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This page should be moved to Béla Bartók, or if you find the accents too problematic, maybe to Bela Bartok. The title Bela Bartók, however, looks rather awkward, and in fact, ridiculous. -- Unfortunately the moving to Béla Bartók is not possible, since it already has a redirect. Should that page be deleted so we could move it?

--Adam78 23:36, 19 Sep 2004 (UTC)

I agree with you but I think we should listen to others at the same time. I would like other editors to give their opinion. Why I support "Bartok Bela", that is the name order of Hungary people is "Family name, given name" so he should be Bartok Bela and is called so in his country. We don't say "Tsuton Mao" but "Mao Tsuton" for Chinese people whose name is also in this order. And for respecting the diversity, accuracy and ethnicity of each ethnic groups, I prefer call this composer "Bartok Bela". --Aphaia 01:08, 3 May 2005 (UTC)
I say lets keep this at Béla Bartók like it is in Wikipedia. In WP the policy for Japan-related articles is to use the name ordering most familiar to English speakers. That's why they have Tokugawa Ieyasu with ue no namae first, but Morihei Ueshiba in Western ordering. I can imagine situation for Hungarian names being the same. WP has thousand times the editors we have, I say let them figure out their preferred article title and we make WQ to match it. This saves time for everyone. jni 07:14, 3 May 2005 (UTC)