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Edited the layout.
Moved the quotes from here into the page.
Still have one unidentified episode. I found the scripts for the TV series so I assume its from one of the live shows.

You've got to be sh***** me; I enhanced a quote - which made it far more comical; the one where Eddie rents a video from the Hussein brothers and is at home watching it (any decent Bottom fan knows this scene!) and it got reverted back to measly two sentances ...and there isn't even this funny quote: "Spudgun: Merry Christmas everyone. Richie: Yes, Merry Christmas one and all! [Spudgun and Richie gulp their drinks down; Eddie throws his over his shoulder.] Hedgehog: What, is it Christmas? Today? Oh, Merry Christmas then. That must be why that woman gave me that after-shave this morning. Eddie: What woman? Hedgehog: Oh, you know, that old woman who keeps hanging around the place. You know Eddie, what's her name; my wife. Andrea. No no, Avril, that's it. No, what am I thinking of, Susan! That's the one!" ...needless to say I won't be adding to this site anymore.