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This is a page for quotes on the videogame Suikoden V by Konami.

Boz Wilde[edit]

  • "Hey, listen up! These Godwin traitors got no respect for justice. And sure, sometimes justice is just a little word. But sometimes justice is three feet of sharp steel smashing in your face. Now, let's go get 'em!"
  • "Meeting him on the battlefield... Toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye, axe-to-sword... It feels like my birthday! Ga ha ha!"
  • "I know fellow Falenans have got no business wantin' to bash each others' brains out... But, a general just can't help wantin' to fight a worthy opponent! It's in the blood!"
  • "All troops, get ready to kick some Armes keister! I dunno where they came from, but I know where they're goin'!"
  • "I think 'Mohawk Head Castle' would make a great name!"
  • "Stop Mumbling and let's start Rumbling I'd Say!"


  • "I suppose I can mingle with the mediocrities on occasion."

Egbert Aethelbald[edit]

  • "Hear me filthy devils! My wrath shall rain upon you! To WAR!"
  • "How indubitably rare to run into visitors here beneath the earth."
  • "That FILTHY DEVIL Godwin! One cowardly, fiendish DEED after another! He played our House of Aethelbald for fools! He PILFERED everything we had! Godwin is a mere INSECT! A Hairball! A Zombie SNAIL! The sun's justice shall be BROUGHT DOWN UPON THE FILTHY DEVIL! Terribly sorry, seems I let myself get a tad agitated!"
  • "EVERY disaster that occurs in this WORLD can be traced BACK to those FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS! The recent increase in rats! Periodic FLOODING! UNSEASONABLY invasive PLANT GROWTHS! ALL GODWIN PLOTS!"
  • "That filthy devil, Godwin! He CLOSED the underground passageway, pretending he did so to prevent the infiltration of SUSPICIOUS characters! LIES, I say! They took the other lands from the HOUSE of Aethelbald, and now they PURLOIN our last humble sanctuary! There are no words to describe the EVIL of this FILTHY DEVIL! The BIG CREEPER! The FURBALL! The STUPID MATRIKA!"
  • "It's those Godwins... If I could just lay a HAND on Godwin! Just a FINGERNAIL! I'D STAB HIM IN THE HEAD WITH IT!!! "
  • "There's no way a filthy devil like him would fight FAIR! He MOST CERTAINLY cheated somehow! NO doubt about it!"
  • "I wish that FILTHY DEVIL Godwin would return to the PESTILENT DUNGHEAP from WHENCE HE SPRANG, instead!"
  • "I've heard that you're taking a stand against that FILTHY DEVIL, Godwin! You're going to BASH him up good?! This is absolutely wonderful news! That insalubrious blackguard Godwin is truly the very SOUL of evil incarnate! His PESTIFEROUS being spreads evil to everything it TOUCHES! Stormfist USED to be mine, I tell you! It RIGHTFULLY belongs to the House of Aethelbald! He TOOK it from me, he TRICKED everyone! FILTHY, FILTHY, DEVIL! No QUARTER or MERCY for the FILTHY DEVIL! BASH HIS EXECRABLEMALEFICENT RANCOROUSDAMNABLEFACE! DEVIL! PERFIDIOUSMISERABLEODIOUSWRESTCH!! GEETAAAAARRRGH!!!"
  • "My own two HANDS shall squeeze his neck! I'll STAB him in the forehead with my FINGERNAIL! DIVINE RETRIBUTION!"
  • "Good SHOW, Your Highness! You DROWNED those GODWIN DEVILS just like FILTHY RATS! A FITTING end for their like, I SAY! Now let's GET the REST OF THEM! DROWN THEM ALL! REVENGE UPON THOSE FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS! DEATH AND DESTRUCTION UPON ALL THE-- Oh. My word. I got a tad carried away again, didn't I?"
  • "Suddenly I find myself upon a ship, for reasons distressingly unknown... But I hardly mind! As long as I get to trounce those FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS, I'd travel to the VERY CENTER OF HELL!"
  • "I may be off to rest, but there'll be no rest for THEM! Crush them! Crush the filthy devils, and do it in my name!"
  • "Our next target is HATRED FORTRESS?! Why, that's those FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS' FILTHY castle!!! RAZE it to the ground, I say! BURN it to ASH! Grind it TO DUST! AND SALT THE FILTHY EARTH!!! Ah ha ha hah!"
  • "We shall BATTLE as soon as you dare to face ME! Come, and taste defeat!"
  • "Those FILTHY devils!!! How dare they set fire to that town?! I say we DRENCH them in BOILING oil and CREMATE THEM ALIVE!!! See how THOSE filthy devils like it!!!"
  • "There's absolutely, positively and undeniably NO DOUBT those FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS put that imposter up to it!!! ...Is there?"
  • "Your Highness! You saw the despicable HORROR inflicted upon those POOR beavers! These are the kind of REPREHENSIBLE ACTS those VILLAINS PERPETRATE!!! They're FILTHY DEVILS TO THE CORE!!!"
  • "What? Where's my hometown? Oh, come now! Surely Your Highness jests! I'm from where those FILTHY, maniacal Godwin DEVILS laugh as they crush the populace under their boot! Stormfist! There shall be no homecoming for me... ...Not until those FILTHY DEVIL GODWINS have been violently, thoroughly EVISCERATED!!!"
  • "Damned Godwins! My family's been storing up its rage for a hundred years! Worthless, filthy devils! You don't deserve sunlight, or air! You deserve to be buried in garbage! You deserve to DIE choking on rotten feces at the bottom of the world's flithiest, darkest cesspit!!"
  • "FINALLY! At long LAST! I thought this day would never COME! But it HAS, and with great FANFARE! The time has come to let those FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS know that Stormfist does NOT belong to them! We'll SMASH the FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS' castle to TINY, UNRECOGNISABLE bits!!! We'll STOMP it! And CRUSH it! And CRUSH it! And STOMP it! And then CRUSH it again! Until NO EARTHLY TRACE REMAINS! ...And then we'll PAVE over the site, just to rub it in! HA HA HA HA HAAAA! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA!!! You could say I'm looking forward to it. Is it noticeable, Your Highness?"
  • "That FILTHY DEVIL GODWIN has been defeated!!! ...But now all the excitement's gone from life, somehow..."
  • "Ah, nothing like a nice, quiet game to soothe the flames of eternal righteous hatred. Care to play?"
  • What? A family tree? Why, of course! of course! Fully one-hundred generations of Aethelbalds, fully documented right here! Go ahead, have a look! But what do you need this for? To catch a thief of aristocratic histories? Of course! I insist!!! If you're through with my family tree, I would like to have it back. It's a keepsake that helps me remember the indignities suffered by us at the hands of these FILTHY GODWIN DEVILS! Sometimes, I think it's all I have left.[Catching Raven and recruiting him quest]


  • "Should the ruinous light cover the land, Eresh must once again open the door and descend into the darkest depths. Perhaps Eresh's meeting you was meant to prevent that from happening, one chosen by the Dawn Rune..."

Euram Barows[edit]

  • "Of course I'm not all right! Do these stairs look soft to you?! Ooohh, my poor, fragile, gentlemanly body!"

Euram Barows as Mysterious Seer

  • "Let us begin. What a terrifying destiny, indeed... What an abominable, dismaying, ghastly destiny! I can't even imagine where to begin! It's all so terrible! What part of your appalling fate would you like to hear about first?"
  • "Oh, my! It's simply unspeakable! I've never seen a person with a more unfortunate destiny in battle than you! Every time you enter a battlefield, the arrows will find you! Every time you use a magic Rune, it will explode! I can't believe you're still alive with luck like this! You could die any time! Maybe today! Tomorrow at the latest!"
  • "You shall be besought by insurmountable debts! Your family name shall be forever ruined amongst creditors!"
  • "Your destiny is to die alone, without ever knowing the divine taste of true love!"
  • "No! Oh, no more! It's too gruesome to go any further! Honesty, I knew your fate was bad, but this is appalling!"

Falenan Code[edit]

  • "Let our mercy as deep as the Feitas and our authority as powerful as the Sun be revealed to the entire World."

Ferid Egan[edit]

  • "True loyalty is being able to speak what you think is right and what you think is wrong."

Georg Prime[edit]

  • "Geez, I'd hate to meet the artists who didn't have promise." (After Sialeeds explains to the group that Lord Barrows granted Haud Village, which is explosively, discordantly, and painfully colorful and tacky, to a group of artists he felt had promise.)
  • "The eyepatch was to remind myself to never get overconfident."
  • "I don't expect you to forgive me. You can even curse me if you want to. I can take it." (After Georg stab Queen Arshtat.)
  • "heh heh heh heh heh."

Gizel Godwin[edit]

  • "You're gonna have to prove to me... You're a winner."
  • "What if my master plan was murdering you... in front of your beloved brother?"


  • "I always knew I'd get a chance to destroy that damned fortress someday! Here we go men! This is payback for everything we've been through!"
  • "C'mon, guys! We'll show them the spirit of Lordlake's still alive and kicking!"
  • "Fall back?! They've gotta be kidding! I've been waiting for this fight! I'm moving forward, full speed ahead!!!"
  • "...Dammit. Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! I've been waiting so long for this, and now they want me to back off?!"
  • "Great. I get all fired up to fight for you, and my first mission is to carry luggage! Whatever you do, don't put Silva in charge of morale!"


  • "As a swordswoman, I shouldn't be saying this, but I detest war. It makes me realise that swordsmanship is nothing more than the art of killing. Still, when war is inevitable, a swordswomans duty is to shed blood in the place of the helpless masses. That's why we must hone our skills and push ourselves farther than others. At least, that's how I justify it..."


  • "One of the Queen's Knights told me about your parents. It seems they were both figures of rare and dignified stature. Of course, one could tell that simply by looking at you. My father was a member of the Maximillion Knights. It meant everything to him. That's why he became such a hopeless wreck after they disbanded. I couldn't stand seeing him that way. I inherited the aspirations that my father once held, and that's why I ended up running away from home. Looking back now, I don't even think I really had a choice, even if people say I was just a naive girl rushing off on a whim. I'm just happy Mathias came along with me. And grateful as well. And I still haven't given up... I really am my father's daughter it seems."


  • "You don't need to know, four-eyes. It's none of your concern."


  • "So Prince. . .How was it? . . .Oh come on! You know what I'm talkin' about! The purification rite! You must have taken a peek, huh? Am I right? I'm right, right?! Hey who looked the hottest? Well no need to ask really -- it had to be Sialeeds! . . . You're kidding me. You DIDN'T look?! WHY THE HELL NOT?! That was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I can't believe you passed that up! Damn! I gotta say, you just let down every man in Falena. . ."
  • "Gizel doesn't even have ONE female attendant! What's up with that? Does he even LIKE girls?"
  • "Well, hey, don't worry about it. If she's not your thing, I wouldn't mind breaking her in!"
  • "Luserina's a fine specimen, but did you check out Lelei?! Hot! Now, if I could only get her away from Lucretia..."
  • "Hey, nice duds, Prince! You look about five times manlier than usual! If I were a girl, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you!"
  • "What's this, Prince? You've brought along another honey? What do you mean 'she just appeared out of nowhere?!' Why do you have all the luck?!"
  • "This castle's perfect! With thick walls like these, I won't have to worry about disturbing any neighbors at night!"
  • "Spend all your time worrying about each other individual one, and your hair's gonna fall out."


  • "My Lady's lucid intuition, her bold and intricate strategies... *sigh* Just watching her work gives me chills!"

Lucretia Merces[edit]

  • "How about something like 'Castle of the May Sigh Shimmering on the Pale Blue Water'?"
  • "A tactician must never make a public apology. You must assert that your plan was impeccable, and if not for you, the outcome would have been much worse."
  • "At a time like this, even I have to admit it. I AM pretty amazing, aren't I?"


  • "This is MY castle, remember? I don't need a guide!"
  • "You guys killed Mother and Father! I'd use the Sun Rune to zap you all to ashes! You really want to be zapped?!"


  • "Do you think it's okay for us to be using these ruins? Will the ancients be mad at us?"
  • "You can't name the Prince's castle something like that! ...And besides, that's WAY too many letters!" [in response to Lucretia's suggestion]
  • "Ah! Huh...? That's... strange... I can't move... I'm sorry Prince. I just need... some rest. Ah! Oh... Prince... why are you... looking at me like that..? Don't you know... it's finally over...? Let's go home... okay...? The princess is waiting for you... Just like before... You... The Princess... Everybody... Everybody..." [Last words before death]

Marscal Godwin[edit]

  • "When you get involved in intrigue, do it decisively."
  • "Hmph! Idealistic youth. If you speak the truth, then prove it to me!"


  • "I would like to ask your permission to exact final retribution on Gavaya and cast his loathsome corpse into the lake. The lowborn thug dared insult the great Lady Isabel! He deserves no less than immediate death."
  • "My father served Lady Isabel's father, but I'm not merely following in his footsteps. I wanted to personally protect and support milady's aspirations. Protecting her is not only my duty -- it's my desire, as well. I imagine Lady Lyon feels the same way about serving you, Your Highness."


  • "The waters of the Feitas River are REALLY cold, you know..." To Euram with her blades pointed toward him.
  • "During the ceremony, you gotta shout, 'No! You will pry my sister from my COLD, DEAD HANDS!' C'mon, I DARE ya!"
  • "I won't let the Princess wear that sad face anymore! C'mon Prince! Let's go smack some sense into her!"
  • "You don't understand. Being a Queen's Knight.... is the only thing that I have left."
  • "Prince! Put this wig on and act like a girl!"


  • "You'll regret picking a fight with THIS ship!"
  • "Really, Lucretia! I respect your talent as a tactician, but your skill in naming leaves something to be desired!"


  • "I want to win so Mueller will be happy."
  • "Mueller! Did you see that?"


  • "I never sleep well when I'm sober, anyway."
  • "Ugh... Good morning... Not that there's ever anything good about mornings."
  • "What, only Freyadour? Why don't I get some fancy new costume? No fair! It's always this way!"
  • "Never underestimate me!"
  • "Why does the last thing I see... Have to be your damn face, Lucretia?"


  • "Ugh, What a pain."

Shula Valya[edit]

  • "I am sure of that there is neither a more trustworthy ally nor fearsome foe than you [Prince Frey], your Highness."


  • "Sometimes, the best way is not always the ideal way."


  • "If you don't know, just say you don't know. Ambiguous words are no more honest than a poisoned blade."
  • "One of the first things I learned as a warrior was this. A sword not in use should be sheathed. Otherwise, the blade will rust and dull. Worrying now will only wear you down. Take this chance to rest, and save yourselves for battles to come."
  • "They betrayed us and fled. Cowards."
  • "It is... an attack on my senses." [upon entering Haud Village]
  • "They say this will be a decisive battle. But all battles are decisive. Do not be too concerned. A blade sharpened too often will easily shatter."


  • "Here to gaze at the stars as well? Leknaat calls me "traveler of the night and bearer of the stars" but I hardly deserve such a title. Though I see the stars that dwell within each of you, I could not possibly hope to know where fate may take you. And I myself am simply one star among many."


  • "Waste of time..."
  • "Stupid waste!"
  • "Wait, are you saying that killing in war is acceptable, but drowning isn't? You baffle me, Lucretia, as usual."
  • "Hmph... What is it about the Sindar civilization that draws suspicious characters like this clown?"
  • "...Everything he says gets on my nerves. What arrogance."
  • "I can't help those who are naturally dense"

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