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  • Listening to Benny [Goodman] talk about the clarinet was like listening to a surgeon get hung up on a scalpel.
  • Dance music, as I keep saying, you can dance to a windshield wiper... a windshield wiper that's fairly steady gives you a beat and all you need is an out-of-tune playing 'Melancholy Baby' and you've got dance music.
  • Somebody asked me once, 'Do you think that swing will ever come back?' And I said, 'Do you think the 1938 Form will ever come back?'"
  • There's such a cynicism about the phrase 'I laughed all the way to the bank.' It's as though money is what you're doing, rather than playing music. If you're playing a money game, why not get into banking?
  • No matter how carefully and assiduously and how deeply you bury shit, the American public will find it and buy it in large quantity. It's true, absolutely true.
  • I was really running a music school back then, because my band wasn't making any money. I keep talking about money, because most people don't understand the part of money in running a band.
  • Swing is an adjective or a verb, not a noun. All jazz musicians should swing. There is no such thing as a swing band in music.
  • I can't understand these guys who just have to have your autograph. I asked one of them 'What do you do when you get home, take it out and look at it?'
  • You have no idea of the people I didn't marry.
  • Shoot for the moon - if you miss you'll end up in the stars.
  • You're trying to take an inarticulate thing and take notes and make them come out in a way that moves you; if it moves you, it's going to moves others. If you know it's right, and you feel this is something you meant, but very rarely does it happen, and when it does, you remember it for the rest of your life. What can I say? It's the most exuberant feeling you can have. It beats sex, it beats great food, it beats anything.