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I thought I'd do some guidelines so this page doesn't just become total crap.
1. We need a min and max for each episode. I say 3/5, please agree or disagree
2. Quotes must be VERBATIM
3. Styling should be as such:

  • Sokka: Okay Karma person or thing whoevers in charge of this stuff, if I can just get out of this situation alive, I will give up meat, and sarcasm. Ok? That's all I got. It's pretty much my whole identity, Sokka, the meat and sarcasm guy, but I'm willing to be Sokka the veggies and straight talk fellow. Deal?
  • Aang appears
  • Sokka: Aang! Thank goodness! Have you got any meat?

4. Each quote should do one of the following:

a) Define a character
b) Define the episode
c) Define an aspect of the show by itself (such as bending, the war, etc.)
d) Define relationships between characters

I don't want to sound like a dictator so please give any comment/suggestions about the rules. This page can easily become an editing war zone so if you feel the need to remove a quote to add yours please give a reason if it isn't understandable in the synopsis of your change. HeirToPendragon 05:43, 20 June 2006 (UTC)

I agree; we do need some guidelines for this page. Here's my suggestion:
Katara: I said, earthbending style!
Aang airbends into a grate, causing the rock to move up into the air, revealing Momo behind it
Fire Nation soldier: (pointing at Momo) That lemur...he's earthbending!
Sokka: No, you idiot! It's the girl!
Fire Nation soldier: Oh...of course.
Sokka: (to the soldiers) I'll hold her!
Sokka: (to Katara) You have twelve hours to find Haru...we'll be right behind you.
Actions should be in italics and other details should be in (parentheses). Hmm...and there should be a max for each episode because some episodes are simply too long. These are simply suggestions. Please feel free to comment., 04:12, 11 August 2006 (UTC)
  • Actually I thought scene or action details should be like this:
Katara: I said, earthbending style!
[Aang airbends into a grate, causing the rock to move up into the air, revealing Momo behind it]
Fire Nation soldier: [pointing at Momo] That lemur...he's earthbending!
Sokka: No, you idiot! It's the girl!
Fire Nation soldier: Oh...of course.
Sokka: [to the soldiers] I'll hold her! [to Katara] You have twelve hours to find Haru...we'll be right behind you.
Or maybe I got confused somewhere...

Raisin56 09:36, 4 April 2010 (UTC) is me, i insured it wont happen again . sorry ...pls forgaveness sorry . i promise .no any more. sorry for all it i make done you angry. sorry.


Thanks for all you guys do in keeping these AVATAR pages up to date. You all rock! Feel free to delete this once you all have a chance to read. Thanks again! ~Aanglvr31~

Cleaning up, part one[edit]

I'm in the process of cleaning this page up, because it has a ridiculous excess of unnecessary quotes. It seems someone has decided the purpose of Wikiquote is to fully transcribe every single episode of this show. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. The purpose of Wikiquote is to collect a list of noteworthy quotations.

NOTEWORTHY!! Worthy of note! Not every random line of dialogue from a cartoon!

Because of the excessive amount of work it's taking to FIX this mess, I'm going to have to do it in sections. I've already edited the book one section. I've started on book two, but have a long way to go, and other responsibilities at present.

DO NOT REVERT THE ARTICLE. If I come back and find it reverted after I spent an hour and a half working on it, I will be extremely cross, and will report the party responsible.

Anyone who would like to help: it's appreciated, but not necessary. I'll be back in about two hours from the posting of this comment to finish cleaning up the main article.

Thanks for your cooperation. ~~Shirikage

(I'm not logged in, because I've lost my password list and am too lazy to try to find it.)

There are some people in this world that respect the hours some people put in something. There are other people that dont care and ruin all the hours put into the work. If you had to ruin the hours of work then you could at least have transferred (copied) the original article to, at least then all that hard work would not have been in vain. Im extremely sorry, but you guys have been total jerks and should at least have shown some symapthy for what you have done. Besides we're talking an A++ Grade show here. It desrves it.Zero2001 18:47, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

If you can you should still transfer it. It will redeem your previous transgression. The Fans will Thank You.Zero2001 18:49, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

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