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Hello, I am Aphaia, a Japanese Wikiquotian (mainly active 0900-1500 UTC). While I get involved in other Wikimedia wikis, Wikiquote is my home in my thought. Back from one-decade wikibreak, I've been here again an admin since September 2021. Formerly I served this project with mops admin as well as bureaucrat and checkuser.

If you are annoyed by persistent vandals, or you believe so at least, please bring you problem up publicly, to WQ:VP or WQ:AN. Let us deal with the community problem altogether. Recently I seldom have checked my mailbox, so don't rely on WikiMail feature to poke me.

My current concerns include:

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For contrib links wiki.phtml... type, add "&bots=1" and reload.
For contrib wiki/Special:Contributions/USERNAME type, add "?bot=1" and reload.


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