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Tactics Ogre is a video game

Chapter Quotes[edit]

  • Chapter 1: There is blood on my hands - how long till it lies on my heart?
  • Chapter 2 (Chaos): This world can be put to rights.
  • Chapter 2 (Law): Who can know if the path we choose is right or wrong? I will fear no reproach. For man is a creature of sorrow and fault, and ever will be.
  • Chapter 2 (Neutral): There will be sacrifices.
  • Chapter 3 (Chaos): Ambition and greed rule, while dogs and swine serve.
  • Chapter 3 (Law): I may deceive others...but never myself. Though at times, the temptation is all too great.
  • Chapter 4: Let us cling together.


  • "We seek only peace, a world free of war and strife. This is why we fight."


  • "Shadow, light, I care not! My only wish is to stand at Denam's side! Do you feel nothing, Vyce? How can you look upon the wreckage of Balmamusa and not weep with shame? We have known each other since we were children! How can you lift your sword against a friend?"


  • "You talk much of power, but what of honor? What claim of virtue could you make over Denam's disgraced corpse?"

Sir Leonar[edit]

  • "While we walk the Earth, there will ever be conflict. A man will kill another over a husk of bread if not restrained! It falls to us to rein in these base creatures and bring order to the world. They crave a master to lead them, to give them purpose."
  • "I fear you lack sufficient dedication to understand. It is my dedication to a cause that trumps all such fleeting considerations. The man who wallows in sentiment accomplishes nothing. That is what it means to bloody your hands, boy!"
  • "You mistake me, Vyce. If a man wants power, he must claim it for himself. No noble will do that for him, true. Yet most commons wait for such a man, a savior to put things to rights. Whence this savior, then? Why not people like you - like me - the few who take up the sword to better their lot in life. They can be the next nobility, shepherds to the rest. And where the wrong in that? I know you desire change, but such is forged slowly, link by link, not made whole in the span of a night."


  • Nybeth: "I find men who claim to speak for God insufferable. The tenacity of your belief is admirable, but deities and demons? Rubbish. While one man's spirit may be lofty, and another's heart devilish, bowing to them does not make you pious. It makes you weak! To honor gods and despise demons is to dilute the weight of your words and the import of your actions"
  • Nybeth: I approve! You forsake the chaotic nature of youth for the twin lights of reason and order! Yet I must decline. You may mean well, but there is no shortage of others who would see me hang. Even as I ask why we must fight, I accept the inevitability of the coming battle. Freedom's wage must be paid in full. Now, an experiment! Let us mix youth with danger and observe the reaction.

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