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Steven Blake Crowder (July 7, 1987 –) is a conservative and political commentator, actor, and comedian, host of Louder with Crowder.


  • If I were to have told you five years ago that somewhere in the near future, we would see a candidate whisked into office not based on any previous political accomplishments, not for any stellar track record with the American public, but by the sheer magnitude of his celebrity... Wait, did I just describe the Barack Obama circa ’08 or did I just describe Donald Trump?
  • Mr. Trump genuinely has nothing to lose. He doesn’t need the money, he doesn’t need the power and he certainly doesn’t need the fame. It seems that Donald Trump genuinely thinks the country is “going to hell” and simply doesn’t want to wait on the sidelines as it happens. Can he win? Who knows. One thing’s for sure; if Barack Obama makes this into another election that places personality over substance, celebrity over accomplishments, I can see only one outcome... Mr. President, you’re fired.

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