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THX 1138 is a 1971 science-fiction film. It depicts an Orwellian future, featuring three residents of a dystopia in which a high level of control is exerted upon the populace through ever-present faceless, android police officers and mandatory, regulated use of special drugs to suppress emotion, including sexual desire.

Directed by George Lucas, written by George Lucas and Walter Murch.
The Future is here (taglines)

THX 1138[edit]

  • Well.... I slipped on a T5 transfer this morning. It's never happened before.
  • What am I to her or she to me? Nothing. She's an ordinary roommate. I share rooms with her. Our relationship is normal, conforming. We share nothing but space.

SRT, Hologram[edit]

  • Well, maybe you are right. Maybe there's something wrong with the computer. I don't know, it's a strange life. Cybernetics, genetics, lasers and all those things. I guess I'll never understand any of that stuff. Guess maybe holograms are not supposed to.
  • Looks like the only way out is the way we came in.

LUH 3417[edit]

  • Never mind.

OMM 0000[edit]

A painting of Jesus by Hans Memling portrayed as OMM 0000 in THX 1138.
  • My time is yours...
    Very good, proceed...
    Yes, I understand...
    Yes, fine...
    Yes... yes, I understand...
    Yes, fine...
    Could you be more... specific?
    You are a true believer. Blessings of the state, blessings of the masses. Thou art a subject of the divine. Created in the image of man, by the masses, for the masses.
    Let us be thankful we have an occupation to fill. Work hard; increase production, prevent accidents, and be happy.
    [or] Let us be thankful we have commerce. Buy more. Buy more now. Buy more and be happy.


  • For more enjoyment and greater efficiency, consumption has been standardized.
  • Take four red capsules. In 10 minutes take two more. Help is on the way.
  • (Spoken by one of the android cops carrying electrostaffs to torment THX 1138 while imprisoned in the white void) Are you now or have you ever been?
  • (Female voice - medicine cabinet) If you feel you are not properly sedated, call 348-844 immediately. Failure to do so may result in prosecution for criminal drug evasion.
  • (Heard over the headphones while in the car) I think I ran over a Wookie back there on the expressway.


  • Visit the future where love is the ultimate crime.
  • The Future is here.
  • A Love Story Filmed on Location in the 21st Century.


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