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Steve Hofmeyr (born 29 August 1964) is an Afrikaans singer, songwriter and poet, and an Afrikaner activist.


  • Sorry to offend but in my books Blacks were the architects of Apartheid. Go figure.
    • On the origins of apartheid, in a tweet on 23 October 2014.
  • Dear Charlize [Theron], My daughter sometimes wears pants. She is 20-months-old. Do you think it’s time to ask whether she’s also feeling an excess of Y-chromosomes?
    • On children coming out as transgender, in a tweet on 23 October 2014.
  • Dear @zilevandamme and @ZindziMandela I'm a South African tax-paying citizen. Effectively, I AM your boss. You WILL jump when I say so and you WILL ask how high. And when you come to take our lives & land, you WILL die. Our contract is that simple. And don't you forget it.
  • I do this in the interests of my colleagues and our big production team. I understand the enormous challenges in terms of infrastructure and costs and what the loss of income would mean to my fellow artists. [Sun International would refuse us their venue in the Cape if I don't make the decision.] It will always grieve me that money, sponsors and political narrative dictate our culture and our arts today. I don't know that language and I have no need to ever learn it. I will not bow my knee to the haters of acquittal, and no boycott will make me silent about my people's grievances. … My tours will continue regardless and I will not hesitate to trumpet the names of our nation's exterminators, while Sun International, Toyota, MTN and Multichoice have no word on the incitement to violence and hate speech against my people. If they can silence me, they can gently remove us from the picture.

Quotes about Steve Hofmeyr[edit]

  • Your threat is racist in the worst traditions of racial nationalism and undermines the position of white people in South Africa. You are obviously ignorant of the fact that white people occupy a very privileged and controversial position in South Africa. Their long term future in the country depends on the extent to which they can use that position to promote a more stable, just, and prosperous society. … You, however, use your not insignificant following to sow anger and hate among young white people. It is incredible that you nonetheless seem to believe that this behavior improves the position of white South Africans. Only the opposite can be true. … It shames me therefore to think that you have emerged as a leadership figure of any stature at all in the white and Afrikaner communities. You are in fact an embarrassment to liberal Afrikaners and a disgrace to South Africa.
  • Hofmeyr's statement that black South Africans "suck up the propaganda of entitlement" in order to "justify their brutality" is profoundly repugnant. It demonstrates deep-seated prejudiced views that are completely inconsistent with the values that inform our constitutional state, it lowers the standard of constructive political and social debate, and it sets back efforts to build a truly nonracial, compassionate South African society. … Every South African who is committed to building a compassionate society should reject Hofmeyr's comments. They are more reminiscent of a bygone era of racial domination under Apartheid than the kind of conversation one expects to hear in a multiracial democracy in 2010.

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