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  • I am the best receiver in the NFL.
  • There's three things in life that's certain: Death, taxes, and 85 will always be open.
  • Man, they've got a better chance at finding Osama than stopping me tonight. I don't mean to be rude...
  • Yeah, McDonald's? That's my supplement.
  • I got a trivia question...How do you stop 85?
  • Ocho Cinco: You are not gonna stop me I know your weakness.
    Hall: Yeah? What is my weakness?
    Ocho Cinco: You're a DB and you suck cocks too much.
    • During a radio conversation with Atlanta cornerback DeAngelo Hall
  • I gotta show em' how to eat right man, that's all...I got all five food groups. Pancakes, sausage-egg McMuffin, cinnamon roll, large orange juice... I just be juiced all day.
  • It's crazy. The refs wanna see what I'm gonna do. That's when you know you're good. When the ref's want to see it, you know you doin' somethin' right.
  • Last night, I felt like I wished I wasn't Chad Johnson. Last night, I felt like I wished I wasn't good. I had to keep from crying on the sideline because I wished I wasn't that good because I wouldn't be getting the attention I'm getting. I just want to catch the ball, that's it.
  • But the same question still stands, year after year. How do you stop 85?
  • Reporter: So Chad are you guaranteeing victory?
    Ocho Cinco: Yeah that's right! I guarantee it. They undefeated, we tryin to get to .500. It's gon' be fun.
    • Prior to a matchup with then undefeated Kansas City Chiefs during the 2003 Season