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Sugar Sugar Rune is a manga and anime series created by Moyoco Anno. These are quotes from the English manga.

Chocolat Meillure/Chocolat Kato

Sugar Sugar Rune Choco Rune, your heart come to me!

(to Takamura) This is what I can do for you.

I'm so MAD!

Do I feel this way because of the smell of the jasmine flowers?

I'm okay because I'm not cold.

Vanilla's probably crying by herself too right now.


And I'm falling in love as quickly as I'm tumbling down right now.

I shouldn't have let go of his hand...

You are my horse! (to the Nihilist Spider)

So Amber, how old are you really?

When the noir is gone, even Cireux can sense Pierre's kindness.

I don't care if my body rips into a thousand pieces, I'll use all my powers so my heart will shine as brightly as it can!

Hey hey! This place has two bathrooms! How luxurious. I had heard the Human World was lame, but I might actually like it here!

He was so cool...even during the whole carrot thing. (about Pierre)

So this is the power of human love...

Vanilla Mieux/Vanilla Ice

Sugar Sugar Rune, Vani Rune, heart, heart, please come to me!

I'll become the queen who can touch the darkness.

It's a bittersweet and memorable pain.

Chocolat-chan, when you become queen, I want to be a baker in the Magical World.

Gather, Noir!


Girls are at their most beautiful when they're asleep.

I want a lot more strength.

I'm going to take your heart, Chocolat.

A baby witch like you who can't even create a force field, telling me you're going to take my heart?

Collecting red and orange hearts can't compete with noir.


I love you, Chocolat.

Rockin' Robin/Rock 'n' Lovin

It's because she's in love.

I could... even during your bathtime. (when Chocolat comments on his entering without permission)

Maybe it's the fire department come to throw some water on our fiery love.

My forbidden love for Chocolat!


And you didn't use magic? How kind of you.

You couldn't tell I was nice from the beginning?

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