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  • Yeah, I fancy women big time... I check them out more than I check men out. Maybe I would want to sleep with a woman... Not Beyonce, although I like the look of her, I don't think she's that dirty.
  • No one had much faith in me because I was so young. They imagined a little brat with a flash-in-the-pan single. It was inevitable... Thankfully, I proved people wrong.

  • When I feel that my life is out of control I start clutching at straws and those straws all relate to my weight or my health.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love steak.

  • Any of those kind of things they’re addictions really, aren’t they? Come and go. Sometimes we relapse. It’s such cliché. I hate it and it’s boring for everyone, but these things are always standing in shadows, lurking. I don’t think that they ever completely go away, and other people that have been prone to anorexia will say the same thing. But I do feel really happy, so you just have to focus on that.

  • (On rushing into marriage): I don't know. It's just a feeling. It's wanting to be with someone and commit yourself to someone and make someone happy. I want to share something with someone for the rest of my life. I think the world can be really good fun when you hold somebody else's hand and witness it together. And I really believe in marriage!

  • The whole size zero debate is disgusting. Some models you see are tiny because that’s the way they were born. But then they’ll get the attention and that will start feeding a fire.

  • (Revealing she went days without washing when married to Chris Evans): We would go a week without a shower. It feels good not having to worry about that kind of stuff.

  • Never say never, right?

  • You either love someone or you don't.

  • I'll do what I always do on transmission dates, which is go to the pub and get lashed.

  • The more things you own, the more people you need to employ.

  • Weight doesn't matter as long as you're happy with yourself.

  • (About her first pregnancy): I had no food cravings other than wanting food constantly.