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Do you think that mere words are strategy and power for war? ~ The Bible

Strategy (from Greek στρατηγία stratēgia, "art of troop leader; office of general, command, generalship") is a general or high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. It involves determining goals to aim for, determining actions to achieve them, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. Strategies indicate how the ends (goals) can be achieved by the means (resources) available, and can be very rigid and fixed, or malleable, evolving and emerging as patterns of activity as groups and individuals adapt to their environment or compete.

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All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. ~ Sun Tzu
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A - F

  • To win by strategy is no less the role of a general than to win by arms.
    • Julius Caesar [Gaius Julius Caesar] (100–44 B.C.), Roman general, statesman. The Civil War, 1.72
  • There webs were spread of more than common size,
    And half-starved spiders prey'd on half-starved flies.
  • You can have the greatest strategy in the world but what is the point if no one cares?

G - L

  • We are in the throes of a transition where every publication has to think of their digital strategy.
    • Bill Gates (2006) in: "The future according to the world's richest man" in The Independent (20 March 2006)

M - R

  • Strategy is a system of expedients; it is more than a mere scholarly discipline. It is the translation of knowledge to practical life, the improvement of the original leading thought in accordance with continually changing situations.
    • Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, "On Strategy" (1871), as translated in Moltke on the Art of War: Selected Writings (1993) by Daniel J. Hughes and Harry Bell, p. 124
    • Variant: Strategy is a system of expedients. It is more than science, it is the translation of science into practical life, the development of an original leading thought in accordance with the ever-changing circumstances.
      • As quoted in Government and the War (1918) by Spenser Wilkinson
  • Since human beings are highly adaptable it may be possible for an individual with any sort of competence to learn, in the end, according to any teaching strategy. But the experiments show, very clearly indeed, that the rate, quality and durability of learning is crucially dependent upon whether or not the teaching strategy is of a sort that suits the individual
    • Gordon Pask, in Learning Strategies and Individual Competence (1972), p. 221
  • The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.
    • Michael Porter, "What is strategy?." In: Harvard Business Review, November (1996). p. 70

S - Z

  • All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.
  • In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.
  • For her own breakfast she'll project a scheme,
    Nor take her tea without a stratagem.

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