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Whoever put these in here, put only parts of the jokes. Who would put only half of the jokes?

And furthermore, the expropriation of the kulaks would have to mincemeat their principalities, along with their proclivities, within the confounds of their sewage establishment. Oh, and one last thing.

whats the one called where he's talking with the shoe sales lady about the size shoe thats too small? there anyway i can either download that or listen to it online or anything?

This whole page is a big freakin' mess. For one, there IS too much copywrited material. In fact, its obvious that someone simply went through his recordings and picked the stupid BS they laughed the hardest at (which means, its not even necessarily funny) and listed it ALL. This whole page sucks! Its such a mess I dont know even where to begin to clean it up!Trix 00:07, 18 January 2007 (UTC)