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Random thoughts...

Arbcom a/o RfC
  • Perhaps Wikiquote is too small to organize its own arbcom. Request for comments (RfC) would serve to resolve problems between users.
  • If English Wikiqutoe has a page request for blocking & banning, it deals with only vandalisms - perhaps it is useless because WQ:AN and WQ:VIP are enough deal with vandalism currently. For placing a block on problematic users RfC is used for discussion.
    • It doesn't mean the RfC could have the conclusion that banning of problematic user(s).
  • If RfC reachs the conclusion a certain user would be better to ban either temporally or permanently, a vote will determine if the banning occur and how long this user will be banned. The qualification of voters are same to other votes on English Wikiquote. Also same at that point how the community reach the concensus. (perhaps rough concensus - 80%, 75% or 66% - who knows ...)
  • Even if comments are request on a given user, any sysop may place blocking on that user following the English Wikiquote policies, when he or she infringes the policies.
  • Votes should be announced in advance.
  • Votes may continue at least one week (like sysop vote).
  • It will clearly indicate how long blocking would be requested.