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The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season of Summer Camp Island.

Chapter 1: The Legs [6.01][edit]

Susie: Okay, David Slopperfield, where'd you get this hat?
Oscar: Well, technically, it's a not a magic hat, per se, it's my grandpa's hat. He gave it to me for my eighth birthday. It was on the same night as his living facility entertainment night.
Hedgehog: Full disclosure, I put a little beginner's spell on it. I didn't think it'd be too serious.
Susie: It's not your rubbish spell, it's Oscar's dumb hat. The spell malfunctioned because it's not a magic hat.
Oscar: So, we're both to blame!
Oscar and Hedgehog: Yay!
Susie: Sorry to ruin your touching moment, but we need to register this as a magic hat at UMPS so the trick can be finished.
Oscar and Hedgehog: Mm-hmm.

Chapter 2: If I Only Had a Wand [6.02][edit]

Chapter 3: See Bees? Gee! Bees! [6.03][edit]

Chapter 4: Pepper's Funeral [6.04][edit]

Chapter 5: The Hits [6.05][edit]

Chapter 6: Miracle Rabbit [6.06][edit]

Chapter 7: The Three Grrs [6.07][edit]

Chapter 8: Go Get Our Girls [6.08][edit]

Chapter 9: Storybook Susie [6.09][edit]

Chapter 10: The Last Witch [6.10][edit]

The Babies: [singing] The babies go marching one by one
Hurrah, hurrah
We've got carts full of radios
From Hedge-hog
Alien: Dear soldiers, I ask, what grave duty?
The Babies: We're going to save Susie
So we all go marching to the top
Of the diamond, boom, boom, boom
The babies trek along the way
Through the island
Hedgehog: Thanks for filling in for me
Jimjams: No prob!
The Babies: Says Jimjams
Hedgehog: We need to find another witch
So watch your step and don't trip
The Babies: So we all keep going
To the top
The babies are worn out
Oscar: Are we there yet?
Lucy: How long?
Hedgehog: Not too far, we're almost
To the peak, come on!
Pepper: I need a nap, I'm too tired to climb
Hedgehog: Susie's turning to stone, we can't loose time
The Babies: So we all keep marching on
To the top
Hedgehog: We've finally reached the diamond
I couldn't have done this without my friends
The Babies: And we're all here for you,

Chapter 11: The Metaphysical Reserve [6.11][edit]

Chapter 12: Night's Pockets [6.12][edit]

Chapter 13: Jar Guard [6.13][edit]

Chapter 14: Bear With Me [6.14][edit]

Chapter 15: Croissant Moon [6.15][edit]

Chapter 16: Retrace Our Hooves [6.16][edit]

Chapter 17: Meeting of the Mounds [6.17][edit]

Chapter 18: Swellington Boots [6.18][edit]

Chapter 19: Weather Your Weather [6.19][edit]

Chapter 20: It Takes Time [6.20][edit]