Summer Camp Island (season 2)

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The following is a list of quotes from the second season of Summer Camp Island.

Meeting of the Minds [2.01][edit]

Susie: Need I remind you all of Mildred? Everyone said she's so smart, and so potential, a real preteen prodigy. But she never learned to use her powers responibly. And when confronted about it, she threw a tantrum and left home. She walked into the woods that night and disappeared.

Ava's Yard Sale [2.02][edit]

Oscar: Oh, Hedgehog, we do not have the same plan.

Molar Moles [2.03][edit]

Tortilla Towel [2.04][edit]

Acorn Graduation [2.05][edit]

Dungeon Doug [2.06][edit]

Tub on the Run [2.07][edit]

Spotted Bear Stretch [2.08][edit]

French Toasting [2.09][edit]

We'll Just Move the Stars [2.10][edit]

Catacombs [2.11][edit]

Wild Hearts Can't Be Caboodled [2.12][edit]

The Later Pile [2.13][edit]

Hedgehog: [singing] Dobede-dobede-dobede-dobede-do
Canoe across the lake, easy as pie
Down the waterfall, eating it, not baking it
Into the ocean
Oscar: Although I bet baking is easier if you're a baker.
Hedgehog: Through the rapids
Pass the point of no return
Point of No Return: Hey, guys, you sure you wanna... Okay, see you later.
Hedgehog: Dobede-dobede-do

Honeydew Hatch [2.14][edit]

Light as a Feather [2.15][edit]

When Harry Met Barry [2.16][edit]

Oddjobs [2.17][edit]

Tumble Low Dry [2.18][edit]

Just You and Me [2.19][edit]

Glow Worm [2.20][edit]