted the conversation, and seeing Ebon in pain, Rubber-Band Man stretches himself over Ebon, shielding him from the light.]

Rubber-Band Man: I got this, Static.
Static: Wait, the light makes him lose his powers. Your blocking it.
Ebon: (quietly, so that only Rubber-Band Man can hear him) Thanks, little brother.

[Ebon, shielded from the light can now escape, uses his portal to leave.]

Static: (seeing that Ebon is escaping) Get off him, he'll get away.
Rubber-Band Man: (realises that Ebon has used him to escape) I'm... sorry about that...
Static: (angry) You wanted him to escape.

[Rubber-Band Man turns away, refusing to look Static in the eye.]

Static: You did. I thought for a second you had gone straight, but your just like them after all.

[Rubber-Band Man wraps his arm around Static like a rope and spins him away like a spinning top and sends him crashing into a stack of shelves, knocking boxes on top of him. Rubber-Band Man leaves. Static picks himself up and tries to follow him out of the stockroom, but Rubber-Band Man has already gone.]

Static: (exasperatedly and sarcasticly) Great.

[Virgil has just returned home to talk to his sister, Sharon, about Rubber-Band Man being in the newspaper for breaking the Meta-Breed out of jail.]

Virgil: (has just rushed through the front door and calls upstairs to Sharon) SHARON. Sharon, we gotta talk.

[Realising she's not there, Virgil goes to close the door and wait for Sharon,

Virgil: Where is she...?

[Virgil notices a new, purple coat rack, complete with coatsa and a hat.]

Virgil: ...This is new...

[Virgil stops, remembers events from Bent Out of Shape and realises that it isn't actually a coat rack.]

Virgil: ...Oh, oh...

[Virgil tries to get a way throught the front door, but Rubber-Band Man resumes his own form, closes the door and pushes Virgil to the sofa before he could get away.]

Rubber-Band Man: (forcefully) Sit down.
Virgil: (angryly) Sitting.
Rubber-Band Man: I don't wanna hurt you, I just want to talk to your sister.
Virgil: (raises the paper he had brought with him) About this?
Rubber-Band Man: It ain't true, I didn't brake the Meta-Breed outta jail, I helped put then there.
Virgil: Yeah, I supposed you didn't help Ebon escape from Static either.
Rubber-Band Man: It wasn't 'like that.
Virgil: I saw it--we all saw it.
Rubber-Band Man: Look, I helped Ebon but I had my reasons...
Virgil: Yeah, cos your just like him.
Rubber-Band Man: No, (turns to leave,) because he's my brother.

[Ebon tries to escape after his disception is revealed, but is intercepted by his brother, the Rubber-Band Man.]

Ebon: Hey, this ain't no way to treat a brother, brother.
Rubber-Band Man: Don't hand me that 'brother' stuff, you played me, Ivan.

[Ebon and Rubber-Band Man continue to struggle.]

Ebon: Come on, blood is thicker than water.
Rubber-Band Man: And right and wrong are thicker than blood.

[Rubber-Band Man moves to put Ebon in a headlock, he than expands to contribute in overwhelming Ebon.]

Ebon: Aaaah!

[Ebon passes out. Static arrives to see Ebon pass out on the ground.]

Rubber-Band Man: Always could take him.
Static: Sorry you had to.

Pop's Girlfriend[edit]

[On the phone.]

Virgil: Come on, Pops. My room's clean.
Robert: Virgil, I'm standing in it.

[After a passer-by looks at him.]

Static: What? A superhero can't use a payphone?

Static: Static's bug zapping service reporting for duty.

Robertː Running away from the police? Now I know I've raised you better than that, Virgilǃ What you did was not only stupid and dangerous, but completely inexcusableǃ Virgilː But, Dad- Robertː Get in your room right nowǃ

Attack of the Living Brain Puppets[edit]

Virgil: He's nice, but he's not smart enough to be president.
Richie: Never stopped anyone before.

[Richie has just seen Madelyn mind-controlling someone, he turns to yell for Virgil, but not before Madelyn gets into his mind]

Richie: Hey, Vee, check this o-
Madelyn: Not so fast, Richard. Let's see what's in your brain...

[Inside Richies mind, Madelyn sees an image of Virgil smiling, Virgil with Richie, and Static taking off his mask to reveal himself as Virgil.]

Virgil: What's going on? ...Richie?!

[Richie collapses against Virgil as Madelyn quickly exits his mind.]

Madelyn: You... you're interesting. [She cackles and runs away.)

Richie: We're in trouble, yes?

Madelyn: (to her puppets) Get me that superhero... and his little tape, too!

Power Play[edit]

Richie: [Richie is dressed as a superhero, complete with a towel cape and broom for a weapon] He then races to... (notices Static] How long have you been standing there?
Static: I came in at "heinous henchmen."

[Having dodged Static's attacks, Run leans against a statue and mocks Static. But Static then administers a 'Static-Cling' to Run, sticking his hand to the statue and preventing him from running out of the way.]

Static: (about Run) Boy, talk about 'stuck on stupid!'

[Jump then teleports under Static's flying disk, stealing it from underneith Static. Static falls to the ground. Jump teleports over Static, holding his flying disk under his arm.]

Jump: (cocky) Done playing around?
Static: Almost... Tag! You it!! (Hits Jump)

[After defeating Ragtag, who had nearly sucked out Static's lifeforce powers.]

Richie: V, you all right? V!
Static: (drained) When I wake up, remind me to be very angry at you. (passes out)

Virgil: I guess we'll have to settle this man to man.
Richie: Mano a mano.
Virgil: No quarter asked, no quarter given.
Richie: Gimme a quarter.


Rubber-Band Man: Static, you alright?
Static: Rubber-Band Man? Watch where your going!
Rubber-Band Man: I was. Can't say the same for you 'Mr. Hand-Stand Man.'
Static: I was in complete control up there 'Sir Stretch-A-Lot.'

[Shiv uses his powers to smash open a cash register in a toy shop]

Shiv: Hahahaha. My two favorite things, play toys and real money.

[A boy runs past Shiv with a toy he's trying to keep to himself]

Shiv: Hold up junior.

[Shiv uses his powers to take the toy from the kid from several feet away.]

Shiv: Steal your own.

[Not happy with the live news report she's watching, Puff blows a breath of her 'Mood Gas' at the TV set, causing it to blow up.]

Teenager: (attention caught by the TV exploding) Hey! What the...? Oh, it's just her.
Onyx: Gee Puff, you could have just turned the channel.

Puff: I hate those two Super-Bums. We try to go legit with our bounty hunting business, but they mess things up for us. Now everyone thinks we're the criminals.
Onyx: Er... we are criminals.
Puff: No. We're just financing our future, that's all. (turns head) And there's our financial adviser right on time.

[Another teenager, called Dante, nervously enters the pool house to see them.)

Rubber-Band Man: Your turn, 'Puff-Mommy.'

The Big Leagues[edit]

Hot-Streak: Loud noises get on my nerves.
Kangor: Everything gets on your nerves, man.
Hot-Streak: Hey, I've got issues!

[The Joker's gang of Bang-Babies has just been taken down by Batman, Robin and Static. The Joker, armed with a shock buzzer, feigns injury to lure the Batman.]

Joker: ...Please Batman... help me.

[A hand takes the Joker's who then proceeds to use the shock buzzer on his 'victim.']


'[The Joker looks up to see that it wasn't the Batman's hand who had taken his, but Static's, who wasn't harmed by the electricity.]

Static: That was fun, let me try.

[Static uses his powers to shock the Joker into unconsciousness. The Batman sees how Static has handled himself against the Joker's trick.]

Batman: Not bad.


Richie: ooh this looks scary!

[fishes out a mask from the box and puts in on facing Virgil.]

Richie: (impersonating Mrs. Coleman, their study hall teacher) Mr Hawkins you're four minutes late...!

[Richie turns to some of the other teens in the gymnasium.]

Richie: (still impersonating Mrs. Coleman) ... And you, one weeks detention, care to try for two...

[Richie turns around to continue his impression.]

Richie: ...and you boys! (sees it's Nick Conner's two lackys) you..., you..., (tosses mask aside, suddenly not in the mood to make fun,) eh!


[After has Virgil yawns real loud]

Richie: Whoa. Was that a yawn or an elephant mating call?